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Winters Pepper - Debt Inheritance - (ang,) - - dokument [*.pdf] Debt Inheritance Warning heeded enter the world of debts and payments. Debt Inheritance (#1): I own you. I have the piece of paper to prove it. It's undeniable and unbreakable. You belong to me until you've paid off. Debt Inheritance (Indebted, #1) Books by Pepper Winters. “I own you. I have the piece of paper to prove it. It's undeniable and unbreakable. You belong to me.

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Jethro Hawk receives Nila as an inheritance present on his twenty-ninth birthday. Her life is his until she's paid off a debt that's centuries old. He can do what he. Read "Debt Inheritance Indebted, #1" by Pepper Winters available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. New York Times, Wall. Nila Weaver. One mistake six hundred years ago put a curse on her entire family. One mistake sold her life to me in a mountain of unpayable debt. I inherited her.

Fourth Debt Book 6: Two pages later I was a little confused as to what was happening but once Jethro entered the scene, everything cleared up. We shared nothing but dirty fantasies. My life was never mine. My family owned another.

Also available as: I have the piece of paper to prove it. Being the first born daughter, her life is forfeit to the first born son of the Hawks to pay for sins of ancestors past. The dark ages might have come and gone, but debts never leave. She has no choice in the matter. Jethro Hawk receives Nila as an inheritance present on his twenty-ninth birthday. He can do what he likes with her—nothing is out of bounds—she has to obey.

Advance Reviews: A perfect modern day romance with a vintage, old world twist, bikers, alphas, and a debt that takes too much. It Ain't Me, Babe.

Pdf debt inheritance

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Pdf debt inheritance

Krista Lakes. Beauty and the Geek. Sidney Bristol. Twist Me Twist Me 1. Club Luxe Box Set Books Olivia Noble. Mister O. Lauren Blakely. Dirty Filthy Rich Love. A stupid secret crush. With a stranger no less. I should never have replied to the incorrectly sent message a month ago. One I could kiss and flirt with in person. The jagged pain lashed again. Go out for a drink, in person, together? Where sexual innuendoes were hard for me, Kite was a master.

Pdf debt inheritance

He used it as a weapon, making me forget we had no depth to our conversations…not that they were conversations.

You wearing underwear today? That stopped my wishful thinking of meeting him in person. Untangling myself from Vaughn, I pretended to scrutinize the remaining models while I indulged in the very first text I received.

The one that began it all. A shiver worked its way under my expensive gown. I imagined some lucky woman looking forward to her reward. I tried to delete the message—I really did. My reply was utterly ridiculous. Patience to me is payment after waiting for a microwaved chocolate pudding. Wet to me is the brief enjoyment of a shower before the slave labour of my job.

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And so began a mistake that I had no intention of stopping. I groaned under my breath, never failing to suffer a wash of embarrassment. I had no idea where the flippancy came from. Thanks to the two permanent men in my life, dating was a rare event. A curvy model coasted down the runway in my favourite creation of cream lace, Victorian collar, and external bustle. I intended to head the trend of a historical fashion comeback.

I shook my head. The model spun in place, swirling her train before disappearing up the catwalk. I suffered a moment of envy. It would be nice to have boobs and hips. Hitting the Milan night clubs. His blue-black hair was the one beautiful thing I shared. Thick, dead straight, and so glossy people said it was like looking into black glass.

My one saving grace. Oh, and my ability to sew. And flirt with a stranger on an impersonal device. My phone buzzed—a reminder my inbox had something delicious for me to read. And it would be delicious. The urge to look almost broke my self-control. What the hell was he doing messaging me?

We knew nothing about each other. We shared nothing but dirty fantasies. My mind once again jumped back to the first relay of texts. I apologise for the incorrectly sent message. Despite your Godly perfection and sheltering, you deduced correctly. It was in fact very sexual. The woman in mind would never be welcomed into a sanctity such as yours. Sister…I need absolution.

I find myself consumed with the image of a sexy nun stripping and sliding into a hot bath with chocolate sauce on her lips. This unknown man lusted for me. I learned to sew before I could walk. I could never become a nun, purely because of the boring fashion choices. My fingers shook as I messaged him back. I had no idea what made me reply. Tell me. Tell you what? What are you wearing? And that was where I freaked.

