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pdf. CASTELLS, Manuel. A sociedade em rede - vol. I(3). Pages. CASTELLS, Manuel. A sociedade em rede - vol. I(3). Caroline Aquino. Uploaded by. castells manuel a sociedade em rede free. 6DB4CEDA8D2AEC4FED5AAB15FA Castells Manuel A Sociedade Em Rede Free. 1 / 6. La cuarta generación de derechos humanos en las redes digitales. Retrieved February 13, , from direct/pdf-genera tor? A mídiana sociedade em rede: filtros, vitrines, notícias. pt/Downloads/ Castells, M., Fernandez-Ardevol, M., Linchuan, Qiu, .

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SOCIOLOGIA VOL II A SOCIEDADE EM REDE MANUEL Uploaded by Maicon Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. CASTELLS, Manuel. a Sociedade Em Rede - Vol. I - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Download CASTELLS, Manuel - A Sociedade em

Access to Cytotec vendors varies: Lange, Published in: The Polycentric Metropolis. Network Logic: The voluntary interruption of pregnancy, or induced abortion, is a crime in Brazil, with the exception of three situations:

No wonder, high numbers of post-abortion hospitalization reinforce the thesis that unsafe abortion in Brazil is a public health issue 3 3. These high levels are associated with the entry of Cytotec into the clandestine abortion market in Brazil, which were a change in the epidemiology of abortion in the s, resulting in lower maternal mortality and a higher number of hospital admissions for the termination of abortion 4 4.

Although the drug is widely used, some women still perform the abortion in clandestine private clinics.


The four stories analyzed that involve a clinical procedure reveal that the method is still available and that, in the reported cases, it required a more significant financial investment and involved strategies against its clandestine exercise, both by women and physicians. Still, he was careful and did not expose such an attitude to anyone. Surveys that explore experiences in private abortion clinics in Brazil are rare.

The study by Silveira et al. Cad Saude Publica ; 32 2: In the case of the narratives of the platform, fear as a consequence of illegality is a characteristic common to the most diverse routes, which combines the most vulnerable situations concerning access to resources with those more economically comfortable associated with the use of clinics.

For example, although she performed an uncomplicated procedure in a clinic, Woman 12 reports: I was too scared to die and afraid of being arrested. But even that did not stop me from doing it. As can be seen from Table 1, the path of the four women who performed their abortion in clinics was, in fact, less mixed with other strategies. Similarly, Heilborn et al. Another point to note is the use of teas for abortive effects, mixed with other strategies.

The different knowledge, resources, and people mobilized by women in their abortive paths draws attention to the interaction between multiple stakeholders before public policy gaps that could reduce the social inequities expressed in the different routes.

This makes the abortion issue a powerful example to reflect on the approach to health governance, conceived as a collective action that organizes the dynamics of stakeholders and social, formal and informal norms 19 In this case, collective action not only transcends public and state structures but also needs to do without them.

Induced abortion performed under safe and controllable conditions in many countries 6 6. We can infer, like Biroli 32 Biroli F. Biroli F, Miguel LF, organizadores. Aborto e democracia. Alameda; The analysis of the narrative paths beside the abortive methods used, considering the strategies adopted more broadly, reveals a tool of information, negotiation and even acquisition of abortifacient medication quite common among the different experiences: In general, its use is poorly explored as one of the strategies of women in the qualitative studies that investigate the clandestine abortion paths in Brazil.

However, in a way not different from what was expected in this case, the internet is a very prominent tool in ten of the 18 narratives. At that time, I read many Women on Web and other sites about the combination of misoprostol and mifepristone Woman 8.

I did not know what to do, I picked up the computer and started looking for abortive methods, I found two sites that reassured me and helped a lot, this one and another. This way, I discovered Cytotec, but the issue was: I wrote down everything I could.

