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ARISE, AWAKE i) Introduction ii) Who is a Real Youth iii) True Education iv) Strength is Life v) Strength of Character vi) Development of Will-power. Today our MD&CEO has invited us for a discussion. President, General Secretary and Treasurer represented CSBOA and MD&CEO along with. Arise! Awake! and stop not till the goal is reached! Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divinity within by controlling nature, external and.

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books, Hinduism literature, Hinduism books, Philosphy books, 'Youth! Arise Awake And Know Your Strength Swami Vivekananda pdf'. One of the best Books of Rashmi Bansal. Downloaded from - No.1 Desi Ebook Site, It's FREE. The inspiring stories of 10 young entrepreneurs. ARISE, AWAKE AND BE VIGILANT TO SAFEGUARD DHARMA -- 6 In this small book, “Awake, Arise”, he has culled from Swami.

The solution could only be got by going to the house of Death, and the boy went. The old religion says that he was an atheist who did not believe in God. Within no time everything will become normal. Service Sector If I indulge in wrong deeds God will be displeased with me. However, a human being can do the job.

Being from a Gujarati business class our senior could see ki isame kuchh dam hai. This idea is working. Take Away On thing is that mehnat to karna padega. Hard work karte raho persistently. Just keep doing, keep doing and keep motivating yourself. At every point of time, you will have to prove yourself. But the plus point is that you have more liberty and you can experiment more. The Storyline Ankit Gupta was born and brought up in Jaipur, he was very fascinated by the idea to starting something of his own.

Turning Points I nagged my parents until they gave in. I think, it is one of the best decision I took in my life. I was confused and on the verge of taking chemical. But friends like Dhruv convince me to go far the 5-year integrated course. First of all, We realised we are in advertising industry, So we have to understand how this works?.

The first big website to sign was ibibo. This would be very helpful in case one of the founders decides to suddenly opt out of the company because of family pressure or lure of placement.

But at some point you have to become grounded and practical.. You have to built suitable business. The Storyline Rupesh shah was one such student- he not only failed to enter IIT, he failed in 12th board exam. He failed to enter in engineering college on merit and the he went on failing in 1st year university exam. Teaching Computer Science in form of converstaion of cartoon characters e-education Turning Points Linux is a great platform but to geeky for layman.

The unofficial endorsement from MIT gave him a new confidence to take bold step now they are planning partnership with Khan Academy Chahe Kitane bhi mistakes karo , log kuchh bhi bole , just keep doing it. The Hunger Game Bhukkad A third year student of NLS found his true calling in life and started a take away food joint to cater to the many bhukkads. And what bigger pain point for hostellers than the food? The goal is to set up commercial kitchen and have Bukkhad outlet all over Bangalore The Business Idea: Door-to-Door food delivery by assembling precooked, refrigerated food items.

Food Chain Turning Points Nobody is happy with the mess ka khana. We wanted to be an assembly unit, like subway. They were my big inspiration. Eventually, I decided that I had the momentum so it was logical and sensible for me to continue.

Dominos stands for Pizza, McDonalds for burgers- we had a little bit of everything. But, yes, we need to work on branding. Take Away Just be at it. Keep doing things. There is a larger jigsaw which is being solved in this process. If you are still unsure, try working with startups in your vacations. There was just one problem- the college did not have hostel.

He joined a private hostel but the condition was very bad, even he left the room on 3rd day and lost 46, non refundable fees. All of sudden Anurag was hit by a big and bold idea. Being a student he had the idea about students needs.

A small idea made big impact and Ganpati Facilities came into existence. Providing home like facility in hostel. Service Sector I earned more than 30 lakh and blew it all up on clothes, movies, eating out.

Mai khud ek student hoon, mujhe ek achchhe flat me rahne ka sauk hai to bakiyo ko bhi hoga. Last time, I paid 3 lakh to brokers to get flats. This time, I approached Kumar Builders and they put me in touch with owners.

Take Away You have to think of creative ways and means to fund your ideas. Think of doing something with a good heart and an intention to help people and success will come to you along the way. To Catch A Thief Fraudexpress A girl who believed in herself and in her ability to clean up the world- one fraud at a time, at age of 24, she has launched a university recognized course in field of fraud risk management Apurva Joshi CA final Student She got break with Indiaforensic,- a small startup.

