Ms office word 2007 tutorial pdf in hindi

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msoffice - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Book work document file (word and after).k tk ldrk gSA . varxZr M.s tk ldrs gSa A Microsoft Office Button: The Microsoft Office Button performs many. Now we can operate computer in Hindi completely and this book will Easy: Microsoft Office (Computing -The Microsoft Way (Hindi)). The MS Word window. Then I'll show you how to start Microsoft Word: 1. Click the Click on the entry for Microsoft Office – Word

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Microsoft Press. The print edition of this book includes a CD. To access the. CD files, go to, and look for the. Download free courses materials, tutorials training on ms word hindi in PDF files. Microsoft Word (Level 1). Description: Download free course material. Introduction. 8. New Features in Word 1. The Screen and its Elements. The Office Button. Quick Access. The View Buttons.

The best part is that our list of computer courses is growing every day. Microsoft Word Part 3: Excel dks cuk. Creating Reports. Font Colour:. Slide Master. This course includes an introduction to the Microsoft Office interface, and covers the various aspects of creating, formatting, editing, saving, and printing a document in Word

Font Colour:.

Office word 2007 in pdf hindi tutorial ms

Tab Set djus ls Text dk Lisl. Lines izkjaHk ls fy[kh tkrh gSA igyk Paragraph fy[krs le. Right Tab. Styles dk Use fd. Automatic Formatting djus ds fy. Z djus ds fy. Z ugha dj ldrs gS blds fy. Excel dk iz. You can create a table one of four ways: Word esa table menu dh lgk. Z ugh dj ldrs gSA. Word esa Table Insert: Place the cursor in the cell where you wish to enter the information.

These pertain to the table design and layout. Table Style On the Design Tab. This Layout tab allows you to: Design and Layout. Begin typing. Single line space: Cover pages 3.

Free tutorials ms word hindi - PDF

Decrease size: Decrease size point vice: Letter drafting 2. Increase size point vice: Increase size: Double line space: Book work 6. Excel dks cuk.

Thesis 5. Others File Extension: MS Excel. Office M. Excel dk extention.

Start All program M. Z esA Extention:. Word es izkIr gksrs gS tSls open. Excel dks start fd. Word es Hkh jgrs gS vkSj tool bar u. Excel es file. Relative cell reference 2. Excel dh cells es x. Formula bar:.

Tutorial pdf 2007 hindi in ms word office

Relative cell reference changing gksrk gS blesa formula. Excel esa formula bar gksrk gSA tc M. Excel es fuEufyf[kr formula cuk dj result izkIr fd. D2 cell reference dk total Kkr djuk ds fy. E2 dk copy djds vFkkZr E2 cell reference dks select djds cursor dh lgk.

DA Kkr djus dk formula: TA Kkr djus dk formula: Excel es igys ls cus cuk. Pia chart:.

msoffice hindi.pdf

Z dks vkd"kZd rjhds ls show djus ds fy. Z dks laHko cuk. MS powerpoint. Excel ls tables. Ik ls laizs? This button allows you to create a new presentation. The Microsoft Office Button performs many of the functions that were located in the File menu of older versions of PowerPoint.

Open an existing presentation.


Ik esa Hkh mi. Word ls text. Monitors Review: Commonly utilized features are displayed on the Ribbon. Slide Show. Background Animations: Set Up. You can place the quick access toolbar above or below the ribbon.

Tutorial hindi pdf ms office 2007 word in

To change the location of the quick access toolbar. Macros Quick Access Toolbar: The quick access toolbar is a customizable toolbar that contains commands that you may want to use. Transition to this Slide Slide Show: Start Slide Show. Introduction to Word tutorial. In this tutorial, along with some helpful hints to bear in mind when word processing, you will learn the steps required to produce a word processed document from scratch and carry out basic formatting and editing functions Size: Microsoft Word Part 1: Microsoft Word Level 1.

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Download free course material and training word for beginners PDF file 15 pages Size: Word Creating Reports. This tutorial booklet, recommended for intermediate-level Macintosh users, has been developed to help you write a report using Word PDF file. Microsoft Word Part 3: Microsoft Word Part 2: Getting Started. This tutorial booklet, recommended for intermediate-level Macintosh users, has been developed to help you get started with Word , a PDF file.

Word Quick Start Guide. Microsoft Word looks different from previous versions, so we created this guide to help you minimize the learning curve. Introduction to Word Download free an introduction to Microsoft word , course tutorial training, a PDF file by Montclaire state univesity. Word - Accessibility. Microsoft Word Basics for Mac. Advanced Word Word Training.