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On Going SNSD The Crux JeTi YoonYul Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4 Ch.5 Ch.6 Ch.7 Ch .8 Ch.9 Ch Ch Metamorphosis JeTi YoonYul Prologue Ch.1 Ch Filling Bugfany's request from my twitter! JeTi Oneshot: Heels over Head. Expected disclaimer that I haven't proofread. — “I think these. Title: Dubstep Rating: NC Pairing: Jessica/Tiffany Authors Note: Something to fill in between the time before I post the PDF. Im not quite.

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stories completed: Building Love part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | pdf Love Struck Me Down part 1 Tags: chaptered, fanfiction, oneshot, snsd. Tiffany is so loud but there are tim | Tags: jessica jeti snsd tiffany. Thank you for those who stuck to this fic till the end. Like what Super Junior's. Blue Veins By jorgenzen Jeti Completed [WARNING] HIGHLY K1NGSMAN ↣ SELF-PRODUCING BOY GROUP APPLY FIC // apply open!.

Soshi fanfiction. It sounds a bit odd but it's great, I love it. If you're really into dark psychological fics, this is for you. An amazing writer, the syntax is phenomenal. Facebook VKontakte Google. Leans a bit on the rated side cuz of all the teasing imo.

It's fine. I would be lazy too.

SNSD/GG fanfic Master List *9/2* Completed Part II in progress!

Thank you for saying that. I do truly appreciate it. All at once without having to wait is always fun right? Reply Parent Thread Link. Hi, I was wondering, what happened to your fic where J and Kris are the "mothers" of a kid and Tiffany had a mess up relation with Jessica and Yoona? Oh I see, thanks for the reply: Really loved it, I'll patiently wait for the newts chapters, good luck.

Anonymous on February 13th, I deleted it. I used the laundromat scene again in 'Blue Veins'. It's more or so meant to be that story. Anonymous on February 21st, Which Tiffany left to buy coffee and Yoona saw Jessica in Tiffany's apartment. Anonymous on February 19th, Great, fluffy oneshots! Mechanical Pencil Genre: Downpour Genre: Real Friends… series Genre: Losing Grip Author: Or, Everything in Between Author: Oppa… Author: Stardust Genre: JeTi Note: I was blown away.

masterlist - Daydreams and Musings

Gorgeous, bittersweet prose: Sticky Notes Genre: Unlimited Pairings: YoonYul Note: Soulmates Genre: Nothing on you Genre: Dancing in the Moonlight Genre: In Your Arms Genre: TaeNy Warning: Taeyeon dies. YNK Pairings: AU, high school Author: Rain Genre: Sleepless in Seoul Genre: Color Me Love collection Genre: JeTi, TaeNy Drabbles.

YulTiSic Note: This is just oh-so-very-well-written. Yours Sincerely, Wasting Away Genre: OT9 Note: When the Snow Begins to Fly Genre: The Silence Genre: Seohyun and Tiffany are on a road trip towards Grand Canyon, they stop at a gas station and that's where they see Sunny tryna hitchhike a ride.

They end up giving her ride and when they run outta gas and bby maknae is sleepin omfg. You gotta read it if you're up for it lmao.

This one is hella cute, I usually don't go for JeTi but when you're a hell of a writer and have a great plot then you got me hooked. Destroys the stereotypes you have on popular kids and intelligently academic students. I really love Jessica's character, they didn't portray her as an shy naive smartie, nor did they put Tiffany as a prep-y asshat.

Oddly enough, it seems like a plausible storyline-- like it felt real. Idk if tht makes sense nvm lol. I love them. Jessica is those um Is there a word for it? That's right. She delivers mail.

Fanfic pdf jeti

I love this one-shot cuz it feels so chill, something that could possibly happen, like I mentioned previously, those really get too me. It's trippy and honestly a cruise, nothing dramatic. Seohyun's character I think grabs everyone's attention on this, difficult not to like. I Wanna Take You To I might just make like them spoiler thingys I forgot what they're called but to hide the hella rated one-shots and stuff so you won't accidently click on them and your eyes don't accidently start reading them.

I mean it could be accidental. Meh prolly not though. Anyway this author- really 2 authors from Jello Valley have a ton of one-shots rated mind you , so if you guys enjoy this go check out their other stuff. Ahem, so Taeyeon and Yewri were suppose to have a study session but Yewri escalated too quick lmao. Nuff sed. That title doe.

So that's why this was even better. Prolly gonna go to hell after all this. Rest in pieces me. Anyway Krystal is one classy tennis player while Taeyeon is there too make business with some other client but Krystal is like "woah dayum who dis secksy sweet cheeks" and then tae is like "lemme get yo numba gurl so I can holla at chu" alright i'm sorry guys, please forgive for that one.

I got too turnt over krystae. That's no in Spanish guys. But this one is great cuz, Krystal is much older than Tae and is a hot bartender.

Pdf jeti fanfic

I love age reversals. Cuz you know, i'm ghei. Krystal broke up with Tae and it's really hitting Tae hard even though it's been quite some time. Her friend Sooyoung, who knows about the break up, comes back from France to cheer up Tae by clubbing.

