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Download [PDF] Books Dirty Korean (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Haewon Geebi Baek Books Online for Dirty Greek (Dirty Everyday Slang) by Cristos Samaras. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Hyewon Geebi Baek was born and raised in Korea and. Haewon Geebi Baek. Dirty Korean (Dirty Everyday Slang) Haewon Geebi Baek. GET D!RTY. Next time you're traveling or just chattin' in Korean with your friends.

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Dirty Korean teaches the casual expressions heard every day on the streets of Korea. Drop the textbook formality and bust out with expressions. Book Details Author: Haewon Geebi Baek Pages: Publisher: Ulysses Press Brand: English ISBN: Publication Date: Release Date: Description GET D!RTY Next time you're traveling or just chattin' in Korean with your friends, drop the textbook formality and bust out. GET D!RTYNext time you're traveling or just chattin' in Korean with your friends, drop Everyday Slang from "What's Up?" to "F*%# Off!" · Dirty Everyday Slang.

Fandom Media. Your voice might suck, but honestly, in Korea nobody gives a shit. Hollywood did a lame version The Uninvited and failed miserably! Insadong features traditional Korean shopping centers where you can buy souvenirs and other touristy crap for your family and friends. It just might be your next favorite thing to eat.

It's okay. Koreans don't always say any one thing any one way - so it comes close to what most say and they will understand you. The book however, comes with one fatal flaw that works in my favor. The Korean hangul itself isn't typed, it's hand written. This is going to be very very bad for anyone IN Korea or learning Korean who needs to see the typed hangul because the written is harder to read - if not impossible in this book in places.

Great practice in reading hand written Korean. Sloppy as it is written, it is like something you might scrawl across a post-it in English Since I don't have much chance here in the USA to actually see written Korean hangul, this book will hopefully train my eye to the written form of the language visually.

But, again, to the visitor, tourist or true beginner - the book isn't ideal exactly because of this MAJOR flaw. Best of both worlds the author should have included both and is probably kicking herself now after all the scathing reviews complaining about this aspect.

It'll be fun for me. And all those culture thumpers out there worried about impressions of Korea and Koreans? Forget about it. Korea is a county as different and as the same as any other. Every country has it's dark side and it's bragging points. Whatever you really need to learn about the people of Korea, you'll learn when you go there This is a fun little book that teaches things you would never find in classic textbooks. BUT there is one major drawback.

When you get into the book the font they use is VERY hard to read and is not the font they use to introduce Hangul.. So it took me awhile even though I am pretty good at reading the characters to figure out certain ones in this font.. Those handwritten looking fonts are pretty but too hard to distinguish for the target audience which is mainly beginners. I realize the romanization is provided but I am not a fan of learning that way and it weirdly throws me off.

I don't recommend this book if you're trying As a fluent Korean speaker and reader, I found this book to be hilarious. I've had friends that have never seen Korean before in their life try repeating after the romanized words and they said it nearly perfect.

Overall, a really funny and interesting product. I enjoyed the cultural notes. There is a ton of benign stuff here compared to what I was expecting, and the translations don't quite translate such as the English gives "Where is the can" but the Korean gives "Where is the toilet", so the slang is really not there in this example and is not dirty at all, because the Korean is what you would say if you were speaking polite Korean.

Also the Hangul, or Korean alphabet below each example is handwritten in an annoying script rather than using printed Hangul. One big problem is that the transliteration of the Korean is written letter for letter, but beware because if you have no knowledge of how Korean is actually pronounced which takes a few days study of pronunciation rules, you will be laughed at when you try to say "Excuse Me", which is transliterated literally as Sillyehapnida, but is actually pronounces as "Shill-eh-ham-ni-da" due to standard pronounciation rules such as "Si" is pronounced as SHI, nasalization of P before nasal sounds turns P into M, etc.

Another example is the word for Korean Language shown as: The transliteration makes a lot of the content unusable if you don't know these rules I guess if you were going to use Dirty Korean, you would have to speak pretty good Korean anyway, but if you try to speak dirty slang without knowing Korean, you will be laughed at because a lot of the content is formal or polite Korean, and unless you know how, when and with whom to use these politeness levels, you will come off as a wierdo, which is kinda dirty slang anyway!