Providing course material and assessment in fraud risk management and a firm of forensic accounting. Education and forensics She open first box: I was told ki you are the first lady to master this tool in the country. I further convinced by mentioning that Solapur University would be the first to launch such a course in country.

We proposed to create a database of politically exposed parties.. Key politicians ke kitane paise ghoom rahe hai aur kaha lage huye hai. So go after practical knowledge. That is far more important. Aur thoda daring dikhana padta hai. Be daring, be bold! Do not be afraid of anyone or anything!! Holy Rava Masala Dosamatic Two young lads set out to create an dosamatic dosa machine.

College, Chennai College Ehswar Vikas who was different from others. Rushing after classes to catch a train to his place of work which came without a salary, without any job value. One day he got an idea of making automatic Dosa machine from a restaurant in Karol Bag Delhi. The boys scarifies their sleep, social life, even summer vacations. Went into the gallis and bazaars of Chennai to earn real life education in mechanics.

Pdf arise awake

Production and sale of Table to Dosha printer. No condition applied. It was a rude shock. Why was South Indian food so expensive? Cost goes up because cook charges per month. Could there be a machine for it! We got funding. Take Away An idea is not enough, you need to develop a prototype. Then go out and test it in the real world. Not just in college, where everyone knows you.

Always run a tight and lean ship. Do not burden the business with unnecessary costs. At least. I thought ki yaar this is a number that could be achieved. He entered a business-plan competition. For Prakash. It may go here. And Prakash is a savvy businessman. A passion. It all started with a business-plan contest. Sacred Moments has morphed into a corporate gifting company. He chose the business. Like any other MBA institute. But he looks back fondly on those early days.

Prakash Mundhra entered the program with this very goal. By the time he graduated. By the end of his MBA. Prakash used his two years in B-school to research and refine his idea. Prakash won several B-plan contests and pocketed close to 1. We were in the cotton textile line. A student of the well-known Shri Daulatram Nopany Vidyalaya, he excelled in academics from Class 4 onward. But overall, I was a very disciplined and well-behaved child. He took up the science stream after Class 10 with the goal of becoming an engineer.

But this dream came crashing down when, after a freak accident, he could not appear for the board exam. It also gave me quite a few life lessons. Troubles come without warning and you have to bounce back! Hence, it made more sense to go for an MBA and join the corporate world.

But, despite his best efforts, he failed to get admission to any top-tier B-school. The two years after graduation were a real struggle. However, he was able to make a. Students from top B-schools were invited to come up with a new rural business idea for ITC around its existing products. At stake was not just prize money, but a direct placement with the company.

The logic was, what Amul has done for milk, Mangaldeep can do for religious products. Something he was keen to experience again.

So the trend of entrepreneurship had begun. But, in business, execution also matters a lot. This, he felt, would be a product of great interest to the younger generation. Following interviews and further eliminations, Prakash found himself in the top 50 and then, among the top 20, contestants. This gave Prakash the freedom to hire a designer as well as travel to meet raw-material suppliers, pundits and retailers.

Initially, it was about fun and light activities but, slowly, participants were given challenges to test their business acumen. After each round, a few were eliminated. It was realistic and it was possible without venture funding. Prakash went back to campus and refined his idea — from branded puja items to branded puja kits.

The NRI and gifting market seemed to be lucrative — there were so many possibilities! However, come December and the campus was gripped by placement fever. And participating in business-plan contests. Now came the moment of truth — will it be the job or the business? On 7 May, he sent them an email declining the offer. Prakash needed 6 lakh to start the business. Each kit includes Blessingz kits were also stocked at the Asiatic and Akbarallys department stores in Mumbai.

Despite that. IMT Nagpur gave it to delegates at a conference on their campus. Prakash decided to provide a small photo stand. The first samples were displayed at the Giftex exhibition in Mumbai between 3 and 7 August In the run up to Diwali.

A vidhi booklet also tells you how to perform the puja. But it had entered deep in my veins. I got around orders even after Diwali! Prakash scoured the internet and finally found someone in Tirupur who packs ghee sachets for hotel parcel service. I got mainly enquiries and not actual bookings. Working capital was tight but a few suppliers gave credit.

Others bought the kit to present after Bhaagwat katha. I would have missed that business. The sector is unorganised and delivery time is always an issue. Strangely enough. The biggest challenge at this time was coordinating with 40 suppliers all across India for various items in the puja kit.

