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Dicionário de mitologia nórdica by Johnni Langer is Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables Dicionário de mitologia nórdica - símbolos, mitos e ritos, traz. 년 3월 28일 Dicionário de mitologia grega e romana by Mário da Gama Kury is Fairy Tales, Myths &. Fables Com aproximadamente verbetes, este. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos and others Dicionário de mitologia nórdica: símbolos, mitos e ritos.

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Dicionário de mitologia nórdica - símbolos, mitos e ritos, traz em seu próprio título todo seu Read Online Dicionário de mitologia nórdica: Símbolos, mi pdf. Preface - LANGER, Johnni (org.). Dicionário de Mitologia Nórdica: símbolos, mitos e ritos [Dictionary of Norse Mythology: Symbols, Myths and Rites]. Pierre Grimal - Dicionario Da Mitologia Grega E - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online.

Audhumla- The great mother of the creation, the hornless cow or bovine. Moin is the name of one of those snakes. O hunger. It is the three year long winter that will proceed Ragnarok. Other sources say that he is the guardian of the spring beneath the World Tree that is in the region of the frost giants. Brother of Modhi.

It is a secondary form of Herjann. Herteitr- "The One Liking Armies". Hervor- A valkyrie.

Daughter of Hlothver and sister of Hlathguth the Swanwhite. She was married to Volund the smith but after seven years left him to take on the duties of a valkyrie.

Hiding Helm- In Alvissmal, this is given as the name that the dwellers in Hel call the clouds. Hildisvin- "Battle-pig".

The boar is actually Ottar who has been transformed into a boar. Hildolf- "Battle Wolf". In Harbarzljodh, the ferryman gives this as the name of his chief. Himinbjorg- "Heavenly Mountains". The name of Heimdall's hall. It is near Bifrost bridge. Himinhriot- The name of the ox from Hymir's heard that Thorr slays and uses it's head as bait for the his fishing trip in which Thorr fishes for the Midhgardhr serpent.

Hjuki- Child of Vidhfinnr. Hjalmberi- "Helm-Bearer". Hlathguth the Swanwhite- A valkyrie. Daughter of Hlothver and sister of Hervor the all-wise. She was married to Slagfith but after seven years left him to take on the duties of a valkyrie. Hlebarth- In Harbarzljodh, the ferryman states that this "thurse" gave him a wand and that he the ferryman wiled him out of his wits.

Hlidskjalf- Odhinn's seat in Vallholl, from which he can see all the worlds from. Hlin- One of the Asynjur. Among the Elder Kin, she sees to it that those that Frigg wishes to be protected are protected. Hlothver- A king who is father to the two valkyries, Hlathguth the Swanwhite and Hervor the all-wise.

Hlyrnir- twin-lit The name of one of the nine heavens according to Snorri. It is the sixth. Hnikarr- "Instigator". In Reginsmal he aids Sigurd by coming aboard his ship and quelling the great storm that was magically sent to do them ill. Hnikuth- " Spear Thruster".

Hoddmimir- Another name for Yggdrasill which means "Treasure of Mimir". Hodhr- The blind god who Loki tricks into killing Baldr who is then, in turn, killed by Vala in revenge for Baldr's death. Hoenir- He and Mimir were given as hostages to the Vanir in the settlement to end the war between the Aesir and the Vanir. Because he continually remained silent during council and in effect refusing to aid the Vanir in any way, the Vanir beheaded Mimir and sent his head back to Odhinn in retaliation.

He was one of the gods that was present at the creation of man the other two were Lodhurr and Odhinn and is described as swift and long legged.

He will be one of the gods who will survive Ragnarok. Hofvarpnir- The name of Gna's horse that can gallop across sea and air. Offspring of Hamskerpir and Gardrofa. Holda- The Dark Grandmother. Germanic goddess to whom children who died as infants go to. Horn- Another name for Freyja that she uses in her travels in search of her lost love, Odhr. It was sacrificed to both of these gods. Hraesvelgr- "Corpse-gulper".

The name of the etin who sits in the top of Yggdrasill in the form of an eagle. The winds of the earth are caused when his etin flaps it's wings. Hrimfaxi- "Rime Mane". The name of the horse that brings the night. The foam from it's bridle bit falls and becomes the morning dew. Hrimfaxi is Nott's horse. Hringhorni- The name of Baldr's boat.

His funeral pyre was placed on this boat and it was pushed out to sea while it Burned. Hriod- coverer The name of one of the nine heavens according to Snorri. It is the fifth. Hrotti- The name of a sword that was in he gold hord of Fafnir the dragon whom Sigurd did slay. Hrungnir- "Brawler.

De mitologia pdf dicionario nordica

Hrungnir's heart- Hrungnir was said to have a stone heart that was pointed with three corners. Hrym- The name of the giant that will captain the boat called Naglfar at Ragnarok. Other sources say that it is Loki that will helm the boat at Ragnarok. Huginn- One of the two Ravens that constantly bring information to Odhinn. It is identified with the self-conscious nature. The other raven is Muninn.

The hughr is the conscious part of the soul, the thought process. Odhinn's raven, Huginn is said to reflect this aspect. The hughr is said to go to either the Valhalla, Hel or to some other godly abode upon death. Hvergelmir- The well from which all the rivers of the world are fed. O See also "Eikthrynir". This well is said to reside in Ginnungagap from the beginning of time and all the great rivers flow from it.

Hymir- A giant who went fishing with Thorr for the world serpent. Also said to be the father of Tyr. Hymiskvidha- Also known as the Lay of Hymir. A poem in the Poetic Edda dealing mainly with exploits of the god Thorr. Hyndla- A giantess who is extremely well versed in genealogies that Freyja consults in Hyndulyodh.

Hyndulyodh- Also known as the Lay of Hyndla. Hyrrokkin- When the Elder Kin took Baldr's ship, Hringhorni, and tried to push it out to sea to use as his funeral pyre they could not move it so they summoned a giantess named Hyrrokkin who was able to move it off of land out to sea. She is apparently killed by Thorr at a later time as she is listed among a group of giants and giantesses that he has slain.

It is usually attributed to the north. The jotunns sometimes try to advance from their icy layers to retake the earth the ice ages but are always fought back by Ostara. Idhavollr- Said to the be the center of Vallholl. After Ragnarok the surviving Elder Kin will gather here and a new Vallholl will be built here.

Idhunn- The Goddess of youth, golden apple giver. The golden apples that she keeps in her casket are given to the Elder Kin to keep them youthful. Wife of Bragi. Ifing- The name of the river that separates the land of the giants from Asgardhr.

It is said to never freeze over for if it did the giants would be able to cross over it into Asgardhr. The Iron Forest Woods - It is the forest that is situated in the boundary between Midhgardhr and Jotunheimr which lies to the east of Midhgardhr.

O It is often used as a keening for an old and monster infested forest. Itha Plain- "The Shining Plain". Ivalidi's Sons- A keening for dwarfs or svartalfs. Jarnvidr- The giantess who lives in the Iron forest and gives birth to many giants who are all in wolf form, including the wolves that chase the Sol and Mani. Jormungandr- "Huge Monster. Jormungandr lies in the great primal ocean that surrounds Midhgardhr. It is said that he surrounds Midhgardhr and places it's tail in it's mouth.

