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Get a gist of the possible questions in the NLE Philippines. This app contains + sample questions to test your readiness in taking the Nurse Licensure Exam. Comprehensive Reviewer for the Nurse Licensure Exam (NLE) (All 5 Tests Included). Product Code: ; Delivery: minimum of 3 working days . Search. Home · Pentagon NLE Review Notes. Pentagon NLE Review Notes. April 29, | Author: ChieChay Dub | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD PDF - MB.

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Pentagon NLE Review Notes - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. ɹǝʍdןnos. Nursing Board Exam Reviewer. Uploaded. HERE IS THE COPY common questions for NLE goodluck just hit the top believe Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. NLE Reviewer. Nursing Board Exam Reviewer FREE Download examination otherwise known as the Nurses Licensure Examination (NLE). NLE Reviewer.

DEarly sign: If possible, plan to talk with older patients in the afternoon, to give them adequate rest in the morning. Recommended Books Amazon. A patient is at risk for increased ICP. A year-old girl just gave birth to a baby boy who needs emergency surgery. A relatively healthy 20 year old stung by bees and presents with swelling of the face c. High carb, high protein, high cal with small freq feedings f Prevent complications:

Instruct patient to avoid caffeine c. Instruct patient to bend at waist to pick up things on the floor. Instruct client not to bear down. Cardiac dysrythmias occur when the heart loses its regular pacing capability.

Which of the following medications is most important to have at hand when the ECG reads that your patient is having ventricular tachycardia? Thrombophlebitis occurs when a vein becomes inflamed and a clot forms, with the saphenous vein being the most commonly affected vein.

Homan's sign is an assesment tool used for many years by health care workers to detect deep vein thrombi. Which of the following is true about Homan's sign? It is considered positive if the client complains of pain upon plantar flexion of the foot.

Homan's sign should not be performed routinely c. It is considered false positive if the patient experiences carpal spasms upon release of sphygmomanometer cuff d. It is considered negative if there is no bluish discoloration on the umbilicus. Congestive heart failure is a disorder affecting multiply body systems, in which the heart is unable to pump as much blood as the venous system.

Artemio, a 68 year old male, seeks medical consultation with complaints of difficulty of breathing. Upon physical examination, the following where found: The doctor precribed medications for CHF. Artemio's signs and symptoms are of which kind of CHF?

Pdf nle reviewers

Polycythemia vera is a disease characterized by too many blood cells. Rowel is admitted with polycythemia. As his nurse, which should you include in your nursing interventions for Rowel?

December 2011 Nursing Board Exam Successful Examinees for the December NLE 2011

Assessing patients for signs of hypokalemia b. Preparation for administration of a blood transfusion c. Monitoring the client for stroke symptoms d. Restrict fluids to prevent excess fluid volume. Triage is the process of assessing patients to determine management priorities. Which of the following patients will most likely be classified as Emergent Red? A crying 5 year old who fell from 6 steps of stairs and has fractures on both arms b.

A relatively healthy 20 year old stung by bees and presents with swelling of the face c. A 3 year old crying hysterically with a bleeding 3cm cut on his palm by broken glass d.

Hans Selye defined stress as "the state manifested by a specific syndrome which consists of all the nonspecifically-induced changes within a biologic system". The general reaction of the body to stress he termed the general adaptation syndrome. The General Adaptation Syndrome is described in distinct stages.

At what particular stage is the "fight or flight" syndrome initiated? The nurse's communication is a major vehicle for helping patients and family achieve productive emotional and behavioral outcomes.

Edited Carl Balita Question and Answers | Coma | Myocardial Infarction

Eva who suffered from depression for 6 months is to be discharged. She tells the nurse, "I'm not sure if I'll be okay at home. I'm starting to feel nervous. The most appropriate response would be:. I know you're excited to see them. You should not think that way. Mental illness is characterized as maladaptive responses to stressors from the internal or external environment, evidenced by thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are incongruent with the local and cultural norms and interfere with the individual's functioning.

Which of the following traits may denote presence of mental illness? Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. A Code of Ethics 2.

Client's confession of being a drug addict 10 years ago 3. This area of nursing practice refers to: Caring for the dying 4. Practice of caring 5. These 4 components are the ones which constitute the metaparadigm because: It provides a framework for implementing the nursing process 7.

It is a long, detailed form to be filled out for each client 8. Body systems model 9. Deficient knowledge postoperative home care related to inexperience The effectiveness of a nursing action can be determined by: Comparing the client's response with other clients who are receiving the same intervention Community Health Nursing 1.

Socio-Economic Environment 3. The definition of public health as "the art of applying science in the context of politics so as to reduce inequalities in health while ensuring the best health for the greatest number" is from: Department of Health and Human Services 4. Serve as the national policy and regulatory institution from which the local government units, non-government organizations and other members of the health sector involved in social welfare and development will anchor their thrusts and directions for health b.

