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Public Administration is the one of most popular optional for UPSC Book list for Public Administration Optional Subject for UPSC Mains. Download All most all the materials required for a Civil service ASPIRANT free can also Download our daily current events in PDF format from Current. Books, material and question papers of public administration are very easy to find in both automatically make you an IAS- hard work and good luck are essential. .. They can be downloaded in PDF format, fromfor free after registering a free.

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This post lists the 5 highly recommended Public Administration books for IAS exam for Paper 1 and Paper 2 apart from the important newspapers and journals. Recommended Public Administration Optional Books for Civil Services Mains Exam. Find out the useful books for Public Administration in UPSC perspective. Administration Review articles etc. are all really good. Print Friendly, PDF & Email . Download Public Administration Books and Notes for UPSC CIvil Service Exam Also Read: Public Administration Syllabus for UPSC Civil Service Braintree Anthropology Notes Download in PDF format for UPSC Optional.

Also Read: Thibaut Serge Vianey Akpro. Also the Paper 2 part dealing with mental ability. Anti-Defection Law and many more. Integrate Learning With Test-Taking! High scoring-Low scoring optional is a myth. YT Gadre 7.

Click here for hindu notes monthly magazines. Click here for PIB monthly magazines. All the standard references are covered here;If you feels something is missing, comment below ;We will update it soon. Candidates have cleared this exam with almost every optional and not just with the so called high scoring optional.

Books pdf ias public administration for

In UPSC there is no high scoring-low scoring optional but only a paper, an innocent examinee and a ruthless examiner. High scoring-Low scoring optional is a myth.

Main optional subjects and materials for preparation are provided here. I and many successful civil services candidates refer to Manorama Year Book.

The Gk section is exceptional with many facts.

For this the GS manual is very handy. Quite frankly the above mentioned books and notes are adequate to cover the Public Administration paper 1 and paper 2 syllabus but if there is any new book that opens a new dimension or explains some topics in a better manner.

The best sections in MYB are the World profile with information on all countries. Current Affairs.

Good part is some discounts on the cover price are available. Language used is simple to grasp and its General Knowledge section is quite good. Mental Ability. Also many times the standard books do not contain information.

Books public for administration ias pdf

These two reference books will save a lot of valuable time and effort as you start preparing for the Prelims so be sure to get the solved section-wise questions papers and the IAS syllabus. General Knowledge. This pocket-sized book lists just the articles along with all the amendment to the constitution and is very useful for Prelims as UPSC has started asking questions directly from the bare articles.

Of the three books I always recommend Our Constitution by Subhash Kashyap as the language used is very simple to grasp even by someone who is studying Indian polity for the first time. Our Constitution by Subhash Kashyap. The book is quite useful for quick revision before the Prelims. Anti-Defection Law and many more.

After reading and understanding this book you will only be required to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in Indian polity.

5 Recommended Public Administration Books for IAS - IAS Kracker

Book for Indian Polity As seasoned civil services aspirants are aware there are three books widely referred for Indian Polity. This book starts from the Revolt and continues right till the independence period. Discount on the cover price is also available.

Books pdf ias public administration for

Nowadays more map-related questions are being asked in the IAS Preliminary exams than conventional type questions. You can then easily score marks in the CSAT exam as about questions are asked every year in the civil services Prelims from the Geography Atlas. For tackling the factual questions refer to the Economic Survey released by the Information Ministry before the Budget presentation every year.

Economic Survey is also a must read for GS Mains as some questions are directly asked from it. In fact such map based questions are highly scoring if you just scan and observe the Indian and World maps for at least 15 minutes every day. Crack CSAT The Indian and World maps are quite detailed and the Physical and political maps are very easy to understand.

This book is also very useful for GS Mains economy questions. If you need help in studying the Oxford Atlas. From my experience and that of other successful civil services candidates. It contains a wealth of information on Indian economy including in-depth tables and figures in the second half of the book.

Administration for pdf ias books public

Something about Unique Publications. The plus points of this guide for CSAT paper 2 are: Unique Publication has come out with a comprehensive book for Paper 2 covering all the topics in the 2nd paper. Although it has been released quite late in the market I feel it is no less useful than the books listed above.

In addition to this it also covers the mental ability part of Paper 2. As I have repeatedly mentioned in different comments that Unique. So now you need one additional reference book for Preliminary preparation. June There is now a book for CSAT paper 2 available for purchase online.

The only change in it is that the mental ability part has been shifted to the second paper. Also the Paper 2 part dealing with mental ability. Science and GK amongst all the manuals It comes with detailed maps of soils. In spite of this there are some areas not covered by the edition such as: If you get a chance to go through it please let us all know about it in greater detail.

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Stepwise guidance http: Fortunately help is at hand. Data interpretation charts. There is also emphasis on interpersonal skills and communication ability. Class X level. Paper 2. The book will be released in December.

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The book claims to cover all the ten areas of paper 2: Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

Jump to Page. Search inside document. SA Deshpande iaskracker. Disha Sahoo. Deepak Verma. Sushil Sharma. More you score in Optional Subject , Higher will be your ranking for the service. So, it is important for the candidate to have a strong Optional Subject. And as we know it is very difficult to choose an Optional Subject. And if you have decided to choose Public Administration as your Optional Subject then you are at the right place.

Public Administration Optional: Books to read for UPSC CSE

As we provide you all the important Books and Notes for Public Administration for free. So, Below are the links to download Public Administration books and Notes. Also Read: And You can download all important Books and Notes for this Syllabus down below. Paper I. Paper II. Click Here.