At Ragnarok Thorr will slay the serpent but in turn will succumb to it's poisonous breath. Jormunrekk- The name of the king who was wed to Svanhild and who had her killed along with his son when his deceitful advisor told him that the two had slept together.

They have control of the chaotic forces of nature. O See also "etin". Jotunheimr- One of the Nine Worlds. Home of the jotunns etins. It is a very windy place and lies to the east of Midhgardhr. O See also "The Iron Forest". For example "red sea flame" is a keening used to describe gold.

Keila- "Narrow Fjord. Kerlaugs- The name of two rivers that Thorr must wade through to get to the gathering at the Wyrd Well. Kormt- One of the rivers that Thorr must wade through to get to the gatherings at the Wyrd Well. Kvasir- Said to be the wisest of gods. He was made from the saliva of the Aesir and Vanir as a symbol of their truce. His blood was made into the mead of poetry when the two Dwarves Fjalarr and Galarr killed him.

Landvidi- The name of Vidharr's hall. O See also "Whiteland" or "Broadland". Laufey- A jotunn, the mother of Loki, by Farbauti. Leidhi- "The Hated One? The name of a giant that is said to have been slain by Thorr.

Lif- One of the two people who find shelter in the world tree at Ragnarok. After the destruction ends they will emerge and re-people the earth. The other name is Lifthrasir.

Lifthrasir- One of the two people who find shelter in the world tree at Ragnarok. The other name is Lif. O See also "Alfheimr". Without the other parts of the soul, the likh would be as a "corpse", an empty body containing no life. Lit- The name of a soil dwelling dwarf. Snorri says that at funeral pyre, this dwarf was running in front of Thorr's feet and that Thorr kicked him so that he landed in the pyre and was Burned up. Logi- Fire. The name of the competitor who out-ate Loki in an eating contest in the hall of UtgardhaLoki.

Lodhurr- One of the three gods present at the creation of man. The other two were Odhinn and Hoenir. Lofn- One of the Asynjur. Among the Aesir, she is said to be able to intercede for couples in love even if their love had not been approved by Odhinn or Frigg.

Loki- Fire bringer. Son of Laufey and Farbauti. He brought fire to mankind. He is the blood brother of Odhinn. O He is very handsome contrary to many of the depictions seen on the net where he is pictured more like an emaciated David Bowie. He is extremely cunning and a schemer. A snake was placed over his head that drips poison on his face. His faithful wife Sigyn holds a bowl to catch the poison so that it doesn't drip on his face.

It is said that earthquakes are caused when she has to empty the bowl and a few drops fall on Loki's face causing him to writhe in pain. O He will remain bound until Ragnarok at which time he will be released and lead the jotunns in battle against the gods as steersman of the boat Naglfar. Loki is said to have given birth to the ancestor of all ogres after eating the half Burned heart of a woman. Lokasenna- Also known as the Flyting of Loki.

A poem in the Poetic Edda in which Loki insults most of the gods and goddesses in turn, at a feast. Lutr- "The Bent One. Lyngvi- The name of the Island on which the is the lake Amsvartnir and where the Fenris Wolf was finally bound by the Aesir. Magni- Son of Thorr and Jarnsaxa. Brother of Modhi. He taught man how to forge and fashion bronze. Managarmr- The name of the wolf that will devour the sun at Ragnarok.

It is thought by some that this wolf is actually Fenrir. Mani- Son of Mundilfari. He drives the chariot of the moon as does his sister Sol drive the chariot of the sun. Mask- In Alvissmal, this is given as the name that the "mighty powers" call the night. O In Alvissmal, this is given as the name that the Hel-wights call beer.

The Mead of Poetry- Odhinn drank this to gain the inspiration to write poetry. It is said to have been made from Kvasir's blood. Meili- "The Lovely One". In Harbarzljodh, Thorr states that this is his brother and a son of Odhinn.

Menja- One of two giantess bondmaids who turned the grinder mill in the poem Grottasongr. The other was Fenja and they were sisters. Midhgardhr- "Middle-world". The home of man. Midhvitnir- A giant and the father of Sokkmimir. Odhinn boasts of killing Mithvitnir in Grimnismal. The Mighty Winter- See "Fimbulvetr". Mild Light- In Alvissmal, this is given as the name that the gods call the moon. Mimir- He was put to death by the Vanir when the became dissatisfied at Hoenir's silence in council, but Odhinn kept his head alive in order to ask it advice because Mimir was considered very wise.

He is said to be the wisest of all the Aesir. Other sources say that he is the guardian of the spring beneath the World Tree that is in the region of the frost giants. Mimir's Well- It is said to be in the land of the frost giant's. This area is said to be in the area that ginnungagap once was.

It's waters give wisdom and understanding and Odhinn gave one of his eyes for one single drought from it. Odhinn's raven Muninn is said to reflect this aspect. Mist-Calf- A man made of clay that the giants made to assist the giant Hrungnir in his duel with Thorr. Loki is said to have fashioned an arrow out of it that was used to kill Balder. Mjolnir- The name of Thorr's Hammer. It is often used as a symbol that shows a person's dedication to the ways of Asatru by wearing it as a pendant on a necklace.

It is often used also in weddings to hallow the bride by laying it on her lap on one point during the proceedings and is viewed as a symbol of protection. It is also often used for general hallowing. It was viewed as the greatest of all treasures by the Aesir and it always returns to Thorr after he throws it. Modhgudhr- A maid who guards the bridge in the land of the dead that spans the Resounding river. Modhi- Son of Thorr and Jarnsaxa and brother of Magni. Moin- Spawned of Grafvitnir. Moin is the name of one of those snakes.

Mokkurkalfi- "Fog Shin. It is said that this giant was terrified when he saw Thorr and wet himself. Thorr's servant Thjalfi killed Mokkurkalfi. Svart Alfs and Dark Alfs are said to live in mountains.

It is also believed that mountains are gateways to Helgardh itself or to Svartalfaheimr. Mundilfari- The father of the sun Sol and the moon Mani. Muninn- One of Odhinn's ravens that constantly bring him information from all around the world.

It is said to mirror the sub-conscious aspect. The other raven is Huginn. Myrkvith- "Dark Wood". The name of a forest that forms a boundary against Muspellheim.

Mysing- "Mouse-Grey". The name of the sea king who slew Frothi in the eddic poem Grottasongr. Naglfar- At Ragnarok, this boat filled with jotunns and steered by Loki or Hrym depending on which source you consult will be launched to do battle with the gods. The boat is made of the nails of dead men. Nastrond- "Shore of Death. Their heads point inwards and spurt poison that runs in rivers in the halls and oath breakers and murderers are forced to wade the halls through the rivers of poison according to Snorri.

Nott- "Night". Daughter of Norr and mother by Delling to Dagr. The first was Naglfari whom she had a son Audhr with. The second was Annar whom she had a daughter Jordh with. Nott along with her son Dagr, race across the skies. It takes them each two days to circle the glove once. Nott's horse is named Hrimfaxi. Nanna- The wife of Baldr.

