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Title: Velamma ep 35 the accident. Page number ISSUU Downloader is a free to use tool for downloading any book or publication on ISSUU. By using this. Velamma and Ramesh's carelessness causes an accident, which injures a biker Sachin. Velamma takes care of him in her house but when. Download Velamma - Episode 35 - The Accident pdf Torrent for free, Full Movie And Tv Shows Streaming Link Also Available to Watch Online.

This episode marks the only time that Dora and Boots draw their own map. A Jigsaw puzzle wizard named El Encantador Spanish for "the wizard" is missing a piece: When a snowman shows up on the beach in the middle of summer, Dora and Boots need to help the snowman and other figures go back to their respective season. Map is present throughout the episode for the only time. This is the last episode to have the Explorer Stars in the intro. It aired on Nickelodeon's sister channel, Nick Jr. This is the seventh episode where Swiper was absent.

For their first mission together, Dora, Boots and Diego must save a baby jaguar from a waterfall. This marks the first appearance of Diego, who would later get a spin-off series of his own, " Go, Diego, Go!

Velamma ep 35 the accident-ISSUU PDF Downloader

Dora and Boots needs to rescue 3 friends. However, Baby Jaguar, Isa, and Benny freak out when they see something dangerous, so Dora teaches them to take deep breaths to calm down. Dora and Boots jump into a handheld console video game to save puppies from being locked up by a mean dog catcher. Dora and her friends are about to put on a play about pirates for an audience of friends and relatives.

When the Pirate Piggies steal the treasure chest with costumes inside, the group sets out to cross what's literally the Seven Seas and pass under the Singing Bridge to get to Treasure Island and get the costumes back in time for the show.

Velamma – EP 35 – The Accident

Dora and Boots enter a giant alphabet book and see that all of the animals from A-Z are gone except for Armadillo. Dora and Boots are playing in a magical place where fairy tale characters live: Fairy Tale Land! But when a mean witch casts a spell on Boots, he falls into a deep, deep sleep.

The only way to break the spell is for Sleeping Boots to get a hug from a true princess. Can Dora become a princess and save Boots? Dora has to bring Daisy's birthday crown and shoes. But the quest isn't built for just one or two people, because Dora and Boots get help along the way.

Because of the original air date of this episode and Daisy turning 15, her date of birth is October 1, Dora receives a Star Pocket from her Abuela and learns to catch stars. But then, it gets stolen by a star-catching prince, thanks to Swiper who taped it on a balloon. Dora helps Boots and his music teacher get to school for a sing-along, after her bicycle chain breaks.

Swiper reveals his good side when he travels with Dora and Boots and helps them to return a baby fox to its mother. This episode premiered on the same day as the new Nick Jr. In a story Dora tells, after getting tricked by a dance-loving elf, Swiper gets trapped in his magic bottle and it's up to Dora and Boots to win a dance competition at the castle!

The prize is one big wish, and they have to wish Swiper free from the bottle. Diego has saved animals, but now he's the one who needs to be saved because he accidentally ended up on a cliff when rescuing a parrot.

If he falls off the cliff, he will get punctured by a large pile of cacti! Dora and her friends are excited to celebrate Friendship Day. Soon, they run into a problem when they realize that Swiper has stolen all of the friendship bracelets from around the world. The bracelets won't glow unless everyone from each country wears them, so Dora offers to help Swiper give them back.

The velamma pdf accident 35 episode

Dora forgets her music homework on the way to school, so Boots has to go there and return it to her. Dora and Boots set out to help Mariana the mermaid recover the magic crown to wish the Mermaid Kingdom to be clean again, and to stop an evil octopus from dumping garbage all over. This is the last episode where Kathleen Herles voices Dora, Harrison Chad voices Boots, and the rest of the original cast to act before their departure, except for the voices of Map, Swiper and Diego.

