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Nothing Is Free Guns and ammo cost nuyen. Mastering martial arts takes time. And learning how to use explosives without blowing yourself up takes patience. Shadowrun: Run & Gun - Nothing Is Free Guns and ammo cost nuyen. Why is the this PDF $5 more than the core rulebook but the physical. shadowrun: run & gun - caite.infoevault - run & gun is the core combat rulebook for shadowrun, fifth edition, containing more weapons, more armor.

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[ E-cat] Run & Gun (Combat Corebook) - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Vim Recipes A cookbook for the Vim text editor Vim's modal approach to editing can seem confusing Vim Recipes - A cookb. Run & Gun, Shadowrun, and Matrix are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of The Topps Company, Inc., in the United States and/or other countries.

Though Ill admit, some styles are better than others when it comes to dealing with a chaotic opponent. This weapon can be used to re either hard projectiles, like ball bearings, and do the listed damage; or soft projectiles, such as capsule rounds lled with contact toxins or drugs p. Kevin Campbell. I was looking for one regular in particular. Im still amazed with the size of this rie. Just one more But DangerSensei stepped up and came through, even though he did cheat a bit.

Remove the note on these guns stating that Burst Fire requires a Complex Action. These weapons can fire bursts as a Simple Action. Here are the stats: The Urban Tribe tomahawk uses the Throwing Weapons skill with the Thrown Knife range in ranged attacks; for melee attacks, use the Blades skill, with the same damage as the thrown weapon.

AP -5 Avail 14R. Fifth Edition. Avail 18F. Level I: Avail 12R. DV —2S e. Avail 18R. The stats should be as follows: Fuel canister: Avail 16F. Wireless Bonus: Increase Social Limit by 1 P. Avail 14R. Gyrojet Tracker ammo is not in the book and should be removed from this list. In the second paragraph of this section. Cost Nitroglycerin: Rating 6. Cost TNT: Specialty arrowheads huh?

Now I really can make the Green Arrow character build. Nicholas L April 15, 9: Jason H April 15, We don't have a specific date, but it is at the printer's now. We'll post updates as we know them!

Marty C April 14, 6: April 14, 7: I think the Shadowrun 5th Edition rulebook is still in sale for some reason which would explain the price difference.

Run & Gun (free PDF with Book purchase)

The PDF of the core rulebook is steeply discounted as an incentive to new players. Aric W April 12, 5: Has anyone heard if there will be cards available for the gear in this book? Jason H April 12, 2: Yes, we are planning on releasing some gear cards with items from this book. William J April 16, 5: It worked on me. Megan R. This mammoth tome is billed as the 'core combat rulebook' for Shadowrun 5e, and provides a wealth of detail to supplement and expand on what the core rulebook has to say on the matter.

A lot of it is gear - weapons, armour and suchlike - but that in ma [ Sean H. Run and Gun provides tools and tricks for the working shadowrunner.

Do you need this book? Unless you are running a very combat oriented game, probably not, but it sure has a lot of fun toys and options in it. The rule options can be extr [ David C. Run and Gun contains many of the same ideas that Augmentation provided in the previous edition. Players always appreciate new gear to use, and the rules for explosives seem appropriate given the setting.

I feel, however, that too much space is used on [ Nick E. Combat chainsaws, laser weapons, armoured ball gowns, and military grade heavy armour; what more could you want to expand your runners armoury? Run and Gun provides players and GM's with a great variety of weapons and armour, along with expanded [ See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. WoD 20th Anniversary Edition Sale. Rule System.

Apocalypse World Engine. BRP Basic Roleplaying. Cypher System. Eclipse Phase. Savage Worlds. Product Type. Core Rulebooks. Non-Core Books. Whenever I go out to play, I have at least one primary and one backup weapon, along with a melee weapon and a weapon of last resort. My teams load-out usually consists of something like this: Long-range weapon usually a rifle, assault or EBR, but sometimes a long gun; at least one per team, usually a primary weapon 2.

Medium to short-range weapon s SMG, shotgun, or pistol; can also be a primary weapon 3. A weapon of last resort knife, perhaps a taser 6. As much ammo as we can carry. Now, some weapons can function at multiple ranges, depending on the situation. A good assault rifle has fairly long maximum range, and depending on the specific model can also be used in close combat. And if youre trying to save weight, a machine pistol can stand in for a true SMG while also being able to function as a regular pistol.