Mother of Forseti and daughter of Nepr and Sunna. O See "Baldr" and "Hringhorni". One of the brothers was transformed into a wolf and killed the other. That brothers entrails were used to bind Loki to three stones. Not much is known about her and the afore mentioned attributes are not entirely certain.

Nerthus- Mother Earth. When someone drowns at sea they are said to have been caught in Ran s net. Snorri says that the hall Sindri is here which is an abode of the dwarves and is made of red gold. Nidhoggr- The dragon of death that lays coiled at the base of Yggdrasill and continually gnaws at it's roots. It feeds on corpses. Nidi- The name of a soil dwelling dwarf. Niflhel- "The Dark Hel". The lowest and darkest area of Helgardh. Night- At the creation the gods sent day and night to race across the skies in chariots drawn by swift horses.

diccionario de mitologia nordica

There are various versions. For more information on the code of nine see the Midhnott Sol Kindred at http: The Nine Waves- They were conceived without a father and they gave birth to Heimdallr. O It is also said that they are the daughters of Aegir. The Nine Worlds- The nine worlds that rest in the branches of the World tree.

The nine worlds are- Midhgardhr, our own world and the axis for the other eight. To the east is Jotunheimr, the home of the giants. To the west is Vanaheimr, the home of the Vanir. South is Muspellheimr the home of the fire giants. North is Niflheim, the land of the ice giants. Northwest is Ljossalfheimr, the world of the light alfs and of Freyr. Northeast is Asgardhr, the home of the Aesir. Southeast is Svartalfaheimr, the home of the Svartalfs or Dwarfs.

Southwest is Helgardh or Helheim, the land of the dead and the domain of Hela. Nithoth- The name of the king who imprisons Volund the smith. Njordh- One of the Vanir. Father of Freyr and Freyja. God of the seas and ships. His feet are the most beautiful of all the gods. He controls the waves of the seas and can bring wealth to those who make a living fishing or by sea faring. Husband of Skadhi. O Snorri says that he rules over the motion of the wind and moderates sea and fire.

God of chariots. Noatun- The home of Njordh. It means "enclosure of ships". O See also "Shipyard". Nordhri- The name of one of the dwarfs that hold up the four corners of Ymir's skull the sky. The Norns- The Norns are some what comparable to the three fates though there are differences. They are three sisters, sometimes called the "Wyrd Sisters". There names are Urdhr that which has become , Verdandi that which is becoming and Skuld that which should become.

For those who have the sight: Urdhr is mother to Skuld who is mother to Verdandi. O Their names mean fate Urdhr , being Verdandi and necessity Skuld. These other norns are said to be of varying races, some are descended from the Aesir, some descended from alfs and some from Svartalfs. Nyi- The name of a soil dwelling dwarf. O oath ring- An arm ring or band or a finger ring is commonly used to swear oaths on. Odhr- The beautiful and strong god who Freyja fell in love with.

After one night together Odhr left and Freyja searched for him but could not find him. She began to weep and her tears turned into gold where they hit the ground and into amber where they hit a tree. Odhr is the father of Gnoss. It is inspiration-that feeling of aha! It is the life giving soul principle. Odhinn- Chief of the gods. God of inspiration and ecstasy, battle and death. He hung on the World Tree for nine days to obtain the wisdom of the Runes.

Father of Baldr, Thorr and Vala. Along with Lodhurr and Hoenir he was one of three gods that was present at the creation of man. Husband of Frigg. O Eldest son of Borr. Odhinn's sacrifice- Those killed in battle are called "Odhinn's sacrifice.

Odroerir- The name of one of the containers of the mead of inspiration that the giantess Gunnlodh guarded. Ofnir is the name of one of those snakes. Olrun- A valkyrie and daughter of the king Kier. She was married to Egil but after seven years she left him to take on the duties of a valkyrie.

Olvaldi- See "Alvaldi. Ormt- One of the rivers that Thorr must wade through to get to the gatherings at the Wyrd Well. Ottar- In Hyndulyodh, Ottar wages with Angantyr that he has a more royal and regal bloodline. Freyja turns Ottar into a boar and rides to consult the giantess Hyndla who has great knowledge of royal genealogies. Freyja get's Hyndla to state Ottar's genealogy in front of the boar Ottar transformed.

Otter's ransom- Odhinn, Hoenir and Loki were traveling around one day when Loki saw an otter feeding on a fish. Loki threw a stone at, it killing it. Later the gods took shelter at the home of Hreidmar who they later found out was the father of the otter, for the otter was actually his son in disguise.

Compensation was demanded by Hreidmar and his two other sons Fafnir and Regin. Loki took the treasure of a dwarf named Andvari and gave it to them. The treasure included a gold ring which would bring it's wearer wealth but would also doom them if it were anyone else wearing it besides the dwarf.

Fafnir and Regin murdered their father because of their greed. Fafnir turned himself into a dragon that sat upon the pile of treasure. Regin tried to trick the hero Sigurd into slaying Fafnir but his treachery was discovered and Sigurd slew them both.

Although Sigurd gained the Treasure which included the ring he later came to bad end also. Ragnarok- The end times in which the final battle between the jotunns and the gods in which most of the gods will perish. Bifrost bridge will be shattered beneath the weight of the attacking Fire Giants.

Odhinn will lead the chosen champions to battle on the plain of Vigridhr. Odhinn is slain by Fenrir who is then slain by Odhinn's son Vidharr, Thorr and the World Serpent will slay each other, Tyr slays Garm but does not survive and Heimdall conquers Loki but does not survive either.

Surtr kills Freyr and spreads fire across all the world, destroying all life. This is not the end because the sons of the great gods still live and two beings who were sheltered in the World Tree emerge to re-people the world. O See "Bifrost Bridge" for more info. Ran- Goddess of the sea. Husband of Aegir. Her weapon is the net. All people who die by drowning are said to have been caught in Ran's net. It is said that if is good to have some gold on one s person if one was drowned so that you could have a gift to give Ran and Aegir when arriving at their hall.

Ratatoskr- A squirrel that resides in the branches of Yggdrasill. This squirrel constantly runs back and forth between the eagle that sits atop Yggdrasill and the snake that continually gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasill carrying insults from one to the other.

Rati- The name of the auger that Odhinn used to drill a hole through the mountain in which was the cave of Suttungr and the mead of poetry. Odhinn then transformed himself into a snake and crawled into the cave. It is said that Odhinn has two ravens, Huginn and Muninn that constantly bring him news from the world at all times.

Regin- Son of Hreidmar and brother of Otter and Fafnir. Reginsmal- "The Lay of Regin". Rigsthula- Also known as the lay of Rig. Rindr- An etin. Mother of Vali by Odhinn. Vali's purpose for being born was to avenge Baldr's death by killing Hodhr.

Rota- Gunn, Rota and the norn, Skuld always ride to the battle together to choose who will be slain according to Snorri. Saeg- The name of the tub that Bil and Hjuki were carrying when Mani took them.

