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He went into the wilderness and waited on God. And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit Why You Must Backsliding by Dag Heward-Mills. The Strange Woman Dag Heward-Mills Parchment House. Abraham Teye. The Strange Woman Dag Heward-Mills Parchment House Unless otherwise stated. MODEL MARRIAGE. A Marriage Counselling Handbook. DAG HEWARD-MILLS. Page 3. Unless otherwise stated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the.

He paid for it with his life. Fornication is not an easy sin to deal with. It is a form of communication. The strange woman had a corner. If you are in a relationship, there are certain times that you should not be with your beloved — fiancee. Prostitutes are usually seen on dark streets and corners trying to entice people.

They will however be the first to get ready if the church is going to the beach or some place to have a good time. Some of these people are bold enough to say they only go to church to trap a Christian man or lady!

If you are a Christian there are certain dresses that you are not supposed to wear. A believer ought to dress decently. If you are not a prostitute but you often dress like one, then you have one of the characteristics of a strange woman. Strange women often dress in suggestive and revealing ways. It is not only the dress that speaks, but their pose also says volumes.

You can immediately see they are after something. If you dare come to church with such a dress, then there is no doubt that you are strange. Some of the dresses expose half of their breasts. I know of only two reasons why breasts were made: For breast feeding, and 2.

For husbands to enjoy! Ladies, always dress decently — do not dress in suggestive or revealing way!

Pdf mills dag heward

Make-up helps to enhance the beauty of women, but there is a limit. At a point the make-up becomes too much and other messages are loudly sent across.

The Bible says temptation shall surely come but woe to him through whom the temptation comes. As Christians, we should not just set eyes on people, fall in love and marry. There is more to Christian marriage than love at first sight! In her house she pointed out photographs of her children to me. She said she was blessed with sons who were all preachers. However, she said she had lost one of her sons recently. She said her son, a pastor in New York had gotten married to this beautiful lady.

Before the marriage they had done the AIDS tests, but both were negative.

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So he went ahead and married her. However, some months into the marriage the lady developed full blown AIDS, with terrible diarrhoea, weight loss and all the usual symptoms. This old lady told me how she tried to make her son break up the marriage. He refused, and also died a few months after his wife. Dear friend, this pastor married someone who probably had a bad history, - a strange woman! He paid for it with his life. Another Christian brother had a beautiful wedding, but later when he was alone at home with his wife, the Spirit of God revealed horrible things about his wife to him.

He suddenly realised that she was not what he thought she was. He was shocked to find out that she had slept with many pastors and mighty men. But you must know about her past life in order to guard yourself. You should remember that a strange person can display that character even in marriage.

Model Marriage by Bishop Dag Heward Mills

Some strange women are loud, which makes them easily noticeable. There are various ways of being loud. It could be verbally or in appearance. You notice such people either through their loud dressing or loud laughter and giggling. There is a type of dressing that literally shouts, making all eyes turn to look at you.

They probably want you to notice them anyway. On some occasions I had to walk behind a group of girls. I often walked faster and overtook them. But as I walked a few metres ahead of them I would hear them giggling. I had no idea what they were laughing about. I would often change the way I walked, but the giggling and laughter would only grow louder. After a few of such experiences, any time I saw these girls on the way, I would make no effort to overtake this loud and strange group.

On the contrary, a woman with a meek and quiet spirit is considered precious in the sight of God. Prov 7: One of the characteristics of the strange woman is stubbornness. She will not obey instructions, and does not take advice. The Bible says the wife should submit to her husband. The word submit means to yield, bend, agree, or to obey. A good wife is supposed to yield, but if she is a strange woman, she will be stubborn.

Dear women, you are not wiser than God. No matter what you think and know, and no matter the theories you come up with, there can be only one head in a home. Any animal with two heads is abnormal and a freak. A strange woman is a dangerous person to marry. She is stubborn in the church, stubborn at home and stubborn at work.

She always has a reason or an excuse for not doing what she ought to do. Pharaoh was so stubborn that God had to speak to him through flies, frogs, deaths, tragedies and disaster! These are traits of a strange woman. Strange people do not like staying at home. This also means the wife must know how to cook and supervise people in the house.

They are always on the loose. When your stew is set before you, you will not be able to tell the difference between that and soup! This is often the fate of the men who marry strange women.

They are condemned to a life of eating in misery everyday. When a woman wants a man she is always outside in the streets, lying in wait at every corner for an opportune time to strike. Such women can only be satisfied when they are with one man or another.

In the Proverbs 7 story, the strange woman acts as if she was lying in wait for this particular man. However, if the naive young man refuses her, she will lie in wait for the next man and tell him the same story — as if she was waiting particularly for him.

Strange people like to touch others. When you are walking with them, they never want to leave you. They always want to hold or hug you.

