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The Buddhist Studies eBook Library More BuddhaNet eBooks on General Buddhism, Meditation Techniques and the Story of the Buddha — Text Book. General text about Buddhism. – download free PDF e-books Non-violence – a study guide based on early Buddhist teachings takes the. The Buddhism Handbook is a huge work, more than pages, on a range of Handbook also has a large glossary of terms used in the book.

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This is a very popular book on questions and answers on basic Buddhism. Lastly, the book discusses happiness, unhappiness and Nibanna. PDF Doc. Introduction. Many valuable books have been written by Eastern and West- ern scholars, Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, to present the life and teachings of . The collection covers a large range of topics, from childrens books to art and history, spanning Mayahayana, Theravada and other Buddhist traditions. You will Download Zip Archive: a complete file list of all BuddhaNet's eBooks (PDF docs.).

This book is a compilation of extracts from letters written by Sayadaw U Jotika, a Burmese Buddhist monk, to his Western students ten to fifteen years ago. He goes back to the original principles pointed out by the Buddha, explaining these simply and directly, and showing that their relevance is timeless. Relating from his own experience at changing destiny, Mr. Facing death, being in pain maybe. Path, Fruit and Nibbana. Peter D. Weragoda Sarada.

This book can supply a general introduction to the major traditions of Buddhism, but does not pretend to be complete or definitive.

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This book will serve as the beginning of its readers' Buddhist education and not the end of it. This is a comprehensive and authentic book on the Buddha and his Teachings by Piyadassi.

The author, Venerable Mahathera Piyadassi is one of the world's most eminent Buddhist monks, a highly revered teacher of great renown, a indefatigable worker for the Buddha Dhamma. Narada, Thera. This is a classic on the basics of Buddhism by the late Ven. Narada Thera: Is Buddhism a religion?

Is Buddhism as Ethical system? Some salient features of Buddhism. Karma or the Law of Moral Causation.

Dependent Arising Paticca Samuppada. Anatta or Soul-lessness. Nibanna and The Path to Nibbana. Sayadaw U Thittila. The contents of this book comprise a collection of expanded notes on talks on Buddhism given by this famous Burmese Buddhist master, Venerable Sayadaw U Thittilla in the west over the period Some of the themes are: Upasika Kee attracted Dhamma students, and residents came to include both female lay devotees and white-robed nuns.

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These Dhamma talks were mainly given to the women who stayed at her centre to practice meditation. After listening with calm and centred mind, they would all sit in meditation together. Granville Dharmawardena. Dharmawardena points out that the reason why classical science cannot explain rebirth is due to inherent limitations in classical science.

Modern science has transcended these limitations, and therefore rebirth is within the scope of modern science. Modern science accepts rebirth as a scientifically acceptable phenomenon through the same tests used to prove scientific acceptability of generally accepted modern science phenomena. How do I prepare my mind for meditation? There is nothing special. I just keep it where it always is. They ask. Do I know? I am like a tree in the forest, full of leaves, blossoms and fruit.

Birds come to eat and nest, and animals seek rest in the shade. Yet the tree does not know itself.

Pdf buddhist books

It follows its own nature. It is as it is". This book is a unique collection of poems, write-ups, illustrations and photos. In Venerable Sujiva's sincere and heartfelt writings, readers may find many touching incidents related by him in his many years of teaching.

They will also come to understand him, his compassion and loving-kindness as well as the Dhamma by simply flowing with his pen. The first part of the book tells us what we need to put in place for complete Dharma practice - the Eightfold Path, going for refuge, and the Bodhisattva spirit. In the second half the book shows us how to turn those requisites into a genuine living practice that embraces the whole of our life thus surely leading to the profound transformation that we all desire.

Sri Dhammananda. The contents of this popular publication are a simple exposition of Buddhism as a modern way of life. This highly qualified Sri Lankan Buddhist scholar has a special gift of interpreting the Buddha's Teachings for people from every walk of life. His whole approach to the exposition of the Dhamma is governed by his deep concern for giving the ancient teachings a contemporary relevance, and has a meaning that cuts across the boundaries of time, space, race, culture and even religious beliefs.

This expanded 4th edition of "What Buddhists Believe" answers many questions which are asked about Buddhism by Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. There are so many misconceptions regarding superstitions and misinterpretations which are associated with this noble religion that it has become imperative to explain the Teachings in a manner which has contemporary relevance. Sri Dhammananda explains some Buddhist cultural practices: Some of the topics Dr K.

