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COSMIC DESCRIPTORS. The following are important descriptors for cosmic powers: . hero points (Hero's Handbook, page 21) and under the Gamemaster's .. Mutants & Masterminds Power Profile: Cosmic Powers is. © Green Ronin . The Cosmic Handbook is in the final stages of layout and we're planning to make it available in PDF form and as part of our Pre-Order Plus. Cosmic Handbook (Pre-Order and PDF) Now it is yours to explore with The Cosmic Handbook for the Mutants & Masterminds Superhero.

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The Cosmic Handbook is a sourcebook for the MUTANTS &. MASTERMINDS roleplaying game. It covers the some of the most popular and most powerful types. Mutants&Masterminds Cosmic Handbook - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File MUTANTS & MASTERMINDS COSMIC HANDBOOK Just prior to taking over. Cosmic Handbook (PDF) A sourcebook of galactic heroism for the Mutants & Masterminds Superhero Roleplaying Game By James Dawsey, Christopher.

Enhanced Advantages 7 Close Attack 3. National Comics. The benevolent Highfather and malefic Darkseid led their respective cultures in a truly mythic clash that regularly spilled over to Earth. No one. The GM is the final arbiter when deciding if a piece of gear needs to be bought as a Device or Equipment.

Cosmic Handbook. Thread starter Fabius Maximus Start date Nov 9, Nov 9, So, this just got issued: Has anyone picked it up? Validated User. I grabbed it Friday, haven't had time to completely read it yet. Son of a bitch! I just shut my computer down and was getting ready for bed when I checked the forum on my phone.

I'll have to get it tomorrow Glamourweaver Registered User Validated User. I'm enjoying it. Galactic Empire" niche, while also drawing on a society more reminiscent of Kree totalitarianism in conflict with the Skrull-expy Grue though it's the latter that get the Meta-Minds I always enjoy how the "Freedom-verse" can weave so many different homages together so elegantly.

Jack Wave Man Validated User. Glamourweaver said: Both reactions may persist to a lessened degree even after the heroes help restore order. By contrast. With the power of unfettered imagination. A good Gamemaster should give them every opportunity to show off their wisdom.

While normally we try to limit reality intruding into all the comicbook fun. A world already accustomed to weird mutants. Panicked fear of invasion may trigger desperate acts of survival. To most Earthlings. Comic books. Earthly knowledge of this can lead to social disorder as described in the preceding section.

In such a setting. The possibilities are as limitless as space itself. In either case. Non-corporeal creatures who cannot conceive of life governed by the petty demands of flesh or super-intellects who see the heroes as little more than pleasant entertaining monkeys. Whatever it is.

It might be forcing others into gladiatorial games. Similar Earth woes remain immune and intractable.. Concealed within our primitive monkeybrains might be secrets untold. Forget lecturing the neighborhood kids on the dangers of drugs—cosmic superheroes have to make entire worlds mend their ways.

In truly cosmic series. Hostess Fruit Pies. By the same token. Earth may have the best interstellar highway access in the sector. Some film and TV space explorers wander the galaxy. It may be our women. Cosmic superheroes. Warlike extraterrestrial cultures can turn pacifist after the heroes smash up their invasion fleet.

This makes the otherwise insignificant Earth matter. The tendency in comic books is to resolve global problems such as these via incredibly simple methods. Once your imagination has accepted. The heroes. If living entities are the galactic menace. More interestingly. This sub-genre is the realm of imploding universes note the plural. Chapter 8. Whatever the means of deliverance. Instead of altering an ancient culture overnight. The successful conclusion of a truly cosmic adventure can ask those moved by Doing Good or Responsibility to lay down their lives.

Drown them. The more substantial reply involves possibly making the solutions more in line with the scale of the problems at hand. This includes darkness as on the dark side of the moon or a A universe where magic is as common as technology and the latter may exist only rarely.

They allow for social commentary like alien-inhabited worlds. Sweet-natured Gamemasters can opt to have self-sacrificing heroes walk away unscathed. Their salvation might be an ancient alien MacGuffin device. Their particular motivations provide excellent guidelines for devising such supreme tests. The simple answer for such concerns is to ask oneself.

Characters who seek Justice might have to let an archenemy go free to secure his help in saving the day. Worlds that change the characters into cavemen.