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Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. This item: Dirty Korean: Set up a giveaway. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Dirty German: Daniel Chaffey. Woosung Kang. Ulysses Press Brand: English ISBN: Publication Date: Description GET D! RTY Next time you're traveling or just chattin' in Korean with your friends, drop the textbook formality and bust out with expressions they never teach you in school, including: Ssibal, na manchiwi.

Na swi ssayahae. Bangu nuga ggyeosseo? Everyday Slang from Dirty Everyday Slang , click button download in the last page 5.

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Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Cancel Save. Neo mayak haebwasseo? Although weed is generally a pretty harmless drug and treated as such in most of the world, in Korea it falls under into the same category as hard drugs like cocaine and heroin, and the cops treat it all the same. Most hard drugs get imported into the country through foreigners or Korean students who study abroad. Cigarettes are very popular in Korea.

Not surprising, since every other drug is so hard to get. Korean cigs are not as toxic as the usual U. There are TONS of different brands in Korea but these are a few of the most popular that are widely available: An old standby, 88 is one of the original cigarette brands in Korea. This is another long-time ciggy favored by OGs—longevity in the market goes a long way when it comes to brand loyalty. Some junky just offered to suck my dick for crack.

Eotteon yakjaengiga jigeum mayak jumyeon oral haejugetde. Since illegal substances are hard to obtain, Koreans love to get high off of everyday items that you can get from hardware stores, such as crazy glue and butane gas. They want to be taller and skinnier, possess a higher and pointier nose, and have whiter skin. In fact, Westerners are big hits in Korea. Koreans are very superficial. So superficial, in fact, that the nation ranks number one in plastic surgery per capita.

As mentioned above, Koreans want to look more Western. So naturally, Koreans all want different eyes, noses, mouths and ears than they already have.

Facial features Imokgubi. This term refers to someone who is talented in many areas and beautiful. Well, Koreans have a nice word for those nice people. I personally hate them. Though the metrosexual look is popular, the manly man look has been gaining steam thanks to a recent spate of seminude celebrities showing off their buff guns on TV.

Have you seen any genetics-defying high and pointy noses on Korean friends you have in the U. Korean noses are usually very small and flat, so if you see a straight nose bridge leading up to a pointy nose tip longer than 2 cm , it tells you one of two things: The other way just sounds cheesy anyways. This cosmetic boom was driven by widespread superficiality in a country with top-quality surgeons charging very affordable prices. But all this surgery is starting to have some very creepy results now that many celebrities are starting to become indistinguishable from one another.

Neo eolgure kal dennya? Check it out. And if you had to choose just one nationality to sleep with for the rest of your life, you could do a lot worse than to choose Koreans. But despite the overall attractiveness of its people, Korea does harbor a few outliers. Korean men were outraged! But the term stuck and now all short men are called losers in Korea. You are small like a booger! Ko ttakji manhange kkabulgo isseo! You are small like a RAT!

Jwisaekki manhange kkabulgo isseo! You are a size of shit bag of a dwarf. Nanjaengi ttongjaru manhange kkabulgo isseo! Who looks at the ugly? Nuga jeogeo bondago?

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Dwaejimoge jinju mokgeori! Hobage jul geutneundago subak dwaenya? So even if an ugly person puts on beautiful clothes, lots of makeup and expensive, brand-name accessories, he or she will never be beautiful. If you bend over and look at the bottom of your dresser, you can see how small the space in between the ground and the dresser is, because most dressers have short legs.

Korean watermelons are smaller than the ginormous fruits you see in U. Lots of restaurants and bars share bathrooms and require a key to get in. So you better learn the phrases below to show how bad you gotta use it! Hwajangsiri eodiyeyo? Shit, I missed the mark and pissed all over my hands. A sipal, jojun jal motaeseo sone ojum da mudeosseo. It seems like every culture has its own sayings about shit that would confuse the hell out of foreigners. For instance, what would a F. So keep your ears peeled for these little colloquial nuggets.

