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Health: The Basics, 13th Edition. Rebecca J. Donatelle, Emeritus, Oregon State University. © |Pearson | Available. Mastering. Share this page. Health: The. Digital Instructional Resources (Download Only) for Health: The Basics, 13th Edition. Rebecca J. Donatelle, Emeritus, Oregon State University. © | Pearson. Health; the Basics 12th 12E Rebecca Donatelle Author(s): Rebecca J. DonatelleEdition: 12Year: ISBN ; ISBN

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PDF FULL Health: The Basics, The Mastering Health Edition (12th Edition) by Rebecca J. Donatelle. Presentation (PDF Available) · December. Health: The Basics, 12e (Donatelle) Chapter 1 Accessing Your Health 1) Which of the following were cited by college students in a national survey as major. Find all the study resources for Health: the Basics by Rebecca J. Donatelle.

Learn more about Mastering Health. Which of the following behavior-change techniques is Brenda using to get in shape for her trip? B immunology. Instructors can incorporate active learning into their course with the suggested activity ideas and clicker questions or Learning Catalytics questions. Self-assessments are available within Mastering Health, both as a PDF format with self-reflection piece and as a multi-part activity that speaks to your Gradebook. Statistics, research, and information on the latest health topics, issues, and trends, has been included.

B exhibits self-efficacy. C is in a state of readiness to change. D relies on social support.

Health: The Basics 12th Edition by Rebecca J. Donatelle ( PDF eBook ) |

He is frustrated because everything is due at the same time and he doesn't believe it's possible to get all three projects finished. His solution is to forget about the projects and meet up with friends for a night out. Jason has A self-confidence. B self-efficacy. C an internal locus of control. D an external locus of control. B previous disappointments. C their own actions.

D fate and luck. This is an example of which factor of the health belief model?

A perceived seriousness B perceived susceptibility C perceived benefits D perceived barriers Answer: B attitude. C motivation. D analysis. Her instructor, who was formerly inactive and overweight, participates with the class and also shares personal fitness strategies. In class, Manuela tries to emulate her instructor's moves, and she has also become more physically active as part of her daily routine. Which technique is Manuela using to reach her goal of becoming more fit?

A shaping B modeling C visualization D reinforcement Answer: She purchased an elliptical trainer and started working out on it for 10 minutes each day. Each week, she will increase her workout by 10 minutes until she can exercise for one hour.

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If she finds that is too rigorous, she will only add 5 minutes to her workout each week. Which of the following behavior-change techniques is Brenda using to get in shape for her trip? A shaping B visualization C modeling D self-talk Answer: B only reward oneself when reaching the main goal.

C use small achievable steps to reach goals. D expect this strategy to provide immediate success.

Health: The Basics, The Mastering Health Edition (12th Edition) – eBook

A coaching B imagined rehearsal C athletic imagery D vicarious performance Answer: B shaping. C envy. D modeling. B situational inducement. C negative reinforcement. D social reinforcement. B manipulative reinforcer. C consumable reinforcer. D social reinforcer. Students who remember every day for a month receive a gift card from a local bookstore. This is an example of a n A consumable reinforcer. B activity reinforcer. C manipulative reinforcer. D possessional reinforcer.

C social reinforcer.

Digital Instructional Resources (Download Only) for Health: The Basics, 13th Edition

D activity reinforcer. She has a reading graph displayed in the classroom with a blank bar for each student. When a student reads for at least 3 hours in one week, he or she gets to color in one box on their bar. The students enjoy competing for the lead position and being praised by Mrs. This is an example of a n A activity reinforcer.

C possessional reinforcer. B self-talk. C punishment. D enabling.

B blocking and stopping. C self-talk. D self-rewarding.

The donatelle pdf basics health

B modifiable determinants of health. C involuntary determinants of health. D nonmodifiable determinants of health. B transtheoretical model. C health belief model.

D social cognitive model. B commit to changing all negative behaviors at the same time. C see a counselor to help you work out a plan. D consider the possible negative outcomes before proceeding. A deciding on several rewards for making the change B wanting to change C asking friends for advice D changing environmental obstacles Answer: Between work and school, his free time is limited, but he is determined to lower his cholesterol level and improve his overall health.

The best way for Marlon to stay motivated to improve his diet and work out regularly is to A make weekly resolutions for how many times to work out and chastise himself if he hasn't accomplished his planned goal. B depend on his friends to keep him away from his favorite fast-food restaurants. C set reasonable short- and long-term goals and reward himself for meeting them.

D set an ambitious goal and chart daily and weekly progress using online tools. B nonmodifiable determinant. C genetic defect. D environmental influence. A health belief model B transtheoretical model C social cognitive model D shaping model Answer: B health promotion.

C health disparities. D medical treatment. B health promotions. D medical treatments. B contributing factor. C reinforcing factor. D predisposing factor. B wellness. C fitness. D motivation. We're sorry! We don't recognize your username or password. Please try again.

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