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whethcr b)' Oiling plate armor's gap" with shields of force or hadventurers can. Certain pages from this book are designed for use in a group setting and. Chapter 1. Creativity and Problem Solving. MIRACLES FROM THE VAULT. D&D 4th Edition - Adventurer's Vault 2 - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, d20, d20 System, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, Adventurer's Vault, Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster. Adventurer's Vault (4e) - Hundreds of new weapons, tools, and magic items for your Watermarked PDF + Softcover Color Book (Standard). PZO Adventurer's Dhanurvidya & Varman: The Arms and Armor of India. I13 Adventure - Free. 04 Adventures in the Northern.

Effect The triggering attack deals he mInimum damag. Personality Matters. AtLack rolls and damage rolls Critical: Once Inside, the eladrin were assaulted, blinded, and thrown Into the dungeon. The power Is lost if you don't use It before the end of the encounler. This book does exactly what you think it's going to, and it does it extremely well.

A shield that becomes a stone wall. And of course, varieities of magical weapons and armor aplenty. Adventurer's Vault showcases interesting, flavorful magic items.

In a game system that is occasionally criticized for making magical items less unique and memorable, these items are a great example of how to handle design correctly; every item has an evocative name, a brief description, a strong theme, and a balanced power level.

The items lack the extended descriptions and histories that occasionally peppered earlier editions' magic item lists, but there's enough here for DMs to easily customize and expand on interesting items. Looking at a Feyslaughter Bow , for instance, just from the name alone a DM can create a history and description that is going to want to make the party's elven archer burn the thing instead of using it herself.

As Advertised. This book does exactly what you think it's going to, and it does it extremely well. Need a ton of well-crafted and intriguing magic items? Buy Adventurer's Vault. About the Creators. Logan Bonner is a former editor for Wizards of the Coast. A prolific game designer who worked on dozens of books for WotC, he's now a freelance writer, designer and editor who lives in the Seattle area.

Don't miss it.

Adventurer's Vault.pdf

Eytan Bernstein is a freelance writer and designer from Long Island, New York, who works as a development editor by day. Chris Sims is a veteran of Wizards of the Coast and a number of smaller d20 companies.

While Kolja has been known to perform on occasion, this happens more by accident rather than design. Owen K. About the Product Historian. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to kevin. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 2. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Timothy B. Tons and tons of magic items for your 4e games. Broken up basically the same way they always have been. Megan R. All adventurers need good equipment, both magical and mundane, and even the most creative DM sometimes needs ideas for interesting treasure hoards for the characters to, ahem, liberate See All Ratings and Reviews.


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During a later journey. Celia overheard people in one of her adopted homes speaking of the "wandering saint," a woman who served loun by flndlng hidden items and bringing them to where they were most needed. With a shock. Celta realized they were talking about her. Recognizing the truth laid before her, she: The flnal piece of the legend states that Celia opened a w;ry for other practitioners ofarcane power to touch the divine.

Adventurer's Vault

Rampaging Cultists: The cultists have made the mistake of attacking one of the communities that used to be under Cella's protection. A priest of loun asks for aid. When any aUy within 5 squares of you spends an action poInt to make an attack.

Auack rolls and damage rolls Critial: You hll with a divine attotek power using this holy symbol. Make a melee basic altiKk. Ir the. An allack hilS an ally you can see.

Attack roUs and damage rolls Critial: TriBBtt You use your second wind. One ally within 5 squares of you GIn spend a healing surge. Known as the followers of the Radiant Flame, they rejected the Idea of a strict division between primal and divine power.

Other priests considered their beliefs blasphemous and tried to strike down the Radiant Flame. The followers of Ihat faith responded by creating magic symbols that embodied their Ideals. In the great battle that followed, they bore this symbol to proclaim that all power in the world came from the same source. Reconcile the Faiths: A conclave is gathering to celebrate the RadIant Flame. They plan to bestow symbols of the Radiant Flame upon those who demonstrate openness to new posslbllities.

