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an exhaust system. So it's no wonder the catalytic is often tossed in favor of an. eBay "test pipe" when a performance-minded owner starts itching for a little. Import Tuner magazine Bike, Drifting Cars, Magazine Covers, Magazines, Bicycle , Journals Super Streetbike - January » Download PDF magazines. import tuner magazine covers - Google Search. Super Streetbike - January » Download PDF magazines Pdf Magazines, Magazine. More information.

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Import Tuner pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Import Tuner Car magazine. First Drifting A90 Supras Emerge. The Toyota Supra will debut next month at the Detroit auto show, but before then we'll see the GR Supra Super GT race car concept in Tokyo. Toyota Gazoo Racing announced plans to compete in the 24 hours of Nürburgring endurance race this year. Performance Tuner Magazine was founded in the winter of by Damir Pecenkovic after a conversation about the current state of automotive media, most.

What an amazing week this all was. Mitsubishi Shows e-Evolution Concept in Tokyo Mitsubishi used its home market auto show for the unveiling of the e-Evolution concept, which puts the Evo name on a high-performance, all-electric SUV. Stephen Rouzer. I applied as much pressure as I could and focused on the task at hand. Make it through security and meet up with my boys Eddie and Gordon. Feeling guilty, I drop a twenty.

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Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. This page was last edited on 15 April , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Christian Seabaugh — Oct 25, Reimagining Evo: Mitsubishi Shows e-Evolution Concept in Tokyo Mitsubishi used its home market auto show for the unveiling of the e-Evolution concept, which puts the Evo name on a high-performance, all-electric SUV.

Alisa Priddle — Oct 25, Stefan Ogbac — Oct 24, Collin Woodard — Oct 24, Kelly Pleskot — Oct 10, About Import Tuner Magazine. Featured Video. Super Street. Japanese European Domestic. Sponsored Links. Follow Us Facebook. Super Street Newsletter Sign Up. Zip Code: Yes — I prefer to receive offers and promotions from Super Street Online. Looking for that dream VQ swap into your SX?

Well, you can rule out the 3.

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The high-revving power of the short-stroke, 2. The 4. A combination of the three, or more? The possibilities are nearly endless. Yellow, Clouded Headlights Restored Headlights Not only is this an unsightly problem, but lower light output also reduces your ability to see at night, creating a serious safety concern. STEP 1: Works with any cordless drill.

STEP 2: STEP 3: Buff clean with microfiber towel. Enjoy the crystal-clear results. Sunlight, heat, cold, rain, smog, and harsh chemicals can accelerate the affects of oxidation, dulling and degrading headlights.

How about at the local racetrack, as a competitor sits helplessly in his overheated car, waiting for a tow back to the pits?

Heat kills, and proper cooling of engines, transmissions, and differentials is absolutely vital to their longevity.

In this article, we list three popular platforms known for overheating in common circumstances, give some cooling tips for each, and expose some of the newest products designed to safeguard your engine and drivetrain during hot summer months both on and off the race track.

Upgrading to the Koyo V Core radiator improved coolant temperatures in the Subaru during a Buttonwillow Raceway track session in degree track conditions. Coolant temperatures remained consistent at degrees throughout the day, with the high- est recorded temp momentarily reaching only degrees Fahrenheit.

Subaru OE Radiator measuring 16mm 0. Koyo uses a one- to two-inch or dual one- inch diameter tube depending on manufacturer specs , compared to a 0. Constant heat being built up in the radiator can cause coolant temperature to skyrocket and the engine to overheat. Some Civic owners prefer using a half-width radiator to reduce weight, save money, or make space for a custom turbo setup or equal-length header.

Upgrading to an aluminum radia- tor like the Koyo R-Core, with its 53mm 2. Road-raced Civics require a much more stout cooling system, due to the extended periods of time spent under hard driving as opposed to the quick spurts of hard street driving or drag racing. When driven under extreme conditions, high temperatures switch the trans into auto mode, automatically up-shifting to Sixth gear until it has cooled off.

Elevated clutch tempera- tures also caused the vehicle to automatically switch from all-wheel drive to two-wheel drive, even when the transmission oil temperatures were recorded below degree Celsius degree Fahrenheit. OEM VS. To show the advantages of upgrading to an aftermarket radiator, we conducted a series of temperature tests with an EVO IX using its factory radiator versus a Koyo aluminum radiator to see if upgrading the radiator is a worthwhile investment for most owners.

We headed down to HB Speed in Fountain Valley, CA, to make use of their Dynomite data acquisitions dynamometer to datalog coolant temperatures during test runs with each variant installed. A thermocouple delivers a quicker, more accurate response to rapid temperature changes in comparison to common in-dash water temperature meters. The EVO was given four hours between each dyno run to completely cool off and was tested using only water, to maintain consistency. With an ambient air temp of degrees Fahrenheit, the data graph showed the 53mm-thick Koyo aluminum unit displaying a clear advantage over the stocker.

Both radiators began testing at degree Fahrenheit, and comparative data between the two radiators showed the aluminum Koyo radiator maintaining coolant temperatures three to four degrees cooler than the OEM unit throughout testing. Is yours on the list? Not legal for use in California or other states adopting California emissions standards. Sponsored touge battles held at the narrow Gunsai roads have become legendary, as triumph here is every bit as much due to driver as car.

This retina-piercing, lime-green RX-7 grabbed the touge champion title in , as documented in vol. Surprising to some, the stock turbos remain; again, a product of a greater need for throttle response and mid-range torque than peak power.

