Entity framework interview questions pdf

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Top best Entity Framework Interview Questions Describe the architecture of the entity framework? How does entity framework work? What is. A must have comprehensive list of Entity Framework Interview Questions for beginners as well as experienced developers. | EF6 and EF7. Entity Framework Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked is a perfect companion to stand ahead above the rest in today's competitive job market.

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+ Microsoft Entity Framework Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is Entity Framework? Question2: Will there be any issues adding a table. We had compiled most frequently asked entity framework interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced dot net developers on. NET entity framework is an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) framework developed by 2) Mention what is the key advantage of using Entity Framework or EF?.

How can we handle concurrency in Entity framework? Below is a simple table which shows the cross comparison. An entity type that is mapped to two separate types in the storage model. In code first approach we avoid working with visual designer of entity framework. A property of an entity type that represents a relationship to another entity type, as defined by an association. For instance below is a simple customer class generated using entity framework. What is pluralize and singularize in Entity framework dialog box?

Below is a simple sample code where we tell EF to load customer as well as address objects by using the include function.

Framework pdf entity interview questions

So now the customer object and the related address objects will be loaded in one query rather than multiple queries. Include "Addresses".

Take 5 ;. How can we use stored procedures in entity frame work? You can use the stored procedure mapping details in EDMX as shown in the below figure. When EDMX creates classes they are cluttered with lot of entity tags. For instance below is a simple customer class generated using entity framework. Many times we would like to use simple. NET classes and integrate the same with entity framework.

Entity framework allows the same. In other words you can create a simple. NET class and use the entity context object to load your simple. NET classes. Below is a simple class generated by EF which is cluttered with lot of EF attributes. Int32 id, global:: String customerCode, global:: How to implement POCO in entity framework? To implement POCO is a 3 step process: Go to the designer and make the code generation strategy to NONE.

This step means that you would be generating the classes with your own hands rather than relying on EF auto code generation. So now that we have stopped the auto generation of code , we need to create the domain classes manually. So add a class file and create the domain classes like the one Customer class we have created. Write your Context layer code inheriting from the ObjectContext.

This code you can copy paste from the behind code of EF also before disabling autogeneration. And finally you can use the above code in your client as you where using your EF normally. What is code first approach in entity framework? In code first approach we avoid working with visual designer of entity framework.

In other words the EDMX file is excluded from the solution. So you now have complete control over the context class as well as the entity classes. All these three approaches define how much control you want on your Entity frame work code. But lot of times you want to enjoy benefits of both the world you want the auto-generation part to minimize your development time and also you want control on the code so that you can maintain code quality. Below is the difference table which defines each of the approaches.

POCO is semi-automatic so you have full control on the entity classes but then the context classes are still generated by the EDMX file. In code first you have complete control on how you can create the entity and the context classes. Below is a simple table which shows the cross comparison. How can we handle concurrency in Entity framework?

Please do refer ADO. NET chapter for the same. In EF concurrency issue is resolved by using optimistic locking. Please refer ADO. NET chapter for what is optimistic locking and pessimistic locking?.

To implement optimistic locking right click on the EDMX designer and set the concurrency mode to Fixed as shown in the below figure.

Framework pdf questions entity interview

Now whenever we have concurrency issues you should get OptimisticConcurrencyException error as shown in the below figure. We cannot do pessimistic locking using entity framework. You can invoke a stored procedure from entity framework and do pessimistic locking by setting isolation level in the stored procedure. But directly entity framework does not support pessimistic locking.

What is client wins and store wins mode in entity framework concurrency? Client wins and store wins are actions which you would like to take when concurrency happens. Client wins is opposite to stored wins, data from the entity object is saved to the database.

Framework questions entity pdf interview

We need to use the Refresh method of the entity framework context and provide the RefreshMode enum values. Below is a simple code snippet which executes ClientWins. Refresh System. ClientWins,Obj ;.

What are scalar and navigation properties in Entity framework? Navigation properties help to navigate from one entity to the other entity. For instance consider the below example in which we have two entities customer and address and one customer has multiple address objects. Now we would like to have a facility where at any given moment we would like to browse from a given customer object to the addresses collection and from address object to the customer.

If you open the entity designer you would notice Navigation properties as shown below. NET entity data model designer to render a model graphically. It consists of all the mapping details of how object maps with SQL tables. It stands for Conceptual Schema Definition Language, it is the conceptual abstraction which is exposed to the application.

To enhance the performance of Entity Framework, you have to follow the following steps. T4 entity is important in Entity framework as it is the heart of entity framework code generation.

Top 20 Entity Framework Interview Questions and Answers

You can load related entities or data in EF in three ways. Model First Approach: In this approach we create entities, relationships directly on the design surface of EDMX. Code Approach: For code approach we avoid working with the visual designer or entity framework.

It is a process to delay the loading of related objects until it is required. It occurs when you query for an object and all of the related objects are also returned. In eager loading, related objects are loaded automatically with its parent object.

In NET, we have data-set while ADO we have record-set In record-set we can only have one table and to insert more than one table you have to do inner join. While the dataset in ADO. Microsoft Entity Framework Tutorial. Microsoft Entity Framework Practice Tests. IT Skills. Management Skills. Communication Skills. Business Skills.

Digital Marketing Skills. Human Resources Skills. Health Care Skills. Finance Skills. All Courses. All Practice Tests. Below are the Microsoft Entity Framework interview questions and answers which makes you comfortable to face the interviews: Following code snippet shows how to query when other databases are joined. Question 6. What Is Csdl?

Question 7. What Is Ssdl? Question 8. What Is Msl? Then the wizard generates DDL script for creating database tables and foreign keys If the model was modified, the Generate Database Wizard should be used again to keep the model and the database consistent. Database first: Code First Approach: Entity Framework can be applicable in three scenarios If you have existing database already or you want to build your database first than other parts of the application If your prime focus is your domain classes and then create the database from your domain classes If you want to design your database schema on the visual designer and create the classes and database Question To enhance the performance of Entity Framework, you have to follow the following steps Try to avoid to put all the DB objects into one single entity model Disable change tracking for entity if not needed Reduce response time for the first request by using pre-generating Views If not required try to avoid fetching all the fields For data manipulation select appropriate collection Wherever needed use compiled query Avoid using Views and Contains While binding data to grid or paging, retrieve only required no of records Debug and Optimize LINQ query Question In eager loading, related objects are loaded automatically with its parent object Explicit Loading: It writes an XML data to disk Question Job Recommendation Latest.

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Microsoft Entity Framework Interview Questions & Answers

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Top 50 Entity framework interview questions & answers

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