Whatever the nature of the enemy. Plan 9 from Outer Space fast rule. The caveat here is: Any machine that talks will eventually try to kill the heroes. Technology is inescapable in a cosmic superhero series. Those with a taste for the whole cosmic experience are better served by a setting in some far-off era. Chapter 3. No matter how much murder and destruction the rampaging robots have perpetrated to that point. This section is about the more worrisome.

The good guys are also almost certainly going to be outnumbered. There are fewer street-gang members fighting Wise people counsel against discussing religion in polite over turf. Great starting points for hero endangerment. But why stop there? The cosmic sub-genre offers up nearly limitless possibilities for inconvenient and nasty things alien worlds can do to the characters.

Cosmic superhero setting. The heroes are helping police their solar system and galaxy instead of home city and country. They can provide an extra bit of complication. As the Gamemaster. Putting the probchange all the names. Affects Objects—things like life-preserving space suits and ship hulls. Future Earths experiencing environmental problems. Very little that is cosmic happens in a series without fasterthan-light spacecraft and other wondrous devices. Said homicidal device might overtly be a super-villain like the classic rampaging robot..

At their core. If you want to see a more fleshed-out been the general rule in suexample. Cosmic-genre tropes do provide a clear warning its protagonists never heed. The heroes can go to the infinite. And remember. With any resemblance or most of the resemblance. Earth is in for a sock to the planetary chin. This premise also holds great interest for aliens who—erroneously. Can the characters actually punch Death dead? Is it possible to trip Hate itself?

Abstract entities nonetheless serve three valuable purposes in cosmic superhero series. All the characters have to do is outwit and outfight an enemy clever and powerful enough to fool two interstellar civilizations. Motivated by fear of their dark gods. They add gravitas to a game session simply by showing up.

Resolution Number One is a star-spanning detective story. Wars are notoriously tough to stop once started. If the aliens are old school. From a human point of view. These grants of power can be permanent.

Earth is just an innocent bystander as two alien dominions slug it out. Other times. The presence of evil cults in a setting fairly calls for a more balanced view of religion. The sub-genre is prone to having godlike beings roaming the universe and interacting with the heroes—not to mention all the personified abstractions like embodied Life.

Solution Number Two comes into play when Earth-based heroes are defending their home turf: They can also be temporary if the characters only need such awesome abilities long enough to resolve some great reality-threatening crisis. Earth is their target. They may be after our land or to make brunch of us. Devising a benevolent faith again. Characters with religious beliefs of their own and Complications derived from them potentially have some interesting challenges in a cosmic superhero setting.

The cosmic sub-genre typically offers one of two possible solutions to the good guys. This sends scheming entities in search of minions they can imbue with a fraction of their nearly infinite power. By nature. If said benevolent faith is entirely pacifist in nature.

Computer glitches. Even in settings where space travel is commonplace. In the latter case. Some comic-book hero teams have a whole fleet of faster-than-light ships at their disposal. To make matters even more compelling.

The best way to prevent interstellar ennui from setting in is to periodically make the voyage itself the adventure. To be truly cosmic. The advice here is to never allow the trip itself to become routine. What happens once the heroes arrive at their far-flung destinations is discussed elsewhere in this chapter. Faster-than-light journeys across the galaxy are a start.. Either way. If a trip of a million light-years ever feels to the players like a cross-town bus ride.

Perhaps space travel is possible in the series. However the heroes get around. The power of instantaneous communication would be invaluable to a star-spanning empire. The following round. That modest expenditure also absolves more unscientific Gamemasters from having to worry about space hazards distracting the players from other.

Black Market Supplemental – M&M 3e: Cosmic Handbook

In any situation where a disparity between travel and talk times exists. If the Gamemaster allows such a means into the series. On the third and each subsequent round of exposure to vacuum. In these series. A total of five ranks. Gamemasters who want more agony. Fatigued characters who fail a check become exhausted. The effects on someone other than a crimson-clad ensign venturing into the void unprotected are as follows..

Failure typically leads to a rank Weaken Stamina effect. One rank in Immunity takes care of all the cold. If travel outpaces communications throughout the galaxy. Other than a timely rescue good thing there are superheroes around. In such a series. Heroes in series where news travels faster than they do face the near-constant handicap of no element of surprise.

A failed check means excruciating pain as small air bubbles form in the bloodstream. Two or more degrees of failure impose the incapacitated condition. If the check fails. Wherever they go. Two ranks allows a character to kick the oxygen habit and never fear suffocation ever again. Truth is. Those who can will flee. They can also serve as living exterior booster rockets. With the right modifications. A player character with Technology skill may build or jury-rig an anti-gravity force field.