If I did not have the kits ready. Ultratech Cement. Prakash took a bold decision. Linc Pens and Piramal Healthcare. He decided to go ahead and manufacture Prakash had to borrow 3 lakh from 4 friends just before Diwali — he repaid them soon after.

The kits were prepared on a job work basis. Then there were small details like. Corporate clients included The Times of India group. This rang a bell in his mind. Prakash chose the difficult path of dealing with clients with a limited 8 to 10 products. With more orders coming in. Chatting with merchants and exporters. People like to buy brands at a discount but they have a doubt — is the product genuine?

South Africa. Prakash set up a small unit at Thane to start painting and decorating clay diyas and manufacturing religious handicrafts such as toran. Prakash also began exploring the export market for the puja kits business.

Prakash discovered that they were facing a problem supplying clay diyas.

Awake pdf arise

There was a high percentage of breakage during transportation. But while the general trend is to be a dealer of products and cater to clients. In this manner. I made a lot of small. The gross revenues were 35 lakh at each with 5 lakh in profit. Sacred Moments had clocked a turnover of 4. Zimbabwe and Australia.

In the meanwhile. At present. I could have earned more but because I was new to business I made a lot of small and big mistakes. This was equal to the money he would have earned in a job. Prakash toyed with several ideas — lower-priced kits for the retail mass market. In the new year. He reached out to importers in the US. Monday to Saturday.

Choose your own gurus. I enjoy my work. But the next line of business — plastic packaging products — Prakash is ready to finance with accruals.

He is vicepresident of the Thane Maheshwari Yuva Samiti. How much competition can be expected from China? Funding the expansion is a sleeping partner who invests but does not participate in the day-to-day management.

Prakash prefers products which are sample-able and courier-able. And yes. Threat analysis. Only perseverance is not enough as negative thinking creates negative results.

It is easier nowadays to hog the limelight even for a concept which is not working. Accept that you will not be good at everything. We have heard many stories of entrepreneurship from IIM.

I hired a professional designer although DTP operators were much cheaper because the design of the box was crucial for my puja kit. You may at times be required to fool outsiders for keeping your business alive but never try to fool yourself in your own business.

Have a positive attitude and perseverance during tough times. Believe in the power of marketing — use the internet. Admit it.

Youth Arise! Awake! And know your strength by Ramakrishna Math - Issuu

Never scrounge on something which is crucial to the success of your business. As a third-year IIT student. Just choose the door you want and keep knocking! This is waste of a seat! Kanwal Rekhi set up an incubator at IIT Bombay — one of the first initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship on campus. But Prabhkiran teamed up with his batchmate. Students and faculty came forward with ideas related to technology — algorithms. IIT hai — kuch dimaag wala kaam to hona chahiye!

Along came Prabhkiran Singh — a lad from Ludhiana who started a lassi business. The Bewakoof brand has largely been built through its Facebook page with over 1.

The common refrain was. Right outside the IIT gate. Which then morphed into Bewakoof. You need to be different and break the mould. Prabhkiran went to Kota for IIT coaching. Prabhkiran came across a book called Stay Hungry Stay Foolish. It Happened in India Kishore Biyani and many others.

I thought we can do something similar. I stopped applying to jobs. While most of his batchmates were choosing between finance. But he was excited because it had always been his dream to go to Mumbai. I studied in Sacred Heart Convent School. Prabhkiran roped in his best friend Himanshu Dhiman to work on the idea.

Prabhkiran was on a completely different trip. Around this time. During these trips. The first and second year at IIT Bombay were fairly routine.


Although disappointed. I decided to start something of my own. At IIT. Lassi flows in the veins of every Punjabi puttar but it is either sweet or salty.

He just went because his friends were going. One day at Crossword Bookshop. Prabhkiran happened to make train journeys. In the third year came the time for internship. He did apply to the first company which came on campus — Deutsche Bank — but did not get shortlisted. He bought it. It featured the success stories of entrepreneurs from IIM Ahmedabad. The pre-placement talk made the job sound so constrained and boring — was he really cut out for it? If you have a good business plan.

With this grand sum. Prabhkiran met a gentleman called Devashish Chakravorty who gave him a piece of practical advice. Friends tasted and reviewed various flavours before the final 4 were selected — chocolate. But everything changed on 18 February The boys were mighty confused. Way beyond their reach. But shop rentals ranged from Then and there. You have to. But where would they sell from? The boys roamed up and down the streets of Powai. The boys approached the owner with an offer — let us use this space.