The strange woman knows that generally, a man can be sexually aroused by sight. In order to conquer her victim totally she will cause him to yield by touching him. Some Christian brothers also have the habit of holding sisters.

The strange woman is very bold and unlawfully familiar with the man she wants to have an affair with. Why do you talk to somebody about intimate things, when you are a just an acquaintance? Strange people try to get close — in fact too close for comfort. As soon as you become unlawfully familiar with somebody, you have crossed borders.

You are out of your territory. And this is the speciality of strange people. She comes out in the open, into the street to solicit, and is not shy or ashamed of her behaviour. I was in Geneva once with one of my associate ministers, and we were talking seriously with a brother in a restaurant. This happened to be near a place where prostitutes lurk, and there was this prostitute who was such a nuisance, we had to usher her out.

Initially, she did not want to go out, so we called the police, and eventually she was driven away. Later on we were busy talking, when one of the other prostitutes came along in a coat. She stood right in front of the whole restaurant, and opened up her coat to reveal her body.

Believe it or not, she was stark naked under her coat! She had no shame. Unknown to us, when the first one went out, she told all the other prostitutes that we had sacked her and so this other strange woman had come to defy us. Strange women have no shame. You may think you are being fashionable, but in reality, you are just what the Bible calls strange.

Unfortunately, there are born again Christians who are not ashamed to expose themselves this way. There are many young ladies who would never have fornicated, but for the words of a man. Words can put pressure on you and force you to act. You are everything to me. I just want to express my love for you. A pastor in a church I used to attend often said that if any man tells you he loves you and he wants to express his love to you, tell him to buy you chocolates!

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On the other hand there are women who also flatter men, especially powerful men. Some are very experienced in praising pastors. She will tell you that you are such an anointed man of God. Faith comes by hearing, so when you continue to hear such words, you will eventually believe and yield. She was saying that she had laid the table. So this strange woman was appealing to the young man through food.

If you are a young single brother, you may be exposing yourself to such strange people if you just go about eating all over the place. A pastor, visiting his members must remember that his business with them concerns the salvation of their souls. You are not supposed to go around eating from home to home.

Eat not the bread of him that hath an evil eye Sometimes your stomach can contribute to your fall. As a Christian, a Pastor, and a husband, I do not go out to lunch with just anybody.

Mills dag pdf heward

Once, I saw a Christian brother who already had a fiancee, sitting with another lady over a candle light dinner. I was very surprised, because he was inviting trouble for himself. I really did wonder about his fiancee. Was she safe? So it is an exciting thing for a man to meet a woman who wants to have sex with him.

Hm... Are You a Human?

If a woman comes to a man and indicates that she wants to have him, it appeals to him greatly. Some Christian wives could learn a lesson or two from this strange woman! There are some men and women who are married and yet the marriage makes no difference to them.

Pdf dag heward mills

This strange woman said that her husband was not at home, and showed her readiness to sleep with another man in his absence. This was a really strange woman. The purpose of the ministry of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is to fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ by taking the message of salvation to all peoples of the world.

Bishop Dag Heward Mills has traveled extensively and ministers powerfully under the anointing. After God placed upon him the anointing to teach, he began holding meetings in a classroom on campus that accommodated just a handful of people.

As attendance steadily increased, larger and larger halls had to be used, until finally, in , he commissioned the construction of the one of the largest church complexes in Africa! Currently, attendance at his meetings have exceeded the capacity of this huge structure. With the unquenching fire of the Gospel ardent in his bosom, he began the Healing Jesus Crusades with an initial gathering of just over people.

Since then, he has conducted Gospel crusades with hundreds of thousands of people attending a single gathering using towering sound systems that can be heard for miles.

As part of the discipleship-training program, millions of copies of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills' literature have been published in several languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian and printed in many countries.

Millions of books have been printed and freely 'seeded' in nations around the world. His books are well known to convert ordinary Christians into fearless ministers of the Gospel.

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is the founder of the Anagkazo Bible Schools, a full-time Bible school with several thousand students worldwide, aimed at inspiring others to ministry. Other soul-winning projects that he has founded includes the Leadership International an unrelenting outreach into second-cycle institutions , that is aimed at inspiring the next generation to reach the unreached, to further the Kingdom, and to see the Gospel message proclaimed throughout the world.

His multi-faceted ministry has outreaches to prisons, orphans and the sick. Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is also recognized for holding Work of the Ministry Conferences' in many different countries of the world. These events are aimed at equipping church leaders and workers with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the culture of Loyalty and practical guides to ministry.

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The purpose of the ministry of Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills is to fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ by taking the message of salvation to all peoples of the world. His programs are seen and heard domestically and internationally on the radio and television in several countries.

Although Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is primarily known for his Healing Jesus Crusades in Africa and other third-world countries, the ministry also seeks to actively inspire and equip the body of Christ through the internet, videos, worldwide television and radio. Reviews Review Policy.

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