Saemundr Edda- See "Edda". Saga- "Seeress". The goddess who is said to drink with Odhinn in Sokkvabekkr. It is thought that since here name means "Seeress" and that Frigg is also called seeress that Saga may actually be another name for Frigg. It is all the parts of the soul as a whole, the whole person so to speak. Sanngetall- "Truthfinder". Sif- The wife of Thorr. Her hair is beautiful, long and made of pure gold. Sindri- A dwarf who along with his brother Brokkr constructed many of the Elder Kin s greatest treasures including Gungnir and Mjollnir.

Sea Quite- In Alvissmal, this is given as the name that the gods call a calm windless day. Seaweed-o f-slopes- In Alvissmal, this is given as the name that the Hel- wights call wood. Sehrimmnir- "Sooty Black". The boar of Valhalla. Each day in Valhalla, this boar is killed and eaten by the einherjar at their nightly feasts.

The next day he is found at the edge of the woods alive and whole ready to be slaughtered and eaten again. Although this is not entirely correct there are many similarities. Although it uses elements of Shamanism it is not Shamanism.

Seidhr is more geared towards magical working than is spae-craft and has a more negative reputation although this may be solely because of the fact that the kristians tried to dissuade this craft by slandering it.

Seidhkonur- Another title of one who fares forth using seidhr. Shining Home- Another name for Forseti's hall. O See also "Glitnir". Other sources have it as Odhinn's hall. Sid- The name of one of the Rivers that flow from the Hvergelmir.

Sif- Wife of Thorr and mother to Thrudhr. Her hair is made of pure gold and grows like normal hair. This happened because Loki had cut all her hair off and Thorr threatened to break every bone in his body if he did not find a replacement for her hair, so he went to the dwarves Sindri and Brokkr and had them make her golden hair.

Sigdrifa- The name of the valkyrie that Sigurd awakens in poem Sigdrifumal after Odhinn had pricked her with the sleep-Thorn as punishment for slaying Hjalmgunnar in battle whom Odhinn had supported. Sigdrifumal- "The Lay of Sigdrifa". The name of a poem in the Poetic Edda in which Sigurd awakens the sleeping valkyrie Sigdrifa. Sigfather- "The father of Victory". Another name for Odhinn. Sigmund- Son of Sigurd, whom Odhinn gave a special sword.

When he died Odhinn shattered the sword with his spear. It was later reforged for his son. Sigurd- The true love of the valkyrie Brynhildr as opposed to her husband. Father of Sigmund and Svanhild by Gudhrun. Odhinn also gave Sigurd a horse Grani that was bread from Sleipnir. A poem in the Poetic Edda, dealing with Brynhildr's taking of her own life after she causes the death of her love Sigurd.

Sigyn- The wife of Loki. Mother of Nari and Narfi. She holds a cup that catches the poison that threatens to drop on Loki's face ever since he was bound. Simul- The name of the pole that Bil and Hjuki where carrying the tub called Saeg on when Mani took them.

Sindri- A dwarf, brother of Brokk and Awl. Brokk and Sindri made many of the Elder Kin's most precious treasures.

Singasteinn- The name of a place visited by Heimdallr, possibly where he contended with Loki over Brisingamen. The Six Fold Goal- Six goals that every tru man and woman should have for themselves and their community.

Sjofn- One of the Asynjur. A goddess who turns peoples minds to love both men and women. Skadhi- "Scathe". Etin wife of Njordhr. Daughter of the giant Thjazi. She is often depicted with snow shoes and a bow, 1 Her hall is Thrymheimr and is in the snow covered mountains. O See also "Thjazi".

Skafinn- The name of a dwarf. It is the highest of the nine. Most likely a late kristian addition. Skidhbladhnir- The name of the boat that was given to Freyr as a gift by the Dwarfs. It can sail equally well on land or water. It is large enough for all the gods and goddesses including their gear and it has a favorable breeze any time the sails are raised.

It can be folded up like a cloth and kept in one's pocket. Skirnismal- In the Poetic Edda, a poem describing how Skirnir, is only able to obtain the hand of Gerdh for Freyr, through threats and curses.

Skjoldungs- A dynasty of Danish kings of the 4th and 5th century who are said to be the ancestors of Skjold. She oversees that which should be. See "The Norns. Sleipnir- Odhinn's horse. It was said to be the fastest horse in all the world and that he appeared to have eight legs when he ran.

It was given to him as a gift by Loki. O Loki, in the form of a mare gave birth to the grey stallion with eight legs by Svadhilfari, this stallion being Sleipnir.

Snorri Sturluson- An Icelandic scholar and politician that lived from the late 's until the mid 's. He is responcible for compiling the Prose Edda as well as various other sagas and lore. Snotra- One of the Asynjur. Among the Elder Kin she is said to be wise and courteous.

Not much else is said of her. Sokkmimir- "Mimir the Deep". Son of the giant Midhvitnir. Odhinn mentions that he killed Sokkmimir's father in Grimnismal. Sol- Daughter of Mundilfari who drives the chariot of the sun, along with her brother, Mani who drives the chariot of the moon.

Son- The name of one of the containers of the mead of inspiration that the giantess Gunnlodh guarded. O See also "ferth". Also used to describe someone usually female who performs divination.

O spae-craft- The art of seeing that which others can not see and or seeing what the future will bring. Has some aspects that are in common with shamanism. It is usually seen in a more positive light than seidhr and is prophetic in nature. The word Spae is also used as a descriptive term for helpful wights.

Stram of Time and Events- Another name for Saga's hall. O See also "Sokkvabekkr". Some believed that it portended the death of the rider.

Sudri- The name of one of the dwarfs that hold up the four corners of Ymir's skull the sky. Sultry- In Alvissmal, this is given as the name that the etins call a calm windless day. The Sumble- The sumble is a kind of ritual toasting ceremony. It is an imitation of the ritual feasts held by the gods and goddesses in Asgardhr. Summer Finding- One of the Holy Days.

The Spring Equinox. The Sun Wheel- The Swastika. A symbol of the eternal cycle. The Sun Wheel was used by the Nazi's but it is a holy symbol that existed long before these vargrs tried to use it for their own evil purposes.

Surtr- A fire giant who resides in Muspellheimr. He will be one of the few survivors at the battle at Ragnarok. He will cover the earth in flames destroying all life. He will come by land and cross Bifrost to storm Asgardhr. Suttungr- Son of the giant Gilling. He forced the dwarfs who had made the mead of inspiration to give it up to him because they had killed his father. Svafnir is the name of one of those snakes. Svalin- The name of a shield that is between the sun and the land and sea.

If this shield were not between the earth and the sun, the suns heat would destroy everything on land and in the seas. Svarang- "The Clumsy One".

A giant but "Svarang's Sons" is also used as a keening for giants. Svartalf- Also known as Dwarf's- the metal workers of the underworld. Their home is usually in mountains. Svartalfaheimr- The realm of the Dwarfs or svartalfs. It lies between Midhgardhr and Helgardh. All the dead must pass through it to get to Helgardh as does anyone who travels between Midhgardhr and Helgardh.

