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theories. He was the founder of Thick Black Theory, Li Zong Wu. He became famous since the dawn of the Republic of China. Knowing his behavior and thinking. Thick Within, Black Within. Paths to Thick Face, Black Heart. How a Piranha Eats the Shark. Epilogue. Appendix: Thick Black Theory. Thick Black Theory is a philosophical treaties written by Li Zhong Wu in that In Thick Face, Black Heart, Chu () developed these principles for the.

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Many people have heard by now, of Thick Black caite.infon in the early part of the 20 th century by Li Zongwu, it imparts the highest. Introduction Many people have heard by now, of Thick Black Theory. Written in the early part of the 20 th century by Li Zongwu, it imparts the highest strategies. Thick Black Theory - Kindle edition by Jonathan Anxin. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks .

You can even put yourself in hell. Having a thick face means concealment, hiding your thoughts and your intent from the other person. So, I often visited people who were famous, well educated and had a lot of kung-fu skill and knowledge. In the history book of Sima, it said Liu Bang had a face of a dragon with a long nose. Chu proposes a less harsh approach to Wu but this still can be tough. People say my face is thick - but it can still be hurt with a knife. How can the heroes be right all the time?

Having a black heart means having the determination and ruthlessness needed to make decisions to get the job done, even if others suffer as a result. The extent to which business should be compassionate is a difficult subject. In many ways, a business built on integrity and trust may succeed, yet in tough times this may well be challenged.

Even the nicest of companies have to negotiate for good deals from their suppliers and must sack employees if they do not have the revenue to pay them. For individuals, values are even more important as social rules are stronger in general society than profit-oriented companies. The question of the extent to which you would ignore or harm others to achieve your goals is a very difficult one. A black heart may be necessary when taking a longer-term perspective. In the short term, being kind can seem like the right thing to do, but if this results in longer term harm to more people then perhaps the shorter term needs sacrifices.

Chu eases back from the more ruthless approach, framing the black heart as being more about adaptive determination and relentless persistence. If you want to use the ruthless thick, black approach, then practice can be very helpful. Watch yourself in the mirror to develop the blank face and still body. Harden your heart to make those tough decisions.

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If you take such an approach, also be ready for the reaction of others, which may include anger and revilement. The price of ruthlessness can easily be friends. Chu proposes a less harsh approach to Wu but this still can be tough.

Two good wavs of dealing with things Arrow cutting way Someone got shot by the arrow and went to see a doctor. The doctor cut off the parts outside, then asked for the money. Go find one. Nowadays the people in the governments and the offices all use these ways to deal with things. Someone else is like the surgeon.

There are still a lot of examples you need to taste by yourself. Pan Fixing Way The cooking pan is broken. You had a pan fixer to fix it. Now I have to put more nails in it. There are so many affairs in history that went like this. In the Qing dynasty, people mostly used arrow cutting way. After that, people used both arrow cutting and pan fixing way. The 2 ways above are examples of doing things, no matter when and where. Guangzhong was a great politician in Chinese history.

He made things in these 2 ways. Diren crusaded against the Qei.

Qi empire waited. This is pan fixing way. This is the arrow cutting way. At that time, the Chu empire was so much stronger than Qi. Guangzhong asked QI Huangong to crusade against the Chu. You can say he broke the pan to fix it.

And when the Chu tried to fight, he cut the arrow right away. The war of Zhaolin started with pan fixing, and ended with arrow cutting. Wang Dao was the prime minister in Jin Dynasty. There was a traitor at that time. Many big men were crying in Xinting. Why are we crying here as the prisoners of Chu?

The two emperors, Huai and Min were left North, and could never come back again. The arrow was never taken out. If you followd what I said, you should have been a great politician. Conclusion I have said so much until now, at this moment we are waiting for the big melon we grew. I have to tell the readers that: While using Thick Black Theory we have to put some moral cover over it. We cannot show it directly. The reason why Wang Mang failed was because people knew he was black and thick to much.

Like the book you are reading now, you should hide it under your pillow. Not on the table. He was talking about Thick and Black. I mean to the moral people. Anyway, we need to put on some kind of cover, which is also something we need to learn. Anytime, anywhere, every way to success is around Thick Black Theory. You should think about it more if you really want to learn. Appendix 1 Who was Li Zongwu? Nan Huaidong relates his experience of Li zongwu: I had just turned 20 years old.

So, I often visited people who were famous, well educated and had a lot of kung-fu skill and knowledge. In Chengdu at the time, there were a lot of tea houses in Shaocheng Park. Brew a pot of tea, sit for half the day or the whole day and pay when you left.

If you had to leave at some point to run some errands, you could leave and just put the lid on your cup up-side down, the owner of the shop would leave it until you got back. Shaocheng Park was a the place to gather for many famous people and many people that still followed older traditions. You could often see people wearing long qipaos and cloth shoes. These were just the type of people I was looking for, so I often went there.

