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PDF - Shadows of Esteren Book 1: Universe. Shadows of Esteren is a medieval role-playing game, with a horrific and gothic influence. Drawing inspiration from. This book is a supplement of the Shadows of Esteren series intended for game While only Book 1 is required to play, it only reveals all of its depth with its. (for books stamped and numbered from 1 to , with a special cover and for minis numbered . Tuath is the fourth release of the Shadows of Esteren series.

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This is a PDF downloadable title. Shadows of Esteren is a medieval role-playing game, with a horrific and gothic influence. Drawing inspiration from Celtic myths. Shadows of Esteren - Book 1 Universe - Shadows of Esteren is a medieval Watermarked PDF. $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (10 ratings). Shadows of Esteren - - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File in your hands “Book 1–Universe”. the first book of the Shadows of Esteren.

Whatever ill may be said about them. As his vassal. Following an unending winter of almost a century. But they also became the target of rumors discussing their honesty. Most attempts at detaching these masks having failed.

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Pdf shadows book of esteren 1

Among the other strange capacities Feondas possess. Lord Wylard—some of those substances damage the mind. In deep forests. From what I could observe and hear. The most serious misdeeds are punishable by death or banishment.

As for me.

Facing a Feond. Feondas of any type can produce poison. Children are the responsibility of the whole community. An Omnipresent Enemy Y ou must also know that our whole peninsula suffers from these attacks. Always inhospitable places man has not laid his mark upon. At the very least. In the fields. That tradition gave our society—large cities aside—a very protectionist side.

As Feondas usually appear far from civilized zones. According to the few testimonies I could gather. A visual examination will not suffice to see which specimens are venomous. Of the Struggle against Feondas T he elementary pieces of advice to avoid being the target of Feond attacks are known to every inhabitant in Tri-Kazel. A light wound may only cause a slight pain. Even more astonishing—and I saw it with my own eyes. Others had to have a deeply clawed limb amputated. I heard that some of them can make use of a form of hypnosis.

But much more than that. Common sense implies that one should not wander away from roads and marked out ways. Those are only striking examples. All in Tri-Kazel know her legend. There are places in Tri-Kazel. There is nothing left for me to say but good luck.

Everybody has heard of the way Neven saved the village of Kafhgan by sallying alone. The monsters had decimated her family. That was how she died: Bards often sing of her deeds of valor.

Against some of them.

Among other things. For years. She then beheaded it while chaos was breaking out around her. When the moment comes. As these creatures come in shapes.

They are at the same time admired for their courage and tenacity. Neven still lives on in the memories of many. The advances that the kingdom of Reizh has benefited from in the last few decades cannot be considered as the only standard to measure the success or decline of a civilization. Taol-Kaer stagnates in a barbarous. Take this for granted and let us go back to our subject.

A pupil hurriedly stood up. Cheers were heard. The teacher retorted with a calm. Chapter 1 Peoples and Mentalities The pupil remained hanging on to the last words he had just pronounced.

The question you raise concerning their possible backwardness is distinct from our general perspective. For your edification. The dukedom of Gorm is a sinister example of that. Behind him. The Osags have exogamic traditions. You are here to access a knowledge that will allow you to think twice about this kind of crass.

Professor Mac Endgad turned towards the map and indicated the southern part of Taol-Kaer. How can you affirm that people from Taol-Kaer and Gwidre are like us?

They are clearly several centuries behind our kingdom and its great advances! That tradition certainly explains the low dilution of their culture. The morphologic difference between Osags and the rest of Tri-Kazelians leads one to suppose that the peninsula may have known one or several waves of colonization in very remote times. And that is without mentioning their refusal of medicinal improvements that sentences many inhabitants to unnecessary death in the name of absurd beliefs!

And what about the kingdom of Gwidre. Let us now talk about Continentals. They have high cheekbones. Beyond the folkloric image of jugglers and acrobats bringing some joy to villages cut off from the rest of the world. The last ethnic group that we must attend to is the Tarishes. Osags are generally strongly built and can easily be recognized by the square. I will attend a fight between two clan chiefs. It is established that some of them are also spies in the pay of some potentates.

You have asked me for a report about those primitive people. Maeve Oan We will briefly mention ourselves. If the date and place of their arrival is known. Men and women from the Continent are thinner and slimmer than natives from Tri-Kazel.

Osag women. We are generally sturdier than people from the Continent. Osags frown upon swords and favor axes. I have met warriors from those clans whose skin is nearly as thick as leather.

They settle all sorts of matters: Duels are commonplace among the Osag. All Osags have slightly slanted eyes. L ord Wylard.

Those typical physical characteristics seem to come from the very hard conditions of their lives. Women are always very active. Their sense of justice really is very far from that of the Reizhite courts!

Your devoted. Thank you for your attention. Even if Reizhites from the capital city seem proud to have the same frail build as people from the Continent.

With time.

