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Daniel Armand Lee, whose Korean name is Lee Seon-Woong (이선웅), is more commonly known by his stage name Tablo (타블로). He is best known as the rapper and leader of the South Korean hip hop group Epik High. BLONOTE Book English Edition + Limited English Mini CD by TABLO. Hip hop group Epik High's leader Tablo has written a bestseller. His collection of short stories, "Pieces of You", topped Kyobo Book's bestseller list by selling Jan 27, pieces of you tablo is available in our book collection an online access to it is [ PDF]Pieces of You by Tablo Book Free Download ( pages).

This page was last edited on 8 November , at Concisely written, but written with deep warmth. The story comments on the lack of differentiation, and ignorance towards the different ethnicities within the US-Asian population. Tablo is a survivor. The Rat: Namespaces Article Talk. Upon watching his father confront Alzheimers, he becomes more worried about his life and his family.

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