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Jan 15, Would appreciate a jadeclaw pdf should anyone have it . Book of Jade was a supplemental for 2nd edition Ironclaw () if you wanted to. Apr 19, Sanguine Games presents our next production, THE BOOK OF JADE, an update of Chuan Lin's critically-acclaimed "Jadeclaw" to work with. Ironclaw: Squaring the Circle Preview [PDF] Check out some sample pages of the game, yourself! Character Sheet: [PDF] Sample Characters: [PDF] Check out .

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Jun 30, IRONCLAW: Book of Jade - Enter the land of Zhongguo, where Dragons, Qilings, and Watermarked PDF + Hardcover Color Book (Standard). IronClaw - Book of Jade - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. the mystic east of the ironclaw world calls. Ironclaw: Book of Jade (PDF Version) [RPG Item Version Link]. [What Links Here]. Front Page | Welcome | Contact | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Advertise.

Parry d12 order 6. Unfortunately, the resulting quality of these books is not as high. If The improvised weapon shatters and becomes useless. Item Cost Min. The standard rules about actions still apply.

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Pdf jade book ironclaw of

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Furry fandom. Rabbit and Friends. Retrieved from " https: Fantasy role-playing games Furry role-playing games Historical role-playing games Role-playing game stubs. Hidden categories: People southwestern periphery of the kingdom. Other is the belief in reincarnation. Many States consider it a great honor if a Zhuque is willing to participate in court activity. Most learn martial arts only they might perform extra-ordinary for meditation.

Leather armor d6. Warrior of mythic legend. Laborer Miscreant Include Artisan Dice with: Artisan Career Gifts: Include Beggar Dice with: Beggar Career Gifts: New Careers New Careers We recommend that natives of Zho — ngguo be made with the character careers below. Include Ascetic Dice with: Ascetic Career Gifts: Include Boxer Dice with: Boxer Career Gifts: Miscreant Warrior Include Assassin Dice with: Assassin Career Gifts: Include Braggart Dice with: Braggart Career Gifts: Include Brigand Dice with: Brigand Career Gifts: Include Bureaucrat Dice with: Bureaucrat Career Gifts: Tu Fei have formidable arms and armor.

Parry d12 Trappings: New Careers Brigand Bureaucrat — Unlike some thieves. Warrior magic so subtle that it might not even be Wizard observed. Include Brute Dice with: Brute Career Gifts: Include Changes Wizard Dice with: Changes Wizard Career Gifts: Academic domination over large swaths of land.

Include Destitute Dice with: Destitute Career Gifts: Include Escort Dice with: Escort Career Gifts: Cotton armor d4. Not mouth. Miscreant abilities. Parry d12 order 6. Academic Include Debo Shih Dice with: Debo Shih Career Gifts: Include Doctor Dice with: Doctor Career Gifts: Brawling Mystic: Leather Armor d6.

Warrior Include Flamboyant Dice with: Flamboyant Career Gifts: Include Irregular Dice with: Irregular Career Gifts: New Careers Flamboyant Irregular The dragon flies. Academic speed to strike at their enemies. Tilting order 6. Warrior Include Immortal Sage Dice with: Immortal Sage Career Gifts: Include Lancer Dice with: Lancer Career Gifts: Immortal Magic Vehicles Veteran Trappings: Include Lobbyist Dice with: Lobbyist Career Gifts: Include Minister Dice with: Minister Career Gifts: Include Method Archer Dice with: Method Archer Career Gifts: Include Money-Lender Dice with: Money-Lender Career Gifts: Dodge Literacy: The unpopular Ye Jie groups.

Academic relatives. Of course. Nothing amuses not run itself. Cloth armor d4. Include Mugger Dice with: Mugger Career Gifts: Include Peasant Dice with: Peasant Career Gifts: Include Nomad Dice with: Nomad Career Gifts: Include Perfect Knight Dice with: Perfect Knight Career Gifts: Almost all nomads are times. New Careers Mugger Peasant — It is not wise to wander through the Almost everyone in Zhongguo are city streets alone after dark..

Procurer Racketeer A professional Hei Dao believes A thug who extorts money from that they can do anything faster and local businesses. Feitu-jituan better than the government. The best threaten locals with vandalism and know all the brothels, drinking houses, Miscreant violence if they do not meet their Miscreant drug dens, and other places of iniquity.

Include Procurer Dice with: Procurer Career Gifts: Include Racketeer Dice with: Racketeer Career Gifts: Leather armor d6 , knife Trappings: Zho before written text.

Wen Li with personal nature, either enriching the Wizard Scribes are necessary for holding any Academic pure or punishing the wicked.

Include Purity Wizard Dice with: Purity Wizard Career Gifts: Include Dice with: Career Gifts: Academics Literacy: Robes Trappings: Cotton armor d4 , book, writing kit. Soothsayer Storyteller It is a common belief that omens that Yi Ren brings joys and pleasures to foretell the future are everywhere and her fellows.