Protect the Faithful: Followers of the Radiant Aame are being assassinated and harassed by those who dis- agree with their beliefs. The survivors are looking for champions of faith and conviction to protect them and are willing to reward their defenders with a symbol oflhe Rodionl Flame. Jilek 1. An enemy Clr- gets you with a ranged attack.

If the attack misses you. You hit an enemy with a divine altack power using this holy symbol. Effect; Choose one ally within 5 squares of you. Untlllhe end of your next tum. When this Item Is created. When you use 'OOr turn undeod power, you can target creatures of the chosen kind Instead of undead creatures. You miss alll: The power Isn'l expended. This symbolls madl' of rtd lroll slrtllked wilhJlt: TJ IIriShl mrll1l. Juur foes wllh ris'urous j1mnl'. When you hit an enemy marked by 'OO with a divine attack power using this holy symbol, that enemy takes ld6 extra Are damage.

It mys- tically enforces whatever oath is written upon it, making the paladin's challenge even more painful to refuse. Introspective paladins follow a personal code. When such a paladin wears this holy symbol.

Dogmatic paladins believe that their code should apply to everyone, not just themselves, and they enforce Its tenets no matter what resistance they face.

On them, this symbol magnifies an already Intimidating aspect. Oaths of Aggression: A hobgoblin paladin has sent forth goblin warriors loyal to him, ordering them to kill In Bane's name. He carries a symbol o[t. Those who can defeat him might be able to erase the staIn of his cruel acts by transfonnlng his symbol into one holding less destructive precepts.

Symbol of the Self: Although any ritual caster can learn to craft a symbol ofthe champions code, doing so is an intense, personal experience.

The creator gathers mate- rials and tools that are important to his or her faith and conducts the riwalln a private, sacred place. For example, a paladin ofBahamut might craft a symbol from platinum gathered from a dragon's hoard, while a follower of Corel- Ion might perform the ritual at the top of a giant tree in the deep forest where it reaches into the Feywild.

Aquest to locate the proper materials and site might encompass many adventures. You choose an enemy marked by you. Untillhe end of your next turn, Ihat enemy can'l make an attack thaI Includes any creature olher than you as a target. But when word arrived that a hobgoblin army was marching on them, the two cities banded together. Dwarf clerics of Morad! Find a Priest-Smith: The art or making symbols of fire andfury is practiced mainly by dwarf priest-smiths.

Trained In both item crafting and religious lore, they have preserved the details of creating these special symbols. Take the Test of Two: Afew scriptures detail the Test of Two.

This challenge identifies those worthy ofcarrying symbols offire andfury against threats similar in scope to the hobgoblin invasion. Only a candidate filled with both divine might and great endurance and physical strength can pass the test. By finding a cleric to administer the trial, a hero might be able to win a symbol affire and fury. Attack rolls and damage rolls CritJcal: Immediate Interrupt, An enemy targets you and at least one ally with an attack.

Effert You and your allies' defeme agaInst the triggering en- emy's attack is the highest appropriate score among all of you being attacked, For uample, If the attack Is against Refla and the highest ReflC! Attack rolls and damage rolls Critkal: Whm UU spmk a.. When you use the hmUnS worn power during a combat encounter.

PrImal characters can wield this holy symbol in one hand to use It as a totem Implement for primal powers. You score a altical hit with an attack power using this holy symbol. I M"Slc Huns The orb represcllts clarity of will, finc control of magic. Ifyou arc:. Members of01 her classes gain no benefit from wielding an orb. You hft an enemy with an arcane allllck power using thIs orb. You regain lhe use of your Orb of Imposition class feature If you have already used It during this encounter.

Orb of Repeated Imposition Allack rolls and damage rolls Cntial: When you use an al"Gllle attaCk power through this orb. I'Jllint' orb erulbli.

