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It ends the rule of elite, dynastic families of extreme privilege who rig the game of life in their own favor. Everyone, regardless of sex, race, sexual orientation or. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Mike Hockney is a senior member of the Illuminati. The God Factory (The God Series Book 2) by [Hockney, Mike]. This is the introductory text of the "God Series" of books in which the Pythagorean Illuminati reveal, for the first time in the public domain, the "answer to.

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In another book dedicated to the purpose – The God Game: . celestial factory which takes raw material – unconscious souls – and processes them. 1Cs0Pl2Hi - Read and download Mike Hockney's book The God Factory in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book The God Factory by Mike Hockney. Ebook: The God Factory Sіzе: MB Fоrmаts: pdf, android, audio, text, ebook, epub, ipad. Аthor: Mike Hockney Dаtе аddеd: The God Factory.

Basically we want the Star Trek future where humanity actually values itSELF, where people value their self-improvement and their development, instead of bits of paper and material goods. For Air Conditioning Technicians: BTW you obviously caught me in depressive phase yesterday. It does so via the only medium of truth and absolute knowledge: Which Illuminati are the Illuminati?

I will make sure to thoroughly and slowly read everything you have there then…I just had time to skim it tonight but will give it a good proper read tomorrow. Your knowledge level and ability to put your thoughts into more concrete philosophical concepts will be tremendously enhanced by a study of the Illuminati material.

Thank you, I really appreciate that. After your first comment I looked up Fourier transformations. The way it talks about everything being made from circles, is completely in line with an insight I had last year. Please read both of my blog posts if you have the time. You may email me directly if desired. Did you ever get a chance to read my page? I think a lot of people would enjoy reading your ideas.

Relativity itself shows that no time nor space exists for photons of light…they exist everywhere at once. Indeed it is a great time to read the God series, because the entire series is free through Friday! Go here: No not at all, it is completely incorporated!

It is one of the most important and fundamental theorems there is and that there can be. It allows for the existence of subjectivity and free will, for the subjective experience of objective mathematics. The Incompleteness Theorem is covered fully in the God Series…in one of the books it is extensively discussed.

I stumbled upon their website about a year ago and devoured every article. It really has changed my life and sent me down many different pathways and corridors I had no clue existed. Before encountering the AOI I was just beginning to learn about Hermeticism and Platonism from an atheist perspective and they really helped me reconcile the two seemingly contradictory views.

Being an atheist at the time, the only philosophy that made sense to me was existentialism because it denies a creator and liberates the individual as creator of his or her own life. However, existentialism led to nihilism because although the death of God liberated me, I was not prepared for a life with full responsibility.

I instinctively knew at the time I was my own god, but I had no clue where to begin exercising my god-hood, so, I fell into a long despair and thought everything was hopeless. The study of Illuminism a long with Hermeticism has really shown me what self mastery really is and how to achieve it.

The hegelian dialectic of becoming is the most beautiful and profound truth I have ever some across. It is rationally the ultimate motor of existence. Have you read all of the books too? They have told us that if you have read all of the public-domain material and can invent your own religion, then you can consider yourself a First-Degree Illuminatus.

Which reminds me I should post my invented religion somewhere on this site…lol. Hi, I read your post, extremely happy someone is on a parallel track as me. I just plunged into the books you posted just found out about them. I would be more than interested in conversing about the topics, you and anyone else interested in the topics might want to check out books such as william walker atkinson on mental powers , breaking the death habit by leonard orr, anything related to esoteric practices in general will enlighten you.

Seems there is a lot more going on behind the curtains than the average person perceives. Thanks Filip. Have you read the Kybalion: You might also like Primordial Gnosis: Many of the scientific details have gone over my head though I must say their explanation of quantum mechanics has really been eye opening for me.

My independent research on the subject left me bewildered and confused between subjectivity and objectivity and how the two interplay. I noticed in your latest post you recommended the Kybalion. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a closer look at the subject. Thanks for the book recommend Devin! Oh nm…you say right in your last post. Continue on my friend…they just get better and better. Wondering where other blogs may be where the author s would be listening.

These books are great, but will never help the world thrive. In fact, I would like the author to consider that complaining and degrading a deterministic system is like yelling at a box for being a box.