Pdf thick black theory

To the people there, I was just a kid. People were suspicious of me at first. After awhile, people slowly began to understand. I was out there to learn. The suspicion faded and I began to make friends. One day, I was at Chengshao Park with some friends drinking tea and playing chess. A man walked in. He was tall, hunched over and wearing a felt cap. He had an interesting look — he looked like someone from ancient times. When he came in, everyone nodded and said hello.

I asked my friend Mr. Liang who it was. Then Mr. I wanted to meet him. So, Mr. Liang took me over there and introduced me. The father of Thick Black Theory invited us to sit down and have some tea and chat. This was my first meeting, but after I would see him often in Chengshao Park.

I can teach you a way that will make it happen much faster. He should die. But you need to stick a note extolling Confuscious on your forehead while you do so. And in your mind honor me Li Zongwu as the god of Thick and Black.

There he might get taken to jail. Einstein invented the Theory of Relativity and now he is a world famous scientist. I hope they catch me. Later he said that it was bad luck. But that year, his book was very popular all across China.

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A lot of people were a bit scared of him after that, but not me. I still talked to him quite often. A couple years later, a friend of mine, a monk, had passed away. My friend, also a monk, and I wanted to go to Zilongjing to pay our respects.

We traveled for eight days. It would be another eight days to get back. I started to get very worried. Then I remember that Li Zongwu was from Zilongjing. And he was a famous person, so I was sure that anyone I asked would know where his house was. We began walking and asked around. His house was quite big and the front gate was wide open. Before it was always like that in the countryside, The front gate was opened in the morning and not shut until night.

Thick Black Theory

Not like how it is in the big cities these days. We walked in and called his name. He came right away and he seemed very happy to see me. What are you doing out here? After the meal and some drinks I told him that there was another reason I was there to see him. He asked how much I needed and I told him that I needed ten dollars. He got up and went to a cabinet in the living room and got and envelope and gave it to me.

There were twenty dollars in there. I told him that I only needed ten. He insisted that I take twenty. He said to spend the money first, then figure it out. There is a guy named Master Zhao in this town who has excellent kung- fu skills. He was bom a cripple, but his kung-fu is still very good, especially his soft-style.

He once had a disciple that learned kung-fu pretty well but misused what he had learned. One night the disciple crept over a wall into a families house and raped a woman, so Master Zhao had to kill him. But with my recommendation I think he would take you on as a student.

If you train with him for three years, you will be a master yourself. Early the next morning, Li Zongwu met us at our lodge and continued with the idea of me training with Master Zhao. He said that he would even pay for those three years of study for me. But I had decided that three years was too long. I went back to Chengdu. He died of natural causes. I was quite sad. He actually seemed quite sincere.

However, the literal meaning is to fool the Emperor. Fooling the emperor to cross the sea simple means to hide your true intentions. Don't hide your activity, because then you will be suspect. Instead, hide your true activities behind a feint. Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao If your opponent is to strong to attack directly, attack him at a weak point.

Those weak points could be things, people or places which they care about.

Pdf thick black theory

It's important to keep in mind that every human, no matter how invincible they may seem has points of vulnerability. Ki ll with a Borrowed Sword If you can't successfully attack an enemy, use someone else to attack him.

For example - Trick one of his allies into attacking him. Create traitors within his midst, or use his own strength against him. Await the Exhausted Enemy at Your Ease Don't allow your opponent to chose the time or the place for a confrontation. You should choose both the space and time for engaging your opponent. Force him to use his energy on wasted efforts while conserving your own energy.

When he's exhausted and confused attack with power and purpose. Loot a Burning House When your opponent is dealing with internal conflict, attack. Clamor in the East, Attack in the West Attack where your opponent least expects it. Create false expectations in your opponents mind by using feints.

Your opponent will be afraid to react to the third similar feint. However, the third feint is the actual attack. The first attack should be direct and obvious. The second attack is sneaky and unexpected, causing him to divide his forces at the last minute. Observe the Fire on the Opposite Shore Avoid going into battle until all the players are exhausted from fighting each other. Go in with full strength and pick up the pieces. Sacrifice the Plum Tree In Place of the Peach Sacrifice short term objectives in the interest of obtaining long term goals.

His reaction will show his strategy. These could include: Lure him from his stronghold and seperate him from the source of his strength. Make him believe he still has a chance for freedom and in the end when his morale is low he will surrender more easily.

To Catch the Bandits First Capture Their Leader In order to capture, weaken or destroy an opponents forces, focus on attacking their leader. Attack the source of his power. Do something unusual, strange or unexpected. A distracted enemy is more vulnerable.

Move your forces away behind the facade. Shut the Door to Catch the Thief Capture your enemy quickly if possible. If they flee, don't pursue. Befriend a Distant Enemy to Attack One Nearby Bordering nations often become enemies while distant nations make for good allies.

Borrow the Road to Conquer Guo Borrow the resources of an ally to defeat an opponent. Once your opponent is defeated, turn the resources back against the ally. If you don't name names they can't respond without revealing themselves publicly. Retrieved from " https: Chinese classic texts Chinese philosophy Epistemology books. Hidden categories: Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text.

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