These are all things to keep in mind when determining load-out. It would behoove all magicians out there to pay attention to items three and four. We may have theoretically limitless ammo, but drain sometimes wallops even the best of us, especially if were slinging a bunch of combat spells. When youre too drained to cast another spell, youll be thankful for that gun or knife on your belt.

Winterhawk Fists, feet, elbows, and knees dont run out of ammo either. Dont fall into this trap. For all ones skill and intent to get the other guy before they can get you, thats not always going to happen. Theres always someone better and faster than you are. And when you meet them, your armor and protection are going to be the only things thatll save your ass so you can haul it to a good medkit or some healing magic.

If you dont have a good set of armor, then go get some now. And dont skimp on it either. It pisses me off when people pay top nuyen for the latest bang-bang but go bargain basement on armor.

IMHO, it should be the other way around. Or at least even. With all the things out there that can kill you; a runner can get by with a decent gun, but not with mediocre armor. Count on the opposition packing as much, if not more, firepower than you are. After all, theyre usually better funded. With armor costing in some cases three times more than your average rearm, its understandable to see why people go bargain basement, even if it is short-sighted. Its also difcult to know exactly what kind of armor is needed because, like rearms, there is no one kind of armor that does everything.

The best stuff is hard to conceal and attracts all kinds of unwanted attention, while the more subtle and concealable stuff tends to offer less protection.

The trick is to know what your armor is going to be used for and even have multiple sets for different uses. My general rule of thumb is to at least wear armor that will protect you from whatever weapon youre carrying at the time, just in case you nd yourself in the situation where someone takes and uses your weapon against you.

And pack some PPP gear to turn your camouaged armor into something a little sturdier once youre done with the more sneaky part of your work. Also, know what kind of armor is best for your run or mission.

If stealth, speed, or subtlety is required, then a large and bulky suit of mil-spec armor is probably not your best option. Conversely, if you know youre going into a potential hot combat zone with heavy weapons being deployed, youd better have something more than an armored jacket.

Just like with weapons, use something that fits your missions parameters. And dont forget about the other things armor protects against. Fire, acid, edged weapons, chemical attacks, shock damage; bullets are not the only things out there that will kill you.

Red Anya Theres also a term in the mercenary world I nd amusing: Armor Stacking Cheese Monkey. These are the people who, like the walking arsenal, go overboard with their personal armor and try to turn themselves into walking tanks.

All theyre doing is adding unnecessary weight and limiting their mobility. People like that tend to fall behind and become large, awkward targets. They usually dont last long. Training equals familiarity which equals coordination which leads to smooth operations when the shit is flying. No amount of tech or augmentation can equal that.

If your group is having trouble bonding, give it a little time. You may just need to get to know one another, to start to appreciate what each person adds to the team my advice, though, is that you dont take any difficult jobs until team chemistry ticks upward.

If you can get to the point where bonds start to form, then greatyoull have what you need, a team full of people ready to fight hard for people they care about. If you give it a chance and the bonds dont set inwell, time to head to your favorite runner bar and see what other groups out there might be looking for a new teammate.

Spare me the esprit de corps BS.

Runners only care for each other as long as it serves their mutual interests, which usually stops the moment the run is over and the cred has been deposited. What youre spouting leads to vulnerability, something runners cant afford. Rigger X Says the man who likes to sell out teammates for a few extra yen. Oh and X, after I came into my nice new position here at JackPoint, I found out how a certain other rigger came into possession of some very personal info about my family.

Consider yourself on notice. I could go on and on about tactics and teamwork, both because there is a lot to learn and because its so vital to what we do. But Ill avoid diving into minutiae and focus on some of the more important broad concepts of why this matters. If you want more details, youll just have to buy my full book when it comes out. Just like weapons, tactics are only as good as the team who uses them.

[ E-cat27003] Run & Gun (Combat Corebook)

If the team cant come together, work as a single unit, and follow orders when necessary, then everything else is a waste of time. A teams particular make-up and style usually dictates what tactics will be used and how successful those tactics will be. Some teams are just better at certain types of runs or missions than others.