35 the accident pdf episode velamma

Note 2: This is the last episode featuring Character Find at the end during the end credits and will no longer take over in anymore episodes after that from now on. Boots and Tico are off to their first day of school. There, Boots learns Spanish and Tico learns English. The voice of Map and Swiper is still Marc Weiner. Benny fixes his go-cart up to finish a race and learns to never give up.

Before the race, he, Dora, and Boots meet a few other racers who need help. Dora and Isa help Unicornio the Unicorn return to his home at the end of the rainbow with some unicorn flowers from Isa's garden. Dora has found the perfect present for her baby brother and sister: She and Boots must go back home to give them the Jack-in-the-box.

Sabrina the snow princess has had her magic crystal stolen by an evil witch who has locked her away in a tower in hopes that all the snow in the forest will melt. Dora, Boots, and the Snowflake Fairy set out to rescue the snow princess and prevent the snow from melting. Dora and Boots must help a girl save her kingdom when it's drained of color with the help of the Snow Princess.

When Swiper tries to swipe the star off the Christmas tree at Dora's Nochebuena party, he lands on Santa's naughty list. When Dora tries to ask Santa to take Swiper off the naughty list, Santa agrees — but only if Swiper learns the true meaning of Christmas. This is the 8th double-length episode and the second Christmas special in the Dora franchise. A wishing machine makes bananas drop on Boots endlessly.

Boots is delighted to have this special treat, but soon, the wishing machine broke and bananas won't stop appearing! Therefore, he and Dora must find another one at Roberto's robot workshop. Along the way, Boots encounters several problems related to bananas, so Dora must prevent him from saying "bananas". The Super Babies team up with Dora and Boots to save birthday cakes from the cake-snatching bear. With their snacks, flashlight, and binoculars packed, Dora and Boots are off to a camping trip with Diego and Baby Jaguar.

The Enchanted Forest is in grave peril as the owl usurped Unicornio's position as king and trapped Unicornio. Dora and Boots must venture into the forest to rescue Unicornio and teach the owl a lesson.

The Big Red Chicken is performing magic tricks. For his first trick, he turns Boots into a chicken. When he tries to turn him back into a monkey, the Big Red Chicken lets out a big sneeze that propels his magic wand into Magic Land. Dora and friends set off on a magical journey in order to get the wand fixed so Boots can be a monkey again.

Velamma episode 35 pdf

Swiper is packing all of his favorite things for a sleepover at his grandma's house: Just as he is about to leave, a big wind gust comes in and blows everything away! Dora and Boots have to bring their special paintbrush to help their painter friend at the art studio.

Dora travels to Brazil to play in the Big Cup Soccer Tournament against a team of soccer-playing monsters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: Retrieved 15 September — via YouTube. The Futon Critic.

Son of the Bronx. Retrieved 10 April Retrieved 8 April Retrieved February 25, Retrieved February 8, Retrieved from " https: Lists of American children's animated television series episodes Lists of Nickelodeon television series episodes.

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Valerie Walsh. Dora and Boots go to the Yellow Valley to investigate the source of a funny sound. This is Tico and Benny's debut. Dora and Boots decide to go swimming at the beach. This is Val the Octopus' debut. This is Isa's debut. This is Azul's debut. Dora and Boots find a blue key to a treasure chest. With Pirate Parrot's help, they head to Treasure Island to find it. Dora and Boots have to find 3 pigs and return them to their pen. Leslie Valdes. Boots accidentally loses one of his red boots, and he and Dora must retrieve it before it goes over a waterfall.

Dora and Boots search for blueberries at Blueberry Hill Chris Gifford. Dora and Boots help a Wizzle catch his lost wishes and wish him back home to his parents.

This is Mami and Abuela's debut. Today is Boots' birthday and Dora and her friends throw a big surprise party for him. This is the only episode to feature Crocodile Lake as the destination. After he bounces his new ball too hard, they have to retrieve it before it goes into the volcano. Dora and Boots help Baby Red Fish get out of a tide pool and return him home to his family down in the ocean, at Red Rock. Dora and Boots jump into a storybook to save Prince Ramon, who's imprisoned in the High Tower by an evil witch, who doesn't allow toys on her property.