A defensive box will then remain a box. In this respect humanity continues its massive ping pong match toward predictable self-destruction versus transcendence. The author s are very talented writers. Mike Hockney has a special gift but is currently self-destructive.

God's Factory

Once we understand that we can all have a better, more conscious discussion of how things should be. To Mike Hockney: Your vision of how things should be is as irrational as your rational arguments against the irrational existence of how things are…lol.

In other words, you are part of the problem, not the solution. A small tweak of seeing all the truths in our dysfunction versus the lies in our dysfunction and you would be powerful and command large audiences.

Thanks Dionysio. You should join the Illuminati Pub on Facebook and post this there…it would probably strike up a good conversation. I liked it…ranting makes me feel better…cathartic release or something. When are the books going to be for free again? Did you read the whole AC site? So what do you think? What makes the most impact on you?

Some of the most towering geniuses in history have been members of the Illuminati, these people include: Throughout history the Pythagorean Illuminati have been working to change this world from the insane asylum it currently is into a just, rational, altruistic, community based Meritocracy.

Just think of the society depicted in Star Trek and you will have a good idea of what kind of society the Illuminati are trying to create. If you would like to help create that type of society then these are the books for you.

Check your history! Talk about hypocrisy; instead of actually finding the truth, you will take any claim at face value. That, my friend, is the epitome of deceit. So the Illuminati want to turn this world from the way it is into a rational, altruistic society.

Well, hate to break it you, but that goes completely against reality and human nature. Humans are not programmed to be rational. The utopian types basically want us all to become stoic, rabbit-like people who stand for nothing at all, because the end, logical, rational conclusion for the utopia is for everyone to lose free-thought and free-will. No utopia has existed, but many groups have their own idea of what it could be, and the first step towards it is bloodshed.

It seems these mathematicians are so blind as to neglect human nature. The conflict has never been between science or religion, but science and naturalism. For these authors to claim that man can be God, it means that all forms of injustice are acceptable. Human nature is greedy. Who is to say one man may be more Godlier than another? They ignore this. The white man. They blame the white man. THAT, my friend, is the logical conclusion. You cannot deny the human state; that is irrational.

What I also find funny, is that most of your beloved theories came from Christian thought. Altruism, universal acceptance — these are all Christian doctrines, which the authors hate. I would think a just world would eliminate injustice, which is again a Christian doctrine, and the best thing of all, is that the authors engaged in outright historical misconduct by refusing to do their research on those they claimed to be in the Illuminati when the Illuminati did not exist until the 18th century.

They also deny race, racial hatred, the failure of multiculturalism, and the cult of liberalism. This is not an alternative to God or religion. What I have to ask is this: You sound no different than the warmists you lament.

No different. Interestingly enough, with the advent of the internet and the rise of the New Economy, meritocracy is inevitable. You either become indispensable, or you become obsolete.

You either create, or are destroyed. My question is: How can we, as citizens, facilitate the onset of this Society of the Divine? I feel blessed by the True God of the universe for stumbling upon these books. How do you impart this electricity to others?

How to we light brush-fires that disseminate quick enough to light the world? Wow Walker!!!! Great stuff man! You simply carry that energy with you and impart it wherever you can. Very glad I found this blog though; excellent work.

I hated them and wanted to refute them but the more I tried the more I found them to be correct. Appreciate the encouragement, Joseph. This path can feel pretty darn lonely. Anyway, props on the blog, keep up the good work. First, I would like to say this is a great thread. I was a lifelong atheist and materialist up until about a year ago, when I was approached by two individuals who suggested reading some of these books. Last summer was the first summer of my PhD program…meaning time was at a premium and still is.

At the time I was a scientific materialist and read with skepticism…but in the end I found that I had not one single argument against anything I had read. I intend to. GREAT series! I failed to mention, I have started a subreddit that is Solely geared towards getting our Minds together. It is http: That is excellent and awesome Yggdrasil! Thanks for the link. It is time to start making science truly rational and to begin the age of hyperhumanity.

You will not be disappointed with the rest of the series! I stumbled onto the Illuminati website about a yr ago quite by accident. As I began to read I thought hmmm this is interesting so I thought it may have a certain intertainment value to it anyway so I continued on. When I came to the part where they start talking about ontological mathematics and what mathematics actually IS it sent chills through my entire body.