There is no logic. There was a small space outside the shop which was unutilised. Himanshu contributed his monthly pocket money and Prabhkiran did the same For the next days frantic experiments were conducted in the hostel room using curd stolen from the student mess. By the end of the evening. Tum sab kisi kaam ke nahin! You are all useless fellows!

Arise, Awake (Morley, Thomas)

The Times of India. Some even came up and hugged him. Over and above. Himanshu had decided to quit. A stainless steel table would cost But there were no elation. Dekhte hain sardar kar kya raha hai. The number of customers per day dropped. Labour coming from outside the city needs a place to stay — this he could not provide. How would batchmates react. He was an introvert by nature. And the next.

Even Saturdays and Sundays. Customers from in and around the locality thronged the outlet. With the help of a Facebook page and word of mouth publicity. Workers from Mumbai need at least a month to quit their current jobs. Mumbai edition. Business was brisk with glasses getting sold per day. Prabhkiran found it very difficult. That required tremendous discipline. Siddharth dabbled in the stock market. I have become besharam. Siddharth started taking physics classes at Pace Academy.

Siddharth would. I got frustrated and shut it. He realised there was money to be made from Google AdSense — if you could attract enough visitors. Any young man can go astray in a city like Mumbai.

Kya issi kaam ke liye puttar ko humne IIT bheja? Aur hamein khabar akhbaar se miley? Is this why we sent you to IIT? And that too. Mumbai jaa kar bachcha bhatak bhi sakta tha. There is no situation in life that can make me uncomfortable. Like Prabhkiran. One of the regular customers at Khadke Glassi was Siddharth Munot — he used to stop by for chocolate lassi. From his very first year at IIT.

Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached

Siddharth was a maverick. Every days. He really enjoyed teaching and. But soon. The site was called internetpaise. And then it became difficult to manage. The money was also good — up to Then I figured that it is not possible without any hard work. Prabhkiran decided to take a break and shut down the outlet. There is something else for me out there. Prabhkiran had developed a thick skin and strong mind. The idea was that people can come and share their bewakoofi and others can rate it.

Siddharth had made a T-shirt which he wore on campus. To promote this website. Folks loved the T-shirt and wanted to know. And the trend continued for the next 2 months. But once the monsoon set in. He knew. There was plenty of business on campus itself. Around the same time. The summer of was no different. From 50 glasses a day. The mission was to reach out to every room in IIT and ask people to donate old clothes. The previous year. The boys roped in one of their juniors to help out. In fact.

The plan was to open 10 outlets in 10 lakh but before doing that. So we registered a new private limited company. Soon after. Siddharth was always so occupied with various plans and projects that he never ever went home for vacation.

Siddharth and Prabhkiran got into the T-shirt business. At this time. We met any person possible who was interested in talking to us. The partnership lasted only 3 months. They also started pitching to companies. When we graduated. This idea is working. They spread the word with friends.. Outsourcing was convenient but printing the T-shirts.

So I thought there will be good demand for this service. It was back to square one. Not just T-shirts but any requirement. Being from a Gujarati business class he could see ki isme kuch dum hai. The other big challenge was how to convince investors in their 30s and 40s about the vision for a youth brand.

Some even said. I had no idea what it is. The idea was to just keep showing results and then go for funding. Part of this money was used to set up a printing unit. For each item the challenge was to locate the best and lowest cost supplier in Mumbai. The boys began the hunt for an angel investor. To handle the increase in traffic.

The boys booked a stall and. This meant cold calling at college festivals and corporates — lots of running around. So it was a big headache!

An ideal launchpad for Bewakoof merchandise. While many freelance programmers were available on the IITB campus. A few consignments did get lost or misplaced but since the volume was low.

At the same time. We learnt the importance of logistics in e-commerce business! This gave the young entrepreneurs an idea — why not have a website through which they could sell to college students all over India? All bearing the black and yellow Bewakoof logo. But the dream is much bigger. The turnover for the year-ending March was over 5 crore and expected to double this year with further expansion.