Dora and Boots try to find the Chocolate Tree and a present for Abuela. Dora and Boots help their friends get to the treehouse for a big thank-you party. This is the first episode where Swiper was absent. Note 3: This episode currently airs only on Valentine's Day even though this episode premiered in October This is the last episode where Muhammed Cunningham voices Tico. This is the first episode where Jose Zelaya is the new voice for Tico the Squirrel. Dora and Boots find a magic stick and venture to the Highest Hill to reveal its magic power.

Dora and Boots help a fire truck named Rojo accomplish his first rescue mission: Dora and Boots head to the Gooey Geyser to rescue Boots' lost squeaky bath toy.

Dora and Boots help some of their friends with situations and give them different colored lollipops and stickers. Most importantly, they have to help Benny cure his allergies at his barn. This episode marks the only time that Dora and Boots draw their own map. Cowgirl Dora and Cowboy Boots ride their trusty friend Pinto the Pony across the wild west to deliver Cowboy Cookies to Benny at his barn, and have to prevent Swiper from swiping them.

Dora and Boots need to get 10 yellow tickets at the carnival to win the big prize: Dora and Boots try to find all the things that make the Grumpy Old Troll happy. Map is present throughout the episode for the only time.

With her new camera, Dora and Boots take pictures of wild animals for a photo contest. The English translation of this episode's title is "Fast, Tico!

This is the first Christmas special in the Dora franchise. Dora and Boots deliver a letter to Swiper when the Delivery Bird breaks her glasses by accident. Along the way, they deliver letters to Tico, Isa and Benny that contain different surprises. The English translation of the episode's title is "Dora the Musician". This is the first Easter special in the Dora franchise.

Dora and Boots need to stop Swiper from swiping Isa's cupcakes by using spy goggles, rocket boots and a spy rope. Dora has a secret: If she wants to try it again, she and Boots need to race over to Play Park.

Viewers play hide-and-go-seek with Dora and her friends to win the big trophy. Dora and Boots search for Mimo, the school's pet hamster, when he's gone missing! Dora and Boots save a baby duckling that has magically come to life in their coloring book. This episode begins with the Seasons theme song with the Explorer Stars and Dora and Boots swinging on a vine instead of the Seasons theme song with 2 doors opening, entering a room and zooming into the green computer.

This is the first episode not to feature Character Find at the end. This is the last episode featuring the original theme song with 2 doors opening by themselves, entering the room and zooming into the green computer. This episode aired the same day as Caillou's Holiday Movie. Boots calls his truck friends for a rescue mission to free the Ice Cream Truck from a ditch at Play Park. Dora and Boots help a lost robot named Roberto get to his grandpa's house.

Benny accidentally turns himself into a potato, using a magic wand from a friendly young wizard. Now Dora, Boots and Benny must get to the wizard's castle to reverse the spell.

The Explorer Stars are absent for the first time. Dora lost her teddy bear, Osito. She and Boots will find it!

Will Dora get her teddy bear back? This is the second episode where Swiper was absent. Dora and Boots set off to tell a kinkajou magic words to fulfill his destiny to be king. Boots has a hole in his boot. Along the way to the Super-Duper Fix-It Machine, he and Dora encounter other friends with things that have holes in them. Dora, Boots, and Diego help a baby dinosaur to return home with his mom at Dino Island.

Boots wants to have his first big hit, so he and Dora go to the baseball stadium to see if it can be done. Today is Boots' special day and more than anything, Boots wants to visit his dad at work! Dora, Boots, and Diego help a baby penguin get back to the South Pole. The Explorer Stars are absent for the second time. Dora's cousin Daisy is playing a soccer game. But when Daisy's team, the Yellow Tigres, has one player less, Daisy counts on Dora to play on her team.

This is the 1st double-length episode. This was the first episode to have the extended version of "We Did It! But the cake is gone! Boots needs to find his cuddly dinosaur in time for a sleepover at Dora's house before sunset.

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