Shadows of Esteren - Universe.pdf

After the apprehension I felt in the first moments. It may be that natural spirits are angry for a reason that is beyond our ken and that their most savage manifestations are unleashed without us knowing the reason. The one they used most frequently was a dialect in which I could make out some Tri-Kazelian words mixed with much more exotic sonorities. Each carries within itself the same essential energy. It was a clear. After a while. Without respite. Mankind developed in civilizations.

I will above all remember what one of them told me about that. To go into nature without taking that into consideration would be pure madness. T hat winter. They think the land is a reserve of raw materials belonging to them and that they can harvest it as they please. As he did each morning. That is something too often forgotten. They clear forests. Such is not the case of all forms of life. Between two festivals in villages where their resounding laughter rang.

Since the dawn of time. I discovered an astonishing community. According to that man. The human being must accept his limits and acknowledge his place in the life cycles. I was lucky. It would be fruitless to try to understand everything. Since that day. I quickly noticed they were fluent in several languages.

Beyond their bronze-colored pomp. In that respect. What is their purpose. According to him. That is how it is. Men have to adapt themselves to those laws. Young men frequently gave up on a harsh traveling life to settle in one town or another in the Three Kingdoms. And the Triad did not shape the world according to such criteria. Man is not necessarily responsible.

The lapping of an idle river flowing a little distance away could be heard. Although the Tarishes are not talkative people. Keep in mind that image of a raging tempest. The mystery of the Tarishes' origins would then definitely sink with the disappearance of their culture.

Kingdom of Reizh. The opening of the hospital will be associated with the erection of a new Flux refinery at the north of Baldh-Ruoch in order to provide curative equipment. Baldh-Ruoch may become an insalubrious. That plant is dedicated to the extraction and refinement of Flux. The Magister managed to speak again: Access to it is strictly controlled. Magister Urielle Erzhine carries out the Administrating duties.

There also was the plant located in the suburbs. I am proud to present to you the royal hospital that should answer the tragic public health problems our capital city suffers from. Instead of bragging and systematically opposing everything we propose. The generated riches are enormous. Your hospital is just a pretext to extract even more Flux. Our capital city suffers from overpopulation.

Book pdf of 1 esteren shadows

You cannot deny progress all your life. It is because of your accursed plant in the middle of Baldh-Ruoch that those new illnesses have spread. At the present time. In the assembly.

Three colossal the royal council had to adjourn the meeting before it transchimneys belching out a formed into an immense brawl. Away from the heart of each of the kingdoms. But if you wish. I can tell you people have changed a lot. I thought that if I did not quickly go to the mountain. Things have not always been like that. City-dwellers do not think about survival. And I keep no memory of the majority of them. I thank you for having invited me. Mentalities T 44 he Varigal raised his glass.

People are all different. One of the hosts broke bread while the other cut and distributed thin slices of cheese between everyone. Both were in the prime of life. They ate in silence for a few minutes. During the nineteen years I have been traveling around the Three Kingdoms. The woman stood up. The tobacco was minced on the bare table. Mountaineers did not talk about their private lives in general.

Darek was the only one not to smoke: They never invite you in their houses. They think they are the last heirs of the Three Brothers who founded Tri-Kazel. The Varigal felt cruel. Without turning a hair. They pray. And so. For them. There is no laughing to hear in taverns or in streets. I avoid traveling too far into Taol-Kaer. Feondas' attacks. The couple took their leave and left the room. The Varigal wrapped himself in his cape and laid down on the comfortable mattress that had been brought for him to a corner of the room.

If the feudal system has officially put an end to the ancient loyalties between clans. The majority of Tri-Kazelians live. It was late. As tired as he was. Things slowly change.

Travelers are often welcomed. Even in the most frequented cities. Several hundreds of men and women had gathered and formed a mixed battalion. They have yielded to insane fancies from the Continent! Now let our weapons reason with them! There would be a few moments of waiting. Because of them. Withdraw at once and never come back to this valley or it shall become your graveyard! As his vassal. There had been little doubt on the outcome of the negotiations-the battle would certainly happen.

They wielded their farming tools. He pointed to the horseman from Reizh with his gauntleted hand and said with a loud voice: As soon as he knows.

Most of them wore thick clothing and studded leather breastplates. Preceding that small army. Far away. The only horsemen were about ten armored knights. I mean no offense. As a member of this council. In order to avoid treacherous currents and monsters haunting the waters. The first days of my journey have been rather hectic. I will prove worthy of such a task. The wagon I boarded was fast and small.

Chapter 1 TaolKaer D earest Father. Will our town fall under the thumb of a few greedy merchants when we have just started to free ourselves from the yoke of the capital city? I found myself traveling.

Their drivers were busy checking they were in working order while equipment crates from nearby warehouses were being packed. Here is the news you expected from me. As lord of our dukedom. I had opted for such a vehicle. The pressure of the merchant guilds on the policies of this town is becoming worrying.

