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Warhammer Armies the Empire - 8th Edition - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Warhammer Army. Warhammer Army book Wood Elves. I never used to make a point of reviewing new army books, however I did it for the new Dwarf book and that post is now one of the most-read on. wood elves 8th edition file type pdf - powerhousefitness wood elves 8th edition file type wood elves 8th edition file type warhammer high elves army book 8th.

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Wood Elves Army Book PDF. Anon Fri 21 Feb Looking for a WHFB WE pdf, anyone got a link? Anonymous There is a Mediafire page with all of the PDFs on it, but I can't remember the address. Go ask in the WHFB. Warhammer Army book Wood Elves - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online . Warhammer Dark Elves 8th Edition Warhammer Army Book. Uploaded by. Warhammer FB - Army Book - Warhammer Armies Dark Elves (8E) - Uploaded by. Luci. Wood Elves (8ed). Uploaded by. Jose Eduardo. Warhammer .

They don't suddenly go strength 4 at short range, and they won't be backing off and firing without penalty. The traditional overpriced banner does not fail to disappoint me even if you don't compare it to the Banner of the World Dragon. Also it's lore attribute turns all of it's spells into lvl 1 fireballs when cast at something with wings. Matt Ward has also given a good lore attribute which stacks well with it's multiple low level spells. Treekin were tough, relatively powerful at strength 5, and offered the only other ranked unit you would ever really see though at 65 points per model, you never really saw more than a single unit of 8. Wild Riders have an identity issue. So their ward save is weaker, but they will always get it.

Or my take on things could be completely different — I can't really say. How things were. First, a few words on how things stood before this new book arrived. The previous Wood Elf book was almost 10 years old, having arrived toward the end of 6 th edition.

Given that we're relatively close to the end of 8 th edition now, this was a very long lifespan for the old book. People have been waiting a long time for its replacement to arrive, and there will doubtless be a level of disappointment after so much anticipation.

Elves army pdf warhammer book 8th wood edition

This may particularly be the case given that the old book was competitive enough when it first arrived, but it had fallen well behind the curve a long time ago. You have people sick of an old and relatively under-powered or at least mono-faceted list, expecting their time in the sun.

Given that the old days of power creep where each new book is pretty much guaranteed to be the most powerful seem to be behind us, so there was never any guarantee that the new book would give Wood Elf players the power to strike fear into all who oppose them. In the previous book, Wood Elves had clear strengths and weaknesses. The internal balance wasn't great, and it meant that players stretching to compete against newer armies were finding few options. Glade Guard were a core unit who were potent archers with strength 4 longbows at short range, and the whole army could move and shoot without penalty.

So your basic building block was archers that could be fielded en masse, and who had the ability to move into position or back off as they shot. There was no armour to speak of all the cavalry was light-weight and fast , and your only ranked infantry option was Eternal Guard, who at strength 3 were little threat to many things. What resilience and staying power the army had came from Forest Spirits.

Dryads were capable against smaller units but couldn't break through a proper steadfast opponent. Treekin were tough, relatively powerful at strength 5, and offered the only other ranked unit you would ever really see though at 65 points per model, you never really saw more than a single unit of 8.

Treemen were the stand-out with a decent armour save, high strength and toughness, and stubborn. Only lord-level Spellweavers could access Lores of Magic other than the Lore of Athel Loren , and even then they only had the choice of Beasts and Life. So the magical support for the army was limited, though vitally important. Many players relied on a level 4 Life mage to hold their lines together and give them another ranged weapon in the Dwellers Below.

Besides this spell and Amber Spear from the Lore of Beasts, the army was entirely reliant on its bows to bring down the enemy. With no artillery options, anything that couldn't be felled by strength 4 bows was likely to make it into combat.

How things have changed. As you might expect when the book is replacing something so long in the tooth, the updated list is significantly different. A new release always means new models, but there rules have had a complete revamp. I'll give a bit of a run-down in case you don't know anything about the changes yet.

General rules. The Elf units in the army all share a rule called Forest Stalker. This gives them Forest Strider, and rules that are the equivalent to the racial traits of the High Elves and Dark Elves Martial Prowess and Murderous Prowess respectively when at least half the unit is in a forest.