Whatever the teams style is, groups should play to their strengths and adjust the tactics accordingly. Also, and I cant stress this enough, train together constantly.

The teams that work the best are the ones where each member knows the others skills, weaknesses, habits, and tendencies. Knowing how each team member will react or move in a combat situation is vital. Even if you all hate each others guts off the clock, learn to love each other when its go-time, because you will be holding each others lives in your hands every damn time.

Once you have the right team, the tactics usually fall into place. Unless, of course, no one on the team takes the lead or has any clue about tactics. Then you better find someone who does. You may lose a gun or a blade may break, but youll never lose your body.

And if you do, then your fighting days are probably about done anyway. There are people who spend their entire lives tuning their bodies into hand-to-hand combat machines, or they just buy those skills from a catalogue. There are more styles and disciplines out there than one could possibly learn in ten lifetimes, but some still try.

Adepts are famous for this, but anyone with the time and discipline can master the basics of unarmed combat. And while its not my specialty I dont have that much patience , I have a tremendous fascination and respect for those who practice these arts. But the sad fact is, most martial arts just arent meant for use in true combat unless its against another martial artist.

Ask any Gladio or MMA fighter and theyll tell you the same thing. Thats why most militaries and. The details may vary, but for the most part theyre centered on two things: These styles are quick, simple, effective, and specifically designed for use in a chaotic combat situation. If you dont have the time to become a martial arts master, make the time to learn some basics, or at the very least know how to throw a good punch or kick for when the time comes.

Otherwise, know how to run away. Theyre the one threat that scares me the most. Most things in combat you can take into account and at least try to protect against, but not the assassin. If they do their job right, you never see them coming. Sure, theres some gear that might do some good against snipers, but most assassins dont ever come close to engaging in legitimate combat.

Theyre the definition of a dirty fighter.

Theyll slit your throat while you sleep, rig your commode to explode, or kill you in some whacked-out way I havent even thought of. The only way Ive figured to prevent becoming an assassins next mark is through due diligence. Operational security, personal security measures, careful reconnaissance, constant vigilance, and a healthy dose of paranoiaall are decent ways of staying alive under any situation.

But with assassins, sometimes even thats not enough. And yeah, this is worded to try to scare you for a reason. Dont let fear paralyze you, but dont ignore it either. Good hand-to-hand ghters dont just come out of dojos or military training programs. Gangs from various sprawls learn how to ght really quickly if they want to survive.

Ive seen street brawlers take on so-called martial arts masters and wipe the oor with them. Never underestimate someone just because they look like another street punk. Chainmaker Thats because most martial artists, especially those out of the dojos, have been conditioned in very specic, often regimented ways. Their moves can be predictable. Those with combatpractical military training are a little harder to anticipate, but if you recognize their style, you know what to expect.

A street ghter whos survived long enough learns to do whatever is necessary, making their moves more unpredictable. Its hard to defend yourself when you have no idea of what your attackers going to do.

Though Ill admit, some styles are better than others when it comes to dealing with a chaotic opponent. Thorn Or you could just shoot them before they get anywhere near you. Just sayin. I heard about someone in particular who posed as a Red Cross medic and put poison in the meds he was doling out. I lost two because of that bastard. When the UN found out, they put a heavy bounty on his head.

Never found out if anyone collected. Picador It was taken care of. Balladeer If youre serious about preventing assassination, you need to take things back a step from what Sensei is talking about. Build a good network, cultivate your contacts, and make sure you are on good terms with people who know useful information.

That way, if someone decides to put a price on your head, you can nd out before anyone tries to collect. You might even nd out who will try to collect, giving you a leg up in planning how to avoid them.

Fianchetto Or helping you take them out rst. But one of the things I personally try to avoid is the use of complex explosive devices unless theyre vital to the run or mission. They have their place and I have used them quite successfully to breach doors or to bring down buildings, but I am not a demolitions expert. I leave lessons on the use of such items to the experts. So the only advice I have to give here is: More than any other weapon or piece of gear, if you dont know how to properly operate or dispose of explosives, leave them the hell alone.

Combat is a crazy, chaotic thing. The variables involved are legion, and trying to account for them all can drive you mad. So instead of trying to summarize centuries of knowledge, Ill leave everyone with my own version of an old shadow saying: Shoot straight, conserve ammo, keep your head down, and in a fight always run from a dragon.