The company is looking to raise funds. Yet they were able to ship out the entire lot within 3 days. So they keep looking forward — what next? The surprising part is that T-shirts were sourced from Mumbai itself. Bewakoof is also a hotspot for internships — dozens of IITians applied last year. So in years. Bewakoof had added a range of new products — boxer shorts. You want to be a CCD — where people walk in and keep coming back.

Awake pdf arise

In some important areas — like accounting — the company leans on professionals. Har batch aise idiots produce karo! And keep the customers happy.

As well as funky phone covers and laptop skins. Bewakoof was selling T-shirts a day. And unlike most ecommerce companies — it was profitable. Everyone wants a foolproof plan. I feel having one partner is definitely a good thing. I feel if there are two founders it is good. Just keep doing. Like hum dono ke case mein toh aisa tha ki kabhi yeh down ho jata toh main hausla badhata tha aur kabhi main down ho jata hoon toh yeh bachata hai. I would motivate him. At every point of time.

In our case. Prabhkiran When you start early. But you have to try many different things — some will work.. Galti se hi aadmi seekhta hai aur aage badhta hai You learn from your mistakes.

And I suggest ki do log hain toh best hain phir jyada confusion bhi nahi hai. You have to go out and you have to act. Hard work karte raho persistently. You should want to do it. But the plus point is that you have more liberty and you can experiment more. Phir kya… you live for that idea and that idea alone. Which was literally in the middle of nowhere.

Ankit Gupta. Pilani students enjoy freedom. We alighted at Sawai Madhopur station and took a bus to the campus. You have a crush on many different business ideas until. Two friends came up with a cool idea and found a way to make it a business.

They are free to choose their own courses. Locha se darne ka nahin — kya! Ek promising startup ka locha-e-business ho gaya. Innovese was sold to German multinational. So let love into your heart — love for life. The turning point for Ankit came when he was in Class 6 and fell in love with computers.

I saw what is internet. Ankit got 5 from his parents as pocket money during the summer vacations. The result of this exposure was that. To please his grandfather. Ankit Times — Late City Edition had earned the princely sum of A very big sum for a middle class family.

Which Ankit did. Ankit had got into the habit of reading the newspaper. A member of the extended family ran a computer-training centre right opposite his house. Ankit started helping out — handling the registrations. It was all very exciting! The young man declared. I think.

Pdf arise awake

BSNL had a scheme wherein you could install an internet connection yourself. In the summer vacations. When he was in Class 5. A branded PC with all software loaded cost I could see the CD drive and the video playing. The beauty of the course is that the subject for BTech is allotted on the basis of your performance in the first year.

Being excellent students. Dhruv got a PC at home even before Ankit. But friends like Dhruv who were already at BITS convinced me to go for the 5-year integrated course instead. The following year. Ankit got his chosen subject. Ankit was completely focused on studies. Connectivity is an issue. I pushed him to go for the dual degree and give it a final shot.

As attendance is not compulsory. I am not a programmer. In the second year of college. A close friendship developed between them at this time. I had computers as my fifth subject. What do you want to do post-college? I could not see a future in it for myself. The domain was registered on 8 December One of the co-founders of this company was Neeraj Agarwal — a computer geek and crack programmer. Ankit had the design and communication skills.

By the first semester of his second year at BITS. He enjoyed working hands-on. While Neeraj was the superior programmer. So what would happen to Cube? As fate would have it. Badlaav Although they were making good money. But he was a very good client from whom the team learnt a lot.

Lalit had an inspiring story of his own to tell. But the team did not go out and blow it all up. They decided to invest Starting with just 5 students. Innovese got an email from a complete stranger which read as follows: And he had no connection to BITS. That was a positive reinforcement. Lalit had no idea that he was dealing with a bunch of college kids.

The app contained all the usual questions: Prime Academy. Ankit and Neeraj began working on a virtual Slambook. The Slambook app went live on Facebook in February and was a runaway success. He also liked our work and was not shy of acknowledging it. By February — just 3 months in business — Innovese had served 10 clients.

The very first thing the young company did was market itself on social media and to the alumni of BITS Pilani through the website bitsaa. The app posed interesting questions to users about their friends.

The young entrepreneurs decided to take whatever money was coming in through web-development projects and invest it in Slambook. This helped Slambook grow even faster. In just 8 months, the application had , users and more than 5 million entries. Interestingly, we even got a buyout offer!! He offered us paise per user — the value was in the number of users and not the application itself. We were like , okay, we do so much mehnat and end up saving some 30,, bucks per head.

