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Christine Feehan - [Leopard 2] Wild Rain Feehan, Christine - Leopard 02 - Wild Rain · Read more Feehan, Christine - Leopard Series () · Read more. Author: Feehan Christine Feehan, Christine - Leopard 02 - Wild Rain. Read more · Christine Feehan - [Leopard 2] Wild Rain · Read more. Wild Rain is the second book in Christine Feehan's leopard series. SERIES BOOK 2 Download Wild Rain Leopard Series Book 2 ebook PDF or Read.

Jess Haines Bundle: Feehan made mistakes with this book, but that depends on how you view the book altogether. Now that he's got a hint that h is interested in moving on, H moves in for the kill, gets rid of the poor other guy, and they get together that night. He sometimes uses it as punishment.. Green Cleaning And, Heroine: These two were really good together though, and it was obvious how much they cared about each other and their kids.

Experience the feral passion of the Leopard people in this thrilling novel from 1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan. Bred by capricious parents for his innate leopard-shifting abilities, billionaire Jake Bannacotti has spent his life in an emotional vacuum—especially after a tragic twist of fate left him to raise his infant Experience the feral passion of the Leopard people in this thrilling novel from 1 New York Times The heat of passion—and danger—rises like jungle fire in this novel of the Leopard people by 1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan… Called on a dangerous assignment, leopard shifter Conner Vega returns to the Panama rainforest of his homeland, looking every bit the civilized male.

But as a member of the most lethal of the The heat of passion—and danger—rises like jungle fire in this novel of the Leopard people by 1 New On the shores of Sea Haven, six women touched by great loss have come together in a sisterhood strengthened by the elements—a bond each Strange, twisted carvings and hideous gargoyles adorn the palazzo of the great Scarletti family.

But a more fearful secret lurks within its storm-tossed turrets. For every bride who enters its forbidding walls is doomed to leave in a casket. Nicoletta knows all too well the curse that plagues the house of Scarletti. She has always believed her In an explosive novel from 1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan, a human woman ignites the desire of her Carpathian lifemate—and of an ancient vampire with a score to settle.

After the devastating loss of her entire family, Lorraine Peters heads to the woods searching for peace of mind and anything to quell the anger in her Toggle navigation. New to eBooks. Christine Feehan. Filter Results. Last 30 days Last 90 days All time. English Only. All PDF Epub.

Toxic Game Christine Feehan. Penguin Publishing Group Unusual and intriguing, and thoroughly enjoyable, I found this book irresistible and worth the time and energy I spent reading it.

View all 9 comments. Dec 16, MelissaB rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Christine Feehan fans, fans of dominant heroes, fans of shapeshifter romance. Jake Bannaconni is a leopard shapeshifter who lives to acquire enough money and power to take down his evil parents and their friends.

He was badly abused as a child but survived by dreaming of the day he destroys their lives. At the age of 33, he has acquired a lot of money and power but feels like he is still missing something.

He is going to be a father soon after being tricked by his enemy's daughter. She is in a car accident that claims her life but the medics are able to save his son. The Jake Bannaconni is a leopard shapeshifter who lives to acquire enough money and power to take down his evil parents and their friends. The two-car accident also claims the life of another man - Emma Reynold's husband. When Jake sees Emma, he feels a connection to someone for the first time in his life.

Emma is all alone in this world after losing her husband. She is newly pregnant but the doctor wants her on bed rest to save the child after she is injured in the car accident.

Jake is obsessed with Emma from the first time he sees her and does everything he can to get her in his life. He offers her a place to stay so she can rest and teach him how to care for his son. She has no where to go so she accepts his offer as long as he allows her to work once she is better. Once they are on his Texas ranch, Jake does everything he can to insinuate himself into Emma's heart.