Dark Alfs are said to live in mountains along with Svart Alfs. Svidilfari- The name of the marvelous horse that helped a giant to build the walls of Asgardhr. After Loki lured the great stallion away in the form of a mare the giant was unable to finish the wall in the time he had promised and was slain by Thorr.

Svidilfari fathered Sleipnir with Loki in the form of the mare. Svol- The name of one of the Rivers that flow from the Hvergelmir. Syn- Among the Elder Kin, she is said to guard the entrances to the halls during assemblies and acts in defense of matters she wishes to refute.

Syr- Another name for Freyja that she uses in her travels in search of her lost love, Odhr. O There are two swans that feed from the Well of Wyrd and all swans on Midhgardhr are said to be descended from these two swans. It is said that if one can sneak up on them and steal their swan skins that a man could have her for his wife as long as he holds the swan skins but even then they eventually return to that which they are naturally.

Sylg- One of the rivers that runs from the well called Hvergelmir. They draw the chariot that he drives. Tanngrisnir- "Teeth-barer. Thjazi- Son of Alvaldi, brother of Idi and Gang. The giant father of Skadhi. He forced Loki to help him kidnap Idhunn and was eventually killed for it.

Skadhi went to Asgardhr to demand compensation and through a series of events ended up marrying Njordhr. Thjazi's eyes were thrown into the heavens by Odhinn and became starts as part of the compensation payed to Skadhi for her fathers death. Thokk- Upon Balder's death Hel said that she would release Balder if everything in the world would weep for him which did happen except for one giantess named Thokk. There is conjecture that Thokk was actually Loki in disguise. Thorr- The warrior god who, wielding Mjolnir, is the defender of Asgardhr and Midhgardhr.

It is "Thorr's Hammer" that many wear as a pendant as symbol of their dedication to the ways of Asatru. Eldest son of Odhinn and Jordhr. He drives a chariot drawn by goats and has three great treasures. Mjollnir, a belt that doubles his strength and two iron gloves which he uses to wield Mjollnir. He is said to be the son of the earth and is depicted as a large powerful man with a red beard.

Thorr's Hammer- Usually wore as a pendant on a necklace to show that the wearer is tru to the way's of Asatru. See also "Mjolnir". Thorgerdhr Holgabrudhr- A Vanir goddess that, according to Saxo is supposed the be the wife of one of Freyr's kinfolk.

Thrivaldi- "The Three Mighty". The name of a giant that Thorr is said to have slain. In various passages the giant is described as having as many as nine heads or as few as three.

Another name that Odhinn uses while attending Things. Thrudgelmir- The Asexually produced son of Ymir who does battle with Buri at the creation. He also produces Bergelmir and Laufey. It is not clear if this valkyrie is the same person as Thorr's and Sif's daughter.

Thrudhheimr- "Power House. Thrudhvangr- "Power Field. Thorr's hall Bilskirnir is said to be hear. Thrymr- "The Noisy". The giant who stole Thorr's hammer.

Dicionario de Mitologia Nordica Simbolos

The giant demanded that he have Freyja as his wife in exchange for returning the hammer. Thorr disguised as Freyja and accompanied by Loki went to Jotunheimr to the wedding feast where he eventually regained his hammer and killed Thrymr and all his wedding party.

It is located in the snow covered mountains. Thrymskvidha- Also known as the Lay of Thrymr. A poem in the Poetic Edda describing the ends that Thorr must go to, to retrieve Mjolnir after it has been stolen by the giant Thrymr. Thund- "The Roaring One". The name of the river that runs in front of Vallholl. Thviti- The name of the great stone that the elder kin used to drive Gjoll, the rock that Fenrir is chained to, deep into the earth.

Troth- A word basically meaning loyalty. A person who is loyal to the Elder Kin is said to be in troth with them. Someone who worships the Aesir and Vanir is tru. The word tru means "loyalty". Ullr- Vanir god. A god famous as an archer and skier. He is called "The god of the shield". He is often depicted with snow shoes and a bow. He is said to be a better shot than anyone else. The Undines- What the many daughters of Ran and Aegir are called.

They have dominion over parts of the water. They are as many as the waves of the ocean. Vafthrudnismal- In the Poetic Edda, a poem where Odhinn has a battle of wits with the giant Vafthruthnir. Vafthruthnir- Father of Im. A giant who challenges Odhinn to a battle of wits with the loser losing his head.

Vafthruthnir loses more than the contest in the end. Vakr- A name given as one of Odhinn's many names by Snorri, possibly the same as Vak. He is said to be almost as good a shot as Ullr. He is called the Avenger and his name means "slayer". God of vengeance, rebirth, light, and love. It is said that he would not wash his hands nor comb his hair until he avenged Baldr's death. Valaskjalf- One of Odhinn's halls in Asgardhr. It is said to have a roof of silver and Odhinn's high seat, Hlidskjalf, from which he could see all the worlds at once is here.

Vallholl a - "Hall of the Slain". One of Odhinn's hall in Asgardhr. It is here where half of all warriors slain in battle come to after death. The warriors do battle each day and at night those that had fallen in battle that day rise again and they all enjoy a great feast on pork that never runs out and mead from the udders of Heidhrun.

A dwarf and brother of Sindri and Brokkr. Offspring of Thrudhgelmir at the creation. The name of a poem in the Poetic Edda that describes how Odhinn attempted to find Baldr's fate and what could be done to avoid it. Freyr will slay this giant with a stags antler horns.

Dicionario de Mitologia Nordica Simbolos

Son of Odhinn. Companion of Byggvir. An etin. Beech wood is associated with the norns and Frigg. The name of a place where Freyr was to meet Gerdhr to be married in nine nights time from the time Skirnir had first went to her. Vidharr and Vali he will inherit Asgardhr after Ragnarok.

O beech. He was slain by Hodhr who was tricked by Loki into doing so. Baugi is the giant that Odhinn. Vili and Ve. Along with Magni. Daughter of the giant Bolthorn and mother by Burr to Odhinn. It is also know as Vegtamskvida. O Baugi. See "Aegir's Daughters". Baugi promises him a sip of the mead of inspiration.

He was white of skin and bright haired. The name of a soil dwelling dwarf. It is a promise that Baugi cannot fulfill because his brother refuses to give Odhinn a sip. Brother of Suttungr. Bil is also said to be one of the Asynjur. A blessing that is performed during Winter Nights. Heimdallr is ever vigilant at this bridge keeping the jotunns from crossing. O It is a rainbow bridge that only the gods can cross. The Blessing of the Dises.

The name of one of the three containers of the mead of inspiration that were guarded by the giantess Gunnlodh. Freyr has a boar who has golden bristles. Jotunns are not allowed to cross. It has apartments. Blessing of the Wanes. Also called "Lightning". The bridge that leads from Midhgardhr to Asgardhr. The name of one of the Rivers that flow from the Hvergelmir 5. The ritual drinking to the honor of a god. A blessing that is sometimes performed during Winter Nights.

The name of one of the children that goes with the moon Mani on his nightly rounds. The ribs were pulled out looking like wings and their lungs pulled out through the incisions made there.