D&D 4th Edition - Adventurer's Vault 2

Attack rolls and damage rolls Critia!: You hit an enemy with an arcane attack power using this orb. That enemy can't target any creature more than 3 squares away from it save ends. Thisan'rn 'IUMr:: TIle effect InSlead ends at the end of your next turn. You can stili use Orb of Imposition only once per encounter. Orb of Resilient Tenacity h.

Attack roUs and damage rolls Critical: Power DaJly: That enemy Is petrified save ends. Minor Anion. Attack rolls and damage mils Critial: You are sub- jected to an effect that a save can end. EUea; You can v: AtLack rolls and damage rolls Critical: This rod can be used as a weapon, functioning as a mace. You add its en You place your Warlock's Curse on an enemy. EUea; That enemy is also mariced until the end of the ellCounter. When a crealu"" mariced by you In this way makes an attiK.

It takes your Wariock's Curse eliCtra damage. Darkspiral Rod L.. When you hll an enemy affected by your Wilrlock's Curse with a attack power using this rod, you deal eliCtra damage equal to the Viilue of your Darkspiral Aura class feature 10 the enemy. Ilelll'irr rlttm a wflml.

You hil an enemy wilh an attack power using this rod. The next time that enemy misses you with an altack, you can shift 3 squares as an Immediale reactIon. Allack mils and damage mils Critkal: Somc rods idclltiry their intended clcurly by referencing sped fic class or powers, have a broader appeal. Except rarc caSCS,: Ira rot! Cilll function as either: AlemOc" orother classes g"in no bcncnt from wielding a rod.

II 1m crealI' dmul. Attack roll! Make an attack: Area burst 3 within 20 squares. Ongoing 15 damage. Cmfll'J 10 fI"l'i' a. Attack rolls and damage rolls Critial: When an enemy'! Rod of Silver Rain l. Attack mils and damage rolls Critical: When you hit an undead enemy affected by your Warlock's Curse with iln attack power using this rod. Attack rolls and damage roll! Jr you're a tiefllng, when you use an atlack power through this rod, your bonus to atlack rolls from your bloodhunt racial trait increases by 1.

Attack mils and damilge rolls Critic. You hit with a divine aflack power using this rod. You hit an enemy af- fected by your Warlodc's Curse with an atGld power using this rod.

J J tills m. J 8i1'tS. Auack rolls and damage rolls ential: When you acquire a rod of lhis sort. The vestige bound to the rod becomes your acttve vestige. Willing to go to any lengths to stop the Inva- sion, these warlocks sent false diplomats to find star pact warlocks from whom they could steal power. With their newfound knowledge, they created the first rods ofstolen starlight, which were powerful weapons In the battle against undead, Scions of the Stars: Sometimes, the remaIns of dedi- cated star pact warlocks develop cysts that swell until creatures of the Far Realm burst forth.

Rumors abound of places where this has happened and aberrant creatures are attacking the local populace. Heroes who follow these rumors and defeat those creatures might find a rod of stolen starlight The Demon Prince's Drow: Some draw take up the worship of Orcus, whkh displeases the powers of dark- ness. Followers of those entities might give a rod ofstolen starlight to a group of heroes to help them desrroy these Orcus-worshlplng draw and their undead followers. Rod ofthe Pactbinder l.

You make one of your primary vestiges your active vestige. Arcone Pow2r. It coats the land In silver, Gluslng feelings of great celebratIon among the goodly fey, who see it as an aus- picious sign. At one poInt. The rod created a silver cloud that burned the minds ofSuzasha's foes and aided her allies. Not surprislngty. The romonans dispatched their lackeys to steal the rod from Suzasha under cover of nighL The thieves were successful and returned the rod to their dark stronghold, where the amonans unsuccessfully attempted to disen- chant the Item.

ShadowfelJ Search: Adventurers have sought the original rod In the Shadowfell to no avail. Only one creature knows where It lies hidden-a fomorian wretch named Kruvthos. He claims to have been banished from the fomorian realms and is threatening to gain revenge by revealing the rod's location to those who will help him.