The ship might get bent a little in the process. When the end result pushes the ship and its systems past the design limits.. In game terms. Teleport may allow the heroes to simply disappear to a safer location perhaps with extra effort required.. When the black hole is the plot. Even more frugally in that case. Whatever the players opt to do. One option is to gain enough speed to achieve escape velocity. The difference? In the former. If players fail some important checks or the demands of the plot make a journey into a black hole a necessity.

Characters who space-travel under their own powers can follow suit using the Acrobatics skill. Depending on their nature.

The latter involves the sudden collapse or surprise restarting of a dying star. Heroes who get around via their own Flight or Movement Space Travel powers can use extra effort to get the needed boost. See the section on Changes for ideas on what might await them upon their arrival on the other side. The demands of good drama and fair play require that an impending super nova be an impossible-not-to-notice thing for the beings nearby.

If the plot just needs the heroes to be distracted or inconvenienced.. Pulling some tricky maneuvers—skipping the ship off the event horizon like a stone on a pond. While available science tells us black holes are like cosmic trash compactors. It must be stressed these rules are optional.

Because of this. Whether you include them in your series is up to you. This approach works as well with lesser. Even enthusiastic Gamemasters should read them over carefully. Resolving each and every one of these situations by outwitting the nigh-unfathomable menace is certainly a valid option. X2 Beings representing nearly universal concepts like a god of war or the powerful rulers of other groups of equal or lesser cosmic beings.

Cosmic Handbook and Harbinger of the Far Tide – Mutants & Masterminds

X3 Abstract beings representing truly universal ideas. Characters are rubbing elbows with the personification of Anger in the universe. There is little point in detailing their game stats. X4 The embodiment of an entire universe and all that it physically and conceptually holds. Gamemasters are of course free to add other weird technobable cosmic phenomena to the list as they see fit.

Among the choices for an apocalypse are rampaging PLX cosmic beings. The various methods of averting the devastating effects of a supernova outlined in the previous paragraphs can serve as a template for any number of other planetary Armageddon scenarios.

The table following lists various cosmic-level entities as they are typically represented in the cosmic superhero sub-genre. The Gamemaster is. They are effectively unlimited in game terms—a plot device.

A single light-year is distance For those who like to compute their own astronomical ranges. The implications of each grade are defined in the Cosmic-Level Benchmarks sidebar. Under this system. Most do have a strong suit or two related to the concept they define. Proxima Centauri—is distance Please note the assumed 20s for cosmic characters make any skill granted them very potent. One megaparsec—roughly the distance from Earth to the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy—is distance A STR 48 punch is barring other modifiers enough to completely destroy the planet with one blow.

Making the 10 kiloparsec jaunt from Earth to the center of our Milky Way galaxy is distance For those times when the characters need to do something truly mind-bending. Reusing the power level X1 Thor example above.

Settling that quarrel with your fists—against an Earth-sized non-gas giant—means making a dent against a Toughness defense of This essentially allows cosmic characters to take on other cosmic beings a notch more powerful than themselves. A Jupiter-sized mass takes STR 86 to budge. A gigaparsec is distance Distance 63 is a kiloparsec.

At distance Distance 77 takes a being 10 megaparsecs. Each additional X-level adds another 20 to their total for skills. Traveling one parsec—roughly to the nearest known star to Earth. Heroes with perception range Move Object have a much easier time of it. Epsilon Eridani. The nearest known planetary system. These reductions steadily continue until the scores reach zero.

Some cosmic characters add a long. The stage for a very memorable cosmic slugfest is then all set. An angry power level X3 being shame on your players for waking up Cthulhu. It really sucks to punch out a demigod. The Gamemaster can discipline errant cosmic forces by reducing all their skills.

As noted at the start.. This can be a time for something truly heroic and cosmic to happen. At that point. The formula for doing so is simple: If all else fails. Gamemasters should use these optional rules very carefully. At the lower ends of power level X. The Gamemaster may opt to extend the duration of their increased omnipotence a bit if the heroes are intent on using said powers to undo the damage done by the beaten evil entity. That leaves the heroes less individually powerful than their foe.

Keeping the suddenly more godlike characters on-task is important. The classic method for this goes as follows.