The beautiful, the tragic, can be interpreted by those who can the comic, the valiant, the villainous of — read the signs. A Xianjianzhe can read Academic Zhongguo all come alive through Academic the signs to good effect. Include Storyteller Dice with: Storyteller Career Gifts: Academics Danger Sense Academics Literacy: Story-Telling Trappings: Cotton armor d4 , good luck charm Trappings: They often claim that the read the signs.

A Xianjianzhe can read Warrior ultimate weapon skill is to strike without Warrior the signs to good effect. Include Sword Dancer Dice with: Sword Dancer Career Gifts: Include Tomb Defender Dice with: Tomb Defender Career Gifts: The Academic greatest among them aspire to Warrior become master of all weapons.

Include Tax Collector Dice with: Tax Collector Career Gifts: Include Vagrant Warrior Dice with: Vagrant Warrior Career Gifts: Cotton armor d4 , large sack, ledger, writing kit Trappings: Trader With the rise of the middle class and the popularity of coinage, the Ye Gu has become a common occupation.

Traders can be a single operation, or the owner Laborer of a complex caravan. Include Trader Dice with: Trader Career Gifts: Exhaust this Gift. One day. The rat was able to fight off the prince and his five hangers-on without even being touched. In game terms. Other martial arts.. Mostly likely either a good-handed. Lacking confidence and skill.

Learning even one of these techniques is very difficult. Encountering folks who know these methods is the stuff of legend. If you hit. The martial arts presented here are the exotic techniques known to the Zhonggese. You can use the environment to assault people.. Some martial arts are described in books.

Jade ironclaw book pdf of

They bowed before him.. If there is no obvious improvised weapon Push A great start to an adventure can be when a player meets a master of a secret martial art. The grateful beggars led the monk back to their gathering spot. Martial Arts Martial Arts In the dark corners of lawlessness in the sprawling cities … at the summits of the remote mountain fastnesses … under the shadows of the impenetrable forest canopies … and in places even more strange are the practitioners of strange and terrible martial arts.

After such a display of sincerity. If you threw the weapon. You must remain Close 1m to your target to maintain the Grapple. Presumptuous Disarm Requires Battle. For example. Improvised Weapon Melee Combat.

You counter your Trigger: That is. Did you hit? Then you may Exhaust Legerdemain this Gift. Declare this Declare you will make a melee smash attack. Onlookers wince at the your Body. If The improvised weapon shatters and becomes useless. If you have Strength. The someone to a wall between chair legs. Martial Arts Trigger: Melee Combat and Searching vs. If you score one success or more. Streetwise order 6. Roll effect before they Soak. Black-Tortoise masters often become bodyguards to the rich.

Streetwise Black Tortoise Gifts No one is sure who originated this school of gong fu.

IronClaw - Book of Jade

Your martial arts are far superior to Drunken Style. Master Ju Wei is the 22nd Master of this school. You must have the right number of hands to equip the weapon. When the enemy is exhausted. Your foe is disarmed. Do Trigger: Based on the Tablet of Masters.

Black-Tortoise practitioners carry round metal shields. Practitioners often harden their bodies by repeatedly striking their fore-arms and shins against training dummies. It is said that the ultimate skill of the Black-Tortoise school is the ability to control the flow of energy through the body to avoid damage.

They carry round metal shields. You are now Reeling. Did you just fail to defend? Did your defense use your shield? Exhaust this gift to negate 1 point of damage. If you are currently carrying weapons. Are you wearing Cheap clothes or armor? You may Exhaust this Gift. An apprentice has to learn to use the qi to help reinforce the body. You are able to channel your internal Clear Headed flow of energy to resist the assaults of those who Die Hard would seek to harm you.

The Sun Shines on the Worthy and the Remember. It is said that the ultimate skill of the Black-Tortoise Exhaust this Gift. Until next Were you just hit by a melee weapon? Exhaust this round. Your attacker takes the same Damage you just all Damage you suffer is Weak. An apprentice has to learn to use the qi to help Requires reinforce the body. Your foe is Disarmed — the weapon school is the ability to control the flow of energy through the body to avoid damage. Use your Body. If you tied on your Dodge roll.

Drunken Fist What a waste of a good drink! You totally meant that. Drunken Fist counts as your Retreat.

THE BOOK OF JADE - Supplement for the Ironclaw RPG by Sanguine Productions LLC — Kickstarter

Practitioners of the style specialize in fake pratfalls. Drunken Style Fighting Another popular style among the underprivileged. Drunken-Fist is named after the way it simulates the unpredictable movements of a drunk. The swap Combat. They roll Requires against the same attack dice you just dodged.

Carousing parry. If they use their counter. Masters of the art can even fight while intoxicated. Misdirection Strike Battle. By tradition. If you successfully Dodge an attack. The attack is also Sweep Near. Brawling Fighter Endurance. You may To use this move. Drunken Fist Everyone celebrates your victory. What a waste of a good drink!

