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Ao orientador deste trabalho, professor Dr. Enaldo Nunes Marques, pelo paixão é a exterioridade, na rua encontra o seu refúgio, desvincula-se da esfera pdf>. PDF | 57 hours read | On Nov 11, , Paulo Roberto de Almeida and Renato L. R. Marques: Mercosul depoimentos de um negociador () refúgio para a “República da China” de Chiang Kai-shek depois que Mao. PDF | Coimbra-Filho's titi monkey (Callicebus coimbrai Kobayashi & Langguth Paloma Marques Santos at Federal University of Minas Gerais.

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The Lesser Rhea in the Argentine Puna region: Cajal [ ]. Entanglement entropy of subtracted geometry black holes. D 91 , Rhea pennata is classified internationally as a near-threatened species, with the subspecies R.

While there was a record of an orphan egg in September , no nest was found, despite the intensive search made inside the reserve. This drop in the number of individuals may be related to the species' nesting preferences, since individuals tend to select sites with high shrub cover, instead of pastures, which favors concealment and protection against predators and severe climate conditions Bellis et al.

Therefore, it is likely that during the reproductive season, R. NVM personal observation , where the habitat is dominated by an open shrubland of L. Indeed, reproductive groups of males with females, males with chicks, and juveniles have been observed in this environment adjacent to the reserve NV Marinero, unpublished data. We were not able to compare our results with wild populations from Bolivia because there are no studies published on the density of R.

Our density records of R. However, our estimations are lower than the values recorded for R. In Argentina, in general, R. Specifically, the subspecies R. By contrast, the Argentine Patagonia, where R. This work provides the highest density record for R. We are grateful to the anonymous reviewers for their comments that helped improve a previous version of this manuscript.

This article is published under license to BioMed Central Ltd. Skip to main content Skip to sections. Advertisement Hide.

Download PDF. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural December , Density and abundance of Rhea pennata garleppi Struthioniformes: Rheidae in the Puna ecoregion of Argentina. Open Access.

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First Online: Background Rhea pennata is classified internationally as a near-threatened species, with the subspecies R. Finding The aim of this study was to provide updated information on the density and abundance of R.

Conclusion This work shows the highest density record for R. Findings The family Rheidae is endemic to the Neotropics and comprises two species of large flightless birds: It is difficult to perform direct observation or monitoring of R. Therefore, we decided to use the fecal count technique as an indirect method for estimating population density Ojasti and Dallmeier [ ]. This method has been used effectively in other studies on wild populations of rheas Bazzano et al.

Six samplings were conducted between and September and November ; March, April, July, and November This randomized design ensured sample independence, allowing us to consider each transect as true replicates by avoiding repetition of a single transect in successive monthly samplings.

The exact perpendicular distance from the path to each encountered feces was measured with metric tape by an assistant.

Marques pdf refugio do o

Thus, the observer never left the transect, avoiding the record of additional feces. All encountered feces were collected to avoid double counting.

High Energy Physics - Theory

Density of R. As we did not have defecation rate data for R. These species are phylogenetically closely related Delsuc et al. The defecation rate used was The monthly abundance of R. Population size range of R.

Refugio marques pdf do o

Abundance dependent variable as a function of months fixed effect was calculated using a heteroscedastic mixed model, considering the sampling years and as random effect.

In addition, given the heteroscedasticity of our data, we indicated that error variance of abundance was different for each month grouping criterion in the mixed model, using the function VarIdent Di Rienzo [ ]. Data were Log 10 -transformed for normalization of residuals.

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Statistical analyses were performed using Infostat Di Rienzo et al. Open image in new window. Figure 1 Histogram of the perpendicular distance of feces of R. Population size of the subspecies R. The upper limit of the population was 0. This density is the highest published until now, but close to other records obtained in Argentina: The differences in density estimates might be due to the different methods used, considering that Cajal [ ] states that the use of a motor vehicle to conduct the surveys of R.

By contrast, we used the line-transect method and fit a detection function of probability of signs, which decreases with distance to the observer. This method reduces the potential bias of the density estimator Buckland et al. The lower limit of R. Figure 2 Variation of monthly abundance of R.

Density and habitat use at different spatial scales of a guanaco population Lama guanicoe in the Monte Argentina. Mammalia , Google Scholar. Balderrama JA: Libro rojo de la fauna silvestre de vertebrados de Bolivia. Manual del Usuario. J Ornithol , Nest-site habitat selection by Lesser Rheas Rhea pennata pennata in northwestern Patagonia, Argentina. Ornitol Neotrop , Habitat preferences of lesser rheas in Argentine Patagonia.

Biodivers Conserv , Blake ER: Manual of neotropical birds: Spheniscidae to Laridae.

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Chicago Univ. Press, Chicago, Illinois; Bonaparte J: Introduction to distance sampling: Cabrera A: Cabrera A, Willink A: C; Cajal JL: The Lesser Rhea in the Argentine Puna region: Biol Conserv , In El rol de las Reservas de Biosfera. Edited by: Cajal J, Tecchi R. Khachatryan , A. D 92, On neutral scalar radiation by a massive orbiting star in extremal Kerr-Newman black hole.

Some typos corrected. Exact fermionic Green's functions from holograpny. Zhong-Ying Fan. Minor corrections, conculsions unchanged.

Gravitational tests of the Generalized Uncertainty Principle. Fabio Scardigli , Roberto Casadio. On localization of universal scalar fields in a tachyonic de Sitter thick braneworld. Indefinite theta functions for counting attractor backgrounds. Large-Field Inflation and Supersymmetry Breaking. The Tensor Theory Space. Vincent Rivasseau.

This short note is intended as a complement to arXiv: Higher Gauge Theory and M-Theory. Sam Palmer.

Marques o refugio pdf do

Marcin Piatek , Artur R. Analytic DC thermo-electric conductivities in holography with massive gravitons. D 91 , Entanglement entropy of subtracted geometry black holes. Mirjam Cvetic , Zain H.