Exchange server 2007 interview questions and answers pdf

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This part of Exchange Server includes the interview Questions and Answers on Exchange Server Installation and Co – existence options introduced. Top 13 Microsoft Exchange Interview Questions & Answers. last updated March In MS exchange , there are two roles Client Access Server and Mailbox Server. 4) Mention what is Download PDF · Facebook Twitter. Download PDF. Add New Question. Exchange Server Interview Questions and Answers will guide you that Microsoft Exchange Server is the next.

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Then we in Wisdomjobs have provided you with the complete set of Exchange Server Interview Question and Answers on our site page. Along with that we. L1 Exchange Interview Questions - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Best Exchange Interview Questions and Answers Ads by Google Interview Questions Microsoft Exchange Exchange Server SMTP. Exchange Server Interview Question and Answer What is Exchange Server ?Microsoft Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for.

Which bit processors are supported by Exchange Server ? It modifies the permissions assigned to the Enterprise Exchange Servers group so that the Recipient Update Service can run. What is missing in Exchange Server that are available in previous version? What are the Exchange Server Version or Edition? Adam Daniel. Which would you use and when?

What is the server roles in Exchange ? Name the system prerequisites for installing Exchange ? Where does Exchange store its configuration settings? How do you prepare the AD for Exchange ? How would you verify that the schema was in fact updated? What are in the installation folder root setup. Which would you use and when? What are E-Discovery features?

Exchange Server 2007 Interview Questions & Answers

In Exchange , what are the minimum requirements for implementing a high availability topology, in relation to the server roles and server numbers? Exchange Recipient Level. What are the different Exchange Recipient types?

Interview exchange questions and server answers pdf 2007

User mailbox: This mailbox is created for an individual user to store mails, calendar items, contacts, tasks, documents, and other business data. Linked mailbox: This mailbox is created for an individual user in a separate, trusted forest. For example AD account is created in A. COM and Mailbox is created in B.

COM Exchange Server. Shared mailbox: This mailbox is not primarily associated with a single user and is generally configured to allow logon access for multiple users. Legacy mailbox: This mailbox is resides on a server running Exchange Server or Exchange Server.

Room mailbox: This mailbox is created for a meeting location, such as a meeting or conference room, auditorium, or training room. When we create this mailbox, by default a disabled user object account is created.

Exchange Server 2007 Interview Questions and Answers

Exchange Server Enterprise Edition, designed for large enterprise organizations, enables the creation of multiple storage groups and databases.

Will I have to buy new hardware to run Exchange Server ?

Pdf exchange interview and server answers questions 2007

If you are running bit hardware in your current messaging environment, you may not have to buy additional hardware. However, Exchange does require hardware and an operating system that are bit. For more information about how to select the hardware for Exchange Which bit processors are supported by Exchange Server ? Exchange Server supports servers that have "x64" processors. Most new servers include processors from Intel and AMD that provide this x64 support.

Exchange Server Interview Question and Answer | Microsoft Exchange Server | Active Directory

Exchange Server does not support Itanium IA processors. Should servers that are running Active Directory domain controllers and the global catalog be upgraded to bit?

For the best performance, when an Active Directory organization contains more than 20, objects, you should upgrade to bit. Upgrading servers that run Active Directory domain controllers and the global catalog to bit improves the overall performance and scalability of your Exchange Server environment.

However, bit domain controllers are still supported. Lookup and response times between the Exchange categorizer and the Active Directory directory service will improve with the use of bit.


Another example is when upgrading from Lotus Notes to Exchange , you perform a migration. In this scenario, you must move mailboxes and data to the new Exchange organization, without retaining any of the data from the Lotus Notes organization. The migration process includes installing a completely new Exchange organization, and then migrating mailboxes from the old messaging system to the new Exchange messaging system, using various tools for migration.

Exchange Server 2007/2010 interview questions and answers – Part 1

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