She is the most honest person he has ever met, which is amazing to him because he always expects betrayal and deceit. He is very careful not to let her see his attraction to her so that she can feel safe but all along he plans to seduce her eventually because he wants her to love him. Over the course of two years, Emma has a baby girl, becomes a mother to Jake's son and takes over as the housekeeper of the house. She makes a home for Jake and tries to open up his heart.

Jake does not believe in love and has cut himself off from all emotion after his horrible childhood. Emma tries to show him how to love his son and her daughter, who he claims as his own. After two years of grieving her husband and being a mother, Emma begins to wake up sexually toward Jake. She has fallen in love with him because he treated her well and protected her for two years. He sees himself as a very hard man because he is ruthless in business and with his enemies but she sees him as man who always looks out for those who need help.

He gives jobs to people who have handicaps or are down on their luck and always tries to help and protect them. Jake has always been very attracted to Emma but did not try to seduce her while she was still grieving. Once he finds out she is attracted to him as well, all bets are off and the intense sexual tension explodes into passion.

This is one very exciting and hot book. Jake is a VERY dominant man who always wants to have his own way. Emma is the perfect match for him because she will stand up to him on the important stuff but she is also willing to let the small things go. She is a very sweet and loving person who is willing to fight against Jake's inner demons because she believes he is a better person inside. Jake is very dominant in bed as well, he is rough and aggressive but Emma teaches him to slow down and be gentle sometimes.

Jake was frustrating at times because he tried to back away every time he started feeling too much for Emma. He was so afraid to open up his heart and be vulnerable that he tried to put emotional distance between them whenever she got too close to him. Jake was over bearing at times but he was also kind and protective.

Emma knew going into the relationship how Jake was controlling, over protective, domineering , so she walked into the relationship with her eyes open knowing she would have to teach Jake that it was okay to love.

She knew that he loved his son and daughter, even if he couldn't admit it to himself. She was very strong emotionally and was able to go toe to toe with Jake whenever he tried to take over too much of her life.

There was also a bit of a surprise twist toward the end that helps put Emma on more equal footing with Jake, which I like because I felt it helped balance out the power in the relationship. If you enjoy a dominant hero and a very engaging story, check out this book. The writing was very good, the story sucks you in from page one and takes you on a great ride. There were relatively few "Feehanisms" though she does manage to sneak in molten lava and black velvet voice and I did not feel like the love scenes were the same thing over and over which has been a complaint with this author.

The hero is rough at points especially during the sex scenes but he had a hard life and tries very hard to change into a better person for Emma. She teaches him to love her and the children, while he gives her the family and home she always wanted. View all 30 comments. Jun 11, Roksana rated it did not like it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Simply put, the hero in this story has a mate, but never tells her that she is "his mate" and manipulates her to live with him, not mentioning that "heroine" has a baby with another man and the Hero has no problem raising it.

Ok I give you that, but, I would rather not include that, secondly, the Hero keep "sleeping with women all that time, whilst heroine lives in his house I mean, he's having threesomes with them, coming home smelling them and heroine knows that, but she is unaware he's her mate, so she ignore it!

You would think that he loves her so much and would not even touch another woman because she is his mate, but no, that does not stop him from having sex with them and yes, he waited for the write moment to tell her she is his mate and whilst waiting, he had a hard time Controlling his sexual urges for her, so he screwed OW's, but that is not good enough for me.

A very disappointing read. View all 26 comments. May 18, Mojca rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This is the first thing that came to mind after I finished this book. Well, this and hot damn. I started reading this one with a hefty dose of skepticism. The Leopard Series is the least favorite of mine, but I quickly had to rethink my position. I must admit I didn't particularly like the hero, Jake Bannaconni, at the beginning, no matter the rather detailed explanation for his actions and behavior the author offered us in snippets cut from the boy's childhood.

His parents were mon Oh. His parents were monsters, children of monsters, and were prepared to turn their son, whom they saw only as a failed breeding experiment, turn into a monster as well. If they didn't kill him in the process. Yet the little boy thwarted their nefarious plan, first by hiding the truth of his "other" and then by refusing to be like them, though he failed to see that fact almost until the very end.