The dog speared in shit criticizes the dog speared in foliage. Ttong mudeun gaega gyeo mudeun gaebogo mora handa. Na ttong bbujijik bbujijik ssasseo. Saying it basically means that you just took a shit. Deoisang mot meogeo, nae baega ttongeuro chasseo. This one pretty much speaks for itself. Well, at least burping is; farting is still kinda frowned upon.

Where are you hurting? Eodiga apeoyo? This curative is made out of a bunch of Chinese herbs rolled into a small ball. It stinks like hell but cures you instantly when you are in mental or physical shock. Talking openly about sex, however, is a different story. Thanks to the Internet i. So your Korean friends will probably understand you now when you start to explain your bukkake fetish. But what are Koreans to do with this newfound sexual awakening?

Most Koreans live with their parents until. These rendezvous points may sound sleazy to Westerners but are a fact of life for unmarried Asians. Here, you can fuck without having to worry about Mom or Dad walking in and seeing you punching mochi all night long. But for some reason, most people just use them for a couple hours, re-creating all the poses they see from the FREE in-room porn. I want to sleep with you.

Everyday pdf korean dirty slang

Na neorang jagosipeo. Bigger is better. Less is not more. And because a big Johnson is so important, there are lots of ways to describe one. Penis Mulgeon. This euphemism comes from coincidental homonyms: More awesome than a sweet ass, though? American boys go for the asses when they kiss girls, and Korean boys, as awkward as the position can be, go for the boobies as they kiss girls. I love big… Nan keun …ga joa.

I want to lick your… Na neo … halko sipeo. Here, hairy pussy is the norm. Everybody does it. I am at a perverted age now. Nado jingeureowun naiya. Do you like my fingers or your vibrator better? Neo nae songaragi joa anim baibeureiteoro haneunge deo joa? The video got leaked and became a big deal in Korea. These films are usually found in Korean love motels. But what about the butch-fem polarity and the pimp-ho binary?

So come on in. I love a good slut. Naneun geolle joahae. That player got STD for sleeping around. Waeniriya, jeonom muneodari geolchidaga seongbyeong ormatde. They can be some badass motherfuckers. Nae kkondaega nabogo sookjereul an haetdaneun geoya. Otherwise, you may have to cut a bitch. Oneul na gibun ggulggulhanikka geondeulji ma! The people that Koreans really hate are the Japanese. And who can blame them? Japan colonized Korea for 36 years until the s.

That shit tends to breed hostility. Other than the Japanese, who Koreans hate with a special passion, Koreans are ready to insult everybody with pretty much equal opportunity. Get outta my face you dumb Jeolluu ggeojeo, i meojeori gateun Does lusting after Miley Cyrus make me a bad person?

Miley Cyrus joahamyeon na nabbeunnominya? Byeongsincheoreom geogi seoitjimalgo dowajo! Koreans love hearing this. Snapping Nun doragannae. So how do Korean cops protect themselves and fight the bad guys? Why, with whistles and sticks, of course!

Those sticks can pack a mean hit. But if you do fight a cop, or anyone else for that matter, here are some good terms to really push the situation to full-scale violence. Neo sireo. To prepare the delicacy, the live canine is beaten with a bat to tenderize the meat. Time to make nice and kiss some proverbial ass.

Angry Korean. But Korean culture is made up of more than just Western rip-offs. In the past few years there has been a surge in exports of Korean pop culture, including TV dramas, music and movies. These stations show the most popular shows on TV.

Dirty Korean: Everyday Slang from “What’s Up?” to “F*%# Off!” pdf

Seriously, did you ever watch. The Chappelle Show? There were more commercial breaks than jokes on that show. Come back to us, Dave. Come back! Well-known for love triangles and tragic storylines, Korean dramas akin to American soap operas are extremely popular throughout Asia. Korean television shows have gotten so popular that tons of Japanese tourists come to Korea to visit the areas where the scenes were filmed. Ever seen Everybody Loves Raymond?

