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The Man Who Laughs. [L'Homme Qui Rit]. Victor Hugo. The translation is from the undated edition published by J.H. Sears, New York. The translator was not. Victor Hugo. The Project Gutenberg eBook, The Man Who Laughs, by Victor Hugo. This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no. The Virtual Library - Free online ebooks in pdf, epub, kindle and other formats. The Man Who Laughs, A Romance of English History Victor Hugo (21 books).

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Troubled Men on the Troubled Sea. IV. A Cloud Different from the Others enters on the Scene. V. Hardquanonne. VI. They Think that Help is at Hand. VII. The Man Who Laughs: A Romance of English History by Victor Hugo. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. The Man Who Laughs by Victor Hugo. Adobe PDF icon. Download this document as File size: MB What's this? light bulb idea Many people prefer to.

The Tree of Human Invention. Almost all the Portland creeks have sand-bars; and in heavy weather the sea becomes very rough, and, to pass in safety, much skill and practice are necessary. The helm was very long, which gives the advantage of a long arm of leverage, but the disadvantage of a small arc of effort. One evening, towards the close of one of the most bitter days of the month of January, , something unusual was going on in one of the numerous inhospitable bights of the bay of Portland, which caused the sea-gulls and wild geese to scream and circle round its mouth, not daring to re-enter. The compass was well housed in a case perfectly square, and well balanced by its two copper frames placed horizontally, one in the other, on little bolts, as in Cardan's lamps. Beric the Briton:

The Biscay hooker is of an ancient model, now fallen into disuse. This kind of hooker, which has done service even in the navy, was stoutly built in its hull—a boat in size, a ship in strength. It figured in the Armada.

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Sometimes the war-hooker attained to a high tonnage; thus the Great Griffin, bearing a captain's flag, and commanded by Lopez de Medina, measured six hundred and fifty good tons, and carried forty guns.

But the merchant and contraband hookers were very feeble specimens. Sea-folk held them at their true value, and esteemed the model a very sorry one, The rigging of the hooker was made of hemp, sometimes with wire inside, which was probably intended as a means, however unscientific, of obtaining indications, in the case of magnetic tension.

The lightness of this rigging did not exclude the use of heavy tackle, the cabrias of the Spanish galleon, and the cameli of the Roman triremes. The helm was very long, which gives the advantage of a long arm of leverage, but the disadvantage of a small arc of effort. Two wheels in two pulleys at the end of the rudder corrected this defect, and compensated, to some extent, for the loss of strength.

The compass was well housed in a case perfectly square, and well balanced by its two copper frames placed horizontally, one in the other, on little bolts, as in Cardan's lamps. There was science and cunning in the construction of the hooker, but it was ignorant science and barbarous cunning.

The hooker was primitive, just like the praam and the canoe; was kindred to the praam in stability, and to the canoe in swiftness; and, like all vessels born of the instinct of the pirate and fisherman, it had remarkable sea qualities: Its system of sails, complicated in stays, and very peculiar, allowed of its navigating trimly in the close bays of Asturias which are little more than enclosed basins, as Pasages, for instance , and also freely out at sea.

It could sail round a lake, and sail round the world—a strange craft with two objects, good for a pond and good for a storm. The hooker is among vessels what the wagtail is among birds—one of the smallest and one of the boldest.

The wagtail perching on a reed scarcely bends it, and, flying away, crosses the ocean. These Biscay hookers, even to the poorest, were gilt and painted. Tattooing is part of the genius of those charming people, savages to some degree.

The sublime colouring of their mountains, variegated by snows and meadows, reveals to them the rugged spell which ornament possesses in itself. They are poverty-stricken and magnificent; they put coats-of-arms on their cottages; they have huge asses, which they bedizen with bells, and huge oxen, on which they put head-dresses of feathers. Their coaches, which you can hear grinding the wheels two leagues off, are illuminated, carved, and hung with ribbons.

A cobbler has a bas-relief on his door: Crispin and an old shoe, but it is in stone.

The Man Who Laughs, A Romance of English History

They trim their leathern jackets with lace. They do not mend their rags, but they embroider them. Vivacity profound and superb! The Basques are, like the Greeks, children of the sun; while the Valencian drapes himself, bare and sad, in his russet woollen rug, with a hole to pass his head through, the natives of Galicia and Biscay have the delight of fine linen shirts, bleached in the dew.

Categories All ebooks. About F. This work was published before January 1, , and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least years ago. Chapter I. Wikipedia article , Commons category , Wikidata item. The Man Who Laughs French: L'Homme qui rit is a historical novel set in 17th-century England. This English-language edition was made anonymously, and was published in Boston the same year as the first French edition. Ursus and Homo.

Etched by J. Limited to One Thousand Copies.

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Public domain Public domain false false. Retrieved from " https: Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Display Options. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In other languages Add links. This page was last edited on 23 June , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Comprachicos. BOOK I. Portland Bill.

Left Alone. The Tree of Human Invention. Struggle between Death and Night. The North Point of Portland. Superhuman Laws. Our first Rough Sketches filled in. Troubled Men on the Troubled Sea. A Cloud different from the Others enters on the Scene. They think that Help is at Hand. Superhuman Horrors. Nix et Nox.

The Man Who Laughs by Victor Hugo

The Charge confided to a Raging Sea. The Colossal Savage, the Storm. The Caskets. Face to Face with the Rock. Face to Face with Night. Portentosum Mare. The Problem suddenly works in Silence. The Last Resource.

The Highest Resource. The Effect of Snow. A Burden makes a Rough Road rougher. Another Kind of Desert. Misanthropy Plays its Pranks. The Awaking. Lord Clancharlie. Lord David Dirry-Moir.

The Man Who Laughs: A Romance of English History by Victor Hugo - Free Ebook

The Duchess Josiana. The Leader of Fashion. Queen Anne. Barkilphedro gnaws his Way. Hate is as Strong as Love. The Flame which would be seen if Man were transparent. Barkilphedro in Ambuscade.