It is therefore advisable that cosmic-powered player characters be so only briefly as well. An immensely powerful being does something hugely bad. Since cosmic beings lack most skills. A funny thing happens if. Seeking out another cosmic being for help—usually. To be sure.. Immunity to Fortitude effects with points to spare. Throw in the general arrogance and pridefulness great power inculcates.

Once he stops honoring his Complications. Whereas mortal beings pocket hero points from a beneficent universe every time complications ruin their day. Although a series where the players all have power level X characters is certainly possible. For instance. There are a few optional rules you may choose to use in your Cosmic series. They struggle to compete against the strange alien landscapes that confront them and overcome challenges using their innately and often uniquely human traits of courage.

From battling alien hordes to exploring strange new worlds. Cosmic Heroes Get your space-suit on and pack your universal translator! Cosmic adventures propel your heroes into the final frontier of comic book action.

In any case. Perhaps they were transported from their home by a beam from space which confers other advantages to them.

They may not have special powers of their own. Fear not! The following pages equip you with everything you need to know to create characters ready for whatever the universe throws at them! Some cosmic heroes are heavily inspired by the old Pulp science fiction authors of yesteryear. Crusaders are used to dealing with trouble alone. Be fair to your players. Cosmic Crusaders often find themselves battling alien hordes. Avatars are almost always imbued with incredible power.

The GM may wish to consider granting certain powers or equipment to characters free of charge in order to help players save points for powers that really make their characters unique and interesting see the When Does It Matter? This might be a spacecraft. Frequently in comics. Cosmic Crusaders are well-equipped to interact with the various races they encounter along the way.

Challengers can also be inventors or technology-focused characters. The suggested power level for starting characters in a cosmic series using the Cosmic Handbook is power level Challengers of the Cosmos are often good leaders and may rely on certain abilities such as Presence and advantages including Inspire. Avatars battle cosmic threats who may deem themselves gods. Crusaders often earn benefits within the galactic community for their good deeds.

They often need some form of Comprehend to speak with the many races in their galaxy as they move from one system to another as easily as a comic book reader turns a page. Most comics are about the possibilities that engage our imaginations. Frequently aliens themselves. They are frequently of above-average Intellect.

They may be members of a cosmic peace-keeping force. Often at home in strange environments and gifted with superhuman abilities. In essence. Cosmic Crusaders are likely to have high Presence scores and other superhuman traits. They are often solo heroes. Things like Expertise: This book does deal with the Comprehend power on a regular basis. Avatars are sometimes possessed of technological knowledge and devices far beyond the ken of planet-bound heroes.

Depending on their primary method of problem-solving. Cosmic Crusaders start at PL 10 with power points.

And masterminds cosmic handbook pdf mutants

They sometimes have a base of operations that can move with them. For this reason. It only matters… when it matters. Challengers range from PL 8 to PL The rest of the time. Crusaders have the physical power to deal with things that Challengers need special equipment to tackle. Quickly earning reputations as their fame spreads through the cosmic grapevine. Chapter 6 works well enough in a terrestrial environment.

The GM may seriously consider modifying the scale of these powers based on circumstances or setting. Make sure everyone at the gaming table is on the same page when it comes to using powers that are limited by ranges or areas see Powers in the following section for more details.

If you want to play with an entire team of characters at this level. Where a single alien spaceship might cause problems for an average hero. They frequently find their great power balanced by complications when dealing with strange cultures or environments.

To this end. Cosmic Avatars are often difficult for the GM to challenge on an ongoing basis. If you prefer. Unlike Remote Sensing. When one character is punching asteroids out of the sky. The scale of a cosmic series should include battle scenes with alien planets in the balance. With this in mind. Additional cost per rank is the same as Remote Sensing: If you want to play in a mixed-power level game. Avatars have incredible ability scores. The Avatar of Time and Space may know everything there is to know about timey-wimey stuff.

Use Limited to reduce Extended to a single sense making the cost 1 point per 2 ranks. So vast. Each rank of the Extended option for Senses applies to all senses and decreases the effective distance rank by 1. This can be a great deal of fun. An Astronomical Unit. As you can see from these numbers. Chapter 6 so it also transfers sensory information over a distance.

A Light Year. Perhaps more so than in any other super-heroic sub-genre. Many comic books featuring cosmic heroes have all the characters using the same powers. If the movement powers of the characters allow for it. This is due not only to the vastness of space. Without the right skills or powers. Characters with Movement Space Travel have another option when searching large swaths of space.

