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DPME Banner. National Development Plan · DPME · About Us · Key Focus Areas · Citizen-Based Monitoring · Evaluations · Frontline Service Delivery Monitoring. In a series of articles, the NSTF is unpacking the National Development Plan ( NDP). The complete document – 'National Development Plan – vision for ' . Chapter Building a capable state. Introduction. Progress so far. The challenge . vision. What needs to be done. Stabilise the.

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The National Development Plan is a plan for the country to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by through uniting South. Africans, unleashing the. The National Development Plan (NDP) offers a long-term perspective. Executive Summary-National Development Plan - Our future - make it work [PDF]. National Development Plan Our future - make it work. Files: PDF icon, MB.

Mandela centenary coin unveiled. It identified a failure to implement policies and an absence of broad partnerships as the main reasons for slow progress, and set out nine primary challenges: Despite these successes, too many people are trapped in poverty and we remain a highly unequal society. The NDP is a plan for the whole country. The economy has close to full employment, equips people with the skills they need, ensures the ownership of production is more diverse and able to grow rapidly, and provides resources to pay for investment in human and physical capital. Chapter Five- Ensuring environmental sustainability and equitable transition to a low- carbon economy.

Corruption levels are high. South Africa remains a divided society. South Africans from all walks of life welcomed the diagnostic as a frank, constructive assessment.

The National Development Plan | National Planning Commission

This led to the development of the draft national plan, released in November Building on the diagnostic, the plan added four thematic areas: The commission consulted widely on the draft plan. Its public forums drew in thousands of people.

The commissioners met with parliament, the judiciary, national departments, provincial governments, development finance institutions, state-owned entities and local government formations.

Plan national pdf development

They held talks with unions, business, religious leaders and non-profit organisations. South Africans broadly supported the draft plan, proposing modifications and making suggestions to implement it effectively. Their input informed the final National Development Plan. It sets out actions the government and its partners will take to implement the NDP over the first five years of the plan, and provides a framework for the other plans of national, provincial and local government.

In , South Africans will be enriched by universal early childhood education, high-quality schooling, further education and training that allows them to fulfil their potential, and expanding higher education that accelerates the shift to a knowledge economy.

It provides quality care to all, has raised life expectancy to at least 70 years, produced a young generation largely free of HIV infection, and has dramatically reduced infant mortality.

The National Development Plan: A vision for 2030

In , all people living in South Africa feel safe, have no fear of crime, are properly served by the police and courts, and know corruption no longer eats away at their livelihoods. The fruits of growth are shared fairly.

The economy has close to full employment, equips people with the skills they need, ensures the ownership of production is more diverse and able to grow rapidly, and provides resources to pay for investment in human and physical capital. In , higher education and vocational training in South Africa produces highly skilled graduates, ready to meet both the present and future needs of economy and society.

This infrastructure efficiently delivers electricity, water, sanitation, telecoms and transport services, powers the economy, and supports manufacturing, trade and exports.

More than that, it gives citizens the means to improve their lives and boost their incomes. They enjoy good-quality education, health care, transport and other basic services. Successful land reform, job creation and rising agricultural production have created an inclusive rural economy.

Pdf national development plan

In , the terrible spatial legacy of apartheid has finally been broken. South Africans have humane and environmentally sustainable living and working conditions. Their homes have all the basic services they need and are closer to their workplaces, to which they travel in safe public transport.

Development pdf national plan

In , local government in South Africa has the trust of the people, being committed to working with communities to find sustainable ways to meet their social, economic and material needs, and improve the quality of their lives.

In , rural communities are thriving and prosperous, cities are compact and energy efficient, the public know the dangers of climate change and unconstrained consumption of natural resources is no more.

Pdf plan national development

In , South Africa is a globally competitive economy and a leading member of the family of nations. The country contributes to sustainable development, democracy, the rule of law, human rights and security in a peaceful and prosperous Africa, and a fair and just world. In , state institutions are well-run and effectively coordinated, run by professionals committed to the public good and capable of delivering consistently high-quality services, and working for economic growth and reduced poverty and inequality.

In , South Africa is a working nation, individuals are engaged in meaningful activity, and vulnerable groups and citizens are protected from the worst effects of poverty. Everyone is able to live the life they wish to lead. In , South Africa will be a society where opportunity is not determined by race or birthright, and where citizens accept they have both rights and responsibilities.

We will be a united, prosperous, non-racial, non-sexist and democratic South Africa. Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.

National Development Plan 2030: Our future - make it work

Brand South Africa. Log into your account. Register for an account. Recover your password. A vision for To realise such a society we need transform the domestic economy and focus efforts to build the capabilities of both the country and the people. To eliminate poverty and reduce inequality, there should be accelerated growth in the economy, growth that benefits all South Africans. The NDP is founded on 6 pillars that represent the broad objectives of the plan to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality.

The National Development Plan

This can be done by addressing the underlying causes of poverty and inequality by redirecting the focus of policy making from short- term symptom- based policies to longer- term policies based on sound evidence and reason. A decent standard of living consists of the following core elements:.

Government alone cannot provide a decent standard of living; it requires determined and measurable actions from all social actors and partners across all sectors in society. The NDP is divided into thirteen chapters that addresses the most pressing challenges facing South Africa and provides solutions to these challenges in the form of proposals and actions.

The plan outlines sector specific goals and a vision for South Africa to be achieved by the year The following chapters are found in the NDP, representing key proposals and challenges inherent to South Africa:.

Chapter Four- Economic Infrastructure- the foundation of social and economic development. Chapter Five- Ensuring environmental sustainability and equitable transition to a low- carbon economy.

The NDP and its proposals need to be implemented in the correct order over the next 15 years 3 phases , for the achievement of Vision to become a reality.