See "The Harvest Festival". O The Blessing of the Alfs. Blood Eagle. Child of Vidhfinnr. Boars where often sacrificed to him especially on the last night of Yule-tide. The animal that is sacred to Freyr. Husband of Idhunn. O Brokkr. Snorri gives it as the name of the hall in Gimli where the gods hold drinking feasts. Another name for Vidharr's hall. Vili and Ve and the son of Buri. The residence of Baldr. Son of Buri. The god of poetry. The name Odhinn assumes in his disguise while working for the giant Baugi in an attempt to steal the mead of inspiration.

The dwarf that Loki wagered his head against the skill of Sindri whom he wagered could not make three precious items. The giant who was the father of Bestla. O See also "Landvidi" and "Whiteland".

Brokkr was the assistant to his brother Sindri. In Alvissmal. Borr was the father of Odhinn. Daughter of Nithoth. A dwarf. After working for working for Baugi a full summer and doing the work of nine. O Bombor. He prepares the halls of Valhalla for the arrival of kings that have died in battle. The name of a giant.

The silver tongued one. The name of Freyja's necklace. Another name for Baldr's Hall. See "Bryggdag". Companion of Beyla. She was married to King Gunnar but really loved Sigurd.

The cock rooster is believe by some to be connected with approaching death or with a death cult in some way. Sindri won the bet but had to settle for stitching up Loki's mouth with the thong called Vartari with the help of his brother Awl. One of the two brothers of Loki.

The name of a giantess that is said to have been killed by Thorr. Alfs and wights are said to detest caraway seeds. These same two dwarves also constructed Odhinn's spear Gungnir. Father of Borr. In Alvismal. Sif's golden hair and Freyr's ship Skidhbladnir. Son of Delling and Nott. Cats are sacred to Freyja. See "Borr". O Codex Regius. Father of the valkyrie Brynhildr and the king Atli 4 Byggvir.

The name of the well that Bil and Hjuki were walking from when Mani took them. He is the first being that Audhumla licked from the ice. It is also known as the Edda. A Valkyrie. Daughter of Buthli. When Sigurd was killed she committed suicide. His horses name is Skinfaxi. There are four stags that are in the branches of Yggdrasill and feed on it's branches.

Day Balm. On February 2nd or 14th. The spirits. Local Things are often held at this time. Another name of Hel's hall. A northern tradition in which a person. It is also said that Dark Alf's are the spirit's of the dead who had dealt with the Svart Alf's extensively in life and owed them favors for which they were paying off in the after life.

Dark Alf. O See also "Idis". Duneyrr and Durathror. At the creation the gods sent day and night to race across the skies in chariots drawn by swift horses. They are said to live in the mountains with the Svart Alf's.

Freyja and Vali are often honored during this blessing as well as the Dises and Alfs. The waves of the sea. O See also "Eliudnir". Their names are Dainn. They also inhabit the barrow-mounds. O The Deep. A god who is the father through Nott of Dagr.

Din Farer. They watch over the family in general but more particularly the person who will carry on the line. Dark Alf's are said to be the spirit's of the dead. One of the Great Blessings between Yule-tide and Easter.

O Snorri says that they are as black as pitch in appearance. The name of a rock dwelling dwarf. They were said to commonly kill the living by applying a massively strong slap to the head. There are four stags that are in the branch of Yggdrasill and feed on it's branches. The body. When the ondhr exits the body. Fenrir broke this fetter and so they tried the fetter called Dromi and he also broke this one before finally he was not able to break the third fetter called Gleipnir.

A draugr is formed when a person dies. Draugrs are extremely strong and as such can be very dangerous. It was one of the precious items constructed by the dwarves Brokkr and Sindri for the Aesir.

O Drap Niflunga. Draugr's should never be looked at directly as it is said that they can steel vital ond from a person by gazing at them alone. This is sometimes the origin of ghosts and poltergeists. A poem in the Poetic Edda detailing the downfall of Hogni and Gunnar. The result is a lifeless body that still houses the intelligence and memory of the deceased.

When the gods decided that the Fenris Wolf needed to be bound they first tried to bind him with the fetter called Loedhing. A rock dwelling dwarf. It happens when a person dies and does not want to accept that fact that they have died. Another is for an elderly woman to throw her own urine at the draugr til drive it off. One is to stick pins in the bottom of the feet of the recently deceased to keep them from walking. The undead.

The draugr's body will eventually decay to the point where it will no longer be able to stay in the body at which time the draugr will become discarnate.

There is the Snorri Edda. There are two. O eagle. One of the greatest of dwarfs. There is an eagle that sits atop Yggdrasill that wars with the snake that continually gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasill.

The eagle has a hawk perched on it's forehead and it is thought by some that this eagle is the same eagle that. In Hymiskvidha. The name of one of the four dwarves that constructed Freyja's Brisingamen necklace. A keening for The Mead of Poetry. In the Poetic Edda. Earth's Mane. O Eel Home. The name of the giant who guards the giantess who gives birth to jotunns that are in the form of wolves in the Iron Forest.

See "Svartalf". A collection of heroic tales and stories that are the prime texts of Asatru. The name of the great cauldron in Valhalla in which the boar Sehrimmnir is cooked each night for the Einherjar to feast on.

The name by which those who were slain in battle and reside in Valhalla and Folkvangr are known collectively by. O See also "Hvergilmir. The name of the stag that stands atop Vallholl and feeds on the leaves of Yggdrasill. O Einherjar. With the reasoning the words "god" and "goddess" tend to foster too much of a separation between us and those commonly called by those words that we are dedicated to.

O Eindridhi. The elder tree is said to be sacred to Freyja. The name of the old woman that Thorr wrestled with in the hall. And we are their "younger kin. The name of a dwarf. It is said that the "poisonous drops of hoar frost" from these rivers met with the heat of Muspellheimr that the first being began in the melting ice. O Elivagar. The rivers that flow from Hvergilmir into Ginnungagap.

The name of one of the Rivers that flow from the Hvergelmir. O Elder. Asynjur who is the best of physicians among the Elder Kin. Old age. At Ragnarok Odhinn will lead them into battle against the jotunns. Hel's hall in Helgardh. One of the servitors of Aegir. This river is one of the rivers that flows through Asgardhr. Brother of Volund the smith. See "Einridhi". Water drops from it's antlers fall into the well Hvergelmir which feeds all the rivers of the world. The ability to see into the skuld the future.

In other sources it was Odhinn. The name of Hel's knife. Another name for a jotunn. Vili and Ve used the organic material of an elm tree to form women. The father of Loki. O far-sighting. Son of Hreidmar and brother of Otter and Regin. Mother of Thorr. Hoenir and Lodhurr. One of the horses of the Aesir. Associated with both Frigg and Freyja. See "Erde". Fair Bough. Byleistr and Helblindi by Laufey. O Everglow.

The practice of leaving the physical body to travel forth in spirit to other realms. Etin's are generally thought of as either neutral or friendly to the cause of the gods as opposed to jotunns who are unfriendly to the cause of the gods. Nothing could bind him until the Dwarves manufactured a chain that was made out of the secret and impalpable things of the Earth. It's purpose is to assist the person it is attached to in other realms.