Kinda like that but everyone stuffed into the same house. You are basically calling someone stupid in a light-hearted, adorable way. Korean comedy uses a lot of self-deprecating humor and can be really hilarious.

Koreans have no problem creating comedy gold by talking shit about themselves. This show has become so popular that it has guest celebrities from all over the world like Paris Hilton, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova and soccer star Thierry Daniel Henry.

While the celebrities do the housework, the hard-working family takes a well-deserved vacation. Similar to the The Simple Life, this show features celebrities visiting the countryside to perform tasks outside their comfort zone. Unlike bitchy socialite stars Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, however, the Korean counterparts are modest, hard-working celebs—much more appealing to the Korean viewers.

This surreal reality TV show depicts celebrity couples living pretend married lives. It sounds absurd, but it shows the dynamics of how different people live and work together to make their relationship successful. This is kinda like a Korean Sesame Street: A bunch of kids and characters play and dance around and learn valuable life lessons.

Hollywood has even adapted several Korean movies into American films e. Of course, I definitely recommend watching the originals.

Old Boy Old Boy. Influenced by Chinese kung fu flicks, this movie broke out of the stereotypical Korean movie storyline, which usually features a love triangle with the inevitable tragic ending.

From the movie:. If you want to get a Korean girlfriend, watch this movie and learn how to become her servant. Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves ruined this movie in the American version. This horror flick is based on the Korean traditional tale Janghwa. Japanese anime is very popular in Korea.

Dirty Korean

Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Dragonball and other classics were airing here way before they were imported to America. Let your geek flag fly!

Protagonists in Korean animations are more human than the fantastical, sci-fi characters with magical powers coming out of Japan. Being a comic-book nerd may not get you laid in the U. A lot of manhwachaek stories get reproduced as TV shows and movies.

Hollywood did a lame version The Uninvited and failed miserably! Viva Korean movies! A spy story of North and South Korea. The lead actress, Yun-jin Kim, is probably best known in the U. Mothers will do anything for their children, but the mom in this pic really goes to the extreme. You will like it cuz I tell you to. Thirst Bakjwi. A mutated monster attacks Seoul; known as being the first Korean CGI movie entirely produced and animated within the country.

A former comedian, the dinosaur-obsessed Hyung-rae Shim came to Hollywood and made this film, which took seven years. D-War deals with Korean mythology of a special 1,year-old snake that would eventually become a dragon and rule the world. Korean Pop. He has toured Asia and been in several Hollywood movies. Side note: Most ballads are popularized when they become the theme songs to TV shows. Rock is a somewhat strange genre to Koreans; they believe rock singers are dark, weird people.

But rockers need not despair: Neo Wonder Girls tellmechum chuljjurareo? Watch it on YouTube to learn it. Even the high-speed Internet that you see in the U. And to further put Americans to shame, Koreans are rumored to be the best hackers around.

Cyworld Cyworld. Facebook and MySpace may be big in the U. Pandora TV is YouTube-plus. O is the head, T is the upper torso and hands and L is the shape of legs. The signal is strong enough to even work underground.

This comes in handy in Korea since so many people use the subterranean public transit system. Whatever popular actors and actresses are wearing instantly becomes trendy. Celebrities who cash in on their fame by shamelessly wearing their endorsement products. And it works—the stuff sells out at stores! The power tie really makes the business style. Nektaireul maeya jeongjang style-iya. Scary story Museowun yaegi. Korean people love scary stories about students that die in school.

Most Korean scary stories have ghosts, but odds are the ghost is a virgin who meets an unfortunate death before marriage. This keeps her coming back to the real world to avenge her wrongful death. The Chinese Zombie is prevalent in Korean movies and comics. If only all threats were that simple. They ask for names and birthdays to tell your fortune. He comes to drag you to the underworld.

Soccer is big and anybody who watches the Olympics will know that Koreans kick some serious ass in speed skating. This martial art is the national sport of South Korea. Believe it or not, Korea is pretty bad ass at soccer. In the World Cup, not only did they host the event, but they ranked fourth. The event brought the whole Korean community together and everyone dressed in red to cheer for the team.

