Exam ref 70-532 developing microsoft azure solutions pdf

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The Exam Ref is the official study guide for Microsoft certification exams. Featuring concise, objective-by-objective reviews and strategic case scenarios and. Developing Microsoft Azure. Solutions. Objective Domain. Create and manage Azure Resource Manager virtual machines. (%). Deploy workloads. Prepare for Microsoft Exam —and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of the skills needed to develop Microsoft Azure solutions.

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Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions. Exam. Ref. 2. 70 Developing. Microsoft .. These ebooks are available in PDF, EPUB, and. Mobi for Kindle. Exam Ref Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Ebook. Pages Exam Ref Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Michael. Contribute to sonusathyadas/Azuredumps development by creating an account on GitHub.

Locate the. Option D Answer: Configure the website to automatically scale. You need to upgrade to a new version of website code. Infrastructure logs E. The application will authenticate users by using their Yahoo account credentials. Use SQL Replication.

If you find an error, you can report it to us through our Submit errata page. Sign in. Your cart. Book List price: This eBook includes the following formats, accessible from your Account page after purchase: More Purchase Options This title is also available for sale with a practice test.

Perform configuration management Skill 1. Monitor VMs Skill 1. Implement Azure Storage blobs and Azure files Skill 2. Manage access and monitor storage Skill 2. Implement Redis caching Skill 2. Integrate an app with Azure AD Skill 3. Design and implement a messaging strategy Chapter 4 Design and implement Azure PaaS compute and web and mobile services Skill 4.

Design and implement DevOps. Downloads Follow the instructions to download this book's companion files. Click the Download button below to start the download.

If prompted, click Save. Locate the. You need to modify the Compute method in the class PlagiarismCalculation.

: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions | Microsoft Azure | Cloud Computing

How should you modify the method? Which approach should you use? To answer. You need to provide data for testing the updates to the website. Use SQL Server data synchronization. Use SQL Replication. Use the Geo-Replication feature of Azure Storage.

You need to implement the Work action on the TeacherController object. Which three actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order. Line numbers are included for reference only. You need to resolve the issue. Enable automatic scaling for the website. Manually Increase the instance count for the worker role. Increase the amount of swap memory for the VM instance.

Set the monitoring level to Verbose for the worker role. Enable automatic scaling for the worker role. The contractor reports that the VM runs out of memory when the contractor attempts to test the mobile applications. Which Windows PowerShell command should you use? Option A B.

Add the following markup at line WC Option B C. In the Azure management portal. Option C D. You need to ensure that the website is always responsive.

Option D Answer: You need to double the memory that is available for the VM. The metrics shown in the following exhibit represent the average values for each five-minute period. How should you complete the relevant Windows PowerShell script?

You need to prevent access to the site from all Contoso. Each Windows PowerShell. Which code segment should you insert at line CF13? Topic 3. Which three actions should you take? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. NET on the computer that runs Visual Studio. In the web. Install the Azure SDK for. Which two actions will achieve the goal?

Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Which four actions should you perform in sequence? Box 1: Box 2: Box 3: Queue storage B. Swap the deployment slot after the business users have validated the updates. Download the publish profile. Publish the incremental updates to the new instance. Increase the instance count to 2. Use Windows PowerShell to create a new deployment slot to publish the incremental updates. File storage. Use Visual Studio to import the publish profile.

Blob storage C. Deploy the web application by using the Visual Studio Publish Web wizard after the business users have validated the updates.

Set the web hosting plan to Standard. Create a Windows PowerShell script to move the contents of the new website to the production website location after the business users have validated the updates. Create a new website to host the updated web application. Which solution should you choose? Box 4: Set the web hosting plan to Shared. Table storage Answer: How should you update the project configuration file for the program? Configure a multi-site virtual network.

IIS logs F. Use Large for On-Peak mode.

Ref developing microsoft pdf azure exam 70-532 solutions

Performance counters Answer: Event logs C. Configure a site-to-site virtual network. Configure a point-to-site virtual network. Use Extra Large for On-Peak mode. What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? Use Small for Off-Peak mode. Which two types of diagnostic data should you collect? Topic 4. Application logs B.

Which size should you specify for the VM?

Exam Ref 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Ebook

Use Extra Small for Off-Peak mode. Crash dumps D. Configure a cloud-only virtual network. Infrastructure logs E. Use the P1 performance level for On-Peak mode. Which SQL Database configuration should you use? How should you complete the relevant markup? Use the S1 performance level for On-Peak mode. Use the S2 performance level for On-Peak mode. Use the P2 performance level for On-Peak mode.

Each code segment may be used once. How should you complete the relevant code segment? Remote debugging C. IntelliTrace E. Emulator Express D. Which tool should you use? Compute emulator B. Line numbers are for reference only. The service has a configuration file that includes two settings named ConnectionString and SleepInterval.