This means they will shoot and fight in an extra rank, and can re-roll 1s to wound in close combat. All the Elves in the army now have Always Strikes First, to bring them in line with the other Elven races. What they do not have is the ability to move and shoot without penalty — this is gone, although it can effectively be replaced using special arrows as discussed below.

So their ward save is weaker, but they will always get it. Wood Elf spears are Armour Piercing. Apparently they are sharper than those made by High Elves and Dark Elves. My theory for this is that all Elf spears are made equal, but High and Dark Elf spears are blunted from constantly stabbing High and Dark Elves.

I'm not sure that this explanation is covered in the Wood Elf book, but I'm sure it makes sense Wood Elf longbows or Asrai Longbows, as they are rightly called are also Armour Piercing, however they are no longer Strength 4 at short range for Glade Guard. Many units in the army also have the choice of upgrading their arrows, however the arrow rules then replace the Armour Piercing of the bow itself although most include it anyway.

Whole units can buy these arrows, but they pay per model anything up to 5 points and the cost will stack up: Arcane Bodkins -3 to armour saves. Swiftshiver Shards Armour Piercing, Multiple shots 2. Trueflight Arrows Armour Piercing, no to-hit penalties. This all means you can customise the purpose of your unit somewhat, but your fancy custom Elves will cost you.

Wood Elves still bring a free forest with them before deployment, and it is placed anywhere in their half of the table. The player may also choose the flavour of the forest from the Mysterious Terrain chart, meaning we may well see a lot of Venom Thickets springing up across the battlefields of the Old World.

The specifics. So those are effectively the army-wide rule changes. Now assume that almost every unit has also changed in some way or another, and you will start to see how different this book is.

Where things haven't really changed, I will ignore them. I'll just try to highlight the differences. Spellweavers and Spellsingers can now use any of the Lores of Battle Magic, with the Spellweaver also having access to High and Dark Magic albeit with Wood Elf-specific lore attributes. This obviously adds an enormous level of flexibility in terms of what Wood Elf players can try to do with their magic.

The playing up of the sinister side of the Wood Elves seems strange to a lot of people, and it's not something I really go for either. But whatever, they've been trying to make the race more insular and grumpy for a long time now. The Kindred rules for characters are gone, although you can now buy a couple of specialist heroes as separate choices.

The Shadowdancer is basically just a Wardancer hero with 2 hand weapons, but he can become a level 1 Shadow wizard should you so choose, and can spend only 25 points on magic items, thus limiting his options. There is nothing stating he has to join Wardancers, however. The Waystalker is a Waywatcher hero with only a single Attack on his profile, but he is a Sniper and can also try to make use of 25 points of magic items.

In a rather cruel blow, just about all Forest Spirits have lost a point of Strength. Dryads gain Hatred as some form of consolation, but they are also now a ranked unit, which feels strange despite the fact that they were a ranked unit back in 5 th edition. Unless you're going to hit them with a Strength-boosting spell, Dryads are more of a holding unit than an offensive one. But one that will lose its steadfast if it's standing in a forest. Go figure Treekin are basically unchanged apart from the loss of Strength, and they are 20 points cheaper per model to compensate for this.

At the cheaper price it will be much easier to field a solid block of them, so they will probably be a more popular choice than Dryads.

The old Tree Whack attack returns, however it's a bit different from days gone by. The Treeman makes a single attack and if it hits, the target must take an initiative test or suffer D6 wounds with no armour save.

Treeman Ancients are still tough, but are terrible fighters. Apparently they get old and bored, and stop paying attention. They do have 6 Wounds and Ld 10, so they're hard to get rid of. But unless they're Thunderstomping Toughness 3 infantry, they're not going to do much damage.

On the up-side, Treeman Ancients are wizards now, using the Lore of Life. A Level 4 Ancient will set you back points and can't get any magic items, but good luck making an Elven Spellweaver anywhere near as resilient. Branchwraiths have a similar stat line to the previous book, although they are now Ld 9 and are automatically Level 1 Life wizards. This is funny, because they are only 10 points more expensive than they used to be.

Warhammer Armies High Elves - 8th Edition

And they even start to look half-decent when you compare their Strength of 4 to the suddenly less-formidable Dryads around them. Poor feeble Dryads Glade Riders are significantly cheaper than before, despite being more capable in combat than they used to be with their Armour Piercing spears and ASF. However, they now have to Ambush, which feels like a major blow to their versatility. I guess it will stop them being shot off the table in the first turn, but it would have been nice to have the choice.