Innovate new strategies in health to improve the effectiveness of health programs, initiate public discussion on health issues and undertaking and disseminate policy research outputs to ensure informed public participation in policy decision-making d. None of the above 5. Sentrong Sigla 6. Stress points 8. Structural elements b.

Reviewers pdf nle

Process elements c. Outcome elements d. Both B and C 9. Leadership board council Whenever a procedure is to be explained to a toddler and preschooler, it is important to know that although the approaches are almost similar, some differences are also taken into consideration, one of which is: In a toddler patient, the procedure must first be explained to the parents before explaining it to a child, in a preschooler patient, it is better to explain the procedure to the child first before giving details to the parents b.

This stage is described by the following except: In this stage, interests expand and with a growing sense of independence, children want to engage in tasks that can be carried through completion Human restraint b.

Reviewers pdf nle

Belt restraint c. Mummy restraint d. Elbow restraint A student nurse caring for a sleeping 6-month old patient needs further reading when she noted in the chart that this reflex is positive: Babinski b.

Edited Carl Balita Question and Answers

Palmar grasp c. Rooting d. Sucking You have an idea that based from the Glasgow coma scale scoring that this child is a. You teach her that this is best done by: Choose one answer a. Which of the following points is correct a. The following diagnostic tests are used to determine the presence of achalasia except: Barium swallow b.

Endoscopy c. Manometry d. Esophageal Biopsy 3. Productive cough 4. In planning the care for John, you should expect the client to a. Be monitored closely for respiratory and cardiac complications 5. Instruct client not to bear down 6. Lidocaine b. Nitroglycerine d.

Dopamine 7. It is considered negative if there is no bluish discoloration on the umbilicus 8. Right-sided b. Left-sided c. Hereditary f Etiology: Insulin f Treatment: The correct answer is D. Option A is a characteristic of stroke. Option C is a characteristic of Dementia? What type of environment is appropriate for a client with Alzheimer's? To promote the patient's safety and security, the patient needs to be in a familiar environment.

A client with Alzheimer's disease has short-term memory loss, but has intact long-term memories. Therefore allowing the client to reminisce about the past reinforces the client's self-esteem. Options A is incorrect because the client is not disoriented. Option B is incorrect because it dismisses the client's concerns.

Option C is incorrect because with short-term memory loss, the client cannot talk about recent events. M f Characterized by remission and exacerbation f Common among women 15 to 35 y. Because of decreased heat sensitivity, heat application can cause burns. Baclofen [Liorisal] and Dantrolene Sodium [Dantrium] -can be used to treat hiccups, which is caused by irritation of the phrenic nerve. Bronchospasm and Wheezing, so always check breath sounds 1 hour after administration.

Provide high fiber diet fTo treat UTI: Baclofen is a muscle relaxant used to treat spastic movement in multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Lou Gehrig's Disease and trigeminal neuralgia.

I' f Largest part of the brain f Composed of 2 hemispheres Left and Right joined by the copus callosum f Functions: A change in the level of consciousness is the earliest sign of increased ICP.

Option C is incorrect; increased ICP causes bradycardia, not tachycardia. Describe a conscious client: Aware B. Coherent C. Awake D. Alert The correct answer is C. Consciousness describes a patient's level of wakefulness. The terms aware, coherent and alert Options A, B and D are used when describing a patient's orientation to person, place and time. The 4 levels of consciousness: Flaccid posture is lost muscle tone, not found in increased ICP found in poliomyelitis.

Restlessness B. Agitation C. Tachycardia D. Bradycardia The correct answer is D. Options A, Band C are early signs. The brain is the most sensitive organ to hypoxia, causing restlessness and agitation. Tachycardia is a compensatory mechanism to increase O2 in the brain. When there are two opposite options Options C and D , one of them is definitely correct, so eliminate the other options Options A and B. Ambubag or Mechanical Ventilator -Note: Suctioning performed for only 10 to 15 seconds; apply suction only while removing the suction catheter -When suctioning an endotracheal tube, insert the suction cath all the way until resistance is felt, to ensure complete removal of secretions "Position Semi-Fowler's -Elevate head of bed 30 to 45Q with neck in neutral position unless contraindicated to promote venous drainage.

Bisacodyl [Dulcolax]. Dextromethorphan [Robitussin] 0Note: Phenergan [Plasil]. KVO rate is 10 to 15 gtts per minute vlnform client that he will feel a flushing sensation as the drug is introduced. Lasix given PM will prevent restful sleep due to frequent urination.

Dexamethasone [Decadron] to decrease cerebral edema. Codein Sulfate -Antlconvulsants: Dilantin [Phenytoin] Lasix is given at 7 AM. What is the earliest time that the nurse would expect the client to urinate? Lasix takes effect in 10 to 15 minutes.