Next they tried to bind him with the fetter Dromi but this one he broke also. At Ragnarok he will be freed from his fetters will slay Odhinn before being slain himself by Vidharr. The other was Menja and they were sisters. See "Grotti". The fetch is an independent form that is attached to the person though not actually a part of the person.

The ferth is considered to be the "self". It comes generally in the form of an animal or of the opposite sex of the person it is attached to. The hall of Frigg. They then used the great stone called Thviti to drive the rock Gjoll deep into the earth. First they tried to bind him with the fetter called Loedhing but he broke this fetter. The wolf son of Loki and Angrbodha. It survives death and can travel to other worlds before and after death.

Brother of Hela and The World Serpent. One of two giantess bondmaids who turned the millstone in the poem Grottasongr. Most people never see or have need of. Another name for Fenrir. It can some times easily be confused with the fylgja but it is actually a splintering of the fylgja that is done in order to accomplish some particular task.

Another name of Odhinn. He was bound by Tyr who lost his hand in the deal. One of the servants of Frodhi. The Elder Kin then called the Fenris Wolf to the island Lyngvi and bound him with Gleipnir then took the bound Fenrir and chained him to the rock called Gjoll with the chain called Gelgja. See also "Fylgja" O Field of Warriors. O Fire Wood. It can and often is passed along ancestral lines. Another name for the giant Skrymir.

The inhabitants of Muspell. It is the three year long winter that will proceed Ragnarok. The name of a bright red cock that crows next to the Eggther. A Name for Odhinn. One of the first two polar elements in the creation the other being ice. Another name for the mother of Thorr. Another name for Freyja's hall. Fire begat the element of air. O See also "Galarr". The name of one of the Dwarves that killed Kvasir and made the mead of poetry from his blood.

It is usually attributed to the south. A Poem in the Poetic Edda. O See also "Folkvangr". Forn Sedh. One of Odhinn's two wolves. O See also "Geri". She was said to have taught Seidh to Odhinn. His faithful wife Sigyn holds a bowl to catch the venom but when she must empty the bowl a few drops fall on his face and he writhes in pain shaking the very earth which is said to be the cause of earth quakes. This is a very general definition and you will find that those who call themselves folkish fall anywhere between the belief that only those of Northern European descent should practice Asatru to the belief that those of Northern European descent are better suited to practice Asatru than those who are not of that descent.

Sessrumnir is located here. O Also called "The Field of Warriors". In her are embodied the powers of magic. The law-giver god. The son of Baldr and Nanna who supported Freyr's proposals at the peace talks between the Aesir and Vanir. Her hall. O Folkvangr.

He was caught none the less and was bound to three rocks with the guts of his son Nari. In Asatru a belief in which the followers. She receives half of those slain in battle. Asatru is known by this name. Father of Frigg.

The name of the waterfall that Loki hid from the gods and goddesses underneath in the form of a salmon. O Forseti. Her twin brother is Freyr. Her name means "The Lady". Daughter of Njord. See "Folkvangr". Odhinn receiving the other half. He is said to be able to settle any dispute and his hall is called Glitnir. She lives in Folkvangr. The home of Freyja. In Sweden and some other Northern European countries.

Mother of Gersimi and Hnoss. O Frosti. Wife of Odhinn. Son of Frithleif. It can also be easily confused with the fetch. The fetch is actually a splintering of the fylgja that is done in order to accomplish some task. Another name for the Swastika. Another name for Freyr. The wife of Wodan. Son of Skjold and father of Frothi. Blood was not allowed to be spilled through violence. She carries Frigga's casket and looks after her foot wear and is said to share her secrets. A word basically meaning "peace".

O Daughter of Fjorgynn. A heart. O Frost Giants. O fylgja. He is the god of wealth and peace and contentment. Son of Njord. The fylgja is a manifestation of a part of a person's soul that can take on independent action as it can contain portions of a persons hughr and minni.

He was a king who was given a wonderful mill that ground out gold but he abused the two bondmaids who turned the mill by not allowing them proper rest and they chanted the Lay of Grotti Grottasongr which brought about his doom. One of the Asynjur. The fylgja can also be used. He is the twin brother of Freyja.

Her far-sighting is said to be unmatched although she rarely talks of what she sees. O Frithleif. Also called "The Lord". The inhabitants of Niflheim. Also it is one of the SixFold Goals. Freyja's Heart. Twin brother of Freyja. See "amber". O Freyja's tears. This is because Odhinn's gate. The name Odhinn used when he went disguised to the hall of Vafthrudhnir to challenge the giant to a contest of wits.

Same as "Gautr". Vanir goddess. O Gauti. The fylgja generally takes on the form of an animal or of the opposite sex of the person that it is attached to. God of the Goths. Being able to take the form of the fylgja can be developed over time. The mother of Hofvarpnir by Hamskerpir. Unmarried girls go to her after they die. A guard hound in Helgard. Primarily the use of the runes for magical purposes. She ploughed around Zealand and made it into an island.

O Gardrofa. O Gandalf. One of the Dwarves that killed Kvasir and made the mead of poetry from his blood. The brother of Thjazi and Idi. O Gangleri. Another name for Freyja that she uses in her travels in search of her lost.

O See also "fetch". Snorri however. It is said that he will kill Tyr at Ragnarok. The name of a Valkyrie. Father of Suttungr. The formless. He forced Loki to lure Thorr to his hall without his hammer Mjolnir and he and his daughters Gjalp and Greip tried to slay him but he had borrowed a girdle of strength. A giant slain by Thorr. The name of the rock that Fenrir is chained to.

Most likely a late christian addition. O Geri. It is a building with a golden roof where righteous men go to upon death. It is said to be in the southernmost end of Asgardhr. The name of the hall of Geirrodhr. Vet-Mimir and Skatyrnir. Wife of Freyr. O See also "Freki". A giant who was killed by the dwarfs who brewed the mead of inspiration.

The great unknown. Daughter of the giant Gymir and Aurbodha. It is the seventh. One of the daughters of Geirrodhr and sister of Greip. The name of Hel's curtains. The father of Gudhrun. The name of the bridge that Hermodh crossed to enter Helgardh to seek Baldr. The name of a tree that stands in front of Vallholl that has leaves made of red gold. The horn of warning. One of the rivers that runs from the well called Hvergelmir. One of the names of Odhinn's hall and where Vallholl is situated. See "Gjalp".

It is guarded by Modhgudhr. A giantess killed by Thorr. It was very light and soft and was said to have been made by the dwarves of the sound of a cat. Said to be the most beautiful tree among "gods" and men. Heimdallr's horn that he uses to warn against any danger from the jotunns to Asgardhr.

The name of the third fetter that finally did bind Fenris. Gunnar and Hogni. A blast from this horn can be heard throughout all the nine worlds.

He will blow this horn at the beginning of Ragnarok. O Snorri says that it is a temple where the twelve thrones of the ruling gods as well as Odhinn's is located and that is made of gold. Another name for Bifrost bridge. O Gleipnir. This river is said to run by the gates of Helgardh.

