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Entered Apprentice Ritual - Emulation. Opening. Worshipful Master gavels once, repeated by Senior Warden and Junior Warden WM: Brethren, assist me to. RITUAL. -. FREEMASONRY. NUMEROUS ENGRAVINGS. TO WHICH 18 ADDD A 01' TO BETA KAPPA, THE ORANGE, AND. ODD FELLOWS. The official and authorised eBook version of the Emulation Ritual is now available in a totally secure downloadable eBook format (ePUB) for.

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This book contains the Official 13th Edition of the Emulation ritual of the Three Degrees of Emulation Ritual 13th Edition (Pocket) PDF Edition. Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Public domain books belong to the public and we . Emulation Ritual - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Emulation Ritual

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I will always hele, conceal and never reveal All three stand facing East. JD prompting Can aloud: Thus assured. I will thank you to kneel while the blessing of Heaven is invoked on our proceedings. JD assists Candidate to kneel, instructing him if necessary in a whisper, and then releases his right hand.

Deacons hold wands in left hands, cross them over head of Candidate and give Sign of Reverence. All stand with Sign of Reverence.

Prayer WM: Vouchsafe Thine aid, Almighty Father and Supreme Governor of the Universe, to our present convention, and grant that this Candidate for Freemasonry may so dedicate and devote his life to Thy service as to become a true and faithful brother among us.

Endue him with a competency of Thy divine wisdom, that, assisted by the secrets of our Masonic art, he may the better be enabled to unfold the beauties of true godliness, to the honour and glory of Thy Holy Name. Immediate Past master: All drop Sign of Reverence. Deacons uncross wands and hold them again in right hands.

In all cases of difficulty and danger, in whom do you put your trust? JD prompting Candidate aloud: In God. Right glad am I to find your faith so well founded: WM sits. JD assists Candidate to rise, taking his right hand firmly as before. All, except Deacons and Candidate sit.


SD draws kneeling stool aside to his left out of way of JD and Candidate. These instructions are whispered. JD holding Candidate right hand firmly, strikes JW on right shoulder thrice with Candidate's right hand. JW rises and faces Candidate. JD places right hand of Can in that of JW. Enter, free and of good report. Replaces right hand of Candidate in left hand of JD and sits. JD holding Candidate's right hand firmly, strikes SW on right shoulder thrice with Candidate's right hand.

SW rises and faces Candidate. JD places right hand of Candidate in that of SW. Enter, free and of good report Replaces Candidate's right hand in left hand of JD and remains standing. JD holding Candidate's right hand firmly leads him to North of SW's pedestal, makes an anti-clockwise wheel, places Candidate's right hand in left hand of SW and turns Candidate to face East; he stands on left of Candidate, also facing East. SW holding up Candidate's right hand, takes step and gives EA-sign: WM, I present to you Mr.

Maintains Sign and continues to hold Candidate's right hand. Brother Senior Warden, your presentation shall be attended to, for which purpose I shall address a few questions to the Candidate which I trust he will answer with candour. Do you seriously declare on your honour that, unbiased by the improper solicitation of friends against your own inclination, and uninfluenced by mercenary or other unworthy motive, you freely and voluntarily offer yourself a Candidate for the mysteries and privileges of Freemasonry?

Do you likewise pledge yourself that you are prompted to solicit those privileges by a favourable opinion preconceived of the Institution, a general desire of knowledge, and a sincere wish to render yourself more extensively serviceable to your fellow-creatures? Do you further seriously declare on your honour that, avoiding fear on the one hand and rashness on the other, you will steadily persevere through the ceremony of your Initiation, and if once admitted, you will afterwards act and abide by the ancient usages and established customs of the Order?

Brother Junior Deacon, it is the Worshipful Masters command that you instruct the Candidate to advance to the pedestal in due form. JD instructs Candidate to step off with left foot and leads him diagonally to position facing Worshipful Master and about four feet from the pedestal, and, still holding Candidate's hand, instructs him in a whisper to place his feet together, then to turn out his right foot so as to form a square, the left foot pointing East and the right foot pointing South.