Yep, that about covers it. Theyre dangerous, and people who use them often get sloppy, which results in excessive collateral damage. And people losing their fragging arms. People who dont understand think you should just stop collecting at a certain point, because enoughs enough, right?

Except its not. As long as there is someone out there who might have enough to take you out, you dont have enough.

In certain circles, accumulating more is not about greedits about survival. Were going to run down a few dozen weapons here, tools for every kind of situation. Choose wisely, train hard, and save your nuyen so that you can buy what you need and use it right. If you need more of an explanation than that, then do us all a favor and dont buy anything more powerful than a BB gun until you take a class or something. For the rest of us, heres a guide to some of the things that are out there.

The classic leather scabbard cant be drawn off the back of anyone smaller than a troll. The blade is just too long to clear the scabbard. Get a quickdraw sheath if you arent a troll.

Hard Exit While the Highland Forge model claymore disses the samurai, the same megacorp that produces it also produces the Nippon Steel Nodachi, a samurai-style extra long blade.

Mihoshi Oni. An ideal accessory for your Heritage Line clothing or for the troll who thinks a regular sword makes a better toothpick. The Highland Forge Claymore comes with a classic leather scabbard to add that authentic look. The blade is custom-forged with a proprietary technique even the masters of Damascus would be unable to match. Some prefer the more elegant Fiore dei Liberi and thus choose the rapier over the common katana. Horizon and world-renowned bladesmith Dante Flynn have joined forces to create the ultimate tool for slipping past a flawed defense and finding a home in the heart.

The Horizon-Flynn blade is a slender composite designed for strength, flexibility, and stability for maximum armor penetration. The fact that Horizon has joined up with anyone to create a killing tool seems strange. It actually makes me feel like maybe they are just another mega and not something far more diabolical. Netcat Very likely the intent of this partnership. Horizon plays so nice in so many areas, having a branded killing tool seems to ground them with the rest of the evil megacorps.

Also gets people to talk about something besides killing technomancers and backing the losers of the Azt-Am War. With a good decker you can modify the basic shape if you dont want a bracelet or belt. It takes a little bit of skill, but a few Matrix jockeys have uploaded pre-programmed codes to various sites to reshape them as anklets, bandoliers, connected rings, armbands, even one that turns the sword blade into a full shoe.

You need two of the shoes if you want it to look right, but damn is that creative. A strange question, but one you must ask yourself when it comes to the Memory Blade. Victorinox uses their SmartSteel technology to provide a flexible material that can be commanded to stiffen and form a blade.

They currently have two self-defense designs available for special order. The Belt, a sword length design worn around the waist, and the Bracelet, a design aimed at lady execs who want a little extra protection.

Mostly found on executives with too much money, they often find their way into the shadow market after extraction ops. The weapons sheath can be formed into a piece of clothing or put in some other appropriate place to hide the weapon. If the weapons grip is concealed as well the Concealability modier is 4 in order to detect the weapon. The memory blade requires a Complex Action to harden or become exible again in addition to the Simple Action for readying or drawing the weapon.

This tool of the modernized street samurai features a monofilament line along the edge that provides unmatched penetration potential. They come in two designs, a long blade, currently crafted in the fashion of a gladius; and a short blade, currently fashioned after the Bowie knife. Previous years designs have run the gamut since the introduction of the original Fineblade back in the 50s. The Queen of Hearts is the nickname for Ares monofilament garrote that will often take a head right off well before the target suffocates, though Im certain that was part of the intended design.

Other megacorps have copied the design, but Ares is by far the biggest name out there. Beware mistakes. A misplaced pinky can be the difference between a clean kill and a place on the dishonored yakuza list. The Queen of Hearts and her sister models are unforgiving on untrained fools.

The stun staff is basically a staff with stun batons on each end. Theyre rather large and a bit ugly but they look quite intimidating in the hands of the guards at Shiawase HQ. The garrote is a handheld weapon designed to quietly kill via strangulation. The weapon consists of a central string, usually a semiflexible wire of some sort, attached to a pair of handles used to pull the weapon tight once it is wrapped around a targets neck.

