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SFA Star Chart 1 - Northern Region. −2. −1. 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. µ λ θ ρ β δ γ ε ζ δ β γ α . SFA Star Chart 2 - Equatorial Region. ϕ τ σ ρ ζ ν υ ι θ λ κ δ ξ η ε. µ α γ β θ χ2. Interactive sky chart (now with PDF print option), Home celestial equator ecliptic plane, star names planet names, constellation names constellation lines. Printable PDF deep sky atlas for serious visual astronomy. Stars down to th magnitude, DSO objects down to 14th magnitude, pages and 21 Zoom charts.

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Quality sky maps (star charts) for stargazing, education and publishing. The Evening Sky Map (PDF) is a 2-page monthly guide to the night sky suitable for all . These star charts are designed to work anywhere on Earth. Instructions are included on the last two pages of the PDF file linked above. Once you learn the. CHART. November/December. * *. THE CONSTELLATIONS. The star groups linked by lines are the constellations created by our ancestors thousands of.

Click here to see an example of a printed and laminated result. Please consider supporting The Evening Sky Map. Click the download links below to obtain the latest issues in PDF format. Net website older first revision. Objects without magnitude i. Celstron SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars with tripod adaptor You will be amazed at the celestial objects you can see with a good pair of binoculars.

The author, Dan Bruton , is a professor at Stephen F. He has written a short article about these star charts. Who uses these star charts?

Star Chart | NAOJ: National Astronomical Observatory of Japan - English

The charts are used at several universities in observational astronomy courses. They were also published in a few text books.

How did you make these charts? These charts were made using Microsoft Excel with Visual Basic Macros that resize and label the dots. How can I make my own star charts?

Deep-Sky Hunter Star Atlas

Planispheres are designed for specific latitudes so be sure to select one for your latitude. Also available in a Southern Hemisphere edition.

Available for several latitudes, and in a smaller 5-inch edition. Suitable for children and adults.

More info Buy now. Designed to print clearly on all printers, The Evening Sky Map is ready-to-use and will help you to: The Evening Sky Map remains free thanks to donations and sales from Skymaps.

Please consider supporting The Evening Sky Map. Thank you. It is recommended to use right click and "save as" option to download this file.

Pdf star chart

Field edition white on black Deep-Sky Hunter atlas with a white text over black background for night-time viewing.

Additional downloads and supplements Detailed list of objects, images of best DSO plotted in the atlas, other versions.

Star Chart

Chart number 9 "Zoom" chart of Virgo region. Objects without magnitude i.

Pdf star chart

Note that some inconsistencies might be present, due to different catalog designations which a specific object might have. See additional downloads to get these supplement lists. These lists are formatted for A3. For original A4 versions - visit this page. Make sure that "reduce to printer margins" option is checked.

Star Chart FAQ

Cover should be the first page, then a spread of index1 and index2 followed by the rest. Or simply print the whole PDF document, starting with the cover page.

If you choose to laminate the atlas - you may use a metal ring binder see the following picture.