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Free Napolcom / PNP Entrance Exam Reviewer # Posted by on. Have a free download and extract the files using winrar or winzip.. 28 Oct. The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) is the agency of the Philippine government that administers and controls the Philippine (PNP). View NAPOLCOM Reviewer eBook pdf from CJE at Saint Paul University Surigao. Salient Features of RA or The Philippine Mining Act of

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napolcom reviewer - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Documents Similar To napolcom reviewer Criminology Board Exam Reviewer. NAPOLCOM Entrance Exam Reviewer. PNP LAW RA. Section 1. Title of the Act. – This Act shall be known as the "Department of the Interior and Local. See more of NAPOLCOM Examinations Reviewer Edition on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or Napolcom & Civil Service Exams Review by Coach Janna. Bookstore. Criminology CIVIL Service Reviewer PDF. Library. Philippine.

All of the above. GMA News. System — is a combination of related elements organized into a complex prevention and control of crime. Subscribe Us. Composition, Powers and Functions.

In order to be qualified for transfer to the PNP units in Metropolitan Manila and in highly urbanized cities, an individual must have completed not less than second year collegiate work or its equivalent in training of seventy-two 72 collegiate units.

Anyone who has any pending administrative or criminal case or has been adjudged liable or convicted of any crime pending appeal shall be allowed to join the PNP provisionally without prejudice to final judgment by a body of competent jurisdiction. Powers and Functions. In order to perform its powers and functions efficiently and effectively, the PNP shall be provided with adequate land, sea, and air capabilities and all necessary material means of resources. Provided, however, That in no case shall any officer who has retired or is retirable within six 6 months from his compulsory retirement age be appointed as Chief of the PNP.

The PNP shall be composed of a national office, regional offices, provincial offices, district offices, city or municipal stations. At the national level, the PNP shall maintain its office in Metropolitan Manila which shall house the directorial staff, service staff and special support units.

At the regional level, the PNP shall have regional offices, including that of the National Capital Region, which may be divided into two 2 separate regions without prejudice to the pertinent provisions of the Organic Act for the Autonomous Regions of the Cordilleras and Muslim Mindanao relative to the creation of a regional police force in the area of autonomy.

Each of these regional offices shall be headed by a regional director for peace and order.

At the provincial level, there shall be a PNP office, each headed by a provincial director. In the case of large provinces, police districts may be established by the Commission to be headed by a district director. At the city or municipal level, there shall be a PNP station, each headed by a chief of police. The Chief of the PNP shall, within sixty 60 days from the effectivity of this Act and in accordance with the broad guidelines set forth herein, recommend the organizational structure and staffing pattern of the PNP to the Commission.

Such command and direction of the Chief of the PNP may be delegated to subordinate officials with the respect to the units under their respective commands, in accordance with the rules and regulation prescribed by the Commission.

The Chief of the PNP shall also have the power to issue detailed implementing policies and instructions regarding personnel, funds, properties, records, correspondence and such other matters as may be necessary to effectivity carry out the functions, powers and duties of the Bureau.

The Chief of the PNP shall be appointed by the President from among the senior officers down to the rank of chief superintendent, subject to confirmation by the Commission on Appointments: Provided, further, That in times of war or other national emergency declared by Congress, the President may extend such term of office. Manning Levels. The actual strength by cities and municipalities shall depend on the state of peace and order, population density and actual demands of the service in the particular area: Provided, That the minimum police-to-population ratio shall not be less than one 1 policeman for every one thousand 1, persons: Provided, further, That urban areas shall have a higher minimum police-to-population ratio as may be prescribed by regulations.

Rank Classification. Key Positions. The third in command with the rank also of deputy director general shall be the Deputy Chief of the PNP for Operations. At the national office, the head of the directorial staff with the rank of deputy director general shall be known as Chief of the Directorial Staff of the PNP.

The heads of the various staff divisions in the directorial staff shall have the rank of director with the position title of Director of the Directorial Staff of their respective functional divisions. The head of the Inspectorate Division with the rank of chief superintendent shall assume the position title of Inspector General.

The heads of the administrative and operational support divisions shall have the rank of chief superintendent. The heads of the regional offices with the rank of chief superintendent shall assume the position title of Regional Director.

The heads of the NCR district offices with the rank of chief superintendent shall have the position title of District Director. The heads of provincial offices with the rank of senior superintendent shall be known as Provincial Director. The heads of the district offices with the rank of superintendent shall have the position title of District Director.

The heads of the municipality or city offices with the rank of chief inspector shall be known as Chief of Police. General Qualifications for Appointment. Provided, further, That, in times of war or other national emergency declared by Congress, the President may extend such tour of duty. Examinations for Policemen. Doctors of medicine, members of the Bar, and chaplains shall be appointed to the rank of senior inspector in their particular technical service.

