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Shorthand Dictionary, it was decided to add to the words it contained their ordinary meanings, with occasional notes concerning their origins. It was, in fact, . Pitman's. Shorthand. Instructor. " or uj any of the other text-books of the system And Examination Tests NATIONAL SHORTHAND SCHOOL (BOOKS) Pitman's . THE SHOETHAND DICTIONARY. B. THIS being the first consonant in the English alphabet, it the first letterin all systems of shorthand. As the.

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The Gregg Shorthand Dictionary should not only teach the beginner, but should look them up in an ordinary English dictionary and jot down the definition in. Shorthand English Pitman Dictionary PDF - Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Shorthand English Pitman. Feb 27, English and shorthand dictionary by Isaac Pitman, , Pitman edition, in English - Centenary ed.

Amphic'tyony, n. The fastest writer had to start somewhere. It must not be confused with the amice. A'sian, adj. Ba'al, n. Dictionary pages containing approx 60, shorthand outlines, longhand word and meaning. March 26,

The Introduction describes some of the rules of outline choice, and is followed by an index of all the words used as examples. In the dictionary section, logograms word signs and contractions are shown in bold type. Outlines are not shown in relation to any dotted line, apart from those logograms and contractions that are written above or through the line. The rules of the system were revised in to produce the New Era version which is still current, and in the simplified Pitman was introduced to provide a choice for students.

This book should therefore be used with caution by present-day students of Pitman's New Era and Pitman , as many of the rules and outlines are different.

Download ebook for print-disabled. Add an ISBN in order to link to booksellers. Copy and paste this code into your Wikipedia page. Need help? New Feature: You can now embed Open Library books on your website! Learn More. Last edited by Tom Morris. February 27, History. Add another edition? English and shorthand dictionary Isaac Pitman. English and shorthand dictionary Close.

Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove English and shorthand dictionary from your list? English and shorthand dictionary based on the original work of Sir Isaac Pitman, with lists of proper names, grammalogues and contractions, and an analytical introduction on the formation of shorthand outlines. Hal' tic, adj.

Barba'dian, adj. Bap'tist, n. John, the 'forerunner of Our Lord; a member of the Baptist sect.

Shorthand English Pitman Dictionary PDF

Batia'chia, n. Bata'vian, adj. Knights of the Bath, a British order of knighthood. Bava'rian, ad. Batfooted animal; a. Aecom'ingness, n. Bel'gian, n. Bel'taae, n. Ben' edict, n. Benedio'tine, adj. Eienedict's rule; n. Benedict; a kind of liqueur. Benedic'tns, n. Luke i. Ber'thon-boat, n. Bengalese', adj. Bere'an, adj. Indian disease. Bernese', adj. Bes'semer, adj. Bigno'nia, n. US' wig, n. Biscay'an, itdj. Biscay in to bia'cotin,. Black' Rod, n. Boeo'tian, adj.

Boer, n. French in the Great bock'ing, n. Bodlei'an, adj. Bologaese', adj. Bon'iface, n. Bor'stal system, n.

Bour'bouism, n. French royalist. York of evil reputation. Braille, n. Brazil'lan, adj. Exchequer's annual statement.

Bui'gundy, n.

Ay-eleo'tion, n. Rabbinism; inner teaching. Thebes; Theban. Cae'sarism, n. Cala'brian, adj. ClU'cnlary, n. Oaf'fre, n. African tribe so named. Caledo'nian, adj.

Vocabulary – Shorthand Dictionaries

Also Kalends. CaUi'ope, n. Car vary, n. Cananites camp, vJ. Oa'naanite, n. Ca'nanitaa, n. Can'tonese, adj.

Pdf english shorthand dictionary

CSp'tious, adj. Cap'ricom, n. Oap'ricomns, n. Rome, called the Capitolium; the building at Washington in which the U. Congress meets. Cap'itoline, adj. At St. Car'ib, n. Car'melite, m. Oaribbe'an, adj. Carpa'tbian, dj. CArt'age, M. Carte'sianism, n.

English and shorthand dictionary

Cassan'dra, n. Castil'ian, adj. Casta'Iian, adj. American mockingthrush. Catalo'Dian, ad. Cat'alpa, n. Catfaolicism, n. Catilina'rian, adj. Catb'oUc, adj. The Catholic Faith is so called not because it embraces all beliefs, but because the one belief is offered to.

Cauca'sian, adj. Celt'ic, adj. Celt'ish, adj. The centumviri numbered , and were presided over by a praetor. This break occurs at various points in a verse.

Chab'lis, n. Cesa'rean, to Caesar. Cham, n. Chalda'ic, adj. Cbal'daism, n. Chalde'an, adj. Chaldee', adj. Chap'man, n. Chartrenx cbar'nel. Carthusian monastery; the name is the English equivalent of Chartreuse. Chase, v. Chat'ty, adj. Ctiat'wood, n. Chan'tauana, n. ChiaJlt'i, n. Chinese', adj. Chil'dermas, n. Chippendale, adi. Chi'ton, n. Cbit'ty, ad].

Chris' matory, adj. Chris' ten, v. CliriB'tendom, n. Christianiza'tion, n. Christ'ianized, pp.. Christ'ianly, adv. Christian way. Christ'mas, n. Lord's Birthday, Dec. Cbristorogy, n. Cymri ; Welsh. Cimine'rian, adj. Bic'ely, n. Cine'ma, n. Cingalese', adj.

Shorthand dictionary pdf english

Cinque' Ports, n. Circas'sian, adj. Circe'tn, adj. Ciroen'fdan, adj. Roman to the circus. Oister'dan, adj. His province is South of the Trent. Clementine d. Clo'ven, p. Olomp, v. Clntoh, v. CO'-aid, n. Ooast'lng, pr. COC'cyz, n. CO'balt, n. Cockaigne', n. CO'don, n.

COg'niiance, n. COg'niauit, adj.

COg'-wheel, n. CObib'it, strain. Also Colosseum. CoUi'sioo, n. Colnm'bian, adj. OOlnm'biC, adj. COl'nmn, n. CompU'ance, n. Complaten'sian, adj. Comte and the posi' tive philosophy.

OOn'cept, n. Holy the See and a secular power. OOQCln'siTe, adj. OOn'flox, n. Confu'cian, adj. Congregationalism Coogrega' tb: Congrega'tionalist, n. ConiTeiae, n. Co'noid, like;.

Pdf dictionary english shorthand

Contin'nal, adj. COOk'y, n. COOp'er, n. CO-op'erant, adj. Copernican the system. Cop' tic, ad. American snake. COr'nice, n , a projection from the top of a wall or range of. Oord'ing, n. OOr'morant, n. COTOllate, adj. COTO'ns, n. COTrel'atively, adv. C0rv6e', n.

Coryban'tic, adj. COSh'er, v. CO'sily, adv. Cor'sican, adj.

Cor'tes, ft. CO'terie, n. COUpi', n. COT'ering, pr. COOS'in, n. OOT'in, n. CO'ving, pr. COW'-pox, n. OOw'aTd, n. COW'boy, n. A corruption of the French crevice.


Croatian, adj. Cris'pin, n. Christian emof Salvation; great trial; a cross-breed. CTOss'-armed, n. Cromwellisn, rel. Holy Land.

Crusta'cea, n. CTOwn'prinoe, n.