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Additional protection from hazardous processes. Additional protection to women workmen. Prohibition of employment of children. FACTORIES ACT, description of factory or parts thereof any of the foregoing pro- visions of this section are not required for the purpose of keeping the factory in a clean state, or are. MODEL RULES UNDER THE. FACTORIES ACT, (Corrected up to ). DIRECTORATE GENERAL. FACTORY ADVICE SERVICE AND LABOUR .

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This Act shall be called the Factories Act, (2). It shall extend to the whole of the Union of Burma. (3). It shall come into force on such date the President may. THE FACTORIES ACT, ACT NO. 63 OF 1*. [23rd September, ] An Act to consolidate and amend the law regulating labour in factories. PART I. Preliminary. 1. This Act may be cited as the Factories Act. Shon title. Intcrprcta- tion. ) In this Act-. “the Board” means the Factories Appeal Board con-.

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Price Lang. David Hoicka. FMA Rs. Tvs Reddy. Training and supervision of persons working at dangerous machines. Hoists and lifts.

Pdf factories act

Chains, ropes and lifting tackle. Cranes and other lifting machines.

Construction and maintenance of floors, passages and stairs. Safe means of access and safe place of employment. Precautions in places where dangerous fumes are liable to be present. Precautions with respect to explosive or inflammable dust gas, vapour or substance.

Acts of Parliament

Steam boilers. Steam receivers and steam containers. Air receivers. Exceptions as to steam boilers, steam receivers and containers, and air receivers. Precautions as respects water-sealed gasholders. Means of escape in case of fire. Regulations and bye-laws as to means of escape in case of fire. Safety provisions in case of fire. Instructions as to use of means of escape in case of fire. Power of Minister to require special safety arrangements for the prevention of accidents.

The Factories Act, (NEW) | Overtime | Justice

Power of the District Court to make orders as to dangerous conditions and practices. Power of the District Court to make orders as to dangerous factory. Part IV.

Supply of drinking water. Washing facilities. Accommodation for clothing. Facilities for sitting. Welfare regulations.

PART V. Removal of dust or fumes. Meals in certain dangerous trades. Protection of eyes in certain processes.

Pdf factories act

Shuttle threading by mouth suction. Prohibition of use of white phosphorus in manufacture of matches. Humid factories. Underground rooms. Basement bakehouses. Lifting excessive weights. Prohibition of employment of female young persons where certain processes are carried on. Prohibition of employment of women and young persons in certain processes connected with lead manufacture.

Provisions as to employment of women and young persons in processes involving use of lead compounds. Power to make special regulations for safety and health. Power to take samples. Safety Committee and Safety Delegate.

Factories Act, 1948 (India)

Notification of accidents. Power to extend to dangerous occurrences provisions as to notice of accidents. Notification of industrial diseases. Inquest in case of death by accident or industrial disease.

Power to direct formal investigation of accidents and cases of disease.

The Factories Act, 1948 (NEW)

Investigation and report in certain cases. Certificates of fitness for employment of young persons. Multiple factories. Premises where part of building is separate factory. Application of Act to electrical stations.

Certain premises subject to inspection. Docks, wharves, quays and warehouses. Building operations. Works of engineering construction. Employment of women and young persons in places other than factories in processes connected with lead manufacture or involving the use of lead compounds. Lists of outworkers to be kept in certain trades.

Employment of person in unwholesome promises. PART X. Powers of Inspectors. Certificate of authorisation to act as inspector. Appointment and duties of certifying doctors.

Fees of certifying doctors. Provisions as to sanitary authorities. Provisions as to regulations, orders and certificates of the Minister.