Still, I didn't like him. And it wasn't because of his alpha-ness, I love Ms. Feehan's males, it wasn't even his domineering personality, it was the way he "weaseled" into Emma's life, or sucked her into his. I would've preferred a little more, I don't know if tact is the right word, but maybe cutting back on the Machiavelli-channeling wouldn't have hurt.

He quickly grew on me, though, once he, somewhat reluctantly, began to see reason, thanks to his friend and mentor Drake Donovon oh, how I love that man! Sweet, tender, caring, loving, tenacious, stubborn, strong, resilient, little Emma. She was just perfect for Jake. She might have appeared weak and vulnerable at the beginning, broken down and empty, but once she got over her loss, she quickly let show her inner core of steel that prevented her from being completely taken over by Jake, and that single-minded determination of a woman in love on a very important mission.

A mission of teaching her man the value and importance of love, loving and being loved. Showing him his true self, teaching him to embrace and accept all parts of his being, no matter how monstrous they might seem to him. Loving him no matter what he says or does to try to drive her away because she knows deep down he doesn't mean any of it.

Loving him no matter what. And I must say she succeeded marvelously. Jake's progress and his change is obvious from the very first time he meets her to the end. From the very beginning, Jake's been portrayed as detached, cold, feeling no emotions except for rage and that incessant thirst for revenge. From the very first chapter and the glimpse at his first memory, his parents humiliated him, degraded him, dehumanized him, until there was nothing left.

Yet when Emma crashed, quite literally, into his life, it was immediately obvious just what kind of power she wielded, restoring his humanity, sparkling her joy and love into his bleak existence, until the brief glimpses of his humor, his smiles, his spontaneity until he ruthlessly curbed it were that much more special and precious, until they became a normal occurrence, finally signaling the inevitable.

Jake was becoming human again, he was living for the first time and it was all thanks to Emma and his growing feelings for her. The sex scened also nicely reflected this change, gradually changing from rough "kinky, hard-core sex" with no space for emotion, to a little less rough, but still extremely satisfying lovemaking. It was so tightly tied into Jake's growth and maturing, his change, that it would've been a shame shoving it a little aside to make space for the rest. Still, the suspense and imminent danger were there, skirting the edge, rearing their heads when appropriate to further the main story-thread and nudge the hero into more self-discovery.

And when the climax came it was explosive I loved the depiction of the storm as a portent of impeding battle , snarling, clawing, roaring, deadly, and perversely satisfying. This was once hell of a ride and an extremely satisfying read.

It's up there with my favorites from this author and safely tucked onto my keeper shell. It was gritty, edgy, exciting, and though not exactly action packed, it presents another turn and improvement in Ms.

Feehan's style. Oh, my God? Hot damn? Yeah, definitely. View all 3 comments. Reread - first read in Wild Rain, the 3rd book in the Leopard Series is edgy, dark and somewhat disturbing. But it has a message that…. The hero, Jake Bannaconni has experienced the most horrific abuse as a child, which has scarred him emotionally and resulting in him becoming a cruel and detached from any feelings whatsoever.

But someone enters his life that change his life forever…and that is … Emma Reynolds He displayed such cruelty and he was so cold, almost abusive towards Emma. But we slowly see something deep inside him that makes you realize that there is a heart there somewhere. He goes from being totally overpowering and domineering with Emma. You will be my possession. I loved seeing their relationship develop and evolve. I loved this book.

Christine Feehan

The story was deeply intense with characters that just grabbed at your heartstrings. View 2 comments. Apr 10, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a good adult erotic paranormal romance, and I really liked Jake! I liked both Jake and Emma in this story; Jake had had such a rough upbringing and it was clear how much he needed Emma, and Emma was all alone in the world and needed somebody too. The storyline in this was about Jake trying to trap Emma and keep her as his own, and then it seemed like Emma was the on trapping Jake!