JD aloud to Candidate and ensuring Candidate suits action to word: Take a short pace with your left foot, bringing the heels together in the form of a square. Take another, a little longer, heel to heel as before.

Another, still longer, heels together as before. Candidate should arrive so that he can kneel without further advancing, and with his left foot directed to the East and his right foot in the form of a square directed South. It is my duty to inform you that Masonry is free, and requires a perfect freedom of inclination in every Candidate for its mysteries. It is founded on the purest principles of piety and virtue.

Pdf emulation ritual

It possesses great and invaluable privileges, and in order to secure those privileges to worthy men, and we trust to worthy men alone, vows of fidelity are required; but let me assure you that in those vows there is nothing incompatible with your civil, moral, or religious duties. Are you therefore willing to take a Solemn Obligation, founded on the principles I have stated, to keep inviolate the secrets and mysteries of the Order?

Then you will kneel on your left knee, your right foot formed in a square Candidate complies ; give me your right hand which I place on the Volume of Sacred Law while your left will be employed in supporting these Compasses, one point presented to your naked left breast JD assists by raising Candidate's right hand, SD assists by raising Candidate's left hand.

WM places one leg of Compasses in Candidate's left hand and directs the Point to his naked left breast. The Compasses are held by Candidate with upper point on breast.

All stand with Step and give EA-Sign. Deacons hold wands in left hands, cross them over head of Candidate, take step and give EA-Sign. Repeat your name at length and say after me: I further solemnly promise that I will not write those secrets, indite, carve, mark, engrave, or otherwise them delineate, or cause or suffer it to be so done by others, if in my power to prevent it, on anything, movable or immovable, under the canopy of Heaven, whereby or whereon any letter, character, or figure, or the least trace of a letter, character, or figure, may become legible, or intelligible to myself or anyone in the world, so that our secret arts and hidden mysteries may improperly become known through my unworthiness.

These several points I solemnly swear to observe, without evasion, equivocation, or mental reservation of any kind, in the certain knowledge that on the violation of any of them I shall be branded as a willfully perjured individual, void of all moral worth, and totally unfit to be received into this worshipful Lodge, or any other warranted Lodge, or society of men who prize honour and virtue above the external advantages of rank and fortune.

Deacons lower wands to right hand. WM removes Compasses from Candidate's left hand. SD lowers Candidate's left hand to side. Candidate's right hand remains on Volume of Sacred Law. What you have repeated may be considered but a serious promise; as a pledge of your fidelity, and to render it a Solemn Obligation, you will seal it with your lips on the Volume of Sacred Law.

Candidate complies. Having been kept for a considerable time in a state of darkness, what, in your present situation, is the predominant wish of your heart? Brother Junior Deacon, let that blessing be restored to the Candidate. WM raises gavel, moves it left, right, and down.

All give one clap as gavel strikes pedestal. JD removes hoodwink at the same moment. WM pausing till Candidate is used to light and ready to continue: Having been restored to the blessing of material light, let me point out to your attention what we consider the three great, though emblematical, lights in Freemasonry: The Sacred Writings are to govern our faith, the Square to regulate our actions, and the Compass to keep us in due bounds with all mankind, particularly our Brethren in Freemasonry.

Rise, newly obligated Brother among Masons. Restores Candidate's right hand to Junior Deacon. SD returns to seat. All, except JD and Candidate sit. You are now enabled to discover the three lesser lights; they are situated East, South, and West, and are meant to represent the Sun, Moon, and Master of the Lodge; the Sun to rule the day, the Moon to govern the night, and the Master to rule and direct his Lodge.

Brother …, by your meek and candid behaviour this evening you have, symbolically, escaped two great dangers, but there was a third which, traditionally, would have awaited you until the latest period of your existence. The dangers you have escaped are those of stabbing and strangling, for on your entrance into the Lodge this poniard picks up poniard from pedestal, unsheathes it, and shows it to Candidate, suiting actions to words was presented to your naked left breast, to imply that had you rashly attempted to rush forward, you would have been accessory to your own death by stabbing, whilst the Brother who held it would have remained firm and done his duty sheathes poniard and replaces it on pedestal.