It was common during the Cup to sneak your own alcohol into the games and yell at the refs and opposing players. But Korean fans are pretty polite, in general. Some athletically inclined Korean men wake up before the crack of dawn to play soccer with other crazies, I mean other athletically inclined guys, before they all trudge off to work.

Uri chumchuja. The international B-boy competitions are even held in Seoul. Fan dance Buchaechum. During Korean festivals, female dance teams create beautiful flowers using their bodies and large feathered fans.

The mask dance is an example of the earliest Korean storytelling done through dance. This folk art is a theatrical production that traditionally features male performers—even for female roles.

Most strikingly, many of them are males and they use drums and flags to get the crowd pumped up instead of booty shorts and fake tits. The most famous cheer team was. Korean fans amazed the world with their passion and also for their orderliness after the games.

Koreans can be orderly! Korean speed skate teams have been one of the top competitors for this category in Olympics. Even U. S team has hired formal medalist Jae-su Chun as their head coach to enhance the performance. It remains an important event in Korean history. Korea has been known mainly for its speed skaters, but lately the country has gained recognition in the figure skating arena. Even before winning the Olympic gold medal, Yu-na Kim was making waves in international competitions.

Developed by the South Korean government in the s, gookminchejo is a step series of stretches that every kid does, starting in elementary school. And in order to keep the school. With four beautiful and distinct seasons, Korea has always been a huge playground for kids. Top Paengichigi. These mini Olympics are conducted in elementary school and junior high. The whole school gets together and entire families come out to cheer for their kids.

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For children in Korea, the mini Olympics are as important as the high school prom. Here comes my fireball! Ja-a, bulkkotshut badara! Whoever throws many bean bags to pop open the pinata wins this game. Gongi is a similar to Jacks. Each player tosses the tokens on the. They have to scoop up the others and then proceed to catch the airborne one.

There are five levels, and players score points by tossing all five gongitdol and then catching them on the back of their hand. Play proceeds until the airborne token is dropped or other tokens are touched or moved unintentionally. Two teams are chosen and one team becomes the horse post. The competing team then hops on the back of other team without letting it fall apart.

When all the teammates are on the competitors back, the team leader plays Rock Paper Scissors with the other team leader to decide who will be the winner.

Of course there has to be a game where guys all get worked up and show their strength. Like sumo wrestling, fat men in diapers rub against each other to knock the other guy down or out of the ring. The winner used to get a bull for the prize, so it was a big deal a long time ago. Like the game you play in the pool, only on a mass scale. In the Korean cockfight, two people stand on one leg and support their other leg with their hands. They hop toward each other and try to make their competitor let go of their leg first.

Jangi, derived from Chinese Xiangqi, is a strategic board game popular in Korea. The playing board is 9 lines wide by 10 lines long. Featured in the movie A Beautiful Mind, Go is a board game noted for its strategic complexity despite its simple rules. Guys can sit in front of their computers killing all those little monsters for days without much rest.

No, not like the violent American who shot his mom in the head when she took away his Xbox. A Korean teenager was found dead after locking himself in a room for a week. He played video games alone, without sleeping or eating, and his body eventually just stopped working from lack of nutrients and pure exhaustion. Other than that incident, I think video games are actually good for stimulating your brain.

Try to battle your way into the world of Korean gamers. In this popular online game, players can work their way to the pro leagues. Casinos are only for visiting foreigners. So if you wanna be a high roller, you gotta bring your passport to get through the casino doors. Despite these restrictions, Koreans are still known as gamblers and can become highly addicted to betting it all. Illegal gambling Bulbeobdobak. Dobageun hadaga japyeohsseulttae bulbeobiya.

This game originated from Japan using cards called Hwatoo. Three players and a banker play. Whoever collects the most matching cards wins the game. They check your ID and keep records on how much you spend. This is not like Spanish or Mexican bullfighting—no Korean is dumb enough to jump into a ring with a bull. Korean bullfighting, usually held in the countryside, pits two bulls against each other. Because of this carnivorous spirit, BBQ is big in Korea—and ridiculously delicious—but it can be pricey, mainly because Korean beef is almost three times more expensive than American beef.

