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ruby&rails. Contribute to dazhizhang/ruby-rails development by creating an account on GitHub. The source code is available in our repo rails-generate-pdf. Here's my configuration: Rails Postgresql wkhtmltopdf macOS. The latest version, Rails 4, continues the tradition of enhanced performance, security and developer productivity, with improvements that enable professional.

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The Rails 4 Way. Obie Fernandez, Kevin Faustino and Vitaly Kushner. This book is for sale at caite.info This version was. Rails 4. We'll also give our application a fresh coat of paint with some the fly if it's a dynamic file, like a personalized pdF or Word document. PDF generator (from HTML) plugin for Ruby on Rails - mileszs/wicked_pdf. generators/wicked_pdf · Comment out exe_path in generator by default, 4 years.

Should we burninate the [wrap] tag? Extend one of your actions Add format. SIZE , right: If your wkhtmltopdf executable is not on your webserver's path, you can configure it in an initializer:. Sep 2,

Pdf rails 4

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Generate PDF with Prawn gem in Rails 5 application

Should we burninate the [wrap] tag? Related The simplest way to install all of the binaries on most Linux or OSX systems is through the gem wkhtmltopdf-binary.

Builds for other systems are available here To install that gem, add this:. This gem currently installs version 0. Some of the options listed below are specific 0. You can see what flags are supported for the current version in wkhtmltopdf's auto-generated manual. If your wkhtmltopdf executable is not on your webserver's path, you can configure it in an initializer:.

For more information about wkhtmltopdf , see the project's homepage. The wkhtmltopdf binary is run outside of your Rails application; therefore, your normal layouts will not work.

ruby - respond_to pdf in Rails 4 - Stack Overflow

If you plan to use any CSS, JavaScript, or image files, you must modify your layout so that you provide an absolute reference to these files. This is very quick for small assets, but large ones can take a long time. It is best to precompile assets used in PDF views.

4 pdf rails

This will help avoid issues when it comes to deploying, as Rails serves asset files differently between development and production config. In this case, you can use that standard Rails helpers and point to the current CDN for whichever framework you are using.

For jQuery, it would look somethng like this, given the current versions at the time of this writing.

4 pdf rails

By default, it will render without a layout layout: Some of the options above are being passed to wkhtmltopdf binary. They can be used to control the options used in Webkit rendering before generating the PDF.

How to Generate PDFs With Ruby on Rails

You can see the complete list of options under "Global Options" in wkhtmltopdf usage docs. A bit of javascript can help you number your pages. If you do not have explicit page breaks and therefore do not have any "page" class , you can also use wkhtmltopdf's built in page number generation by setting one of the headers to "[page]":.

If you would like to have WickedPdf automatically generate PDF views for all or nearly all pages by appending. If you want to turn on or off the middleware for certain URLs, use the: If you use the standard render pdf: This will render the pdf to a string and include it in the email. This is very slow so make sure you schedule your email delivery in a job. StackOverflow questions with the tag "wicked-pdf". Now you can use a debug param on the URL that shows you the content of the pdf in plain html to design it faster.

To get around this, you can load your assets like so in your templates:. If one image from your HTML cannot be found relative or wrong path for example , others images with right paths may not be displayed in the output PDF as well it seems to be an issue with wkhtmltopdf.

You may have noticed: PrinceXML's cost was prohibitive for me. So, with a little help from some friends thanks jqr , I tracked down wkhtmltopdf, and here we are. Also, thanks to unixmonkey , galdomedia , jcrisp , lleirborras , tiennou , and everyone else for all their hard work and patience with my delays in merging in their enhancements. Skip to content.