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PDF - Darker After Midnight. The climactic novel in Lara Adrian's New York Times bestselling Midnight Breed series--and her hardcover debut-- Darker After. For more information on Darker After Midnight please contact. Annmaree Bell at Azure Productions on + 61 2 or [email protected] or. The climactic novel in Lara Adrian's New York Times bestselling Midnight Breed series–and her hardcover debut–Darker After Midnight invites readers to enter a .

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Darker After Midnight: A Midnight Breed Novel. Home · Darker After Midnight: A Midnight Breed Novel Author: Lara Adrian. 30 downloads Views KB. TERESA MEDEIROS After Midnight To the memory of Hellen Chism. It was an honor, a privilege, and a blessing from God to. Get Free Read & Download Files Darker After Midnight PDF. DARKER AFTER MIDNIGHT. Download: Darker After Midnight. DARKER AFTER MIDNIGHT - In.

So many characters from the previous books appeared here that I had some difficulty knowing who was speaking at times but Huber kept a handle on it. Tavia Fairchild is the assistant to a United States senator who also happens to be Dragos' newest minion. I really enjoyed getting the updates on everyone with some things getting wrapped up and some things not. The romance between Chase and Tavia started out a little bit oddly but ended up being Wow.. I wanted his operation to be completely disbanded and he himself to die a slow and painful death. Chase's actual story could've been better developed, but it was alright.

Lied to her whole life and giving meds to suppress her Breed side, she had no clue who are what she was until Chase crashed into her life and turned everything upside down.

I felt Tavia handled everything with dignity. Then Dragos unleashed s of Rogues on the human world, coming out of the Breed closet in a huge and deadly way. Tavia was as brave as the Order warriors. She went out and killed rogues helping to save the humans. Than she helped take down Dragos, which almost costed her, her life.

Both being Breed, Tavia and Chase had some raw animalistic passion. I loved that Chase really opened up to Tavia. Tavia in turn was there for him and supportive of his fight with blood lust. They made a great couple.

Dragos was fucking shit up in this book. His crazy hit a boiling point. He sent out all the Rogues detained by the Breed agencies to kill s of humans letting them know they are not the only race on the earth.

Darker After Midnight

Then he turned the VP minion and planned on doing the same to the President until, Tavia, Chase and the Order took him out. I loved how honorable and brave the Order's warriors were. Shaken by being outed to the humans they still went out and cleaned up the Rogue mess, protected humans, and breed alike, and killed Dragos' bitch ass.

Then Lucan had to step up and become the leader and representative of the Breed in the human world. Forging peace between the Breed and the humans after Dragos' carnage.

I loved the epilogue and I can't wait to see the direction the series will take. View all 14 comments. Yes, I felt bad for him and his situation. But as a character, he was just there. Then he joined the Order and he started getting interesting. Then he started getting on my nerves. Never to the point where I wanted to smack him around, but I may have wanted to shake him a little to see what was going on in that head of his. Then the end of book nine happened and I thought he was the bravest and stupidest vampire on the planet.

I found what he did to be such an honorable thing to do. So I changed it in my head: He is still dealing with his issues in Darker After Midnight but his humanity, if you will, is a strong focus too. I liked him quite a bit in this book and had no feelings of wanting to hurt him. Holy whoa I did not see that coming!!! I mean…yeah. I found it all very fitting to what has been going on in these past few books.

We see quite a bit of the other members of the Order but we mostly see Lucan and Gabrielle. I found it was great how we see the aftermath of his struggle with Bloodlust and his struggle with becoming the true leader he was always meant to me. Jenna is very much in the picture and much is explained. We also discover a theory about where Breedmates originated! Yeah…I know! Now you know what I mean when I say tons happens in this book! I have a huge crush on Gideon. I just wanted to throw that out there.

I am about done with him. He wants vampires to take over the world and humans to be a snack. In each book, the Order knocks him down a little bit at a time.