Licensed criminologists may be appointed to the rank of inspector to fill up any vacancy after promotions from the ranks are completed. Status of Members of the Philippine National Police. Provided, That PNP members assigned in Metropolitan Manila, chartered cities and first class municipalities may be paid in additional monthly allowance by the local government unit concerned. PNP Seal and Badge PNP Seal Meaning and Symbolism Lapu-Lapu Hero - The great Filipino hero of Mactan, the prototype of the best and most noble in Filipino manhood who is the symbol and embodiment of all the genuine attributes of leadership, courage, nationalism, self-reliance and a people-based and people powered community defense.

The benevolent and heroic warrior who derived added strength from a cohesive, determined and loyal people is today a fitting symbol and a prototype as well of people power to preserve our values, customs, traditions, way of life and the rule of law thru a solidly community-based police system. Lapu-Lapu also personifies for us today civilian constitutional authority.

Laurel - Green Laurel with 14 leaves, symbolizes the 14 Regional Commands. It is also a symbol of the honor, dignity and the privilege of being a member of a noble organization where the call to public service is par excellence a commitment to public trust. The Philippine Constabulary for the close to 90 years of service to the nation has performed with honor, professionalism and courage. The PC has carved out a large part of the glorious pages of Philippine history, as attested by its proudly and deservedly garnering 86 of the 92 "Medals of Valor" the highest honor that a grateful Filipino nation can bestow on its gallant sons in the service of the Republic.

Most appropriately therefore, the Philippine Constabulary became the nucleus of the Integrated National Police in to nurture the then embryonic concept of the nationalization of the country's local police forces. Three Stars - Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and the 1, islands and the territorial integrity wherein the National Police must enforce the law and maintain peace and order with professionalism, zeal and dedication in keeping with the highest ideals and traditions of service to our country and people.

The Traditional light rays which represents the fightingest provinces whose ideals of courage and patriotism the members of the National Police must possess. PNP Shield - Symbol of protection of all citizens. Three Stars - Stands for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao which constitute the Republic's Territorial Integrity over which the PNP must enforce the law and maintain peace and order with professionalism, zeal and dedication in keeping with the highest ideals and traditions of service to God, Country and People.

Eight Sun Rays - Represents the eight 8 provinces whose ideals of courage, gallantry patriotism led to their revolt against Spain. Service, Honor, Justice - Service is the vibrant and cogent deeds and actions in response to the needs and wants of the people in distress: Honor could be the overriding criterion and consideration in the performance of their entrusted task or mission: Laurel Leaves - Symbolizes the competency, brilliance and honor in the field of endeavor expected from each and every member of the PNP.

Philippine National Police - Identity of Solidarity. PPSC Section Creation of the Philippine Public Safety College. Said College shall be under the direct supervision of a Board of Trustees composed of the Secretary and the three 3 bureau heads. Composition, Powers and Functions. The PNP reorganization program shall be approved by Congress through a joint resolution. Section 30 of Republic Act No. Provided, That PNP members who are already in the service upon the effectivity of this Act shall be given at least two 2 more years to obtain the minimum educational qualification and one 1 year to satisfy the weight requirement.

Provided, That an applicant shall not be below twenty 20 nor over thirty-five 35 years of age: Provided, further, That any applicant not meeting the weight requirement shall be given reasonable time but not exceeding six 6 months within which to comply with the said requirement: Provided, furthermore, That only applicants who have finished second year college or have earned at least seventy-two 72 collegiate units leading to a bachelor's decree shall be eligible for appointment: Sheryll Almero Estrella Manlapas Gud am po wala po ba itong answer sheet.

napolcom reviewer

Wennie Cale , Investigator at PNP Thank you for the effort of compiling reviewer for police officers promotional exam. It is of great help to PNP personnel who will be taking the examination. Show More. Rhealyn Gapuz. Klein Adam Uygioco. Dlan Yer.

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Activities, pollc1es and programs that promote community-based, community-oriented and procedural development sha! I be encouraged, consistent with the principles of people empowerment and grassroots development 2. Justice 7 PNP members shall strive constantly to respect the rights of others so that they can fulfill their duties and exercise their rights as human beings.

Choose the! Jest answer from the given facts. Respect for Human Rights d. All of the above. Imprisonment of as much as 5 years and a fine of P4 m1ll1on pesos, d Imprisonment of as much as 2 years and a fine of P3 million pesos, e None of the above ' I as enhancement of capab1l1t1es of relevant agencies With the approval of The W1!