In after studying every formally studying chemistry biology history psychology as well as 3 levels of calculus I turned my interests to physics and began working on a minor in that subject. I became obsessed with electromagnetism and spent a great deal of time trying to get my mind wrapped around what this phenomenon is. One afternoon I had an incredible experience in realising the exact nature of mathematics. This was the second epiphany I had had around this time.

The first one was realising the diabolical nature of christianity.

I had always known there was something wrong with that crap however it took a long damn time to unravel what I had been taught at an early age. Ill be on this until I take my last breath. I thought the same thing you did the content.

It crystallized many of the scattered thoughts that have been floating around in my head for quite some time.

This idea was so contradictory to everything I though knew. It never occured to me to invert it. So simple yet so complex. The Hegelian dialectic is beginning to tke hold in my mind as well. Very important stuff.

The Meritocracy is such a beautiful vision to me. I just want to say that this material has completely tranformed my thought and given me a solid direction for the first time in my life. I do have a couple questions but I need a little time to think on how I will ask them. Thank you for responding.

Joseph ive just now recieved an email from this site directin g me to another address so I can be notified by email when new blogs are posted but for some reason im having difficulty getting signed up with it. Ill keep at it till I figure it out though.

Anyway thanks for the invite. I have watched this thread for too long in silence, and now for whatever reason likely due to recent posts I have decided to speak up. I am an extrovert struggling to be an introvert the irony though , but this is easier said than done. I like to think I could be rather brilliant if it was not for my lack of confidence. It is likely that I have touched upon many of them, but due to my terrible disease of extroversion it has been very hard for me to know what to focus on without a question of wasting my time eating away at me.

I understand if individuals are unwilling to share what truths they think they have discovered or perhaps know for certain unlike me , but I am mostly here because I need to talk to people like you guys.

I like to think of myself as a proper skeptic, but perhaps I am too skeptical, or not proper at all. Hi Jon! Nice to meet. Know thyself and bring your psyche into a rational creative union! I wanna ask..

What happened then when meritocracy takes over the world, can you guys promised the smart people will not bully stupid people like the elites did to the poor?

Smart people are compassionate towards the stupid and do not merely wish to bully them, but to help them. The only problem is that right now it is more of a battle because stupid people are in control of things. We want to help everybody by building a world where slavery is abolished including all of its modern manifestations and where each human is optimized and helped to become optimized to their greatest extent.

Basically we want the Star Trek future where humanity actually values itSELF, where people value their self-improvement and their development, instead of bits of paper and material goods. The awesome thing is that in this world, we will have more material wealth than humanity has ever had before, because with the Ontological Mathematics of Illuminism, we will learn how to be able to manipulate matter and energy to produce anything we want.

Well, do most people ever accumulate a vast knowledge in their lifetimes, or do they just have knowledge of this world? Few people see to the intention to bring back rational knowledge, so yes, if you do that, it will help.

God's Factory, by Terry Morgan: FREE Book Download

If you read the God Series of books and the other two authors books, study them well, do your best to understand them, you will indeed have a vast and unique set of knowledge to take with you. Try find these books and come to a conclusion for yourself as its the only way to pass the checkpoint nearby and proceed in finding truth out from those who aware hiding it.

Greetings, I did not read all of the posts on this board and I am not a fanatic or c. Some of the people here mention and their thoughts regarding an explanation to the incident. I myself felt emotionally affected by it at the time that it occurred and have since experienced the social and economic consequences that I believe are attributed to it.

It is my emotional and economic circumstances that sent me on the quest for truth and a logical answer as to why my life existed in a perceived negative state of being. I set out to understand how my choices and belief system led me on a self destructive path based on what was happening around me.

This of course led me to illumination and the truth which existed within me all along. If so what do you think about it? Yep I saw that long ago, well before I found Illuminism. So, you need to thread through it all. Get reading the entire God Series set by Hockney …get though it all. Reading it all is the most important thing to do right now to orient yourself to rationalism and the facts.

Hit me up anytime if you want to chat about it all. I knew there was something to it because no matter what I could not get it off my mind. I have lots of questions, is there anyone I could contact by email? Are there any epub versions of these books? What It gives me is a list of all of the books that have been written by the Illuminati. It is a treasure of valuable information, one that I greatly appreciate. To date, I have read approximately 22 of the nearly books that the Illumaniti have published.