Starting this book, I was about ready for Dragos to be really hurt this time. I wanted his operation to be completely disbanded and he himself to die a slow and painful death. Or a fast and painful death. Or even a fast and painless death. I just wanted it to happen. But I am satisfied with where Dragos is headed at the end of this book. Oh, and before I forget, no this is not a stand-alone book.

I have never rated a book under 4 stars. I could not sit still during the last few chapters. Lara got it just right with this tenth installment. Fans of this series will have to agree with me that Darker After Midnight is the best book yet.

View all 10 comments. Full of action, twists and reveals. Conclusions and new directions. One of the best installments in this series. May 09, Shawna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Midnight Breed series fans. I loved it! View all 9 comments. Harvard's book! View all 3 comments. May 03, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: Breed warrior Sterling Chase Harvard Special ability: Photographic memory Occupation: Assistant for senator Clarence Mark place: Lower Back Settings: Just WOW!

After 9 long length books and 2 short length books, this climactic series reaches the end of its first part the following books cover stories that will happen 20 years a Breed warrior Sterling Chase Harvard Special ability: After 9 long length books and 2 short length books, this climactic series reaches the end of its first part the following books cover stories that will happen 20 years after and it is the end of the world as we know it. The time frame of the book is Christmas time -a few days before and a few days after.

There are so many things going on, that whatever I write it will be a spoiler. Anyway, besides the huge events that are taking place, this is finally Harvard's book. My favourite breed warrior. I was really looking forward for his book. Harvard was a tortured, self destructive hero since the first book in which we met him Kiss of Crimson.

He was the second best in his family behind his brother's long shadow, he always have had an unsatisfied lust for his sister in law Elise and he was filled with guilt and shame the most part of his life. In this book he is still fighting his demons but this time someone actually cares for him. Harvard finally falls in love, forgets the dull and boring to tears Elise, gets the best girl and he has his HEA. Tavia and Harvard held each other together during the cataclysmic events of the book while they also help all the rest.

View all 6 comments. Sep 17, Rachel Annie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved the raised stakes and intensity of the nonstop action in the third act. Adrian didn't pull any punches with book 10, lol. The circumstances that brought Chase and Tavia together made for some excellent push and pull in the beginning, and it really worked for me.

But when they got together fairly early on their chemistry lost some of its spark. However, even though the romance aspect wasn't as strong as it was in other Midnight Breed books, the overarching plot and resolution to this part of the story more than made up for it. And all the new bits that were introduced concerning the Breed itself and its history are quite intriguing. It was also great to catch up with all the previous warriors and their mates.

I'd like to continue with the series as I really enjoy this author's take on warrior vamps, not to mention her writing style, but this is such a wonderful way to wrap things up! We'll see.

I was never a huge fan of Chase. But I have to say that this book has completely changed my mind about him. I think this was probably my favorite book of the entire series. I'm not giving any spoilers but the ending was just mind blowing. I couldn't read it fast enough.

So much was happening. I'm so sad this part of the journey is at an end. But I am anxious to see how the spin off series will go.

Hopefully we will get some glimpses of the entire "family" so we can at least see how they are doin I was never a huge fan of Chase. Hopefully we will get some glimpses of the entire "family" so we can at least see how they are doing. View all 7 comments. Aug 04, Stacia the club rated it really liked it Shelves: Used titanium knife: Wait, what? When did Lara Adrian become somewhat amusing?

Did I blink and miss it? Again, did I blink and miss something here?

Wasn't I lukewarm about the earlier books? It's as if an author actually learned how to fix their mistakes. Most of my complaints about the earlier books are slowly fading as the story world expands Used titanium knife: Most of my complaints about the earlier books are slowly fading as the story world expands to include more than just the couples themselves.

I'm sad that it took this long to get here, but at least it happened, right? Chase's actual story could've been better developed, but it was alright. I'm not very fond of what Tavia turned out to be, but mainly this is because of how Jenna's story came along soon before hers.

If Jenna hadn't happened, I might have been okay with the Tavia twist or maybe not - I do think it makes the breedmates seem less special , but this is where the author probably should have chosen which "alternate" being should have existed, especially since the breedmates technically also count as something not just human. Too many species makes an already unbelievable scenario turn into something comical. As readers, we buy into a fantasy element up to a certain point.