I create clothing that stays together purely by a miracle. Not to mention my father would kill whoever he was. I hope you find the person you were trying to contact. Enjoy your night of sexual torture. I didn't know what to make out of her. She's been sheltered, and both her Father and Brother always keep an eye on her, meaning she has no dating life. Yet, here she is texting a man that texted her by mistake one day. Those texts were definitely really interesting.

Nila is ready to kind of become her own person. She loves her family but would like them to be a bit less overbearing. But it turns out that everything she had thought about her family was a big lie.

Jethro Hawk comes from a very important family.

They have connections to people in high places. He is wealthy, arrogant, confident, and cold. The time has come for him to finally receive his family inheritance. But it isn't like anything you can imagine. He is inheriting a woman, that woman is Nila and she has to pay his family her family's debt.

I was never unique; someone had lived my life many times before, never free, never whole. My life was never mine. I honestly don't know how that whole inheritance thing can still be legal after so many freaking years. It just does not seem possible. I really loved the twisted story even if it was all messed up. But, there were times Nila did become a tad bit annoying. I just feel like she could have made better decisions. Jethro on the other hand, scared the living crap out of me, in fact, his whole family does.

There is this whole scene that made skin just craw so bad. I know this is totally wrong to say, but, I am waiting to see how evil Jethro can be, not that he wasn't pretty bad already. But, because so far he had been pretty patient with Nila despite all his warning of punishments. So, I can't wait to see what happens in the next book.

Right now, I don't like Jethro, because all of the things he let happen, so, I also can't wait and see how this story develops and if he will be able to redeem himself. Overall, it was a really great start to this twisted tale.

Thank you!! I swear, normally, I can kind of jest where the author is going to go with their stories but with this one everything is totally up in the air for me. Jethro Hawk is a force to be reckoned with and poor Nila Weaver is just a pawn to his game and pleasure after a centuries debt made her his to do with as he desires. What will be the outcome of all of this? What dark twisted secrets still lurk in the shadows? And what more could be in store for both Jethro and Nila? A very complex, intriguing, and suspenseful read with a heroine you want to cheer on and protect; as well as a dangerous, unrelenting, enigma of a man that will make you wonder where his true agenda lies and how much further he will push the limit with our protagonist.

Let it be known readers that read is not for the light of heart and that nothing is out of the running when it comes to how far Ms. Winters will go to throw a raw, powerful, and edgy statement that will leave you speechless and in awe!! Fabulous job Pepper!! This book was a gem!! View all 14 comments. My prince was the villain. There was nothing romantic or erotic about this story.

Weaver and Hawk. Debtor and debtee. Your past I truly was Cinderella, only my prince threw away the glass slipper and stole me away before midnight struck. Her social life is limited to her twin brother, Vaughn, and her father, who insist on sheltering her from everything in the outside world.


But then Jethro Hawk comes Jethro Hawk is the year-old heir of a very powerful family, in the diamond business. Jethro has now come of age to get the family inheritance. And more importantly, he has come of age to collect his debt and claim what has always been his: Nila was a little annoying at first, with all her childish whining and constant complaining about not being able to date because of her brother and father.

I mean, WTF woman, you are 24 years old! We get it! You have vertigo, okay! But after her meta-morphosis from "Naughty nun" to "Needle" I loved the way she stood up for herself against these vile men, that try to beat her down. She is a fighter and is definitely tougher than she seems. You better watch out Jethro, you asshole! I have one word to describe Jethro: He is cruel and ruthless, unaffected by other people's emotions.

He has no sense of humanity, empathy or right in him. I don't think there is anything redeemable with him. He is a true monster. Oh yes, I would enjoy ruining Nila, because I liked breaking things. They are unacceptable and unforgivable. I wanted to strangle the life out of him throughout the book. I'm not kidding. I hated him and hated his family even more.

I wish the worst for these people! I kept waiting to see the "light" in Jethro, shadowed by the dark, but it never came. He simply has no light in him. Only dark. She had to learn that the day granted hope and happiness, but I stole it.