Personally, I believe that the individuals who are writing these books are indeed the Illumaniti, for the amount and depth of the philosophical material demonstrates the depth of their understand and bankruptcy of the Abrahamic religions capitalism.

I have read the books out of order, and I confess that I am not concerned about it. In my opinion, the books are largely self-contained, and so I find not so many disconnects as has been expressed above. Please understand that as an undergraduate, I was a mathematics and philosophy double major, and so any disconnects that are mentioned above do not seem to bother me.

As for the dichotomy, I am not so antagonistic towards empirical materialism. It should be remembered that empirical materialism has it place and its limits,. If one keeps within the limits, and does not try to extend the power of empirical materialism beyond those limits, then I am content to apply scientific principles to solve problems where such an application is fruitful.

On the other hand rational idealism is also a powerful tool to the understanding of the existence in which we live.

The notion of monads is compelling, and in my opinion, correct. I am going to continue reading and studying the various books written by the Illumaniti. I suspect that my thoughts will progress as i continue reading.

I am pleased to have found this blog. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to post my thoughts herein. By the way, I would really like to meet a member of the illumaniti, if only to thank them for deciding to publish a series of books that are by far the best philosophical,.

Heyy Joseph, Im just curious where does the Millionaires death club from Mike Hockney Come into it, Or would you be able to email me a list of the books is chronoligical order please??

God factory pdf the

The monadic realm of mind existing outside of time is problematic because of the nature of time. Time results from motion, and time is chronology. How can the Euler formula be processed outside of time? Which Fourier transform happens first or last or at any time outside of time?

Even a mental realm outside of space must contain time in order to have chronology. Otherwise which mental thought comes first, or last, or do they all happen at once? Without time there is no chronology, thus no meaningful process can happen at all. In ontological mathematics, if numbers exist outside of time then they can not be processed in any order.

Knowing this and also how math requires order of operations and a chronological process, then nothing at all can happen outside of time. Curious how a monad that is beyond space and time can perform mathematical functions which require a chronological order?

Thought A, thought B, thought c, etc…. Chronological sequence in time. Hey can someone on this thread please loan me PDF versions of the god series books? My researchers into the Bilderberg club led me to investigate the NWO and the illuminati.

After reading the god series and a few by Adam Weishaupt and Michael Faust I wonder why they have chosen the name of illuminati as this name is rather controversial. But I do agree with most of the content of his books, because I came to the same conclusions about forty years ago. I am familiar with most filosophers, including Leibnitz but also Schwaller de Lubitz, Fulcanelli , Spinoza and the Seth material amongst many otters. I completely abandoned my faith and the church for the bible was clearly not the work of a loving and all-knowing god.

To me it is an amalgam of many different stories by many different authors written long after the facts. Apart from that these stories were further crippled by the catholic church at Nicea. After all believe is a very poor substitute for knowledge. And I am still searching. Surprisingly there are very few practical answers to be found in these books. And what is the purpose of all these aliasses, while one would suffice.

The topology or behaviour of the Fourier Transform is determined by the boundary conditions and Fourier coefficients input to the transform. To have something non-static, the boundary condition and coefficients need to be functions of time. The waveform is sampled at a regular but small interval, and that interval is Fourier Transformed into a frequency spectrum.

The Fourier spectrum changes as the waveform is sampled along and tranformed. The Fourier spectrum thus becomes as fluid as the waveform. Consider this quote from the Dream Gnosis AC article:. I found myself without a body, without a name, not in any particular location, and without a sense of identity. I was everywhere at once. If there was anything I wanted to see, all I had to do was think of it. Anywhere I wanted to go to, I was there.

It was as if I had become everything. I could feel anything and everything. I knew how a tree felt when the wind passed through its branches it tickles.

I knew how the wind felt being shredded by the tree. I felt what it was like to make love as a woman. I could experience the epic struggles of the lives of everything that lived, and when their lives were over, I would experience their story, and their story became part of my story.

And whatever happened, it was okay. Somehow I could handle all this input, though it should have been overwhelming. I went on this way for a long time not that I was experiencing time: I was outside it , and then something happened. Jojoc — anger, psychopathy, drugs, and other psychological problems stem as a shadow function of the Abrahamic religions.

Inlightened — yes it is stated in the books that Hockney is an alias and that the alias is composed of multiple individuals.