Death is slow and unpleasant as the target usually struggles intensely, so a strong stomach and skill are both required. Using a garrote requires and initial successful attack test to get the weapon in place similar to subduing combat. The attacker uses their Exotic Melee Weapon Garrote skill to initiate the subduing. The attack must use the Called Shot Location modier and needs at least 1 net hit to succeed.

After the weapon is in place, the attacking character can choose to do the damage of the weapon during their next Action Phase along with improving their hold with another Attack Test or knocking the opponent to the ground. BULLWHIP Whether its redirecting bulls, snagging wrists, or lashing infidels, the whip has seen an interesting history as a tool, a showpiece, a torture device, and a weapon.

This versatility is both its greatest asset and its biggest detriment. The training that is needed to use this weapon is very specific, but a truly skilled individual can perform feats with this item unmatched by any other weapon. While the civilian model is actually used for cutting things like concrete and sculpting stone, that is just never enough.

Ash has retooled the monofilament cousin of the standard chainsaw as well and made it into a unique weapon that has probably cut off more limbs from brain-dead wielders than their intended victims. But boy is a successful hit awesome. A whip can be used to snare handheld objects, including weapons, or to trip an opponent using the Called Shot rules p.

Disarming or grabbing a held object requires a Blast Out of Hands called shot with an additional Opposed Strength Test to yank the item free and toward, instead of away from, the attacker. Tripping an opponent uses the Knockdown called shot.

Again, the attacker must be within 2 meters of the target. Same problems occur here when people try and use the tools as the weapons. Darwin would be proud. After someone made a flatvid film about a chainsaw-wielding killer in Texas and then slipped a fictional S-Mart model over the stumpy forearm of a time-traveling fighter of evil, the chainsaw somehow became thought of as a sword with a spinning chain blade.

Truth is, trying to swing a chainsaw as a weapon is fragging ridiculous, but that doesnt stop niche market weapons manufacturers from feeding the public hunger. This model is decent with its special features that remove some of the safety features located on most chainsaws, but cheap street rats will still try and use their local hardware store model in a ght.

& pdf run gun

Most learn about their mistake the hard way. Non-combat versions of the chainsaw and monolament chainsaw have their Accuracy reduced to 3, Damage Value reduced by 2, Availability changed to 2 and 6R respectively, and prices reduced to and 1, And that was all just yesterday in Redmond. Anything that can be swung and has enough mass to knock some sense into the misguided or an edge that can cut to the truth has been used at one point or another in history to lay down the hurt.

These tools arent all perfect, and you cant really use them with much finesse or style. But if theyre all thats handy, swing that old iron frying pan and see what mommas got cookin in the kitchen. Powered by CO2 and possessing an internal magazine, the Shark doesnt stop after just one pull of the trigger, a feature that has saved many a diver that trusted the Aquadyne brand. For the sport fisherman, the Shark features the QuickClip line system that makes setting up for the next catch faster than ever.

The Shark has enough force that shermen arent limited to standard shing line. This model pops off with enough power to pull spidersilk cable or other heavier test. Modern materials throughout make this kids toy as deadly as any holdout and most light pistols on the market. The slingshot, whether this Ares model or something more mundane, is great for delivering a variety of ordnance.

Most people think marbles or ball bearings and occasionally capsule rounds, but sticky RFID trackers and even a little sticky explosive charge are a few of the more creative uses of the slingshot. The harpoon gun uses Light Crossbow ranges underwater and Heavy Pistol ranges when red outside of the water. The Archery skill is used to re the weapon. Due to the preference for stealth over force, the Sliver is most often used with Ranger Puncture Injection Bolts.

These supposedly best in the market projectiles offer significant penetrative power to make sure whatever theyre loaded with makes its way into the target. This weapon can be used to re either hard projectiles, like ball bearings, and do the listed damage; or soft projectiles, such as capsule rounds lled with contact toxins or drugs p. A slingshot uses shuriken ranges and is red with the Archery skill.

Without someone with a steady hand and some medical skill, pulling out an arrow with one of these on the tip is going to be problematic. The Punctures are denitely better, but dont forget that a bolt is really nothing but a short arrow, which means there are ones with interchangeable heads. Titans line of explosive and electric heads can help boost the potential of your little Sliver. Hit someone with one of these and find out.