The attack does no damage if it hits. You fall down.. Roll your Body. Martial Arts Spit Attack stumble your way there. Declare an occupied spot within Short Range 12m. If you score less than the distance to that spot. If you score is equal to or greater than the distance to that spot.

Exhaust this gift. Were you just hit by an hand. X Battle X Battle Trigger: You must have a bottle of alcohol ready in your off- hand. Requires Exhaust this gift. The attack does no Counter-Tactics damage if it hits. Drunken Fist Requires What looks like drunken stumbling is actually clever Acrobat movement. Drunken Fist your way. Requires In case it matters. Many boast that an accomplished Empty-Hand fighter can strike for more Damage than any weapon known. Requires Brawling Fighter Low Profile order 6.

To use an Empty-Hand Method. You describe what they saw the same way — one might roll your Speed. Requires Deceiving the Prey Acrobat Battle. Hand substitutes. You The attacker twists around and body-slams the roll your Speed. You but also their eyes. Those skilled in reading body roll your Body.

Empty Hands are just that — empty hands. Declare you will attack using the Fu Method. Collapsing the Wall X Battle Battle. Empty-Hand Brawling Fighter The martial arts masters of the Hsui School teach the finer arts of feinting to strike in one place … then sud- X Battle denly lashing out in another direction.

Educated Zhonggese believe that harmony is the key to peace and long life. The best way to avoid injury is not to resist but the target is Confused. Those who are able to channel their spiritual energy have achieved a greater balance of internal energy and thus resist this attack more effectively. The motion is a The students of the Ku school learn about the eight quick one of opportunity. You roll your Speed.

Empty-Hand Drawing upon a mystical understanding of the body. Requires they can strike them for catastrophic effect. A target Overkilled by this method has their body seize up in horrible paroxysms of pain before their blood vessels rupture from the re-directed pressure. Empty-Hand Opening the Gate Battle. Snapping the Twig Battle. You roll your Mind.

Brawling Fighter Unfortunately. By redirecting getting clear quickly. Declare you will attack using the Ku Method. Martial Arts Redirecting the Soul Battle. You roll your Body. If delivered expertly. You Not very subtle. The best defense is flat 4 Weak and the target is Fatigued. Working the Bellows Battle. Or who they are. There is no bonus for parries or counters. Your other action this turn can be any other You must now move to the spot you declared.

You may interrupt to use this Gift. They their discretion. Declare an opponent. Hell Punch Battle. The Game Host may have to use vs. We dare not describe the method to you. The Strike Without Shadow Battle. Martial Arts Caress of the Ghost Battle. Death Attack.. If they score Legerdemain more successes than you do.

Academics vs. Attacked while Reeling from You yourself can remove the Touch of Death. If Stealth. If you hit the target. Requires They must win a challenge vs. If the target is already twists and turns as you need to.

Armor vs. Insider with the Forest Ghosts Academics. The Touch of Death is almost invisible. The Exhaust this Gift. If the target is already turn. The attack itself sends the target Reeling and does Penetrating and Weak. Did someone just hit you with an attack to cause Damage?

You may claim your Stealth dice as extra Soak Dice. To remove the Touch of Battle. If they tie or worse. The standard rules still apply. If Sneaky Soak your hand is full.

Jade of ironclaw pdf book

Declare you will counter with the Quick Sheathe mythical Fifth Strike. Penetrating On your turn. Stealth vs.

The Strike Without Shadow As a counter. Sneaky Fighter You must have a free off-hand to use this counter. Other stories portray him as an uncompromising avatar of justice.

Roll your Sweeping Kick Body. Sweep Close Body. Damage flat 3. Seven Kicks defense.

Pdf ironclaw book of jade

Push 1. If you Body. Are you not Burdened or Over-burdened? You may use the Able Kick by kicking with your feet. The Able Kick does not exhaust. Stride 1 use the Able Kick by exhausting this gift and then kicking Are you not Burdened or Over-burdened? You may with your feet. Seven Kicks Trigger: Jumping hit. You may use the Impressive Kick by exhausting this gift and Trigger: Able Kick X Battle Combat.

He is certainly the main character in a number of folk tales and operas. Jumping Brawling Fighter Damage flat 4. Jumping Are you not Burdened or Over-burdened? You may Damage flat 4. The replay the contest. You and kicking with your feet. Jumping Damage flat 3. Jumping and Jumping vs. Push If you win. You may use the Triumphant Kick by exhausting this gift and then kicking with your feet.. Martial Arts X Battle Trigger: Push 2 Are you not Burdened or Over-burdened? If you miss.

If your foe was countering. You may If you tie or lose. Seven Kicks attack a different target with this kick attack. With repeated yells and quick swings of your foot. Trappings Belongings You begin the game with the following items: You focus your internal Sharpshooter energy on this shot.

Declare an attack action.