Be sure to check one out for an authentic Korean experience. Koreans just looooove this. And dog meat, though not eaten by a large percentage of people, and technically illegal, is still consumed by a small minority—which, though. But of course, man cannot live on meat alone. And by everything, I do mean everything. Koreans love beef and pork, but because beef is expensive, the most common meat at a Korean BBQ is pork.

Almost all restaurants in Korea will deliver takeout without any extra fee or tip. These spacious cases with interior shelves for stacking plates are so synonymous with delivery service that the word has also become slang for the delivery guys.

Some of these pig-out restaurants have a one-hour time limit. You may also use it on your anorexic Korean girlfriend to get extra meat on her!

Other books: ACTIVE KOREAN 1 PDF

Eumsik namgimyeon beolbada. Neo igeo an meogeumyeon ki ankeunda. Neo pyeonsikhajimalgo golgoru meogeo. And as a wallet-friendly bonus, the food is really cheap. You can get a gourmet, home-cooked meal for the price of a latte. Another thing to remember: Excuse me!

Older Koreans traditionally take bills and pay for a whole table. However, the younger generation has adopted the custom of paying for oneself—mostly in an effort to save people from going broke. Guys are still expected to treat. OK, maybe it is, but even non-natives will be amazed at the variety of offerings. Rice Bap. This is the most famous Korean side dish.

The most well-known to Westerners is the fiery pickled-cabbage variety, but in reality there are more than 50 kinds of kimchis. Most Korean ramen consists of instant noodles that come in various flavors. These fried fish cakes, served on a stick, are some of the most popular street foods in Korea. You may also see a sliced version show up in the myriad side dishes brought to the table at a Korean BBQ.

Kimbap is a Korean sushi roll. Fried food is universally yummy. The sausage is stuffed with clear noodles then soaked in pig blood to get its authentic and unique flavor. Oink, oink!

Koreans typically like their sushi served nigiri style raw fish over rice. However, ever since California rolls have become popular in Korea, there have been a lot more fusion maki rolls invented by Korean sushi chefs. How about maki sushi smothered in a sweet yogurt sauce? It just might be your next favorite thing to eat.

You choose a fish from a tank outside the restaurant; the live fish is then prepared for you on the spot. Pizza in Korea is healthy compared to the U. The concept of dog stew sounds pretty repugnant to Americans—most Koreans, too. Who would have thought that kimchi and SPAM could go so well together? Koreans always have this on their birthdays.

Presto—the association with birthdays. A savory, wheat flour pancake served as an appetizer or snack. It can include kimchi surprise , green onions or even squid. You can get food freshly cooked in front of you, or just pick up some convenient and cheap Korean pre-packaged grub. This is the most famous pizza chain in the country.

Korean slang pdf everyday dirty

Nice native twist: The crust here is made out of sweet potato. Italy has their gelato. Americans have their ice cream. Koreans have their frozen yogurt. Red Mango is the most well-known of Korean yogurt chains and has even become successful in the U.

American franchises like Starbucks are just like the ones in the U. Should we go to a coffee shop to talk? Uri coffee shope gaseo yaegihalkka? Coffee and hookers: Most students like to stick around and study for a few hours.

Dirty Chinese includes phrases for every situation, even expressions to convince a local official that you have waited long enough and tipped him plenty already. A pronunciation guide, a reference dictionary and sample dialogues make this guide invaluable for those traveling to China.

Dirty French: Readers learn sweet words to entice a local beauty. Even in traditionally minded Japan, slang from its edgy pop culture constantly enter into common usage.

This book fills in the gap between how people really talk in Japan and what Japanese language students are taught. Dirty Russian: An invaluable guide for off-the-beaten-path travelers going to Russia, Dirty Russian is packed with enough insults and swear words to offend every person in Russia without even mentioning that they lost the Cold War.