JD removes cable-tow from neck of Can and hands it to WM. WM shows cable-tow to Candidate: There was likewise this cable-tow, with a running noose about your neck, which would have rendered any attempt at retreat equally fatal hands cable-tow to Immediate Past Master. But the danger which, traditionally, would have awaited you until your latest hour was the physical penalty at one time associated with the Obligation of a Mason, that of having your throat cut across had you improperly disclosed the secrets of Masonry.

The full penalty was that of having the throat cut across, the tongue turned out by the root and buried in the sand of the sea at low-water mark or a cables length from the shore, where the tide regularly ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours.

Emulation-Ritual for Entered Apprentice

The inclusion of such a penalty is unnecessary, for the Obligation you have taken this evening is binding on you for so long as you shall live. Having taken the Great and Solemn Obligation of a Mason, I am now permitted to inform you that there are several degrees in Freemasonry, and peculiar secrets restricted to each; these, however, are not communicated indiscriminately, but are conferred on Candidates according to merit and abilities.

I shall therefore proceed to entrust you with the secrets of this Degree, or those marks by which we are known to each other and distinguished from the rest of the world; but must premise for your general information that all Squares, Levels, and Perpendiculars are true and proper Signs to know a Mason by.

You are therefore expected to stand perfectly erect Candidate complies , your feet formed in a Square Candidate complies , your body being thus considered an emblem of your mind, and your feet of the rectitude of your actions. You will now take a short pace towards me with your left foot, bringing the right hell into its hollow Candidate complies. That is the first regular step in Freemasonry, and it is in this position that the secrets of the Degree are communicated.

Place your hand in this position with the thumb extended in the form of a square to the left of the windpipe WM illustrates and ensures that Candidate copies. The Sign is given drawing the hand smartly across the throat and dropping it to the side. WM illustrates and ensures Candidate copies. This is in allusion to the symbolic penalty of the degree, which implied that, as a man of honour, a Mason would rather have had his throat cut across than improperly disclose the secrets entrusted to him.

The Grip or Token is given WM takes Candidate's right hand and adjusts grip by placing Candidate's thumb in position before placing his own by a distinct pressure of the thumb on the first joint of the hand. This, when regularly given and received, serves to distinguish a Brother by night as well as by day. This Grip or Token demands a word, a word highly prized amongst Masons as a guard to their privileges. Too much caution, therefore, cannot be observed in communicating it; it should never be given at length, but always by Letters or Syllables, to enable you to do which, I must first tell you what that word is: WM retains grip: As in the course of the ceremony you will be called on for this word, the Junior Deacon will now dictate the answers you are to give.

What is this? What does it demand? A word. Give me that word. JD prompting Candidate aloud and quickly to prevent him giving word at length: At my initiation I was taught to be cautious; I will letter or halve it with you. Which you please, and begin.

Ritual pdf emulation

This word is derived from the left hand pillar at the porchway or entrance to King Solomon's Temple, so named after Boaz the great-grandfather of David, a Prince and Ruler of Israel. WM places Candidate's right hand in left hand of Junior Deacon and sits. Releases hand. JD rests butt of his wand on floor, with top resting against right shoulder. Takes step and gives EA-Sign: Bro Junior Warden, I present to you Brother … on his initiation.

Cuts Sign and takes wand in right hand again. I will thank Brother … to advance to me as a Mason. Have you anything to communicate? I have. JW rises, faces Candidate, and takes Step and offers hand. JD places right hand of Candidate in that of JW, and with left hand adjusts grip from above. JW gives grip, after JD has adjusted Candidate's right thumb, retaining grip throughout the whole of colloquy: Which you please and begin.

Replaces Candidate's right hand in left hand of JD and sits. JD rests butt of wand on floor with the top resting against right shoulder, takes Step and gives EA-Sign: Brother Senior Warden, I present to you Brother … on his initiation.