I am very proud that among all your children. The council is aware of the interests at stake. Dealings with merchant princes. I saw the source of our wealth.

Without freight and with few passengers. Nobles from Tuaille still have not forgiven your ancestor. I do not think there is an actual rebellion brewing. King Kailleach.

As you asked me. Crossing the border of this dukedom bearing your colors means enduring the worst troubles. His subjects cut into wooded zones at a frightening pace. This is why your authority is not as respected as it used to be in those lands. Forsair Mor A n immense. We were moving swiftly on the sandy road. Very few dare to venture deep inside. Flux is the energy Magientists draw from nature. I knew our dukedom was of modest size as its borders only encompass the city and its close surroundings.

Emerald Flux Y " es. It is crossed by a stream. The population also keeps the memory of it. I was able to hear what was said in the shadows of the alleyways.

PDF - Shadows of Esteren Book 1: Universe

This ignominy cannot last. I was surprised when the driver announced before the end of the day that we already were in the dukedom of Gorm. Gorm is our neighbor. I thought it better not to push my luck. The town is swarming with brigands of all kinds. I went to see the watch. They considered me to be the troublemaker and threw me in jail! When they finally deigned to free me. That is where Koskan stands. I secretly hope the next one will succeed… In the end. I am now without money. I reached the dukedom of Osta-Baille.

I managed to find some food and to write you this letter. I have now been here for three weeks. He has promoted slavery. I was delighted at the idea of sleeping in a bed to relieve my aching body. I had planned to make only a quick stop here. After a four-day journey.

That dreaded lord has already survived two assassination attempts. I became aware of that when I was attacked. And I was disgusted to discover that here. I could understand that our kingdom is in good hands.

Our sovereign remains very attached to the traditions that put him on the throne after his ancestors. In his veins flows the heritage of generations of respected sovereigns. He knows how to speak to people and be likable.

I must confess that our king. I traveled north-west. I must appear before the royal council. The king angrily evoked that insult.

It is even said that in some communities of remote valleys. How happy I was to discover that captivating city I have heard so much about. Whatever ill may be said about them. I do not know if our complaints regarding taxes will be accepted.

A raid in order from the Hilderin knights could restore some order there. I could leave that town. What thrill! He is a tall man in the prime of life. I was very nervous. Thanks to them. D A Royal Interview earest Father. On that account. I cannot thank you enough for the few soldiers and the Daols sent to Koskan. Dear Father. Magientists are really capable of miracles. I was lucky enough to be received.

Taol-Kaer himself. I realized this in the course of our brief interview. I will finish this letter after this new interview. The promise it makes of a better life after death gives hope to those who do not appreciate the idea of their being dispersing and joining the spirits of nature.

Gustin Mac Anweald. The court of Osta-Baille is composed of many princes and representatives of the various dukedoms.

Among that cosmopolitan. Axel Cairnbi In the end. I noticed a young woman of barely twenty years you had never told me about. I still cannot understand how Magientists can make Flux flow under the skin in such a way. You obviously know that since King Kailleach. Your faithful. As I told you. People from the Temple are generally very illreceived. The Royal Council H ere. His voice is steady and his composure is well-known. He is as good a fighter as a strategist. The sovereign is respectful of our traditions.

He is wise enough not to think himself all-knowing and keeps a council to help him with difficult decisions. As a token of goodwill. Magientists are not totally excluded from the court. The court and even the royal council sometimes receive guests from Gwidre and Reizh. I can only encourage you to stay on your guard. There are cases of missionaries of the Temple who have been driven away with stones.

It is said he regularly goes alone into the forest to meet the spirits of nature there. Miryan Deckhir a priest renowned for his openmindedness. Most of them arrive during summer and only leave in the following spring. I am to accompany a diplomatic expedition to the dukedom of Tulg in order to meet the princes of that remote region. In exchange for that decree in our favor. Our good king. That man has the responsibility of leading the armies of the dukedom of Osta-Baille.

It is wise of you to have invited a representative of the Temple. I will set out to the north. In a few days. You have told me about the most important of those advisors. I also caught sight of Queen Edena Mac Lichorl. Algwich Dert is still the man you described to me.

This distinguished visitor. I can only confirm what you had implied: I have to admit we cannot disregard them in our good kingdom. In order to satisfy everyone. I am afraid their influence will not stop growing. Her mysterious looks are accentuated by a pale face underlined by mauve Mekones undulating under her skin. On the other hand. You asked for more information about the importance the Temple has taken in our society. Miryan knows how difficult the situation of the Temple is in our kingdom.

She keeps in the background. The royal council is made up of ten people. I hope this missive attached to the envelope for our father will reach you. I know not whether it is still possible to find traces of their arrival. Should there be a revolt. I advise you to be very careful with your words if you go there.

Argala Mac Firim Your devoted. Those people. The land is rocky. An Alliance Mission S ire. That small stretch of land only lives from trade and does not disturb our prerogatives.

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