Hunters after small game knew that organ punctures could ruin what little meat the beasts had on them, so theyd opt to knock them out instead of take risks with sharper arrowheads. Additionally, poachers who were after exotic birds but knew they lost a lot of value when they were dead helped give this arrowhead a lot of use.

A handy tool in any wannabe-Robin Hoods arsenal. Or more accurately, with these arrows. The Stick n Shock head is only a small portion of this latest archery innovation.

Bowmen who want to gain the full potential of these heads need to combine them with Static Shafts, an Ares innovation that fills the shaft with a powder that builds a charge during flight. Unpleasant beyond just the initial hurting, the fire continues to burn unless it loses its supply of oxygen. Not only during ight. Ive heard of guys who zap themselves when they jostle these things the wrong way.

Care should be taken when trying to use this tech. This is the Aboriginal hunting stick that can snap the neck of an emu. Made of a wide variety of materials the modern hunting boomerang is either a heavy wood with a dull edge or a lighter composite with a sharp edge. Both are deadly in the right hands. Fire a screamer head. Though some models do in fact scream, most are designed with less awkward sounds.

The pitting patterns on the hollow pipe of the head are designed to make a wide variety of sounds for signaling and can. A cheap, unguided surveillance tool, the BoomerEye is a lightweight sport boomerang with a special camera mounted on the bottom. Its designed to be thrown over a wide arc and get a quick peak at what might be hidden out of sight.

Metahumans have been using sharpened sticks to kill prey, and each other, for millennia. Improvements to materials technology have just allowed them to throw further, faster, and more accurately. Failure results in a number of boxes of Physical damage equal to 3 hits, unresisted.

Wireless Bonus: The head can be detonated before impact and split between two targets within 1 meter of each other. Both targets roll to avoid the attack separately and neither takes the initial 8P damage, instead just suffering the 6P, 4AP, for 4 Combat Turns, including the current one. The sound resetting can be done as a Free Action, even while in ight.

NET There always seemed to be no more embarrassing gladiatorial death than to be trapped in a net and then poked to death. I think the fact that the gladiators who fought with nets were the lowliest of the low makes it even worse.

But these days it doesnt matter.

If it works, use it. The net makes a great way to slow an opponent and provide an. A boomerang that hits a target does not return. Boomerangs use the ranges of Aerodynamic Grenades.

Horizon BoomerEye: This is a cheap surveillance tool created by some bored engineers out in the desert. The BoomerEye is a video camera attached to a boomerang that can be tossed out and get a birds-eye view of an area.

The device can be downloaded with a Complex Action on return to the thrower. The device can provide live-feed video while in ight. With a successful attack using rules for a Grazing Hit p. An attacker must move to the target in order to engage in any of the Subduing actions. Nets use half the range of throwing knives round up and employ the Exotic Ranged Weapons Net skill. Harpoons use the Throwing Weapons skill, but they may also be used as melee weapon, using the Blades skill and doing the same damage as the thrown weapon with a Reach of 2.

And if it doesnt work, modify it until it does. While a few attempts at monolament nets have been tried and failed spectacularly, other more offensive materials have been used with nets. The Terra Cotta ShredNet with its barbed wire netting and the Ares ShockNet with an electrical stun charge built in have been two very popular options to spice things up.

Made from modern composites and balanced for throwing, this modern take on the classic Native American weapon gives as much respect to its predecessors as it can while moving into the 21st century. Popular among the urban tribal street gangs, especially the First Nations in Seattle, these finely crafted killing tools can also be found on the belts of Salish Rangers and Sioux Wildcats.

Though its called the Screech and its classified as a sonic rifle, anyone with this thing pointed at them will rarely hear a thing other then their own retching as they puke up their latest meal. This devious invention uses focused sound waves to disorient the target while not causing any real damage. Perfect for crowd control as long as the users are prepped with gas masks, since the reek of soybase vomit will fill the air this sucker is fired.

Blowguns are red with the Exotic Ranged Weapon Blowgun skill. To deliver a toxin with a blowgun needle, use the Called Shot Location rules to target an area not protected by armor. If the attack succeeds, the poison is delivered. Note that when using a blowgun, a character may inhale his own dart on a critical glitch; some modern blowguns have a safeguard in form of a small cross-like section in the mouthpiece.