Eternal Guard have an unchanged stat line from the previous book, however their weapons are now regular sharp spears. They are a proper core choice now, and their Stubborn is unconditional previously there had to be a character in the unit for them to protect.

All in all, they are a far superior unit to Dryads, and are the same price until you buy them shields. Wardancers have lost their Magic Resistance and the extra Strength on the charge from their Wardancer Weapons, but they are cheaper, come with ASF and their dances have been tweaked a bit.

All in all, they have come out ahead. Scouts are a separate special choice now, and when compared with Glade Guard they effectively lose their core status and pay 1 point for the addition of the Scout and Skirmishers special rules. So whether they are worth it will depend upon whether a player buys archers in order to fill up minimum core, or really wants bows in the army. Wildwood Rangers are a completely new unit. Wood Elves with great weapons? Clearly outrageous, and obviously a printing error.

Well, maybe not. But it is a surprise to see it. They're not Stubborn, but they are Immune to Psychology. And they get an extra Attack fighting anything that causes Fear or Terror.

They're the kind of guys who find horror movies invigorating, I guess. The great weapons will lose the unit any potential re-rolls to hit that they might have had, but in an army that is a bit thin for high-Strength attacks, they will doubtless have a place in many armies. Warhawk Riders still don't understand the benefits of armour, but they're better than before thanks to their status of Monstrous Cavalry.

The Warhawks gain Armour Piercing to match the pointy spears and tricksy bows of their riders, and the birds also gain Killing Blow on the charge, because apparently they understand how to swoop on prey better than Great Eagles. Being Flying Cavalry, they can also Vanguard, so they'll be pretty quick to get behind enemy lines or into them.

Warhawk Riders are worth a look now, and they have the distinction of being just about the only Monstrous Cavalry that don't understand what all the fuss is about with Searing Doom.

Wild Riders have an identity issue. They used to be Forest Spirits, but presumably they heard the rumours about Forest Spirits becoming all sickly and weak in the new book, so they jumped ship. Even their steeds are Strength 4. In Wood Elf terms, they hit like a runaway freight train. Which is admittedly how they might behave with that Frenzy steering them around.

So they might not be Forest Spirits, but they're clearly not real Wood Elves either. For all of that, they are surely a must-have unit for their sheer punch on the charge.

Their armour penetration is now the best in the army, outstripping even that of the Treemen. Sisters of the Thorn are a special unit and read like an admission of guilt in regard to Dark Elf Sisters of the Thorn Doomfire Warlocks. Here we present the exact same unit, with nearly everything about it hit with a big Nerf stick. They and their javelins have Poisoned Attacks, but they just don't deal enough hurt to scare anyone with that.

They're a light-weight harassment unit, and are collectively a Level 2 wizard with spells to fit the mould — Curse of Anraheir admittedly a decent spell from the Lore of Beasts and Shield of Thorns an underwhelming spell from the Lore of Life.

Nor do they get the ward save against miscasts. Unlike Warlocks. As I say, the unit feels like an apology for what we found in the Dark Elf book. Some players might like the idea of Sisters of the Thorn, but they don't look effective enough to really justify a place in a seriously competitive list. They're borderline at best. Finally we have Waywatchers. They now cost 20 points and can choose from 2 firing modes. They can rapid fire 2 shots each, or they can go for power, in which case their shots ignore armour saves.

This could make them a significant inclusion in many Wood Elf armies, although the question then becomes whether you could get the job done with cheaper Glade Guard or Scouts using Arcane Bodkins you save 2 or 3 points per model, but lose a BS and only apply a -3 save modifier. Since I seem to have gone through most of the book, I might as well briefly mention the magic items of note.

There are 10 in the book, but these are the ones that stand out. The Spirit Sword costs 85 points, ignores armour saves and if one or more wounds are taken, the wielder and victim both roll 2D6 and add their Leadership values.

8th edition book elves warhammer wood pdf army

If the wielder loses, nothing happens. If the victim loses, they take an extra wound for each point they lost by, with no armour saves. Given a Glade Lord is Ld 10 and the variation possible in a 2D6 roll, this might be worth it for a crack to remove something significant.