Which code segment should you insert at line 21? You need to configure the service. The service caches a large amount of data from a database at startup. The service must restart when the value of the ConnectionString setting changes. You have the following code. Topic 5. The new version contains code changes and new SSL certificates. The application performs at or near full capacity.

NET application that runs in a cloud service. Temporary degradation of the worker roles is acceptable. NET application to the cloud service. The cloud service uses the default number of fault domains and upgrade domains. You plan to deploy the new version of the application. Which two approaches will achieve the goal? A new version of the application is ready for release. The application consists of six instances of a web role and four instances of a worker role. The performance and capacity of the web roles must not degrade during the deployment.

You need to deploy the new version of the ASP. The deployment must take a maximum of six hours. Delete the old version of the application. You also create an Azure storage connection string and store the connection string in the application configuration file.

You create a new console application by using Microsoft Visual Studio. All trigger listeners and jobs must run on the current thread. Deploy the new version of the application by using an in-place update.

Use upgrade domains to ensure that there is sufficient capacity during the upgrade. You need to ensure that the web job processes the messages from the queue. Increase the number of web role instances to eight. Deploy the new version of the application into the staging slot for the cloud service. You are developing a web job to process messages from the queue.

Reduce the number of web role instances to six after the upgrade is completed. You need to configure the environment. User activity varies significantly and unpredictably. The deployment uses the shared web hosting plan. The application must automatically scale to a maximum of eight virtual machines based on CPU utilization. You create the following code segment. The application reports error codes when it saves data. You need to acquire the publishing profile for the website.

The custom retry policy must meet the following requirements: Navigate to the following URI: You must use a custom retry policy to handle the error codes. Run the following Windows PowerShell cmdlet: Get-AzureSubscription C. You plan to publish a new version of the website. You connect to the site by using the URI http: You need to insert code at line 14 to implement the retry policy.

You need to upgrade to a new version of website code. Updates to the website must occur without downtime or performance degradation that is noticeable to users.

When the website starts. You need to configure the environment to ensure that the load balancer evenly distributes requests. Only newly signed in users are routed to the recently added website instances.

Developing solutions ref pdf 70-532 microsoft exam azure

You scale out the application by adding website instances. NET application to an Azure website. Users must be evenly distributed among all of the instances. For each of the following statements. You create a resource group named ContosoGroup. The website is currently in a hosting plan named webhostingplan1. The application currently supports orders of products or fewer.

One company accepts the request and fulfills the order. Azure Service Bus Topics D. Azure Service Bus Relay C. You must modify the application so that it supports both small orders and large orders. Messages about small orders should be sent to all delivery companies. Azure Service Bus Queue B.

Exam Ref 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions, Second Edition

Azure Service Bus Namespace Answer: Which service should you use? When a customer requests a delivery. Some of the delivery companies can now deliver large orders that contain up to products.

Messages about large orders should be sent to only delivery companies that can fulfill them. You need to send a text notification to users to alert them that the application is ready to test. You are writing test code that. You need to ensure that data can be saved to the cache and retrieved from the cache. How should you complete the request? The application uses the OAuth 2. The application must request an access token to invoke the web service methods. Create and import a new network configuration file.

You need to configure the virtual networks. Export and modify the service definition file. Export and modify the network configuration file. Then import the modified file.

70-532 solutions azure exam ref microsoft pdf developing

You must increase the number of subscriptions from 3 to Create a multi-site virtual network. The country of origin for the client computer and the CDN region. Which two operations should you monitor? Deploy a cache by using Azure Redis Cache. The allocated size of page blobs. You need to design a cache solution for the SaaS application. Use Azure Redis Cache to deploy one cache for each website. Configure the cache to use database connection strings. Configure each cache to ensure that data is consistent in all the cache instances.

All VMs. The expiration date of the blobs. Access the cache from the websites. The number of requests that result in an HTTP status code over You need to monitor the application to find issues that increase costs. The application does not scale efficiently. Your bill for CDN services is higher than you expect.

Configure a cache by using ASP. Option D. The Administrators security group is a member of the Users security group. You need to implement the canAccessUserResources function. Which code segment should you insert at line 02? The WeatherDetails application displays weather details for a specific city.

Create an Azure Service Bus Queue communication. In the WeatherDetails application. You must configure the Azure storage account to retain logs for the maximum length of time that Azure permits. Set the monitoring level to Verbose. Set the monitoring level to Minimal. You need to ensure that the WeatherDetails application displays the weather details for the city that the user selects in the WeatherSummary application.

The WeatherSummary application displays a summary of weather information for major cities. Create an Azure Service Bus Relay object. Create an Azure Service Bus Topics object.

The storage analytics logs do not contain any data. A Ref: The product data must be stored in Azure tables and replicated to multiple geographic locations. Remove-AzureDataDisk D. You need to disable disk caching for the data disk. The application performs several input and output operations per second. Set-AzureDataDisk Answer: You need to configure storage for the service.

Exam Ref 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

Each answer presents a complete solution. The service will be hosted in an Azure virtual machine VM. Geo-Redundant Storage replication C.