Sri Dhammananda addresses here are: Four essays on the social relevance of Buddhism: In this collection of essays, Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi uses the Buddha's teaching as a lens through which to examine some of the confusions about social values that have engulfed us at the dawn of the new century.

Sayadaw U Jotika.

This book is a compilation of extracts from letters written by Sayadaw U Jotika, a Burmese Buddhist monk, to his Western students ten to fifteen years ago. These letters have been collated under the topics indicated by these chapter headings: This booklet is a good reminder to us, so that we always strive in the right direction.

Practice is the only way. Even though faith and devotion to one's teacher can be a positive thing, we must always remember that "an excessive faith is accompanied by corresponding deficiency of wisdom".

Metamorphosis of a Mother.

Pdf buddhist books

For twenty-five years Francis Story lived in Asian countries, where he deeply studied the Buddha's philosophy of life. His research into the teachings on rebirth started while in Myanmar Burma and was later continued with careful investigation of spontaneous rebirth recollections.

Bodhisara which offers an overview on some topics of death and rebirth: The Principles of Buddhism explained by Buddhadasa, Bhikkhu.

Books pdf buddhist

As a guide for newcomers to the Buddha Dhamma the Truth which the Buddha awakened to and subsequently taught , this book is an invaluable guide. In it are contained the essential teachings of Buddhism. The Handbook is especially useful for those who approach the Buddha's teaching not as a subject for scholarly study but as a means to understand and ennoble their lives.

The Natural Cure for Spiritual Disease is a guide to Buddhist science, it includes three talks given in by this world-renowned Thai Buddhist teacher: Venerable Buddhadasa is well known for the readiness with which he gives non-literal interpretations of Buddhist texts.

He does not hesitate to reject as naive a word-for-word interpretation that has no bearing on real life. The format to "Buddha Dhamma for Students" is as answers to questions a non-Buddhist is likely to ask about the fundamentals of Buddhism. It is the results of two talks given by Ajahn Buddhadasa in January to students at Thammasat University, Bangkok.

Ajahn Buddhadasa always has tried to set both young and old straight as to what Buddhism really teaches. He goes back to the original principles pointed out by the Buddha, explaining these simply and directly, and showing that their relevance is timeless. Kamma is an interesting subject because it concerns everyone and there are many different aspects of it. There are many natural laws that govern our lives but the most important is the law of kamma-vipaka.

Pdf buddhist books

In a discourse A. Having willed, one acts through body, speech and mind". This means that intentional action is kamma, and vipaka is the result or effects of it. The result may ripen immediately, later in this life or in a future life. Master Chin Kung. The Art of Living with Ven.

The Art of Living has chapters on: Included is a glossary and a contact list of Ven. Master Chin Kung's teaching centres around the world. These are Dharma Talks given in Australia by Ven. The teachings of Master Chin Kung are based on true sincerity towards others; purity of mind; equality in everything we see; proper understanding of ourselves and our environment; compassion by helping others in a wise and unconditional way. See through to the truth of impermanence; let go of all wandering thoughts and attachments; accord with conditions to go along with the environment.

A Dharma Talk given by Ven. Transcribed and translated into English by the Dallas Buddhist Association. In this talk Venerable Master Chin Kung gives us an explanation of his understanding of Buddhism as an education rather than as a religion. There are chapters on the author's own experience of Buddhism and the methodology and symbolism of the Buddhist Educational System.

It is primarily because, this is the only original poem written in English on the Buddha, throughout the long history of Buddhism. Ajahn Sumedho.

Bhikkhu Bodhi. Facing the Future Nibbana. Bhikkhu P.

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. Anapanasati — Mindfulness of Breathing. Visuddhimagga — Path of Purification. Life of the Buddha — For Secondary Students. Daniel Coleman. David N. Snyder, Ph. Dhammacakka Sutta. Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta — a compendium of sources for introductory study. The Dhammapada: Henepola Gunaratana.

Sri Dhammananda. How to Practice Buddhism.

Kheminda Thera. Path, Fruit and Nibbana. Ledi Sayadaw. Mahasi Sayadaw. Maurice O'Connell Walshe. Buddhism and Death. Narada Mahathera.