P90x lean workout schedule pdf

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Posted in P90X Workout Schedule on September 20th, by admin – Comments Off on P90X Workout Schedule – Classic Doubles Lean Phase 1. Classic P90X. Legs and Back,. AB Ripper X. Kenpo X Double P90X. Yoga X. Core. Synergistics. Kenpo X Lean P90X. Core. Synergistics. Yoga X. Core. P90x Lean Routine Schedule | This P90X Lean Workout Routine can be printed . the workout schedule pdf classic lean doubles workout calendar printable.

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P90X comes with a choice of three different workout schedules so you can tailor the program to fit your exact fitness goals. Download the PDFs. Looking for the P90X Lean Schedule? Look no futher! Download and print the schedule on these printable calendars. We provide the Lean, Doubles, Mass, and Classic P90X Schedule below, as well as, outline LEAN P90X Workout Schedule PDF (Page 3).

If, after consulting with your physician you are given the go ahead to begin P90X, you can check out the P90X Workout Sheets below and see which approach you would like to start out with. Core Synergistics Day 4: E-Mail Address What are the P90X Workouts? Footer Stay Connected Hi!

The P90X Workout Schedule PDF - Classic, Lean, & Doubles - AllWorkoutRoutines

You also get digital copies of the nutrition guides and calendars that usually come with the DVD options! Coaches love Beachbody products and can help others find the best program for their needs. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating.

P90X Workout Schedule

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Schedule pdf p90x lean workout

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People who want to drop more fat versus build muscle.

Workout p90x pdf lean schedule

Someone worried about building too much muscle. Someone who has done P90X once before. Someone looking for the best results in 90 days and is truly committed to it.

There is also a sample P90X Mass Calendar.

Lean workout schedule pdf p90x

Weeks Day 1: Off Weeks Day 1: Week 12 Still same as week , but change your reps to What are the P90X Workouts? The workouts include: If you prefer to start off slow and want to stick with the basics, your best option is to go with the P90X Classic Workout Schedule.

The other two options are the Lean and Doubles Workout Schedules. All three schedules vary when it comes to the number of resistance versus cardiovascular workouts that you will be doing each week during the ninety day training period. One variant that is constant is the single rest day you get with P90X. Whether you opt for the Classic, Lean or Doubles, you will only get one rest day per week.

The beauty and a definite perk of purchasing a program such as P90X with three different workout schedules is that you can do the program three times and, each time, achieve different results. The program is extremely versatile and can help virtually anyone meet their fitness goals. Click here to get your DVDs. The Classic Workout Schedule features three days of resistance training workouts. This includes using free weights, dumbbells, barbells , resistance bands, pull up bars and exercise balls.

The other three days you will be doing cardiovascular and yoga workouts. The Lean Workout Schedule is geared towards those that prefer cardio activity. It is intended to help you lean out and burn fat faster. It has less of a focus on building muscle and more on cutting your muscles to make them more prevalent. With the Lean Workout Schedule, you will do cardio and yoga workouts for four days, resistance training for two days and you will have one rest or stretch day.

The Doubles Workout Schedule is exactly what the name says.

The P90X Workout Schedule PDF – Classic, Lean, & Doubles

It has you doing double workouts each day. You will work out with the Classic Workout Schedule for the first thirty days on the Doubles Schedule. After that, from day 31 — 90, you will be adding a strength workout in the morning and a cardio workout in the evening. The Doubles Workout Schedule is extremely intense and was designed to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. Although working out two times per day will definitely give you fast results, it is recommended that you begin with either the Classic or the Lean Workout Schedules before taking on the challenge of Doubles.