She had to face that the night hid evil and darkness, but my soul was blacker. Best thing about the book was the mysterious "Kite". Seriously, I loved it! Even when he went full asshole, it didn't bother me. But who is he really? Is he in any way related to the Hawk family? Can he be the "hero" Nila desperately needs? I think view spoiler [ Kite is the 3rd and youngest Hawk brother, Kestrel. I would be shocked if I turned out to be wrong about this. This was a good introduction to one of the darkest series I've ever read.

I didn't love it, obviously, but I am still intrigued with the originality of the plot. Pepper Winters sure knows how to produce complex storylines!

I am really curious and have a million questions about Bryan, Daniel and Kestrel Hawk, along with all their "men". Also about the Hawk sister. Oh and also about Nila's mother. Also about Kite.

Inheritance pdf debt

Oh, oh, I almost forgot about the whole debt mess! I really need answers And the cliffhanger Waiting will be torture.

Debt Inheritance

Debts are mounting. Payment waiting… If you are in the kind of mood that makes you think: View all 32 comments. Mar 28, Jamie rated it really liked it Shelves: That was messed up I don't even know where to start.

I guess I won't go into a big ole detailed plot review since there are plenty already on here since this one's been out for a good while already.. Really fucked up. I went in totally expecting Jethro to be the jerk of epic proportions and I was not disappointed. But he was passed being a douche.

Jethro is just.. Crazy, sinister, creepy, unsympathetic , uncaring He appears to not have one single redeeming quality throughout the majority of this book. Until close to the end.. Just enough of a teeny spark And Nila.. I really like Nila. On the outside she appears to be shy and timid although she is very successful.. She's unsure of herself yet there is a fire in there that struggles to come out. When faced with the ultimate degrading and sinister situations she manages not to fall apart.

There is strength in her and she is definitely going to need it where Jethro and his crazy ass psycho family are concerned This was definitely not a romance by any means It just does not make a lick of sense that it could still be going on after hundreds of years. But I'll suspend my disbelief on that part of the story since I'm really looking forward to seeing if and how Nila is able to bring Jethro to his knees View all 9 comments. I have no idea what I read there.

I even had to sleep and think about this before I could write something down and after careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that I sort of liked it It kind of grows on you and makes you curious, I guess. To say Ms. Winters hit a lot of emotions with this one is the understatement of the century. I was shocked, amused, angry, I felt sick, I was annoyed and most of all I was confused.

Are you actually going to tell me this whole thing would hold up in a court of law, today? If so, I want to leave this planet Ok, so what do we have here? Outside of work and her family, there is only one person she interacts with; mysterious stranger 1, called kite and she sexting with him.

That a girl! Nila is 24 years old and blissfully ignorant about the nightmare her life will turn into at the end of the night. After finishing a successful presentation of her new clothing line in Milan, she is prepared to celebrate with her father and twin brother. But daddy dearest has other ideas And that is where the unbelievable begins. He has come to Milan to collect a debt.

A debt that can only be paid by the first born Weaver daughter. There goes all reason and human decency. Apparently centuries ago the Weavers committed some huge and unforgivable crime against the Hawk family and they decided to settle the issue by giving over the first born female of every new generation.

Whatever floats your boat, I guess. Winters' newest series we see the first 24 hours Jethro and Nila spend together. After leaving the fashion show the two hopefully-future-lovebirds perform a little battle of wills and eventually Nila learns about her fate. She has to go with him or bad things will happen to her family. Oh dear. Girl you are in trouble!

Jethro is no prince charming and he most certainly has no good intentions, and neither does his family and brothers. I was hoping for some small hints of Just a bit of curiosity and some lust; no redeeming qualities, no flickers of light in the persona, just pure evil and I'll be damned if that wasn't the most sexy thing I've ever read.

I'm not sure how I feel about Nila yet. In the beginning she was all over the place, indecicive and sometimes a bit annoying. But she has some very strong moments later on and honestly she does the best with the situation at hand. A lot less crying than I would have thought. Now, I'm a bit twisted and I understand a lot of people thought the book went too far and way over the line, but I actually enjoyed seeing Ms.

Winters' balls. It takes a lot to write something like that and get away with it. I want to meet her publisher and I want more. BUT, there really is no excuse for the things that happen to Nila in her first day at the Hawk residence and I'm afraid it is about to get a lot worse.