These two were really good together though, and it was obvious how much they cared about each other and their This was a good adult erotic paranormal romance, and I really liked Jake! These two were really good together though, and it was obvious how much they cared about each other and their kids. The ending to this was good, and I really hope this pair have some more babies! Feb 05, Lover of Romance rated it it was amazing Shelves: He grew up with cruelty and punishment. He has never known love or affection, all he knows is control and power.

He is driven, and refuses to let the influence of his ruthless parents, to determine his future. When Jake learns that he has a son, and the mother manipulated him, he chases after her. Because he refuses to let any harm come to his son who has yet to be born. But through certain chain of events, his son was born premature in a car accident that killed the mother, and another couple was affected. Where he meets Emma Reynolds, who lost her husband of five months. Emma is overcome with the loss of her husband, and loses herself in her mind, until Jake.

Jake keeps her centered and focused on her unborn child.


Soon Jake and Emma draw closer together, and their friendship takes another turn into one of passion and desire and a world of dangerous creatures and ruthless enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy Jake and their family… The Hero Jake Baconni had been manipulated from birth as a genetic experiment, and was only shown cruelty and there was only one person that showed him love, his uncle, who helped him become the man he is today, and where he was able to achieve his wealth and success.

Jake only knows one way to live, and that is in power. He refuses to be helpless or at a loss of control. Jake is a shifter, he runs a large ranch, and is emotionally cut off from most of the people he associates with, except for a couple of friends who like him are shifters as well.

Jake is a very intense hero, full on alpha male we have here. One of the most highest that this author has ever written. But never have you seen a man who needs the love of a good woman more. He has never known true love or affection, or loyalty. Inside you see a man who craves touch and love. The Heroine Emma is a truly magnificent heroine, and she is the balance in the story.

She only knows how to love and how to stand by someone who you care for. She is true to her character. She is far from perfect, she tends to be a bit high strung and too stubborn. Her character is compelling, and what I admired about Emma was how she only sees the good in Jake. She never judges harshly, except when she wants to exert her own independence. But as you read Burning Wild, you see parts of yourself reflected in her character.

Plot and Story Line The story is probably one of the most intense and dramatic romances of Christine Feehan.

Feehan wild rain pdf christine

I read this book years ago, and ever since I have been wishing I had done a review for it. Well I am doing one now. I saw this title on the shelves of my library, and I thought I would love a chance to read this again. And oh boy did I love reading it again. Every once in a while, I think its good to re read a book we love. And with Christine Feehan at the helm, I had no issues at all. It was just as good as the first time that I had a chance to read it. It starts out with seeing Jake growing him between a few years with each segment.

My heart just broke seeing what happens to him, and you see how important it is that those scenes are put in the story, so that you can understand the background behind what drives Jake. Emma on the other hand never knew pain or humiliation as Jake did. She grew up with parents that loved her, and even though she lost them, she has only known love and affection. You see how her influence takes a positive effect on Jake. They are together for about two years, before their relationship takes a more sexual turn.

Pdf rain christine wild feehan

Oh boy and do they have some heated chemistry. Be careful not to get burned here. You also learn some things about Emma and who she really is. Her character truly blossoms in this story, and it is so heartwarming to see how she becomes more confident and sure of herself, and I will say she learns to handle Jake quite well.

He needs a woman who will stand up to him, no matter what. There is a danger element to the story, and whew.. But there were scenes and moments I had totally forgotten about. The two children…are so adorable and I just wanted to hug them…so fresh and full of life.

Cover How can you look at this cover, and not want to run for the hills. Boy does he have danger marked all over him. I love the gray background and the pic of the leopard kinda out of phaze…it adds depth and excitement. Overall View Burning Wild is a rough and wild romantic tale, of what true love is, and how it can change you for the better.