8th warhammer army book pdf edition elves wood

Although he does have to land a wound at Strength 4 first. Acorns of the Ages cost points, but allow the player to place an additional D3 forests in his or her table half before deployment.

This would allow you to carpet the centre of the field with forests, which could be significant given the number of advantages the Wood Elves can get whilst fighting in them. Of course it means you just fielded a naked Lord-level character. So will people think it's worth it? The Moonstone of the Hidden Ways is also still there, and can be used more than once. So, what to make of all that? The Guardians of the Galaxy Heroclix version of Groot could fill the roll of your treeman easily.

Basicly, all Wood Elf spears and bows have AP. Because inch-thick armor is of little use when there's an arrow sticking out of your eye and a spear in your throat.

No more Spites, no more Kindreds. Matt Ward, after having given High Elves a meta changing item and Dark elves at least some decent ones, he decided to balance out his previous mistakes by not giving Wood Elves any good items.

He even made sure to prevent broken combos this time. It's especially surprising as Wood Elves are reputed to be Matt Ward's favourite elf faction. The Spirit Sword: For each point you beat your opponent by, it causes a wound. If you lose the test nothing happens Though it can hurt the wielder if you want to use the more amusing 6th ed rules for the sword.

Rely on the rulebook's magic items instead. Daith's Reaper: This weapon would be amazing for almost any race but Wood Elves. For 50pts you can reroll to hit and to wound and force your opponent to reroll successful armour saves. Considering you can only take this on a hero who is likely to get to hit rerolls from ASF and that 8th favours ward saves rather than armour saves, this weapon is only slightly better than useless.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Wood Elves

The Bow of Loren: You can use it on the Waystalker to get 2, armour ignoring, sniping shots or on the Glade Lord to fire 5 bs7 shots.

Note that these are Multiple Shots so -1 to hit and can't stack with Waystalker multiple shots and don't get any bonus from extra hand weapon. The best that can be said about this bow is that it is properly priced.

Wood elves book army pdf edition 8th warhammer

All other races ranged magic items aren't though Helm of the Hunt: Cute I guess for Wood Elves but is it really worth it? Basically, it allows you to make a Wild Rider Noble from older editions especially with Wild Riders wearing noticeable horned helms now. Acorns of Ages: This is the item that Wood Elves have been waiting for.

For pts you get d3 forests in addition to the starting one, which all have to be the same type and are deployed like drop pods, since they scatter but can't land on other terrain. See Talk page for tactics and stuff. As for the item - if nothing else, it's fluffy. Moonstone of Hidden Ways: This item's potential power is immense, while it's actual usefulness is varied. For 40pts you can teleport your unit at the end of a movement phase, from one forest to another. The only restriction on what can be teleported is whether it can fit wholly inside the forest.

The "forest walking" unit can't be placed in another forest that is too small and counts as having marched. While interesting this item makes you a sitting duck for 1 turn and either relies on the luck of the terrain deployment table or the Acorns of Ages.

Buy another gimmick. Hail of the Doom Arrow: If only this item was 5 points cheaper so Waystalkers could take it This does prevent the abuse from being able to hail of the doom arrow snipe combo - almost guaranteed dead wizard.

Seems like it could have been fixed better with a 'cannot be used in conjunction with the sniper special rule' as opposed to just making it too expensive to take. For 30pts, you get a 1 use str 4 armour piercing arrow that causes 3d6 hits. Some people swear by these things since they can instantly mince lightly armoured units though there are dissenting opinions. Still it is the best magic item Wood Elves have. Sadly, Asyndi's Bane was removed as a magic item, so you can no longer use the HoDA to take out an enemy unit and the guy who fired the arrow in the same turn.

Calaingor's Stave: Such a depressing item. For 20 points you get the privilege of swapping a spell for Tree Singing. If the forest is partially occupied, then instead you can deal 2d6 str4 hits on an enemy unit that is at least partially within the forest. Otherwise, unless you wish to move the destination forest of the moonstone of hidden way's unit or Drycha's helpers, it is the worst magic item in the game.