We allow ourselves to put aside reality for a moment if the author tells us that aliens crash landed on our planet. Okay, fine. So this ONE thing happened But when the author starts adding in A, B, C, D, etc. I almost laughed out loud when it was revealed that breedmates view spoiler [are possibly part Atlantean.

There couldn't have been a rival alien explanation like in Falling Skies instead? Maybe the Atlanteans are aliens, but I think tapping into that lore was stupid for a book world which is something different already. Outside of the additional lore insertion, I'm pleased with the direction of the series, with only a few complaints about the rushed nature of the end of book 10 and how it leads into book I'll expand on this more in my review for book The bridge from books 10 into 11 was a tough transition.

I'm not a fan of the "20 Years Later" gap. The story went from the shit hitting the fan into a fast forward. So we have all of this buildup, only to have it all change in an instant with no real reactions to the change?

What about explanations of how people were split apart? I get that so much of the "immediately after" could have been tedious to report, but even a short novella would have sufficed. Lord knows there are a couple of needless novellas in the series that could have been scrapped in favor of this. There was just SO much story in there which could have been told, and I'm sad that I missed it.

The ending was just way too rushed. To the Readers: The world has changed. Deal with it. Move on. Or don't. Either way, the Midnight Breed won't be the same anymore. View all 4 comments. Oct 03, Stacie rated it it was amazing Shelves: A stunning conclusion and also an intriguing new beginning.

Action packed with a very nice romance. I cannot wait to get to the next book! Happy reading! Jul 02, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: Review posted: There won't be any spoilers about who Tavia is, so the review will be as detailed as possible without giving anything away. Dragos, and his evil ways, hits close to home for Tavia and everything that she thought she was and the people she loved most in her life were nothing but lies.

I was counting down until the moment when Dragos got what was coming to him, but it comes at a great cost to Tavia and Chase and changes the world the Breeds and humans live in forever. Tavia is such a strong female, and she needs to be to be able to match up well with Chase. Tavia becomes his lifeline, the person that he can hold on to and someone who helps him through the worst of times. All the past characters, heroes, heroines and children, get page time as everyone gears up for the fight with Dragos.

There are developments with the history of the Breedmates and there are still stories to be told with the younger set, Mira, Kellan and now Nathan. Lucan steps fully into his role as leader, leading not only his men, but taking the Breeds in a new direction at the end of the story. We get a great epilogue at the end that takes us 1 year into the future, but it almost felt like a chapter was missing between where the story ends now and the epilogue starts.

I needed just a little bit more closure for Chase and Tavia. View all 8 comments. I was really looking forward to reading it especially with how things ended in the last book but i have to admit i was a little bit nervous because Chase was never a character i overly cared for..

Well Lara Adrian did a great job of redeeming him in this book.. The romance between Chase and Tavia started out a little bit oddly but ended up being Wow.. The romance between Chase and Tavia started out a little bit oddly but ended up being great and i loved the new twist she threw into their storyline!

There were was so much action and suspense and SO MANY surprises, i had a hard time putting this book down, which i was SO thankful for considering i felt that the last book was lacking a little bit in this department! I also loved how it ended view spoiler [and yay for all the new babies!!

There are so many different directions Lara Adrian can now take this series with the way she wrapped things up, which by the way is CRAZY!! Speaking of future books I think this is the first time i've finished a Midnight Breed novel not having a clue which character will be featured in the next book.

There was no hint in this storyline All the breed males of the Order are also mated now so i'm very curious to see whose story we'll be getting Mathias Rowen? Corrine's son, Nathan, is still a little young yet Maybe we'll get a novella for Gideon and Savannah!? He is a character that i've loved since the beginning and being as how those two were already together when this series started i feel a little bit cheated that we've never gotten their love story.

