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Pdg 2013 pdf

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About PDG [+]. About PDG Non-PDG Resources [+] Individual collaborators receive support for their PDG activities from their respective funding agencies. C. Patrignani et al. (Particle Data Group), Chin. Phys. C, 40, () and update. Feature Descriptions. pdgLive - Interactive Listings · Summary. Peptide Mapping (Revision 1) PDF(Open a new window) July Publication (Due date: September 27, ) - Link to Japanese site · Povidone (Revision.

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Review of Particle Physics. Please use this CITATION: J. Beringer et al. ( Particle Data Group), Phys. Rev. D86, () and partial update for . (Particle Data Group), PR D86, () and partial update for the edition (URL: QUARKS. The u-, d-, and. (next edition: July ). Particle Data Group. J. Beringer, J.-F. Arguin, R.M. Barnett, K. Copic, O. Dahl, D.E. Groom,. C.-J. Lin, J. Lys, H. Murayama, C.G. Wohl .

Note on Scalar mesons below 2 GeV. Mathematical Tools Probability. Monte Carlo particle numbering scheme. B 0 -- Bbar 0 Mixing. History plots.


Pdf pdg 2013