Dont try and use this against spirits. Their lack of a standard biology makes them immune to the effect. Works great on most other things though. Usually seems to depend on whether they have ears that affect their balance and equilibrium. Now get fancy and try and wrap it around your target. Its not easy, but if you hit just right its both a takedown and a load of pain all in one.

Modern bolas arent rocks tied with strings; instead, theyre usually solid steel connected with wire, often with three balls instead of two.

& gun pdf run

Theyre a favorite weapon of hunters that prefer to take their prey alive, especially bounty hunters. Theres very little intention to capture and much more to harm, though the company tag line is suppression through intimidation, claiming they wrap and prevent escape by the threat of increased risk of harm.

The sonic rie can re with variable beam settings. It uses the same rules as shotguns p. Damper earware p. Targets hit by a beam suffer the effects of disorientation and nausea see p. The rie uses peak discharge battery packs, with each shot consuming 1 power unit. The blowgun has been silently neutralizing targets for hundreds of years. Especially popular with stealthy forces that like to poison their targets and then recover their goodies or finish them off once they are no longer able to fight off a flea.

They take a lot of skill to use and almost always include a drug or toxin on their needles. Otherwise it would just be ranged acupuncture. Sociopathic runners are often at the forefront of interesting derivations and innovations in the arms race. Boombolas are an example of that. A pair of wireless-enabled grenades, or one grenade and a counterweight, are used to snare the target with a healthy reminder of how bad not surrendering can be.

There are also those who simply use the bola design to put the grenades right on top of a target. No longer chunky salsa, more of a ne pure.

Red Anya. The gun fires miniature 6mm rockets that explode on impactan effect that, underwater, is even worse than in the air. Now you have basic bolas. Take that and throw it at some-. FN makes a full array of alternate munitions that match up well with their standard counterparts.

Jelly rockets are awesome. Designed to look just like Mortimers regular line of dress canes, the Trafalger tag goes on any of the gun canes no matter what they look like.

The Trafalger line has been copied by cheaper knock-off companies, some that are using heavier rounds but all of them destroy the cane after they are used. Bolas can do one of two types of damage based on their use.

Gun pdf & run

When thrown with the intent of wrapping around a specic location on an opponent use the appropriate Called Shot Location modier to determine success. Once wrapped up with a monolament bola, any character trying to get themselves loose with the above Escape Artist Test or move must make a Damage Resistance Test for each attempt. Bolas use shuriken ranges. One or two grenades of any fashion bound together. They suffer a 2 Accuracy, and misses are determined much like scatter, except that it is always the maximum distance in the 7 direction.

A successful bola attack means the grenades are at 0 distance to the target when they explode, and Multiple Simultaneous Blast rules p. The gun cane uses taser ranges, can only use caseless ammo, and cannot mount any accessories. The Knockoff models are destroyed after ring. The basic is designed for metahumans, except for trolls, and smaller critters; while the XL is intended for trolls and other larger creatures.

Tiffani has made the lgance for years, and dozens of basic designs are out there now. The truly elite get their bracers customized to match their newest fashions, and some have gathered quite the collection of lgance bracers in their closet.

The ShockNet ammo is great for helping with a little extra takedown on those really feisty targets. Aim on these things is wretched due to the lack of barrel. Tiffani has tried to help make up for that with a laser sight feature available on their newest model.

The lgance Shooting Bracer can only use caseless ammunition and uses taser ranges. It cannot mount any accessories. The bracers Concealability modier to hide its true function is 5 see p.

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When a target is hit, apply the rules for nets see p. Net guns use light pistol ranges and cannot mount any accessories. The cost on the left side of the slash is the price of the gun; on the right is the cost of a full load of ammunition for the weapon.

The ShockNet has two charges. One will activate on contact, the second at the start of the next Combat Turn. It still looks sufficiently enough like a pistol to still intimidate targets who might scoff at a mere taser. This is a perfect choice to go with the immortal little black dress, stored under the dashboard of a car, or put next to the bed for a good nights sleep.

Standard upgrades: Laser sight Wireless: A successful hit with any taser informs you of the status of the targets basic health and Condition Monitors. Updates are available for a modest annual fee. With no other truly compelling features, marketing is what this firearm mostly has going for it, but that appears to be all it needs to keep selling well.