But none so far have been willing to trust the fomo- rian. The Queen of Air and Darkness: The Queen of Air and Darkness, an evil ruler of wicked fey, lives in exile.

She keeps It in a vault that shIelds her courtIers from Its harmful effects. Rumors suggest that the Queen Is away petitioning to return to the Feywild. Attxk rolls and damage rolls Critical: Ongoing 10 poison damage save ends If! Ongoing 15 polson damage save eods Property: When you hit with an attack thai deals ongoing necrotic or ongoing poison damage using this rod.

The effea gains -Aftereflec. Ongoing 10 poison damage save eods. Attxk rolls aod damage rolls Critical: You use this rod 10 reduce an enemy affected by your Warlock's Curse to 0 hit points. Thai enemy Is dominated until the end of its next tum, Arterlhat, the enemy Is killed or knocked unconscious.

Hellish Trophies: Devils hate few things more than those who use the devils' own power against them, In the Nine Hells or other devilish enclaves , the Implements of Infernal pact warlocks who fought against the devils are used as decoration. The devils convert them Into torches of misery to light their halls, usually pinning the former owner's dismembered head or hand to the wall with the Implement.

Any heroes brave enough to venture Into one of these domains can claim one of these rods and put Its former owner to rest. Prince Corna's Torch: Corna the Despised, one of the Princes of Misery, was defeated by a group of human wizards working In concert. Whoever survives the dangerous journey to the peak. Iclls aod damage rolls Critical: When you hit an enemy with a lire or radianl attack power using this rod and deal damage 10 ii, that enemy grants combat advantage 10 you on your nel[t auack against it.

Power Minor Aalon, Green flame bursts from the end oflhe rod, illuminating Ihe area around you like a torch. You Gin end this effee as a free aClion. Ihc st: IllS Iimiled 10 dcfen- shoe magic.

If 'ou arc a mcmber of'l class Ihat can wield a slalT as: Members ofOlher c1asS. TheIr followers unleashed magic from powerful Items. The plants began to die. The darkness drove Iycanthropes into a supernatural madness.

They rampaged across the land, slaughtering anyone they encountered. Asorcerer and devotee of Sehanine quested to recover an ancient staff sacred to her deity. Her band braved countless dangers before they found a sacred glade. When they arrived, a shaft of moonlight pierced the deep blackness. With the help of the staff, the band destroyed many of the wild Iycanthropes. Its task complete. It has since reappeared from time to time.

Darkness Returns: The forces of evil conspire to bathe the land in darkness once again. Heroes are needed to find a holy place of Sehanine where a moonsilver staff wailS and banish this evil. Society of Sliver: The Society of Silver, an organization made up of members of many races, has been fighting a drawn-out, bloody campaign to eliminate Iycanthropes.

They continually seek newadventurers to join their cause and have been known to award a moonsitve, staffto those who prove themselves worthy. Moonsilver Staff level Treat this st.. You hit an enemy with an arcane radiant power and deal damage to it using thrs stafl Effecr: You use an arcane area bursl all: The attack becomes an area wall in a number of squares equal 10 the burst's sb: This effect doesn't change the doration or other attrlbUles of the power.

Divine charactcrs can use this staff as a holy symbollmplcmcllt for divine powers. When you use your Healing Infusion class feature on an ally, lhat ally gains resistance to all damage equal to the staff's enhancement bonus until the end of your next tum.

Power Minor Action. An ally within 10 squares of you gains resist.. Staff of Iron Infusion Level 4. Allack rolls and d: When you hit at least three targets with a dose allack power using this staff. You use an arcane dose blast allack power through this staff. The attack becomes a dose burst 2 squares smaller than the blast. Staff of Knives Levell.. Staff of Resilience Level You spend a healing surge but regain no hll polnlS.

You transform this item from a staff into a dagger or from a dagger into a staff. AtloitCk rolls and damage rolls Critical: The first time you roll an attack roll of 17 Of higher with an attack power using thi!