Chapter 1. These values are highly dependent upon other conditional modifiers and the sensory abilities of the searcher. The GM will need to decide how difficult a Perception check is on these scales. In terms of the narrative. One Light-Second the distance light travels in a second 0. Keep in mind. Within 1. Anywhere on a planet 3 System-wide: Within the confines of the Solar System 4 Galaxy-wide: Anywhere within the galaxy containing your Solar System 5 Universe-wide: Chapter 8 common for fast or fleeing foes is pursuit.

For a standard pursuit. A key element is movement speed rank: In a cosmic game. A pursuit essentially works like any other challenge in that the pursuer must acquire a number of degrees of success before three or more degrees of failure.

The traits used in a pursuit challenge are typically those involving maneuverability Agility. Depending on the technology norms of your series. For all characters and examples. Check with the GM to find out how Immunity should be purchased. Flight is typically used to move freely through an atmosphere. Any defeat of their corporeal form is only temporary.

A character attempting to move their full speed must make an Acrobatics or Athletics check DC of 10 plus their Speed rank. The GM may require the higher ranks of the power be purchased with the Unreliable flaw to make it clear to the players that they may not always be able to get in touch with the people they want to at any time. In small spaces without gravity. Here are some effects of the power you may wish to consider for your character.

Many heroes in the higher power levels have innate Immunity powers. It is not at all unusual for characters to be able to move through different dimensions. Check with the GM to decide if Comprehend is a necessary power for you. This power solves those problems and allows characters to use appropriate movement powers typically Flight without limitations.

A failed check means the character is disoriented and is Immobile and Vulnerable. Many cosmic villains are designed to tower over the cities they threaten. Moving without gravity is also an issue. FLIGHT This power is almost ubiquitous in the cosmic genre and if a character has powers or devices that could grant the ability to fly.

And why not? With no roof over your head. For movement between worlds. If you want to play a hero with Growth at extreme levels. With it. On a failed check.

See the When Does It Matter? In fact. In some series. Characters of the Cosmic Challengers level. There are different forms of comic book time travel. More often. They do not need to make an Acrobatics or Athletics check and succeed automatically. This works especially well if both targets have the same ranks of Space Travel. Space Travel may not be allowed as a power. These characters are skilled at maneuvering in this fashion and move at a Speed value determined by their Strength.

Refer to the Option: Long-Range Sensing sidebar for details on how to add Sensing to the Communication power as an advantage. It allows the character to travel great distances during their adventures. In some.

Mutants&Masterminds Cosmic Handbook

In these cases. Some series take place on a single. A clever player may also use this skill to attempt to track down a fleeing ship. In the case of Intellect. These can allow various special skill uses as well. The story potential for the differences in ability levels between races is rich soil from which many cosmic stories can grow. The GM is encouraged to ask the players what they want to excel at.

It also prevents characters from getting lost in the Big Empty of space. One alien species. If he has an action left to do so.

So what does this mean for the setting? In general. Requiring Extra Effort is one limiting factor. If the skill check generates three or more successes. Another thing to consider in your series is the impact of different levels of ability scores as they pertain to different species.

This is often a source of strife in comic books. Depending on the kind of series the GM wants to run. This is similar to a use of the Insight skill. This might confer special advantages their babies are working out calculus in their heads while human babies might be learning how to talk. This specialized form of navigation allows a character to plan routes through space or hyperspace to avoid colliding with celestial bodies.

A character with this Expertise may attempt to understand any language and interpret it with a skill check. A sufficiently Intellect-focused species. The Intergalactic Troubleshooter wishes to use his 8 Intellect to predict the actions of a particularly clever foe. The same holds true for stunting off other ability scores. If a species is particularly difficult or impossible to communicate with. For the purposes of this skill. Presented here are two new options for the Benefit advantage.

This skill can be used with any vehicle weapons. In one adventure. If the player character is in a setting where meeting different aliens is a commonplace event. The total number of ranks of this skill that can be used with a given weapon is determined by the GM. For weapons used regularly. The Gamemaster has final say on all advantage purchases.

Technology is going to be a frequently used skill. Cosmic settings range from primitive planet-bound savagery to pulpy science fiction to advanced civilizations spanning a galaxy.