The name of the mound in which was the hord of gold that the dragon Fafnir lay on. They are the apples of immortality. The god of the shield.

When ever an animal was sacrificed to Thorr it was a goat. A male priest who's duties would include the instructing of the kindred and conducting ceremonies. See "Ullr". Idhunn gives the gods golden apples. It is covered with silver.

The name of the home of Forseti. Among the Elder Kin. The animal that is sacred to Thorr. Goin is the name of one of those snakes. Aside from the great serpent Nidhoggr. O Goldmane. They are said to keep them young. Now Mundilfari gave his daughter in marriage to a person named Glenr and this angered the gods for they thought it arrogant.

A man named Mundilfari had two children who were so fair and beautiful that he named the son Mani and the daughter Sol. Spawned of Grafvitnir. The cave before which the hound Garm is fettered. She rides a horse called Hofvarpnir who gallops across sky and sea. The name of the entrance to Hel where the hound Garm is chained.

Attributed to Freyja. The horse of the giant Hrungnir. The Golden Kingdom. The name of Sigurd's sword that was made for him by Regin. It was so sharp that Sigurd split Regins anvil with it. In ceremonies the goodman is responcible for all the non speaking ritual actions having to do with the distribution of the holy liquid. It was also said to be forged from the pieces of Sigurd's father's Sigmund sword. Former name of Jutland Denmark.

Grafvollund is the name of one of those snakes. The name of one of the Rivers that flow from the Hvergelmir 5 Grafvitnir. Goin and Moin. This is the progenitor of two of the snakes that are at the base of Yggdrasill.

Grabak is the name of one of those snakes. Another name for Asgardhr. The brother of Hogni and Gunnar who in some versions of the story of Sigurd. The name of Gunnar's horse. O Grabak. O See also "The White Kingdom". The name of a poem in the Poetic Edda of which only small fragments have survived. She is the mother of Vidharr. A poem in the Poetic Edda in which Sigurd goes to his uncle the king Gripir to find out what lays in his future.

The uncle of Sigurd and king who Sigurd comes to. In Grimnismal. The name of the magical staff that the giantess Gridhr loaned to Thorr along with a girdle of strength and iron gauntlets when he stops at her dwelling on the way to Geirrodhargard. It is because of this that it is not considered good to throw a whetstone across the room as it is said to cause the whetstone in Thorr's forehead.

The name of a giantess who Thorr is said to have killed. The name of the place where Hrungnir and Thorr fought there duel. The name of a giantess who loans Thorr a girdle of strength. He called on a sorceress named Groa to remove it with her magic. The name of Sigurd's stead. Daughter of Geirrodhr and sister of Gjalp.

Said to be descended from Odhinn's own horse Sleipnir. The monster that was slain by Beowulf in the epic poem of the same name. Queen and mother of Gudhrun. Hrungnir's whetstone was shattered and part of it flew and became lodged in Thorr's forehead. She is the wife of Aurvindil. Short for Grimnir. During Thorr's duel with Hrungnir.

The name of Heimdall's horse. The mill produced gold and peace for Frothi but he abused the bondmaids by not allowing them enough rest and they chanted the Lay of Grotti which brought about his doom and he was slain by the sea king Mysing who took the mill and the bondmaids.

Erp and Hamthir to avenge the death of her daughter Svanhild. Fenja and Menja to turn the mill. Mysing had the bondmaids grind out salt for him on his ship and at midnight the maids asked if he had enough salt but he baid them continue and not longer after his ship sank and this is how the sea came to be "salted".

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Daughter of Gjuki. In Grottasongr. Mother of Svanhild by Sigurd. The boar was made by the dwarfs. The name of Freyr's great golden boar. Hogni and Gothorrn. Three poems in the Poetic Edda. A poem in the Poetic Edda in which Svipdag raises the spirit of his dead mother to aid him. O Gulltopr. After avenging herself by slaying Atli their two children she tried to drown herself in the sea but could not accomplish it and ended up becoming the wife of the king Jonakr who had fostered her daughter Svanhild.

After Sigurd died she was given a potion that made her forget all that happened before and was married to Atli and bore him two sons. The cock that heralds the beginning of Ragnarok with his crowing. Wife of Sigurd. Frothi purchased two giantess bondmaids. See "Goldmane". It is said that there is a whirlpool now where the ship sank that is from the hole in the mill stone.

Erp and Eitil. Her thrice death in the hall of the Aesir is what sparked the war between the Aesir and Vanir to begin. O Gungnir. The king that offers Gefjon as much land as she can plow in one day. The name of the giantess daughter of Suttungr and niece to Baugi. The name of one of the Rivers that flow from the Hvergelmir 5 Gunnthro. A female priest who's duties would include instructing the kindred and conducting ceremonies.

Rota and the norn. A king who was the husband of the valkyrie Brynhildr and brother of Gudhrun. See also "godhi". Skuld always ride to the battle together to choose who will be slain according to Snorri.

He asks them questions about the gods and the nine worlds and in the course of their answers to him much of the lore we have about our ways. O Son of Gjuki. By agreeing to sleep with her for three nights Odhinn gained three sips of the mead of which he drained all three containers and fled in the shape of an eagle. The name of Odhinn's spear. The first part of the Prose Edda in which King Gylfi travels to the hall of three gods called.

His horse was named Goti. Upon arriving back to Asgardhr he spit the mead back into containers that the other gods had waiting for him. He is also the King that travels to the hall of the three gods see "Gylfaginning" 5 See also "Gefjon". A valkyrie 4 Gunn. Just as High and the Third. O Gunn. The first of the Vanir to approach the Aesir. Husband of Aurbodha.

A title of Hela. O See "Hela". See "Thorr's Hammer. O Hamskirpir. It is said that hamingja is passed from generation to generation. The part of a ritual in which the space in which the ritual will take place is purified and made holy.

The hamr is similar to the likh in appearance. It is the part of the soul that gives shape to the likh. Generally the hamingja is passed on to grandchildren who are named after the deceased. O Halja. O The Hammer of Thunar Thorr. Its appearance directly effects the appearance of the likh The hamr goes with the wode upon death and will assist in forming the likh in the next incarnation. Used in ceremonies as a holy sign and also used to bless food. Another name for Heimdall. Upon death the hamingja is passed to ancestors or reincarnated basically.

The father of Hofvarpnir by Gardrofa. The hamingja is a part of the soul that is stronger in some individuals more than others. Brother of Frothi who was slain by Frothi in order that he may ascend to the throne. He was born of nine sisters who are said to be either. The Blessing of the Wanes. His hall is Himinbjorg which is near Bifrost Bridge. This is a general name given to the Pagan religions of Northern Europe. The warriors in Valhalla drink of this mead at their nightly feasts.

O The Harvest Festival. It is held on the Autumnal Equinox. An often quoted poem in the Edda that gives words of wisdom spoken by Odhinn. Also called "the White God. Under the name of Rig he is said to be the father of all mankind and the originator of the cast system. A harrow is an altar. He can hear everything in the nine worlds. Aegir's daughters. The wolf who chases Mani. O Harvest.