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Pitch Perfect () Movie Script. Read the Pitch Perfect full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show. PITCH PERFECT by. Amanda Torres. Page 2. FADE IN: EXT: AUDITORIUM - DAY. The place is the Barden University auditorium, six months after. Nationals. Pitch Perfect Screenplay - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The shooting script for Pitch Perfect.

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Pitch Perfect by. Kay Cannon. Revision by. Jeff Roda. Revision Date: 10/04/ Date: 10/21/ Based on the Book: "Pitch Perfect: The Quest for. Read, review and discuss the entire Pitch Perfect movie script by Kay Cannon on "PITCH PERFECT 2". Written by. Kay Cannon. Based on the book by. Mickey Rapkin. This material is the property of UNIVERSAL PICTURES and is intended for.

Portrait of Jennie. I should have taken that cardio tip more seriously. Lilly busts out some hard-core beatboxing skills and the crowd cheers! The Place Beyond the Pines-final-script Then I can die a hero.

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Pitch Perfect 2: The Abridged Script | The Editing Room

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Pitch Perfect Screenplay

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The Box Richard Kelly, The Hunt - Alien vs Predator Total Recall - Kurt Wimmer [ Transformers Prime Detective. I Am Legend [Protosevich, Nov 96]. Indiana Jones and The City of the Gods There's Anna Kendrick, that girl who no one can decide if she's hot or "not hot but I'd still totally do her! And there's Rebel Wilson, being all fat again. Fat people are hilarious! So hilarious we're going to make a joke about her weight every single time she appears on screen! Women made this movie so that makes it okay!

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Well, the Bellas have been tearing up every a-ca championship in the United States since the last movie, so now they're playing at the Kennedy Center for President Obama on his birthday!

How utterly believable that the most powerful man in the world would spend his special day watching a bunch of bitchy white girls shriek out some Miley Cyrus. Alright, you a-ca fucktards, thanks to Rebel's fat incompetence, we've officially ruined our lives.

Script pdf perfect pitch

Who's down for a suicide pact? Yeah, why the hell do we keep Rebel around?

She's an okay singer, she barely dances, she's stupid, and she's kind of a bitch. Taking responsibility for your fuckups is for skinny folk. I am hilarious and therefore blameless. Are we? We've spent the past three years dominating the American music industry. We just played for the fucking President. I'm pretty sure we can get a record deal, or at least a spot on The Voice. Hana's right, you guys. That's right!

Wait, didn't this exact scene happen pretty much verbatim in the last movie on your first day of school? I sure am lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend who's relationship with me will be challenged in absolutely no way for this entire film.

Obstacles are hard to write. Alright you skinny jeans-wearing, frappacino-chugging, music-pirating Millenial sacks of Adderall and Tweets.

Pdf script pitch perfect

The God of Music a. Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion or Snoop Tapeworm or whatever he's calling himself these days is coming to our studio to record a Christmas album and I need you all to 1 worship the ground he walks on, and 2 figure out how to make a Christmas album remotely listenable. Start vomiting ideas so that I may mock you. Please go murder your entire family so that the genes that spawned you cannot be passed on.

Anyone else? By god! It's brilliant! One Christmas song in isolation is pure torture but TWO played simultaneously?! Anna, I shall reward you by giving you exactly one chance to impress me with your music. Hey everybody. I'm the girl from True Grit. Remember me? Anyway, I'd love to become a Bella. My mom was a Bella and my entire life she's been telling me over and over again how important it is that I become one.

This is heartwarming and not at all creepy that my fifty year old mother's life peaked in college and she wants to now live vicariously through me. Sorry, we can't take any new pledges since Rebel flashed the president. God, that plot instigator sounds stupider every time someone says it out loud. Hang on there, Brittany. There's a loophole. The university said we can't audition new Bellas, but on the other hand, Hailee is a legacy, which exempts her from that rule for some reason!

But the little chiquita was in Ender's Game which was worse than a burrito full of tequila and kidnapped drug mules. Hana's right, we need another Oscar nominee on the team now that Anna's never around.

Alright Hailee, you're in. Hello you gorgeous a-ca muffins! I'm an inexplicably wealthy flamboyant homosexual who loves a-capella so much I invite teams from all over the world to compete for me in my a-ca Thunderdome! Now get ready to sing your little a-ca titties off! You feisty Americans shall not defeat the mighty German a-ca Master Race!

My international vocal group and I shall crush this small-potatoes unofficial contest that we are inexplicably determined to win! Yeah, well, your name is the fake name I would come up with on the fly if someone told me to pull the most stereotypical possible Scandinavian name out of my ass. Right, Anna? The contest begins! Alright guys, we just have to sing one more song without fucking up and we win! Let's go with something simple like-.

Pdf pitch perfect script

It was mashups. It was all mashups. I gave you an opportunity to show us your stuff and you vomited mashups onto a disc and called it art. I'm expressing this in the dickiest way possible but it's a totally valid point. You create nothing I can't find with a quick Youtube search.

Pitch Perfect (2012) Movie Script

I am now going to put your demo disc into this blender and mash it up with some dogshit. I think that would probably improve the sound. As the least functional person in this Island of Misfit Toys we call a vocal group, I think I am the most qualified to give you life advice. Alright, here goes. I have been sneaking off lately to go work at a recording studio. It's also kind of weird that playing for the fucking president didn't get you some better job opportunities than unpaid intern.

Maybe I'm not the only complete idiot on this team. Stay focused, Rebel.