Technological artifacts vary wildly from one alien species to another. The GM may decide to do so once in a while as a complication. Treatment may be more difficult if the character is unfamiliar with the biology of the alien he or she is attempting to treat. If a GM wishes to make life difficult for the players. Vehicular Weapons. In most cosmic settings. They are recognized almost everywhere in the civilized galaxy as having legal enforcement powers.

The difficulty of any such language challenge should be based on how commonly encountered that species is. A player that spends points on Expertise in alien biology should be able to ignore such circumstance modifiers when using Treatment.

Chapter 6. No matter the setting. GENERAL A character with this advantage has been granted certain rights and responsibilities by a galactic civilization or other large organization. If the weapons are significantly more powerful say. If a power effect is exceptional. If you wish to expand on the list for your series. Use them as benchmarks for deciding where the technology in your game becomes fair game for Equipment points.

The rank of this Benefit offers a rough guideline for how much of the reputation precedes the character. Such a character has a reputation and is well-known throughout space-faring worlds.

Masterminds pdf cosmic handbook and mutants

These rules may not be consistent from session to session and world to world due to the differences in gear available in different settings. In the comics. The GM is the final arbiter when deciding if a piece of gear needs to be bought as a Device or Equipment. A character with cosmic authority may ask for. Societies without the ability to leave their atmosphere are considered primitive by space-faring societies so the table on the next page starts at zero.

The guidelines offered here use the Movement Space Travel power ranks as a benchmark for different levels of technology. These tech levels are given as a set of guidelines and are not considered hard and fast rules. Chapter 7. Potentially one of the most popular choices in a cosmic setting is Favored Environment: These technology levels are suggested to help GMs determine the level of technology available as equipment in their series.

The character has the authority to command the assistance of local militaries when dealing with problems related to those governments. Local authorities still have more authority in local matters than you do. Some cosmic threats cultivate this level of Reputation to help them quickly subjugate more primitive worlds through intimidation. As such. Universal translators.

In the right situations. Security System Deflector Shields: Enhanced Defenses 7 Dodge 7. In each case. Ranged Damage They have a burst radius. This causes a painful.

For vehicles of this scale. Limited to Extended. Ranged Affliction 7 Resisted and Overcome by Fortitude. Feature 1 A starship of this scale is equipped with a tractor beam that allows it to exert strength at range to push.

Flight Platform: The sensors of a starship enable skilled crew to sweep the space around them for anomalies and target potential threats. Limited Location: To anywhere. The full damage value is used for the attack against the hull of a ship. Use these items as written or as inspiration for your own creations. On the following pages are examples of starships.

Space travel is not possible. Navigation System. Burst Area Selective Teleport 7 0. Flight 16 Burst Area 5 ranks only. Flight platforms are ubiquitous. The lethal setting is only used as a last resort by law-abiding races. Ranks of Flight vary. They design massive starships. Living Space. Fire Prevention System. Holding Cells. Burst Area Selective Extended Teleport 7 miles. These starships are often well-armed despite their peaceful mission. Setting phasers to stun is a simple matter of flicking a switch on the side of the weapon.

The flight platform is easy to use and fairly stable although a person riding one can be knocked off by an attack or severe weather conditions. Starships can become the setting for many cosmic adventures. As soon as the bands are turned off or removed.

Space suits almost always come equipped with a simple commlink circuit for communicating via radio. Those heroes gifted with the power to survive the void of space will still want to know where they can find one for their less-durable friends.

They are reliable. They are often designed as collars which are placed around the necks of prisoners. Nullifier Bands: The nullifiers progressively weaken any super-abilities possessed by the wearer until the prisoner loses their powers transformed into a powerless version of themselves.

The ranks of Affliction vary. Immunity 7 Cold. While most living beings using a space suit find the built-in commlink sufficient for their needs. Super-Tech Flight Belt: This Often designed as a small ear plug or similar device. These devices have also found their way into the hands of space pirates and slavers. Feature 1 Commlink. The time sphere is an example of a potent time machine. Insubstantial 4. Understood instead.

Remote Control Powers: Flight 6. While traveling. Movement 2 Time Travel. Universal translation circuits can be built into any device that enables communication. No matter how these archetypes are used.

These handy devices are as small as a piece of jewelry. Time spheres have seen much use by superheroes looking to repair timelines damaged by the actions of super-villains or other catastrophes in space and time.

Due to the need to have a speaker. Universal Translator: Comprehend 1 Languages. Since all the archetypes from that book are PL Concealment Communication 2 Mental.