The Banner of the Eternal Queen: For twice the cost of the Banner of the World Dragon, this banner provides Magic Resistance 3 and for 1 turn the ability to be unbreakable. No thanks. The traditional overpriced banner does not fail to disappoint me even if you don't compare it to the Banner of the World Dragon. The Banner of the Hunter King: Another banner which gives to it's unit vanguard and, that allows you to reroll the first failed charge of the game for 75pts.

Dwarfs get these rules for 35pts and 15pts respectively. Also almost everything that can take this banner has Vanguard already.

Competes with Calaingor's Staff for being the worst magic item ever. Note, all arrows have AP and volleyfire, 30 inch range. They replace the profile of regular bows wielded by models and count as magical attacks. The enchanted arrows are Enchanted Items which do not prevent you from holding a second Enchanted item. Arcane Bodkins: Expensive for what they do. I prefer to do more wounds than reduce armour saves but these arrows kill cavalry like nobody's business.

All the same, if your plan is to screw over enemy armour, just use Waywatchers instead. And they can also fuck up light infantry like nobody's business, if no heavy cavalry presents itself. Hagbane Tips: This will probably be your go-to magic arrow, since wood elves have troubles vs monsters. Might as well turn those 6's to hit into wounds, and save yourself the possibility of connecting a hit that won't wound anything.

Trueflight Arrows: This is probably going to be the second most used arrow. Best taken on your Glade Guard as they will suffer the most penalties. These should be your first choice against Skaven and their shenanigans.

Moonfire Arrows: Great against warmachines, which almost all Forces of Order have. BUT against war machines, poison is still better and cheaper unless buffed by magic. Starfire Arrows: Great against monsters and repeater bolt throwers. The better choice of the " If you buy a unit of this in stead of the flaming banner you can make OK monster hunters out of them.

Swiftshiver Shards: Interesting, but Waywatchers have this basic and do this better than any of the other unit. One recommendation is to fill your core with a big block of swiftshiver shard glade guard fun to say and then buff them with hand of glory from the high magic.

Your swiftshiver shard glade guard should eviscerate anything that is not protected by the high elf banner of game breaking. Wood elves have gone from being, magically, the least diverse race with the least choice of all when it came to spells, to the most. Yes both are directly stolen from the High and Dark elves this is confirmed by the fluff but have different lore attributes this can be seen as good and bad.

The following overviews are in my eyes, in the order of importance. However that is up to debate and which most important is dependant on your list and situation. This Lore is really good for Wood Elves as you can restore wounds on your best units ie: Warhawks and arguably Treekin. It provides you with a way to give your Glade Guard saves, revive your most expensive units, kill your foes with a characteristic test, and has a safety net for you, if you miscast.

Warhammer Armies the Empire - 8th Edition

The Lore of Shadow allows you to switch and save the most important characters while debuffing your foes. It helps your shooting by reducing your opponent's toughness and weakens them in combat by reducing their strength, weapon skill and intiative.

Withering is the must-have spell for Wood Elves, as it solves their greatest weakness - Str 3 bows. By using Melkoth's Mysitifying Miasma you can slow down your foes, giving you more time to fire. It can make one your heroes fly but that isn't as useful as the others. It also comes with a semi-cannon ball and a blast initiative test spell which can destroy your enemy's tougher units. Finally it comes with a buff that allows you to shred through tougher units.

It is useful since it works on any wizard of any level. The Lore attribute can be good but it is very situational. Some calculations can be seen in the Talk page.

This Lore is really quite neat. It has a wide variety of cheap to cast spells which give you a better shorter ranged fireball as a signature spell, a buff the complete opposite of the MMM importantly buffing your BS, a spell which dispels all effects very useful against any foe dependant on magic as a signature spell, a small blast, the ability to redeploy one of your units 10", to dismantle magic items and to deal a str 4 hit to all your foes in one unit.

Matt Ward has also given a good lore attribute which stacks well with it's multiple low level spells. Every time you successfully cast a spell you gain a counter.

Warhammer Army book Wood Elves

If you suffer an unsaved wound, then the counter nullifies the wound. Great if you are hiding your General anywhere, but especially with the sisters of the Thorn. I feel it is very much like a proactive version of the lore of life, preventing damage rather than repairing it. The Lore of Metal is mostly aimed at helping armies like the wood elves deal with heavily armoured foes. It isn't bad but the other lores often help more.