This is one of my favorite pnr series and this latest book is proof positive of why that is!! I can't wait to see what is in store for us next! I fell in love with his character in Tegan's book and have seen him go from a highly respected member breed society to an Order warrior, to well But I think this was always the frame of mind he was supposed to be in, not the too far gone, but the bit reckless and out of control.

Darker After Midnight: A Midnight Breed Novel

He was always a rebel at heart and just needed This review was posted at Under The Covers It feels like I've been waiting to read Chase's story since forever, and well, I have. He was always a rebel at heart and just needed that side of himself to come out. This book picks up where Deeper Than Midnight left off. Chase is the prime suspect the human police have on a murder attempt on a politician as well as some terrorist attacks around town. The Order has been forced to relocate and Chase, he has one mission in his mind before he "finishes" himself.

He wants to destroy Dragos. Caught in the crossfire here is Tavia Fairchild. First of all, let me just say she might be one of my favorite heroines of this series. And you're in for a surprise with her character! A Big One! She is truly the perfect match for Chase and through his attraction to her she's able to bring him down from the ledge just enough for him to see a future. As a couple, they were great together.

The romance and the heat were excellent. But that's not all this book has to offer. Dragos is still present and causing havoc. There were even times in this book when I thought "How can everything be going his way? But in the end, the story was full of action, it grabs you from the first page and doesn't stop until the end. What a ride!!! And I can't leave aside the little ones. I love Mira and Nathan and Kellan and I'd love to see their characters developed more. Maybe even get books?

Darker After Midnight: A Midnight Breed Novel - PDF Free Download

Also there are new developments with most of the couples, which was very nice to see. If you are a fan of this series, you have to read this book NOW! If you haven't started it yet, what are you waiting for? A bit dark, and not always roses, this series and characters are captivating!!

Great job Ms. I can't wait for more! Darker After Midnight picked up the action straight away, and with characters and storyline already well established, it was straight into the action. And after 9 books and one novella , this climactic book had the feel of one, huge long finale.

Midnight darker pdf after

It was excitement from start to finish, with action, secrets uncovered and shocking discoveries happening all the way through history of the This whole series, and in particular this final instalment, can be summed up in three words - OH HELL YEAH!!! It was excitement from start to finish, with action, secrets uncovered and shocking discoveries happening all the way through history of the Breedmates It was everything I wanted it to be, and more, as Dragos unleashed his big, evil plan prompting much shock and swearing from me , and The Order all band together to take him down.

My heart was pounding the whole time. Oh Chase, how I love you! We have watched Harvard spiralling out of control over the last few books, and with his devastating and brave actions at the end of the last book, his time had finally come! My heart broke for him as he struggled with all that he was going through, yet still tried to be honourable, and carry out his work for the Order. And even more so as he came to know and trust Tavia, tried to be worthy of her, and then finally opened up to her and revealed the secrets of his past, which explain exactly why he was what he was.

And Tavia was a brilliant heroine! Bringing a sensational twist to the Breedmate group, she is strong and capable, and a brilliant match for Chase. The faith and trust she has in him, even with all he is going through, was really special. I loved the story between these two, from their explosively hot beginning, to their growing love for each other and the support and strength they offered each other.

They had some intense chemistry, and the sexy times were HOT!!! Now take it. And then along he comes with the romance to make me ridiculously swoony. You are mine. In my heart, I knew that from the beginning. You are my beloved, Tavia, my only one. And even the late additions to the series like the Archers, Nathan and Rowan Mathias bring something special to the group.

Jenna gets an added look in, with the mysteries surrounding her story getting deeper, and I loved seeing Gideon get to be all kickass in his own way. But it is Lucan who gets a special focus, and we get several scenes from his POV as we watch him try to deal with the immense responsibility of protecting what he considers his family in the face of what he knows is coming, and balancing that with leading his warriors in the battle ahead.

His struggle is beautifully portrayed, and I really felt for him and all that he was facing. You know them, love them, and feel incredibly protective of them, so going into this book already feeling all of those things, just made everything feel so much more extreme There is an epilogue set a year after the end of the book which gives us a glimpse into some of the family and character developments, and finishes off the original series beautifully.