JD cuts Sign and takes wand in his right hand again. JD instructs Candidate in whisper to take Step only and ensures he does not give Sign at this stage.

Emulation Ritual 1999

What is that? The first right step in Freemasonry.

Do you bring anything else? The Sign of an Entered Apprentice Freemason.

Emulation Ritual 13th Edition (Pocket)

To what does it allude? The symbolic penalty of the degree, which implied that, as a man of honour a Mason would rather have had his throat cut across than improperly disclose the secrets entrusted to him.

SW rises, faces Candidate, takes Step and offers hand. JD places Candidate's right hand in that of SW and with left hand adjusts grip from above. SW gives grip after JD has adjusted Candidate's right thumb and retains grip throughout the whole of the colloquy: Whence is this word derived? From the left hand pillar at the porchway or entrance to King Solomon's Temple, so named after Boaz the great-grandfather of David, a Prince and Ruler of Israel.

The import of the word? In strength. SW replaces Candidate's right hand in left hand of JD and remains standing. He then, makes an anti-clockwise wheel, places Candidate's right hand in left hand of SW and lining up on left of Candidate, ensures they are both facing East. Worshipful Master, I present to you Brother … on his initiation for some mark of your favour.

Brother Senior Warden, I delegate you to invest him with the distinguishing badge of a Mason. SW picks up lower right hand corner of badge with his left hand: Brother … by the Worshipful Master's command, I invest you with the distinguishing badge of a Mason. It is more ancient than the Golden Fleece or Roman Eagle, more honourable than the Garter or any other Order in existence, being the badge of innocence and the bond of friendship. I strongly exhort you ever to wear and consider it as such; and further inform you that if you never disgrace that badge.

Strikes badge of Candidate with his right hand; all Brethren strike theirs simultaneously; it will never disgrace you. JD takes Candidate's right hand from SW and positions himself on right of Candidate, both facing East, and releases hand. Let me add to the observations of the Senior Warden, that you are never to put on that badge should you be about to visit a Lodge in which there is a Brother with whom you are at variance, or against whom you entertain animosity.

In such cases it is expected that you will invite him to withdraw in order amicably to settle your differences, which being happily effected, you may then clothe yourselves, enter the Lodge and work with that love and harmony which should at all times characterise Freemasons.

But if, unfortunately, your differences be of such a nature as not to be so easily adjusted, it were better that one or both of you retire than that the harmony of the Lodge should be disturbed by your presence. Both face South, as near as convenient to the corner of the Lodge.

JD releases hand. Left foot across the Lodge, right foot down the Lodge; pay attention to the Worshipful Master. It is customary, at the erection of all stately and superb edifices, to lay the first or foundation stone at the North-East corner of the building. You, being newly admitted into Masonry, are placed at the North-East part of the Lodge figuratively to represent that stone, and from the foundation laid this evening may you raise a superstructure perfect in its parts and honourable to the builder.

You now stand, to all external appearance, a just and upright Mason and I give it you in strong terms of recommendation ever to continue and act as such. I need not here dilate on its excellences: Suffice it to say, it has the approbation of Heaven and earth, and like its sister, Mercy, blesses him who gives as well as him who receives.

In a society so widely extended as Freemasonry, the branches of which are spread over the four quarters of the globe, it cannot be denied that we have many members of rank and opulence; neither can it be concealed that among the thousands who range under its banners, there are some who, perhaps from circumstances of unavoidable calamity and misfortune, are reduced to the lowest ebb of poverty and distress.

On their behalf it is our usual custom to awaken the feelings of every new-made Brother by such a claim on his charity as his circumstances in life may fairly warrant.

Whatever, therefore, you feel disposed to give, you will deposit with the JD; it will be thankfully received and faithfully applied. JD moves to a position in front of WM and facing Candidate, holds out alms-dish and makes appeal: Have you anything to give in the cause of Charity?

Were you deprived of everything valuable previously to entering the Lodge?