Rede a castells em pdf sociedade

I rushed from home looking for the various herbs that were noted there Woman Some reports indicate that looking on the Internet partly answers the question pointed out in the paper of the qualitative stage of the PNA: Porto and Sousa 33 Rev Estud Fem ; 25 2: And, just as in all the stages of the course analyzed so far, the internet is also a space that provides support, on the one hand, and risks, on the other, as well understood by Woman 11 in her experience: In arduous internet research together with my boyfriend, we had access to tons of information, the most enjoyable, reliable or not.

After the abortion, the internet returns to the path of some women as a space to share their experience, from the stated perception that the reading of other testimonies helped them at some point in their path, thus shaping a cycle.

Most texts clearly intend to communicate with other women by addressing them:.

Rede em castells pdf a sociedade

Woman Woman 4 highlights the fact that she felt free to talk about her experience in space: Many criticize the act of abortion. I am not much of a commentary on this fact. Here I felt free to do that. Freedom that can be related to finding a space that legitimates an experience that is stigmatized outside of it.

(PDF) CASTELLS, Manuel. A sociedade em rede - vol. I(3) | Caroline Aquino -

These elements are relativized or negotiated on the platform: There is no right or wrong. It is essential to feel loved and welcomed Woman 8 ; I know one thing for sure: God does not abandon us. He still loves us, and will always love us, regardless of who we are or what we do Woman The reception and freedom found in online networks and communities can contribute to the deconstruction of the imaginary of abortion as a complex procedure 35 Ferrari W.

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; That is, it articulates primary relationships of familiarity, kinship, neighborhood and friendship and secondary social networks groups, organizations and movements that advocate common interests or share knowledge for certain ends 20 Stotz EN. Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte: Online interaction spaces such as the Women on Web platform, provided by the new information and communication technologies ICT , are part of the secondary or extended networks 20 They do not in themselves initiate the sharing of information and experiences, nor the articulation of resources and devices for the accomplishment of abortion, but provide an increased capacity for solidarity and mobilization of resources 21 However, on the one hand, if social networks are elements that make it possible to exploit the rich experiences of action and solidarity 36 In this case, such possibilities, recalling the poor relation of public policies with the strategies that women develop to perform an induced abortion, clash with criminalization, stigmatization, and violence.

Dialectically, the critical appropriation of the concept of social networks, as realized by Stotz 36 The profile of the authors of the analyzed narratives is markedly young, and among those in which it was possible to deduce financial and occupational issues as an essential factor in the narrative, most are in a situation of vulnerability, which affects the methods they use in their path.

We consider this a limitation because ethnicity is the central issue of the debate about abortion in Brazil. Among the paths reported by the narratives, according to the leading studies of the area, we found a mixed use of methods, with a prevalence of Cytotec use. Another element is the establishment of hospital concurrently perceived by women as a space of risk and a service that is activated by a demand for which it has not planned.

The different access of women to abortion — from clandestine clinics with health professionals who charge high prices to the despair of introducing objects into their bodies — reinforce social inequities as determinants of the conditions under which abortion is performed, although the sense of fear corollary to illegality is a characteristic common to the most diverse routes.

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WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Pages Anthony M. In Barry Brown, et alter eds Wireless World: Social and Interactional Aspects of the Mobile Age. Springer Mark Abrahamson. Global Cities. Ananya Roy and Nezar Alsayyad eds. Urban Informality: Lexington Books. Lisa Servon. Bridging the Digital Divide: Technology, Community and Public Policy.

Blackwell, Robert Neuwirth. Shadow Cities: In International Journal of Communication, volume 2, Accessible online: The Political Economy of Media. Monthly Review Press, Henry Jenkins.

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Convergence Culture. New York University Press, Eric Klinenberg. Fighting for Air.

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Metropolitan Books, Hernan Galperin. New Television, Old Politics: Cambridge University Press. Pablo J. Digitizing the News: Innovation in Online Newspapers.

Lev Manovich. The Language of New Media. Tarleton Gillespie.

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