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HIFZ – MEMORIZATION OF THE QUR'AN. Dr. Safwat M. Halilovic. Consulting Editors. Hafiz Halil Mehtic, Hon. BA,. MA. Hafiz Fadil Bektas. Translation from. need. and wrote on the subject in detail primarily for the benefit of every muslim beginner who want to do Hifz-e-Quran independently, quickly and smoothly and. features are consist of male and female respondents who have memorized the Quran and have sat for Syahadah. Hifz al-Quran. The development of this.

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Quran Majeed - 15 Lines - Pakistani Print. byISLAMIC-BOOKS- Identifier QuranMajeedLines-PakistaniPrint. Identifier-arkark://. Current study was conducted to investigate the effects of memorizing Quran (Hifz) in relation to academic achievement and socio-cultural life of Huffaz. For the. PDF | The main objective of the tahfiz curriculum is to create a Keywords: Tahfiz, curriculum, memorise, al-Quran, method I c anat al-Murid li Hifz al-Qur' an al-Majid. c Amman: Jam c iyyah al-Muhafazah c Ala al-Qur.

Therefore its studies, including the art of hifz al Quran, are the ideal ways of life. Remembering the order of ayats, forgetting the beginning of a new page, confusing certain ayats and words with similar ones. Ignore the naysayers. This will aid in exercising your mind to think in different ways previously unknown to you. Basically, strengthen the weak part first then reinforce the strong. It will take approximately about a month or two of determined hifz to understand the technique and discover your potential.

By repeatedly revising the section with 3 to 4 intervals, the section is gradually being permanently inscribed into the mind. As an analogy, if you see a stranger on the road, 1 minute later, you would be able to recall his image, but 1 hour later you would have completely forgotten what he looked like.

But if you met him regularly you would recognize him and get to know him much better. This will aid in exercising your mind to think in different ways previously unknown to you.

He must hifz in the best, quietest and most convenient area. The art of memorizing is like doing push-ups. At the beginning, you must start small, with pushups a day and discipline yourself by exercising every day. After a few days, you will be accustomed to 5 push-ups and will soon realize you can do more in the same amount of time.

Pdf hifz quran

Slowly increase to push-ups a day. The more you practice regularly, the more you will enjoy it and your physical strength will increase. One day you would be able to achieve push-ups a day!

With frequent training, you will realize you can now memorize 1 page in mins instead of 45mins. With practice you will discover the hidden potential of your mental strengths. You must never do more than your ability, for it will cause more harm.

Understand your strengths and potential and gradually increase. It will take approximately about a month or two of determined hifz to understand the technique and discover your potential. Like any difficult task, you cannot expect immediate results, and must never give up too soon. It is largely a gift, he says, though he has developed it further by a regular system of observation, trying to retain what is valuable and eschew the rest.

Discrimination and earnest concentration on essentials is the secret of a good memory, he adds. When you receive letters in the mail, some are thrown away instantly and some are kept for storage. In the same way, according to your mindset, the brain automatically decides what to remember and what to forget.

If not for this, we would be overwhelmed and confused with multiple thoughts and memories.

Can you remember what you ate for dinner 3 days ago? It was important at the time of dinner, but not for the long term, so the brain removes it from its long term memory. But you will most likely remember the most delicious desert you had, because you wanted to cherish that memory for the long term. You will definitely remember it the next day, but as soon as your task is complete, since it was in temporary storage, the brain will automatically discard it.

We experience this many times in history exams. We remember historical dates perfectly, just so that we can write it in the exam paper the next day temporary storage. As soon as the exam is over, the dates are forgotten. It is all about changing your mindset — Temporary to Permanent. Make a written list of all the mistakes that repeat constantly in each siparah to make sure they do not repeat. This will help you in the long run. You can make a pocket notepad hard cover of about 80 pages.

You must recite slowly and clearly, pronouncing every syllable. The brain remembers the hifz at the pace you memorized it at. If they are asked to recite that same surah slowly, they are not able to do so.

Like the game of Chinese Whispers, due to the lack of proper pronunciation, over time, the sentence changes into something completely different to its original form! This will give you confidence and open your vocal cords. It will improve your makharij pronunciation of letters and ahkaam rules of tilawat. When you recite loudly, naturally, you hear what you recite, thus, you are using your sense of listening in the memorization process.

Reciting softly is very harmful, as over time, you will forget to differentiate between many letters. At the least, you should be able to hear your own voice clearly.

Therefore, it is advised to recite in an area where you can recite loudly and not disturb others. It is very important to understand not to consider hifz and ahkaam rules of tilawat as two separate things. You must never hifz or recite without ahkaam, or else, you will end up doubling your efforts.

Similar to driving a car, you must focus on the road ahead to progress, but at the same time, you must pay attention to your rear view mirrors to make sure you are safe from all four sides.

Approximately the pages done in the last week. If you feel some parts are weak, make a note of it and keep repeating it until it is perfect.

I stated the same in my munajaat this year: Make the hifz of al Quran al Majeed our constant occupation. May Allah give us strength and tawfeeq. Otherwise, you will only listen to your voice repeatedly and will never learn anything new and progress. By listening to the audio, you can rest your mind and body, thus your revision is done by proxy. For example before going to bed. Or, when you want a change from reading or reciting, you can divert and refreshen your mind by listening.

The sanctity of the Quran must be kept at all times. Sometimes, if you are not able to complete the task, discipline yourself by taking out extra time. If you set a target of doing 2 pages a day, and completing one juz in 2 weeks - Start on Monday and finish 11 pages by Saturday, rest on Sunday, continue on Monday and finish the juz by Friday or latest Saturday.

For any reason, if you were not able to finish it on Saturday, take out extra time on Sunday to complete it. You can keep buffer days for exceptional times that can disrupt your schedule, as some events will surely arise.

But never should Sunday become a day reserved for completing the incomplete work because if that happens then it will only be a manifestation of your procrastination.

Sunday is a day-off and it should remain that way. If you find yourself doing hifz on more than a couple of Sundays then there is something wrong with the execution of your plan and you should re-plan. There is a constant need for monitoring your performance in accordance with the schedule so that you can find out actually where the problem is.

The reasons for the disruption of schedule are thus to be resolved and changes to the plan are needed to be made. Without constant monitoring you will feel lost.

Furthermore, DO NOT stress yourself out by taking to do more than what you are capable of as it will only be counter-productive and de-motivating. A person who knows 6 siparahs, will always do the 30th,1st 2nd regularly, but will try to avoid 4th, 5th and 6th as much as possible.

Pdf hifz quran

This fear will only make the weak siparahs even weaker and will be very harmful in the long run. Some weaknesses are: Remembering the order of ayats, forgetting the beginning of a new page, confusing certain ayats and words with similar ones.

Always force yourself to face your fears and do the harder parts more often. The Quran will save a child from any misfortunes even while he is playing". In this state of happiness and positivity, he begins the 2nd juz. Over time this excitement and happiness decreases. Full Sura Audio is added. Tamil, Malayum translation is added. Arabic Topic Search Added. Minor Bug Fixed. Landscape modes added.

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