If we sell out, we will become more famous and also get almost a lakh and a half each! But, with this process, came the confidence — we can build good products. Faith opens doorways, creates pathways. But how does one know which path to take? Discussion, design and coding went on 24X7. The big breakthrough came in the winter of when results of the mid-sem exam were to be declared. And it happened like this. Our product was ready, so we could start marketing from Day 1.

All you had to do was enter your ID number. Hackers can go one step further — they run a script on the page which generates an Excel sheet of the entire result. This is to confirm that you are a human being, not a spambot.

Suddenly — it clicked. However, a human being can do the job. The company was acquired by Google in the year We thought it should not go waste! Why not use it as an advertising medium? Okay — time to get to work! We then knew it could become a big business. The product was not that good looking, more like a student project. In June I could manage my studies along with the business but I had lost interest in academics.

Studying just before the exams. The web development. The quality of thought and discussion started changing. What really matters is what you think of yourself. Innovese had around clients from Europe. They were running a pilot program with a couple of websites and dummy advertisers.

Ankit was no longer a topper — but managing. Every time Facebook updated its developer APIs. US and India. They requested Pranay Gupta. It was back to working from a hostel room. Incubation and Entrepreneurship. Unlike other startups in the program. If you put the same amount of force in your startup.

Innovese was one of the 9 startups selected for the year Dhruv had to submit his thesis. I knew Ankit since our schooldays. He refused them all. While Ankit interned with Bravo Lucy in Hyderabad. So what the team did was figure out the dynamics of running a business. Neither did he want to return to campus to attend classes. Neeraj was with Opera Solutions in Noida. The effort paid off. Pocket Gems and McKinsey.

Instead of enrolling for classes. What Innovese really needed at this point was a marketing brain. There was one small problem — Neeraj and Ankit had to complete their internships.

As for Ankit — he did not even register for placement. Anuj Pulstya and Maneesh Bhandari were the angels who invested in Innovese. Gaurav Sharma media2win. What is an advertising agency? Media buying agency?

How do clients behave? Can you approach a company like Pepsi directly or do you go through their agency? Neeraj would commute from his home in Ghaziabad. Innovese became a private limited company. Getting a meeting was the first challenge. Framebench and Innovese shared the office with Anuj Pulstya and his wife. We spent numerous evenings discussing the future of Innovese!

The entry time to office was 10 am but there was no exit time. Way2sms and the entire Jagran group. The Times of India management stated up front that whenever it came across an innovation. Neeru Sharma. Ankit and Dhruv rented a flat nearby. Ventures running as sole proprietorships and partnerships also receive help with incorporation.

This was a new phase for the company. In February. When the founder is distracted. The struggle to keep the founders together is another side of the story and that ended badly. This hit the morale of the team. Cracks developed in the oncecohesive team after shifting to Delhi. But somehow… we had differences… things were no longer the same. And this was not easy either. So you make money with zero effort. Star World. Axis Bank and State Bank of India followed.

A release order from Reliance Industries. So we had to put in some amount of personal funds. Neeraj stopped coming to the Rajendra Nagar office — he preferred to work virtually. Innovese got its first big breakthrough. A pitch to Mumbai Angels. If the mother is distracted. Advertising agencies pay 60 to 90 days after completion of a campaign. Clients such as HUL. Once money started coming in.

The young entrepreneurs agreed — for two reasons. None of them yielded funds. Although there was a lot of interest in the idea. And secondly. And from then on. He was the key programmer. They did try to talk it out. While the interns did not actually meet clients. While he did not win. I will come down at my own expense. Neeraj had decided to part ways.

To protect the IP behind this novel idea. The interns were mostly from Delhi University though one came all the way from Hyderabad. He had accepted a lucrative job offered by Opera Solutions. Dhruv was supported by some interns. Innovese entered into an alliance with the digital advertising platform. Instead of typing a text message. Like all big publishers.

Ankit had to shift his focus away from marketing. Then we got introduced to the CEO. Neeraj formally quit Innovese via sms. But by that time. Originally a startup.

Rammohan Sundaram. Ankit and Dhruv did seek advice from their seed investors and from Pranay Gupta who had been the coordinator of the iAccelerator program and a mentor since. Just pay me a small monthly stipend! Nahin hua. After Neeraj left.