Run Forrest Run! This is no dark romance I just wanted to point it out, if you haven't got the message yet. Now, after sleeping on it and taking a day off I will give this book 4 Stars. Mainly because the writing is superb, the author took me past my limits and I appreciate the challenge, but most of all because I want to see where this goes. How the hell is this supposed to end in an HEA? Here is to hoping! View all 40 comments. That one mistake sold her life to me in a mountain of un-payable debt.

I Inherited her.. Every first born Weaver girl had a stain upon her life.. I'm alone, I'm being stolen for a debt only I can repay. A debt I know nothing about.. Be afraid because your life is now mine and I'm the master of everything that happens to you.

But know this.. Turned out, I was never an individual; I was a possession to trade. I was never unique You have been warned!! View all 11 comments. Jul 11, Jasmine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Unless I was the one creating them. The thing about dark romance reads for me is that I go in with a completely different mindset and my expectations are built upon the extremities of how dark a story can get without completely butchering the stor 4. After her Monsters in the Dark series, I expected nothing less from Ms Winters, but instead she pushed some serious boundaries in this first installment of her brand new Indebted series.

Nila Weaver , the first-born Weaver daughter has been well-protected by her father and twin brother as far as she can remember. But when that day Jethro Hawks comes into her life, everything she has is about to be taken away. I loved the development of her character as she struggles to deal with not only her possible feelings for Jethro, but also the awakening desires that stir within her.

So stop your endless questions. Stop taunting me and deliver. Jethro Hawk is manipulative, calculative and often described akin to a predator in this story. The alternating POVs would allow you to see how Jethro is nothing short of cold and brutal. A dirty dark secret. Admit you want me. Admit you want your mortal enemy. Overall, Pepper has once again left me begging for more as I craved for the next book. View all 46 comments.

This is a another unique and twisted story from Pepper Winters that will mess with your head and keep you begging for more! For those that don't like to wait around for the next in a series, be forewarned that this book is not a stand-alone.

I'm sure this was disclosed, but I managed to miss that somehow. There is a cliffhanger ending and many questions left unanswered. So, if that will drive you crazy then you may want to hold off on starting this series. The first born Weaver girl, Nila Weaver This is a another unique and twisted story from Pepper Winters that will mess with your head and keep you begging for more! The first born Weaver girl, Nila Weaver is taken by Jethro Hawk in payment for a centuries old "debt", as has been the practice for multiple generations.

What Nila's ancestors did to incur such a debt remains unknown, but was an offense heinous enough to be punishable by death. The arrangement between the two families is centuries old and was provided as a never-ending, alternative punishment, in lieu of death for the ancestors that committed the unknown crime.

Not really believable, but it makes for an intriguing storyline. While Nila is naive and inexperienced, Jethro is the epitome of evil. He is a grade-A asshole with no interest in Nila other than to debase and abuse her until she dies. He owns her now and will do with her as he pleases, as will other Hawk men, until she no longer pleases them or until they kill their new toy.

Like I said This book focused heavily on character development and laying the groundwork for the story that will unfold in subsequent books in the series. This book ends just as the story begins to warm up, leaving the reader on the edge of their seat, dying to know what happens. A lot of foreplay and no sex.

A lot of foreshadowing things to come, but not delivered in this book, etc. This book was definitely a page turner but was also very frustrating!

I cannot wait for the next book to be released! I will devour it the moment it is released. Apr 08, Kellie Maddox-Ward rated it really liked it Shelves: My review- Wow.. Seriously Jethro Hawk is just He is just a massive hateful asshole. There was no redeeming qualities about him in this book. But well played Pepper well played. I'm intrigued as fuck how you are going to make him an anti-hero for me! Because I know you will.

Guarantee l'll end up loving him Cos I know you want to give me a HEA right?! Next now please Just a warming Massive cliffhanger alert! Before I had read it Pepper Winters is kill My review- Wow.. Pepper Winters is killing me OK OK I'll be quiet.. All her time is invested in designing or sewing her dress, leaving her sexually starved but with the mysterious text from a stranger Kite her passion is evoked and she gets indulged in sexting with him.