God factory pdf the

The secon experience was true SHOCK for me, because so much of what they say was true to me, specially about the universe being a mathematical entity. By your writing style, and specily by the way you were touched by the Illuminattis message, i could see that you are a very inteligent person, far above average, with philosophically inclined mind, like mine, so it was logical to think that you recommendation for reading in a certain order was wise, and so i did.

I started by the books of Adam Weishaupt and Mike Hockey, but i had to stop for a while, i will start whit the series again in What ever happened to it and why? I am happy that you have found value in those books, Alien. I think your perspectives are reasonable, and I have little to add. Dominique, the content of that website was fully recorded in the 3 authors books. Not sure what happened to the site or why. Many Thanks. I see…. If you have the time, that is?

Thankyou Mark. Well perhaps you know more than I but I never had the indication that it was going to be about all that. A draft story board for it was put out at one point and it just seemed like it would be as a fiction on the level of Last Bling King, and not anywhere near the AC book. Relevant to an Illuminist Book of the Dead, yeah the Soul Camera would be much more important and impactfull.

Factory the pdf god

The fourth novel in the series to be called. But only for those with eyes to. The task is not an easy one. You must be enlightened to perceive our. The writer went too far in this case. He disobeyed our brief and added elements that we had never. But, we must confess, he perhaps performed a great service for us. This book is the one. Why all of this cloak and dagger stuff? If you knew what the secret was, you would understand perfectly. Let me just say that the secret, if.

It would be better for me if I knew nothing of this secret. My entire life revolves around it. I have. All of us in the Illuminati have had to live this. The evidence automatically reveals the secret. Therefore I cannot reveal the evidence.

Only new. Let me just say that he will not be writing the fourth and final part. I am not permitted to tell you any.

For instance, in the book Prohibition A, reference is made to a key Gnostic. This is deliberately presented as a monstrous but seductive. The book is not trying to convert anyone, but to get them thinking,.

The Soul Camera will present. There are of. The former outnumber the latter by four to one, and this reflects the degree of difficulty of. Joseph I agree, The Soul Camera will definitely be important and impactfull. Lets hope the Illuminati are listening, and your spider sense is accurate! I believe The AC website is dormant till Hi Mark.

This is what was passed about at one point as a possible story board for the Soul Camera:. Not sure if that was actually it but not sure of many people who have ever thought of the concept let alone write an outline for a book about it. Seems like a failed book. But that is the subject of The Soul Camera. I think the party in Soul Camera is linked to gnostic Sin for salvation.

Sin for Slavation is about jailed souls.

In Prohibition A………………………. He lost, got his ass kicked out of heaven, then created hell. In fact, this is the world Satan created — the earth. Apparently, the universe consisted of two components — spirit and matter. The spiritual universe was a perfect paradise, heaven itself, populated by beautiful souls, while the material universe was full of drones — bodies without souls — and was a hell of desire, deceit and violence.

But some souls became curious about matter, something so enticingly different from the spiritual world they inhabited. Sex, in particular, fascinated them. To some souls, sex and the human world were impossibly tempting and they became obsessed with the idea of getting inside a physical body. So, they left heaven and came to earth where they took over human bodies, the drones. There was no way out of the physical world, no way back to heaven.

At least, no easy way. Sin for Salvation was the gospel showing jailed souls the only escape route. Salvation was possible only if a soul learned to despise everything connected with the material world. The pleasures of the flesh were the main dragon that had to be slain. Sarah said that the cultists believed that the only thing that could overcome sexual desire was satiety. The bigger the sin the nearer you get. They say salvation can be achieved not by being good but by liberating yourself from your body.

Heaven is for souls, not for good people.

Sin gets you to heaven, not goodness. Perhaps unless it is about directly demonstrating how murder and rape gets you into heaven and makes you a God…then it might cause a world-wide murder fest?

Too many questions and unknowns. The God Series basically scraps all of the old mythos gnosticism and calls the material world the shining jewel creation of the mental world, the material world being how we start off on our way back to Godhood…the best of all possible worlds.

Ontological Mathematics basically destroys the old gnostic mythos, although you can still see how that view had it in some ways correct. Or what about suicide…widely considered the greatest sin, worse than murder and rape etc. What if that made you God in heaven? The Bavarian Illuminati claim that the power elite which is supposedly the evil Illuminati is controlling a system and they are imposing their will on ordinary people and citizens through laws codes of conducts and regulations. By sinning for salvation you can break the the waves that are linked between you and the power elite.