I cannot gush enough! Freaking sensational, 5 stars all the way! View all 5 comments. Jun 27, sgt. I feel like we're going to see more of Ms. May 09, Ronda Tutt rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mind Blowing! Wow, The author's writing captures you immediately with the thrill of Chase's sacrifice of turning himself into the police to save the Order from the set up evil caused by Dragos and with Chase finally getting his over due HEA.

Chase and Tavia definitely heat up the pages with their chemistry. Her character was kick ass and I look forward to reading f Mind Blowing! This story was fantastic and the new discoveries and insight to the Breed who landed on earth centuries ago made the story interesting but leaving many questions unanswered of why they hunted down the Atlantians and how the Breedmates are intertwined with them.

Also who the Breedmates father truely was is in question because many of the Breedmates were all orphans or had adoptive parents. I am truly looking forward to the future books to learn of their heritage and how they came about being on earth. This story's climax regarding the evil wicked Breed Dragos had me on the edge of my seat - boy what a exciting and thrilling climax with his death, I was right there with Chase in his madness of destroying Dragos. I loved all the interaction between the characters and was glad to be reminded the love between all the mates especially with the new baby Xander.

I loved the ending new surprises of life to come with the other warriors and their mates and how it showed that the Breed will continue on with its existence regardless of the unknown future and how it gave them the symbol of hope for their future. However, now I am even more curious in how the author will add to this series now that the BREED and their Order are exposed to the human world.

With everything that happened in the end it kind of reminded me of my favorite show on HBO "True Blood" and how the vampires and shifters were accepted into society. With the legend of the Atlantians I am very excited how this immortal and powerful alien matches up to the Breed and how it will all unfold and we find out why they were being hunted by the Breed in the first place.

I am truly addicted to this series and just have to say that Lara Adrian is one fantastic writer and story teller. Fantastic Read! View 1 comment. And so we come to the end of this part of the Midnight Breeds with Chase's book.

At the end of Deeper Than Midnight , Chase surrendered to the police so they wouldn't find the Breed's hideout which Lucan and the rest of the Breeds decided to blow up anyway and head up north to Maine. Chase is in all kinds of trouble and things really hit the fan with the eyewitness comes to police headquarters. So, the big question for me was did Chase redeem himself?

And unfortunately, that's a big fat NO.

I fel And so we come to the end of this part of the Midnight Breeds with Chase's book. I felt like the story started going there with everything that happened at police headquarters but then it sort of dropped off. Not that I think all the things he did was so horrible but I guess I was looking for I really liked what became of Tavia.

I guess I should've seen that coming but I was surprised and I really liked that story line. A little disappointing that we didn't get more information about the others. I did really enjoy Chase and Tavia. I thought they fit well together and I guess my only complaint is that after the big battle, I wanted some more time with them. The epilogue was nice but since it was a year later, it was hard to fit everything in.

After midnight pdf darker

Okay, I guess I have more than one complaint. My other is that they got cheated a bit in this book Since this book is wrapping up things in this time period, ALL the other couples get page time. I'm not complaining about that though! I really enjoyed getting the updates on everyone with some things getting wrapped up and some things not.

So that leads us to Mira, Kellan, Nathan, Xander and the others. I definitely will be reading it and think it will bring a freshness to the series and I look forward to seeing where everyone is and who the bad guy s? Favorite lines: Lara Adrian's wild imagination and creativity is amazing. This is a must read, one that will open your mind and imagination to what is coming next. You will fall in love with the world Lara created and all of the characters in it.

After midnight pdf darker

This book is a MUST read for all Midnight Breed fans, as the story line from the previous books comes to a conclusion and opens up a new world for the Breed. Truly an EPIC read!! This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

Third parties, including Amazon and Facebook, may use cookies and other technologies to collect or receive information from this website and elsewhere on the internet and use that information to provide measurement services and target ads. The climactic novel in Lara Adrian's New York Times bestselling Midnight Breed series—and her hardcover debut— Darker After Midnight invites readers to enter a thrillingly sensual world where danger meets desire.

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