You must have the Initiate of the Faith feat. As the cleric's hoofin8 word paoNer Ployers H lodboole. Close blast 5; targets each creature In blast: When an enemy auacks a creature you summoned and misses. An enemy hilS a creature you summoned. The triggering enemy reroUs the attack roll and must use the second result.

Primal characters GIn use this staff as a totem Implemem for primal powers. Anack rolls and damage rolls ritlal: When you use an arcane ranged or area attac: Jgh this staff, you don't provoke opponuniry attacks rrom enemies adjacent to you that are largeted by the attack. It was said that he could curse in four languages and even sign his own name. He was such a prodigy that he wughl training In matters arcane. As the story goes, he found lucius. In time. Tucius came to regret that decision.

When Tudus had taught the ogre all he cared to, he sent Morgrale away.

Pdf adventurers vault

A staff of his own invention became a symbol of fear among his enemies, for he was equally adept al calling down magical fire as he was at leaping Into melee and blasting foes up close. When Morgrnle's master commanded him to conquer lucius's estate, the ogre didn't hesitate. After a successful conquest, Morgrale gained riches and contentment.

No longer desiring to venture Into battle, he became lord of a number of slaves and warriors. He reproduced his magic staff and granted copies to his underlings. Morgrale's Grasp: Nearby ogres have come under the command of an onl mage carrying a standard ofMorgrale.

They're invading their neighbors In the name of their master. Vengeance Before Death: The wizard Gharlteban the Betrayer got his nickname from turning his back on Morgrale. Years after swearing fealty to the ogre, Gharlteban switched sides and began worked against his former master.

He has grown old and frail, however, and now seeks Morgrale's final defeat before he Is no longer able to appreciate it fully. He's looking for others to accomplish this task and Is offering his staff of spell blaslinB In exchange. You can't make melee auacks "'ilh a tome, I ryOIl arc a member ofil cla'iS Ihm can wield a lome as an implcmcnl. Members ofOlher classes gailillo benefit from wielding a lome. When you use the dispel mogie power Ihrotlgh Ihis lome, you can I..

You expend an unused wizard utmly power of level 6 or higher and gain the use of Ihe dispel mogle power PIlI 'tr's Hondbook, pJge 1 The power Is losllf you don't use It before Ihe end of the encounler. Confounding Tome Level 18 f' clo'l! Free Actkln.. You expend an unused wizard dally attack power oflevd 15 or higher and gain the use of the maze power Player's Handbook, page 1 The power is lost if you don't use II before Ihe end of Ihe encounter.

TIlt' Owr llf'lIls ,Mel.. When you use the Il1' of Ice power Ihrough this tome, the Willi can be up to 15 squares Ioog and 10 squares high. You expend an unused wizard utility power of level 15 or higher and gain!

The power is lost if you don't use It before Ihe end of the encounter. His deck of spells can bestow great power on a wielder, but it can't be controlled. No aurhoritative story tells how the deck came to be. Some say that Amproemus meant to create a spellbook that let Its user cast spells more often and that random- ness was a side effect. A few believe Amproemus Simply lost a bet.

The Unassuming Deck: There are many decks ofspells In Ihe world, and not all are possessed bywtzards. Gam- blers swear by them as -some might give rhem up for money, oot a Superslitious gambler might demand a contest ofThree-Dro8on Ante or another game of chance. Attack rolls and dilmagc rolls Critical: Wizards can use this lome as a spdlbook. When you prepare your arcane powef5, you Citn choose one wizard daily ,mOtek power from your spellbook at You choose a wiurd daily attitCk power In your spellbook that you didn't prepare lodily and expend an unused wlurd darty allitCk power of an equal or higher level.

You gain the use of!

The power Is lost if you don't use It before the end of the encounler. Po-r Daily: You use a wizard sum- moning power. Attack rolls ilnd damage rolls Cridal: When you use a force power through this lome that attacks Reflex, you can choose to have the power ilttack Fonilude instead.