A story of fiery passion, intense characters, and has a level of grit and toughness to it…. View 1 comment. Aug 14, Merrin rated it did not like it Shelves: I decided to read some Feehan because I hear about her a lot working at the bookstore.

MY GOD. I have read quite a few romance novels in my day and I cannot remember the last time I was quite this horrified. The sex scenes were graphic enough that I felt like clutching my pearls, but what transpired during them was less horrifying than that they basically amounted to rape, since her mouth kept saying "no" but her body kept saying "yes".

So hey, that makes everything okay, rig I decided to read some Feehan because I hear about her a lot working at the bookstore. So hey, that makes everything okay, right?

Christine Feehan - [Leopard 2] Wild Rain

The guy is a huge manipulator, getting her to live with him, take care of his kid, eventually sleep with him and marry him, and she's supposed to swoon?

This book is disgusting, and if it's a sampling of what she normally writes, I want no part of it. Mar 31, Laurie Garrison rated it did not like it Recommended to Laurie by: This story was so good until Emma went to live with Jake. I just cant get into a story where the man in the story can have sex with other women but yet he keeps the woman that he claims his at his house, so she cant go out to be able to have a life or sex life. Jake even tells Emma, yes he has sex with other women that he has needs.

Well crap!


Then one day Emma does go out on a date and he sees her and takes her away from the This story was so good until Emma went to live with Jake. Then one day Emma does go out on a date and he sees her and takes her away from the man! I just cant see that one. There is a difference between dominating and controlling and Jake was to controlling for my taste. I read as much as I could of this mess and skimmed through the rest of the book. The first of the book takes you through Jake abused life it fast forwards you from two years to thirty years.

His life while living with his parents is really bad and sad. He meets Emma when his whatever she called pregnant woman with his baby has a car wreck in front of him he saves Emma, but could not save her husband.

Again read bad and good review before buying this book to try to make sure its for you. View all 18 comments. Jul 12, Miki rated it did not like it.

Wild Rain PDF/EPUb Book by Christine Feehan - angeldiservee

A badly written book with a sick plot about unlikeable people. Take very thinly disguised porn, add a touch of bondage, some painful, coersive sex hey, doesn't No mean No? As the crowning touch, the lead character - I refuse to call him "the hero" - travels up the Amazon to Borneo! I wish I hadn't read it. Is there an equi A badly written book with a sick plot about unlikeable people. Is there an equivalent of mouthwash for the brain?? May 04, Dina rated it it was amazing Recommended to Dina by: There are already many excellent reviews on this book and I agree with most of them, so I won't bother writing mine.

I'll just say that the sex scenes were a bit ouf of my comfort zone but I didn't mind. That's how much I loved Jack and Emma. View all 14 comments.

Nov 24, Sammy Loves Books rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jake Bannaconni C. Feehan really brought her A game on this story and boy did she turn up the heat! This was a great love story with elements of betrayal and manipulation.

I felt like I inhaled this book and couldn't put it down. I Highly recommend this read. There are only a few love scenes but they are very intense as Jake attempts to control Emma with very demanding sex. He sometimes uses it as punishment.. There are a few characters from book 2 present, but Jake Bannaconni C. There are a few characters from book 2 present, but this book could be a stand alone.

I happened to read Wild Fire book 4 first and both of these make great stand alone books. If you love strong sexy, controlling, alpha men with attitude dripping with testosterone and desire.. My Leopard People Reviews: View all 7 comments. Jul 28, Brownbetty rated it liked it Shelves: This book is just baffling.

It's well enough written to be quite readable, but I can only conclude I am very much not its target demographic. I kept on coming to scenes whose purpose was perfectly obvious, and which affected me in a way totally orthogonal to that purpose. For example: My reaction: Wait, he knows English? LOL For example: He is so turned on by her, that he always has an erection.