Well they end up going to the new club Krystal works at. Wish they could write more often I can't be complainin with what they already give us.

So this one takes place in the Idol AU so fudge yes. They're already dating so I almost cried and basically Krystal's coy ass was luring Taeyeon to teach her how to dance even though we all know Krystal would kick Taeyeon's ass at dancing lol. Taeyeon is slow af and later realizes Krystal was going after the booty.

They also want to figure out a way to tell Jessica they datin. It's great.

Don I believe rarely writes angst, but when they do, you dead. Ugh damn this one hurts me. Sadly it only has a pdf and im sure a lot of you rather read it online. But boy was this worth downloading the pdf. Taeyeon a recognized college student in her final year, ends up tutoring the up and coming student Tiffany. Taeyeon tutors Tiffany not only in class but in a musical as well, and boy I just love this one. This one is pretty corny, Taeyeon gets attended by a hot nurse who happens to be wearing the typical hot nurse outfit that everyone swoons over hehe.

Short, derpy, and humorous. This one is very cute, Taeyeon is a groomer and Tiffany wants her to dye Prince's ears pink hehe. After that, their relationship grows from there: Now this one is hella as fudge.

Everyone was slayed whether you're Taeyeon biased or not. Awesome plot, TaeNy are in rival indie rock groups, later they both become famous. Taeyeon just wants Tiffany's booty, y does it have to be so hard to massage the greatest booty? I just don't get it. I'm as confused as Taeyeon, although I might disagree I'd rather have Soonkyu's booty over Tiffany lmao. I'll stop I'm sorry. Very cute.

Fanfic pdf jeti

She decides to join the Korean club and that's how she meets Tiffany, Tiffany loves the voice of Taeyeon when they first meet. This one was nice: They meet again at Sooyoung's party and have some moments. Tiffany ends up being the kid of her parent's friends Anyway it's cute. College AU yay. Tiffany is a pre-med student who loves singing and is on her way to a practice room where she passes by Taeyeon's, they end up becoming friends.

Tiffany has no idea that Taeyeon is actually someone famous till Sunny brought it up. It's really cute. I read really slow mind you, and this was very trippy, and painful, I almost hated it and got really upset after I was done reading it no lie.


This one had a bit of a fantasy side to it, and really only used TaeNy to show these life lessons. Labels was probably the main theme to it, the narrator of the story was actually Hope- who has a collection of labels. So Taeyeon ends up at his shop in her dreams, and that's where she chose her label- to be happy- gay so that was double meaning I guess.

Of course there was price to it, which was her first love- Tiffany. So much goes on this fic it hurts me. Taeyeon could never find a place she could call home- besides Tiffany. Hope only took away her first love, but he never not let her love again, that decision was solemnly made by Taeyeon. She tried dating, but didn't work for her. It has a happy ending to it honestly, I believe. And the ending made me tear up a bit, Taeyeon had the audience of God and a bunch of angels that would listen to her life story before she got to go to heaven.

Wait that makes it seem like she died young, no she didn't she lived a full life. This author is amazing. So on this is a college au. Tiffany, Sooyoung and Yewri are bffs. They're chillin in the cafeteria until they hear girls squealin because of the famous Kim Taeyeon who's sitting at another table. Taeyeon is an art prodigy who has a fan club lol.

TaeNy meet through- a more modern way- Korean forum since Tiffany needs help with her Hangul and Taeyeon needs help to polish her English. They skype for months before one of them confess. This one was really cute, if my memory isn't alrdy rusting, I think they'd get really nervous before doing their first skype video call.

It was really cute, loved it. Taeyeon is an ancient Egyptian Queen who was awaken in modern day civilization to judge the humans. Tiffany is like her trusted guard and teaches her the modern ways of life- which is hilarious. Some parts could be better and wish it could be longer. Taeyeon and Tiffany meet at the beach as one of them was about to go skinny dipping haha. They become fast friends and eventually something more. I love it. Plus surfer Taeyeon fuuuudge.

Stephan is an amazing writer. I believe this one gets a bit more into their relationship Wait don't throw tomatoes at my ass, i'm hella ghei but I honestly thought this was cute. Jonghyun is tryna impress Taeyeon at a carnival but fails every time while Taeyeon is great at everything, but she doesn't care about being impressed, just him being is nerdy cute self.

It was really cute. Don't want ppl kickin my ass cuz of that. My favourite fanfic author: Fanfic is my old habit, lol. But I'm thinking about re-reading them these days to relieve stress. Posted 19 October - I'll be sure to look into more of their work and add their one-shots to this list. Thank you! It's the reason as to why I see seotae in a different light now lol.

Though Autumn I have not heard of. Boxxsaltz work or from another author? Never give up on boxxsaltz! They will update soon for sure!

Pdf jeti fanfic

Posted 20 October - Posted 17 November - If you haven't read this yet, I would recommend Asystole I haven't read fics in forever but I still remember this one and it was an amazing SNSD sci-fi. Posted 18 November - Thanks for the recommendation. Asystole was amazing.