Keeping demo cars road legal is very important to Japanese tuning shops, so a Sports Catalyst from the RE-Amemiya cat- alog was thrown in for kicks. And of course, the drivetrain had to be strengthened with a Sports Clutch Kit and limited-slip differential, also from RE-Amemiya. As you can imagine, suspension choice and setup can make all the dif- ference. Amemiya cars have developed a reputation for dominating the corners of Gunsai, catching up even to the most powerful machines.

His opinion is that allowing drivers to brake into turns later, and power out of turns earlier, sustains higher speeds throughout the course. The front end sports a much rounder contour, thanks to the bumper which also incorporates a built-in lower lip spoiler.

The headlight conversion exchanges the factory pop-ups for HID IPF projectors, housed in a custom-built enclosure, for that all- important GT look and aerodynamic.

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The carbon rear wing, like the front canards, is there solely to develop downforce at speed—there are, after all, fast sections of Gunsai. If you think the body color is a little over the top, then RE-Amemiya has achieved their goal: This is a demo car, and the color was chosen for its ability to burn into the hippocam- pus of anyone who gazes upon it.

Demo car. With one Touge Max title to his name, Ken Amemiya is hoping to grab another title this year with Maou. Its baby blue hues, dra- matic widebody, controversial Lotus headlights, and atypical wheel covers gave it the appeal of a futuristic machine, but beneath all its show- stealing aesthetic beat a heart of performance. Aside from the more traditional style of the Greddy 3, it was designed to unbolt in a hurry—perfect for Gunsai, where hitting the wrong pothole mid-turn might have you swapping intercoolers on the side of a very narrow road.

Randy, the videographer, and I walk up to the rim of the building and peer over the edge into a sea of Yellow cabs and pedestrians hundreds of feet below us.

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Big ones. And in that short amount of time, the Vietnamese, Czech, and German Ms. At least she has more stones than a pair of Angelinos used to life at lower altitudes. And why would Marie be afraid of heights? My mum actually moved from Vietnam to the Czech Republic and met my dad. The rest was history. Where in the Czech Republic are you from? Usti nad Labem! It made me who I am now. Is that some sort of a village? The ninth largest.

Who are some hot Usti nad Labemians? When did you emigrate from the Czech Republic? What was the biggest culture shock? Czechs tend to party hard and not really think about the repercussions. My kind of peeps. Actually, I moved to Manhattan to make my grandmother proud and make something of myself. So can you design? My designs take cues from Italian and modern styles. Tall and thin. But they have to be interesting.

Import Tuner Magazine

Golden Gate or Brooklyn Bridge? Brooklyn Bridge, baby. No other bridge in the world looks as gangsta! Have a favorite New York moment? The city is so alive at all hours and there are so many great moments, small and large. What about restaurant? I love sushi, so it would have to be Nobu. When it comes to men, what do you look for? All a guy needs to be is funny. That, and you have to be non-hairy!

How about a furry dude with access to industrial-grade shavers? His hair will just grow back.

Tuner pdf import magazine

Ok, so what if he was chimp hairy but Chappelle funny and took you to a really nice restaurant? Still a no. Fire-sauce-drenched-Mexican-Pizza hot. Besides architecture, have any other skills? I love to swim. Only taller.

David Hasselhoff or Michael Phelps? Michael Phelps without a doubt.

Ever rescue anyone? I was at school when a classmate fainted in the halls. Everyone freaked out but I was able to help her. Did you give her mouth-to-mouth? Unfortunately, for you, your readers, and my class- mates, no. Are you asking whether I gave mouth-to-mouth or I got freaky with another girl? Is this a trick question?

Eight girls? I like where this is going. When we got to the beach, we all took off our clothes and started playing in the water. Butt-ass naked? We still had our bottoms on. When did the CPR happen? Afterwards, in the limo, we were all wet and cold.

You should type up that story and submit it to Penthouse. Any other girls you would play tongue twister with?


Adriana Lima. She has the juiciest lips on the planet. How about a fellow Prestigious Model? No way! Which would make it even hotter. It was really random. My friend asked me to come to a PM Models casting with her for support but I ended up getting picked.

Have you been to a lot of car shows?

Pdf magazine import tuner

I was also at the New Jersey round of Formula D last year. Are you into tuned cars? The sound and the speed! The faster and scarier a guy can drive the more I get turned on! I love hanging out with my close friends. Czechoslovakian-Vietnamese- German Birthday: January 1st Sign: Aquarius Hometown: Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic Website: All my fans and friends who have supported me!! To see exclusive behind-the-scene video and interview, log onto www. SPEC offers a huge variety of products, all engineered to win: Although the peak horsepower output between the two motors remained at hp, the F22C displays a broader torque curve, increasing output by 9 lb-ft to lb-ft, thanks to a 6.

CONS Although extracting power from a smaller displacement, naturally aspirated engine is always challenging, the F20C and F22C are notori- ously stubborn in delivering gains. This particular car has seen more than a few track days, and is daily driv- en with over 60k miles on the odometer. Factoring in that we were testing on a Dyno Dynamics dynamometer, which has a reputation for being a heartbreaker, we more than likely had the reasons behind our low baseline readings.

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This offer is not valid on food or beverage items sold in our retail stores. The Torquie-kun header, like all Toda exhaust manifolds, is hand built at the Toda factory by the same team that builds Toda Formula 3 and 4 race car com- ponents.

The header also comes standard with an extra O2 sensor bung and plug—a nice touch if you plan on tuning with an aftermarket wideband.