Also, always? With two toddlers crawling all over him? Bonus elements: Also, the main kink the romance is built on is the abusive, dominating man, tamed by his OTP, which is not my kink, so.

Feb 05, Julie jjmachshev rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yes, Christine Feehan has done it to me again. Once I picked up "Burning Wild", I couldn't put it down until the book was finished; and at reading pages, that was several hours that I spent living in her world with her characters.

I loved it. YES, the hero is about as Alpha as they come and I can already hear some of the vitriol she'll no doubt receive regarding one particular sex scene It's her world! She can do whatever she wants Jake learned early in his life to hide his leop Yes, Christine Feehan has done it to me again. Jake learned early in his life to hide his leopard nature and count only his victories. The product of two insanely cruel parents trying to 'breed' a shifter, he spent his childhood bruised, broken, bereft of love, and waiting until he was strong enough to get away.

Now, he's rich, he's handsome, and fate has dangled the one woman in the world for him in front of his face Emma never imagined she'd actually be working for a man like Jake. She'd heard, and read in the gossip pages, all the stories about what a hard, cold man he is.

But the more time she spends with him, the more she comes to realize that he's just a man who has no knowledge of love. At least no knowledge that he realizes This story was smoking hot. The sensual pull between these two had me sweating and the scene where they actually consummate that passion liked to burn the paint off my walls!

This was no gentle lovemaking session, but a savage meeting of two passionate souls who've waited too long to come together; both having the prod of their animal natures to contend with as well. Just a heads up, OK? But you know what? I still love to read her books. Each of the males stands out in my mind even now and their heroines are memorable too. As many of her books as I've read, that HAS to mean something. On to the keeper shelf it goes: View all 13 comments.

Nov 07, Talltree rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was an awesome book. H -who is a cat shifter-and h meet at a car crash where pregnant h's husband and H's pregnant baby mama are killed. Baby Mama was an evil witch, she was a ONS of H who plotted to get pregnant by tampering with the condom and entrap him H has had an abusive childhood and doesn't know what love is but when he sees how much the distraught h loved her husband, decides he wants her love to be focused on him while he stays completely detached, he doesn't believe he can love This was an awesome book.

Baby Mama was an evil witch, she was a ONS of H who plotted to get pregnant by tampering with the condom and entrap him H has had an abusive childhood and doesn't know what love is but when he sees how much the distraught h loved her husband, decides he wants her love to be focused on him while he stays completely detached, he doesn't believe he can love or even know what it is and manipulates her into being his housekeeper.

H is very alpha, manipulative, wealthy, detached except with the h. Meanwhile h is in mourning for her husband who she loved in a wholesome first love kind of way but she's an amazing mom to both h and H's kids. Couple years pass.

Meanwhile H's body knows h is his mate though he doesn't know that, no one realises that h is a latent cat shifter too but he doesn't recognise it, not having grown up in a pack, he is in a fury to mate every second of the day and has casual encounters with women who know the score, but nothing more.

But it doesn't work and he realised that by trying to make h fall in love with him, it is actually he who is getting more and more obsessed by her; but she is still in deep freeze. So in a weak moment he lashes out at her telling her she needs to move on from her dead hubby and start living.

Now this is a bit funny, she takes his advice to heart and goes out on a date with the telephone repairman as friends and its to the same restaurant H is having a business meeting in. And H is totally flabbergasted. Now that he's got a hint that h is interested in moving on, H moves in for the kill, gets rid of the poor other guy, and they get together that night. He is relentless with her and some of the sex scenes were the most scorching I've ever read in a romance.

After this there's some of the emotional journey where the H becomes a bit more human under the h's influence, and of course the paranormal journey as well. The kids were small and a delight, I really adored the h, she was sane and loving and funny and strong yet vulnerable.

She was the rock actually and the H was desperately obsessed with her. The book has many dark parts though, certainly not a light or quick read. People who enjoy dark erotic romance, obsessed Heroes, paranormal romances will love this book.