Vault pdf adventurers

This tome contilins two wizard daily force powers. Both powel'l must be of iI level equal to or lower thall lhat of the tome. You must choose these powers when you acqUire the tome: You can ildd these powers to your spellbook.

Free Aruoo. You choose a power contained In the tome and expend an unused wizard daily attack power of an equal or higher level. You gain the use of the chosen power. TIle power Is lost If you don't use it before the end of the enCounter. When 'Ou use a lightning attack power through this tome, you can score a critIcal hit on a roll of This torne contains two wizard dally lightning powers. Both powers must be of a level equal to or lower than that of the tome.

You must choose these powers when you acquire the tome; they can't be changed later. You can add these powers to your spellbook. The power Is losl if you don'I lise it before the end of the encoUl1lcr. When you use the web power through Ihi5 tome, any creature th.

Power D. You expend an unused utility power of level S or higher and gain the use of the web fKlWer Player's Handbook, page 16 The power Is lost If 'Ou don't use It before the end of the encounter.

You expend an unused wizard utlliry power of level 9 or higher and gain the use of the Mordenkainen'ssword power Players Handbook, page The power Is lost if you don't use it before the end of the encounter. They fold layer after layer of webbing Into sheets, then treat the pages with alchemical substances.

These tomes enhance the creation of magical webs and are highly prized among wizards. Gossamer [Dmes have become a symbol of the Venom Tongue, a cabal of mostly drow wizards who transform their bodies into vessels through dark rituals. Their pre- served flesh hosts swarms of grotesque, blood-gorged spiders. Web Weaver Contest: Alocal wizard's guild is holding an annual competition to determine who can make best use of the web spell. Competitors might create webs to trap rats, to confine other contestants In a maze, or simply to SUppoll the most weight.

The winner receives a gos- samer tome stolen fTom the drow who might want to get It Draw Bandits: Some Venom Tongue drow have been raiding shipments traveling between towns that lie above a draw city. Their handiwork Is easy to see: They leave behind the caravan merchants and guards, suffocated or starved, tangled In thick sticky webs. The people of the towns want the dark elves rooted out and slain.

Io Iht Inlllsforll1U1ioll hila bellSrforll1. Free Aaioll. While you are In beast fonn, your size is large, ilnd you gain il power bonus to damage rolls using beast form powers through this totem equal to the totem's enhancement bonus. Attack rolls and damage rolls ritical: That enemy Is grabbed by your splrlt companion. Bloodhunter Totem Level 'i- "'Jim. Jtnlr heart I'lKts "'ilhfmll!. Attack rolls and damage rolls Ctitlal: When charging while you are in beast form.

Free Aaion. You hit an enemy with a charge aHack using this totem while you are In beast fonn. You push that enemy 1 square and can shift into the space It vacated..

Your spirIt companion Ignores dIfficult terrain when It moves. You hit with an attack through your spirit companIon using this totem. Each enemy adjacent to your spirit companion Is slowed untllthe end of your next tum. Toxic Tome Alotem is a short lenglh ofwood or bone can'ed to resemble patron spirils. Sirips ofhidcs, teelh, small bones, and the like hang from one end.

The symbolism ofthe carved image, combined with Ihe lUI ached items, give the tOlelll its power. IfyoII arc a memocr of a class Ihal can wield a lotelll as an implement, yOIl can add the totem's cnh: Members ofother classes gain no hellenl frolll wielding a tutem.

Cou9ar bolle. Centering Cincture Level 8 With thi. Bridle of Conjuration Level 4 This. Endless Canteen Level 9 This mundan. Lens of Reading Level 7 Holding thi. Scabbard of Sacred Might Level 10 T. Battle Standards A battle standard.

Bloodstone Spider Large natural ani. Pearl Sea Horse Level 9 This figuri. Other Consumables If an item is exh. Adventurer's Vault. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page: Introduction Equipment and magic it Page 7 and 8: Feyslaughter weapo Page 72 and Orb of Insurmountable Force Level 3 Page 98 and Orb of Weakness Intensified Level 1 Page and