Jnsofar as pract,1ceqble, no. PNP personnel shall be allowed to render police assistance rn cdnnect1on Anth a stnke or! Exercise maximum tolerance. In case of unlawful aggression, only reasonable force may be employed to prevent or repel it. The employment of tear gas and water cannons shall be made under the control and supervision of the Grotind Commander.

Exam pdf napolcom reviewer

T1 toferer1ce prescribed by law , 7. The PNP shall respect and protect human dignitv, maintain and uphold the human rights of all persons.

The duties of PNP personnel 1n any demoilt1on or ejectment act1v1ty shall be limited to the maintenance of peace and order. PNP personnel tasked to prqv1de police assistance shall be in prescribed uniform during the actual df! The request for police assistance 1s based on an order of the court. II members of the Special tasked Group shall be in prescribed uniform when rendering police assistance.

NAPOLCOM Reviewer eBook 2015.pdf - Salient Features of RA...

Land Survey 2. Field Investigation 3.

Reviewer napolcom pdf exam

Ocular Inspection 4. Post Jnstallatio11 9. Landholding tagging Writ of Preliminary Injunction c. Replevin d. Writ of Preliminary Attachment e. Receivership [. Orivisiu11di rt: Analogous cases. JP It 1s true that the RD. ED at a certain t! Type of device. PBDC - Ph11ipp1ne Bomb 'Data Center 1s the fusion center for the reporting of ERls Cybercrime Response 1s the actual police 1ntervent1on 1n cybercnme 1nc1dent The acqu1sit1on of ev1dent1ary value 1s traceable w1th1n the computer's hardware, software and its network.

Upon 1n1t1al assessment of the' type of k1d11app1ng and upon conf1rmat1on that the k1dnapp1ng incident is true, the case shall be referred to the AKG. Choose the best answer from the given facts.

Reviewer pdf exam napolcom

Social Awareness b. Secrecy Discipline ';. Commitment to Democracy 2 PNP members shall guard the conf1dent1al1ty of classified 1nformat1on against unauthorized d1sc! Non-Part1sansh1p 3 PNP members shall provide services to everyone without d1scriminat1on, regardless of party aff1!

Commitment to Democracy 4 PNP members shall always uphold public interest over and above personal interest. Command Respons1bil1ty b Loyalty c D1sc1pl1ne d. Commit1nent to Public Interest 5 PNP members shall perform their duties with ded1cat1on, thoroughness, efficiency enthusiasm, determination. Devotion to Duty d. Physical Fitness and Health PNP members shall adhere to high standards of morality and decency and shall set good examples for others to follow.

Hum1l1ty b Orderliness c Integrity d. Justice 8 Once a decision is made, PNP members shall take legitimate means to achieve the goa! Perseverance c. Devotion to Duty d Physical Fitness and Health 9 PNP members shall obey lawful orders of and be courteous to superior officers and other appropriate authorities w1th1n the chain of command and they shall readily accept whenever they are assigned anywhere 1n the country a.

Conservation of Natural Resources iJ. Command Responsibility b. Reviewer on Criminal Justice System and RA The Philippine Constitution divides the government into three equal co-ordinated branches, namely, the legislative, Executive, and the Jud1c1ary 1 The government 1s d1vrded into three equal co-ordinated branches namely. Philippine National Police e.

Law Enforcement; the Prosecution; the Judiciary; Criminal Institution; and Community c, the Jud1c1ary, correctional lnst1tut1on, Community; law enforcement, and the Prosecution d correctional lnst1tut1on, Community, enforcement, the Prosecution and Jud1c1ary e Communrty, Law Enforcement, prosecution, 1ud1c1ary; and law enforcement IV Under the five Pillars, three falls under the Executive branch of the governmet, namely the law enforcement, Prosecution and Correctional lnst1tut1on 4 Of the five Pillars, three falls under the executive branch of the government, namely rage 1 of J Under Section 11 of RA Not subject to Grievance: Supervisor 1 Office stL.

An employee's expressed vvntten or spoken feelings of discontentment and d1ssat1sfactlon on any or all of the n1atters or issues like non-1mplementat1on of pol1c1es and procedure on appointment or promotion except A Complaint B Appeal C. Sexual harassrnent cases C r'hys: When the pet animal is afflicted wlth an incurable communicable disease as determined and certified by a duly licensed veterinarian, c.

When the kll! When 1t 1s done to prevent an imminent danger to the life or limb of a human being, e. All of the above 3.

November 24, - December 3, The online registration form can be accessed at Here, Napolcom announced its newest online scheduling system that will erase burden among applicants. The online scheduling system started July 29, Just expect for slight browsing problem with the website. For it caters more visitors in that range period of time. Featured Offers: Earn money with Coins. No limits to surf and earn!

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