Option D 6 hours is the maximum therapeutic effect of Lasix. Apple, Banana, Cantaloupe -Note: Green bananas have more K oVegetables: Arrhythmia and Seizure Calcium deficiency is life-threatening! Magnesium Sulfate. Polyphagia f Nursing Management: Morphine Sulfate - narcotic analgesics are the drug of choice to relieve renal colic ' Side-effect of narcotic analgesics: Respiratory depression.

Naloxone [Narcan] 0SSx of Naloxone toxicity: What is the immediate nursing action? Administer Mannitol as ordered B. Elevate the head of the bed 30Q - 4SQ C.

Restrict fluids D. Avoid the use of restraints The correct answer is A. Mannitol will produce the fastest response in decreasing the patient's intracranial pressure. Option B, while correct, will not produce a fast response. Option C is incorrect; a patient with increased ICP should have fluids limited, not restricted. Option D is a nursing intervention for a patient at risk for developing increased ICP, but it will not help if the ICP is already elevated.

A patient is at risk for increased ICP. What would be the priority for the nurse to monitor? Unequal pupil size B. Decreased systolic BP C. Decreased body temp The correct answer is A. Increased ICP causes anisocoria due to pressure on the oculomotor nerve. Give the client a warming blanket B. Administer low-dose barbiturates C. Encourage client to hyperventilate D. Restrict the patient's fluids The correct answer is C. Increased ICP produces bradypnea, so hyperventilating will help maintain the client's oxygenation.

Option A is incorrect; increased ICP produces hyperthermia, so a warming blanket will aggravate the client's temperature. Option B is incorrect; barbiturates are CNS depressants that will further decrease the client's respiratory rate.

Option D is incorrect; a patient with increased ICP should have fluids limited, not restricted Semantics? This can be a valid answer if there are no better options. The mother accepts the fate of the baby and informs the nurse that when the baby is born and requires resuscitation, the mother refuses any treatment to her baby and expresses hostility toward the nurse while the pediatric team is taking care of the baby. The nurse is legally obligated to: The hospitalized client with a chronic cough is scheduled for bronchoscopy.

The client asks the nurse for details of the procedure and demands an explanation why the process of informed consent is necessary. The nurse responds that informed consent means:. The patient releases the physician from all responsibility for the procedure.

A hospitalized client with severe necrotizing ulcer of the lower leg is schedule for an amputation. The client tells the nurse that he will not sign the consent form and he does not want any surgery or treatment because of religious beliefs about reincarnation. What is the role of the RN? While in the hospital lobby, the RN overhears the three staff discussing the health condition of her client.

What would be the appropriate nursing action for the RN to take? Tell them it is not appropriate to discuss the condition of the client. Ignore them, because it is their right to discuss anything they want to. Join in the conversation, giving them supportive input about the case of the client. A staff nurse has had a serious issue with her colleague. In this situation, it is best to:. Try to discuss with the colleague about the issue and resolve it when both are calmer.

The nurse is caring to a client who just gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The nurse may not disclose confidential information when: The nurse discusses the condition of the client in a clinical conference with other nurses. The client asks the nurse to discuss the her condition with the family. The father of a woman who just delivered a baby is on the phone to find out the sex of the baby. A year-old married client is scheduled for surgery. The nurse taking care of the client realizes that consent has not been signed after preoperative medications were given.

What should the nurse do?

Board Exam Nursing Test I Nle (practice Mode)

A year-old client is admitted to the hospital. The physician ordered Dilantin to the client. In administering IV phenytoin Dilantin to a child, the nurse would be most correct in mixing it with:. The nurse is caring to a client who is hypotensive. Following a large hematemesis, how should the nurse position the client? Feet and legs elevated 20 degrees, trunk horizontal, head on small pillow. Bed sloped at a 45 degree angle with the head lowest and the legs highest.

The client is brought to the emergency department after a serious accident. What would be the initial nursing action of the nurse to the client? What interventions are important if the nurse wants to improve nutrition and promote effective swallowing of the client? During tracheal suctioning, the nurse should implement safety measures. Which of the following should the nurse implements? The nurse is conducting a discharge instructions to a client diagnosed with diabetes.

What sign of hypoglycemia should be taught to a client? What would be the appropriate nursing action to the client? The nurse is to perform tracheal suctioning.

During tracheal suctioning, which nursing action is essential to prevent hypoxemia? Aucultating the lungs to determine the baseline data to assess the effectiveness of suctioning. An infant is admitted and diagnosed with pneumonia and suspicious-looking red marks on the swollen face resembling a handprint. The nurse does further assessment to the client.

How would the nurse document the finding? Facial edema with ecchymosis and handprint mark: On the evening shift, the triage nurse evaluates several clients who were brought to the emergency department. Which in the following clients should receive highest priority? A football player limping and complaining of pain and swelling in the right ankle. A year-old man, diaphoretic and complaining of severe chest pain radiating to his jaw. What would be the best nursing intervention? The night shift nurse is making rounds.

What would be the initial action of the nurse?