Maybe this, is then, the reason why the book was not published, as it may be seen as inciting criminal activity? Hence a coded story? I do however like your metaphysical view, ontological maths, ….. I like that Regards Mark. If sin is the path to heaven, then a world-wide sin fest of rape and murder of everyone to the last man who then commits suicide would not be a cataclysm, but a liberation to heaven.

Or it would only be a cataclysm to those who wish to keep us here. But then as you say, that author says it is about breaking frequency control grids. If the point of existence is to become God, then define God. What does that even mean? It seems to me that if one has omnipotence, then the only thing worth doing is to commit suicide. We all want life to be easier, but if life was infinitely easy and all things and all states and all experiences and all thought and all of infinity could be experienced in an infinitesimal time, then the only thing left to do in the next immediate moment is to stop it totally…divine suicide.

I guess the moment is worth it…like orgasm, as they say in the God Game. Which comes first, physical or mental causes? As soon as existence is understood to be nothing but ontological mathematics, all questions are ipso facto answered.

The God series, starting with The God Game, reveals the astonishing power of ontological mathematics to account for everything, including things such as free will, irrationalism, emotion, consciousness and qualia, which seem to have no connection with mathematics.

Read the God series and you will become a convert to to the world's only rational religion - Illuminism, the Pythagorean religion of mathematics that infallibly explains all things and guarantees everyone a soul that is not only eternal but also has the capacity to make each of us a true God.

Isn't it time to be illuminated? Read more Read less. Enabled Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled Page Flip: Books In This Series 32 Books.

Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Previous page. Mike Hockney. Next page. Complete Series. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Hyperreality The God Series Book 4. Ontological Mathematics: Product details File Size: Hyperreality Books July 4, Publication Date: July 4, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Math Books. Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention god game god series theory of everything pythagorean illuminati god factory even though years ago secret society science and religion nature of reality books are not written reading these books series of books series god books in this series book for the casual read philosophy mathematics truth knowledge.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Maybe there is some truth in here, maybe it's a load of nonsense. Either way, it's a very fun read and challenges the reader to think about our existence in different ways. I had a blast reading this book. It took me a long time to read because I found myself putting the book down every few pages to actively think about the material and work it out for myself.

Often, when I picked the book back up, I found that where I ended up during my thought breaks is where the book was heading.

Buy for others

It is essentially a mathematical philosophy book with a touch of the occult and helped fortify my reason. It really had me looking at the world differently. There are something like 30 more books in this series and if I am going to stop an think every few pages, it will take me years to get through them.

But, that's great! Everyone should read this book. It's not theist in the popular sense, but describes the most rational thing to call 'divine'. This is the best overview of philosophy, and first in the best series that explains reality more clearly than anything else. Excellent ground breaking model of the central role mathematics plays in the structure of reality.

In particular, it explains that reality itself is purposed and the purpose manifests as a teleological imprint in the mathematical underpinnings of physical reality where physical reality itself is a manifestation of mathematical structure. The ideas are very deep. Interestingly, the famous string theorist Michio Kaku has just announced that he has uncovered a teleological imprint within the mathematical underpinnings of physical reality.

This series has interesting parallels and is significantly concordant with a recently released book "The Supra-Intelligent Design". Together they give one a very modern idea of the nature of God. This book is a start to learning about the nature of reality.

Just be sure you know how to approach it. Understand that this is a book that depends heavily on first principles and the reader's ability to intuit concepts that are seldom discussed in regular conversation. Having read it twice, I can honestly say that this series requires several passes over to truly appreciate.

That should be a hint for those find this material repetitive. There is good reason for that. Disney After Dark: Edition 27 by Brian J. Shinji Ikari Raising Project: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project: A Sideways Slip in Time: A Historical Fantasy by Jana A. Edition 3 by Roy A. A Tor. An Origin Story by Matthew K. Power, Problems, and Politics by Sean P. The Definitive Edition by F. Magic, New Mexico Book 1: Book 1 by S.

Chapitre Als Laine Tavish' gevaarlijke verleden haar inhaalt, krijgt ze hulp van de knappe Max Gannon.