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Lifestyle Pre Intermediate Workbook - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Lifestyle - Intermediate - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Lifestyle Pearson Longman Lifestyle Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book. Description Lifestyle Pre-intermediate is designed to meet the everyday language requirements of people who need English for work, travel and socializing.

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Lifestyle Pre Intermediate Coursebook Mantesh - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online. - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. The Teacher's Book for the Pearson Longman Lifestyle English for work, socializing & travel Pre-Intermediate level. Lifestyle Pre Intermediate Coursebook Mantesh.

One example of. Cars and houses will be automatically cooled. SO Getty Images: During the festival children go out at night with paper lanterns. T 3 I never put off going to the dentist 4 I'm going to put off doing my taxes 5 I can't put off talking to my mother 6 I put off checking my emails on Mondays a because I want to keep my teeth healthy. Use the words in brackets and the present continuous. It's the worst bad present I got.

B Emails Match phrases with a phrase with a similar meaning a-h.. Use a phrase from the box in each '-. I'm sorry! Is that your coffee? Let me buy you another one. I need some help with the printer. Can you wait 30 minutes? Watch out! You just spilt soup on my jacket! I'll never do anything like that again. Apologies and decide if the statements fJ Look at the article again and decide which of the four tips a-d are used in the apologies below.

It was stupid of me. Please forgive me. I won't let it happen next time. If the apology. I'm sorry. My train was delayed. That was my fault. That's OK. The-best way to apgize is.

I'm afraid your party on Saturday.. I for what I said. Henry's mother is very ill so we're travelling up to Scotland to see her. When shouldn't you say sorry? Please send me the bill and I'll pay for the damage. I'm terribly sorry. I had an urgent phone call from an important client.

I promise I'll never say anything like that again. That was a very mean thing to say. I'm sorry I'm late. Oh that's a shame. I'm afraid I'm busy right now.

In this case the best'thing to do is to accept yo. John forgot to put your order into the system. They are written horizontally. There was only me and one other on it. D Find 21 words that are connected R Y to travelling. I'll come and pick you up. Where are you? Oh thanks. Hi Giuseppe. Looking forward to seeing you. You can only take one piece of hand luggage on board. Can you stop at a bank?

Hello Heinrich. It's Heinrich here. Keep the change. I'm still on the train. I'll be in a red Mini. Use one word from exercise 4 in each gap. That's very kind of you.

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He didn't go to work. He 5 begin his career as a singer with his brothers in in a group called The Jackson 5. I want to go again next year. Complete these sentences about JK Rowling. Michael Jackson. Use the past simple form of the words in brackets. England in It to sell more than million copies all over the world.

The brothers 7 have many successful songs. In The Jackson 5 6 win a local talent contest. Choose the correct form of the verb be. Write the past simple form of the verbs in brackets. Indiana in as one of nine children. Fans all over the world 4 be sad and shocked that such a great artist was dead.

His album Thriller9 be an instant hit. He 3 die at the age of 50 on June Was Michael Jackson called the 'King of Pop'? Where did you get the money? Yes he was. Use the prompts to write questions you want to ask him. Where were you born? EI One word Di. B Write the questions for these answers. Find and correct them. Did you go to university?

Use the question words in the box. Then give short answers for these questions. Look at the article about Michael Jackson on page 12 again. Then give short answers. Complete these sentences with the correct form of the words success or failure. S Someone broke into my house and stole all my jewellery. That's nice.

Hi Sam. It was incredible. Oh good. Choose the correct responses. I was. I won it!

Pre-intermediate pdf lifestyle

Were you on 1V? That's a shame. At least you found it. Was it your first test? That's a pity. Hi Tim. Why were they dissatisfied? And my Dad gave me his old car so I can go where I want now. We went to Italy. Oh dear: Oh dear. Were all the car parks full? I didn't get the job I wanted.

Have you been? Oh yes. How much did you get? Did you phone the police? Did you find it again? When do you start work? Our holiday was really good. I missed it.

Pdf lifestyle pre-intermediate

III Develop this conversation. I forgot where I parked my car! What did you do? I spent more than 40 minutes looking for it. Complete these conversations. Reacting to! We saw lots of interesting places. Did you get it back? I'm afraid not. Someone drove into my car this morning. I lost my car keys in town.. You know I entered that singing competition?

Pdf lifestyle pre-intermediate

It must have taken a long time. I passed my driving test yesterday.. That sounds lovely. I hope your next one was more successful. Someone stole my laptop with my presentation on it.

Our turnover last year increased by over 20 per cent! A customer cancelled a big order today. We ate lots of pasta and pizza -which I love! I love Italian food. I had to write the presentation again. Which of the expressions are reacting to good news and which are reacting to bad news? Complete the table. Last Saturday. You must be very proud of yourself. The production manager was very pleased.

I apologize once again for any problems we 8 cause you. As you know. Chinese proverb b everybody gives to their mistakes. B Complete fJ Complete brackets. I2 want to wait for the results of our tests.

Edison s Use the past simple of the verbs in brackets. Write the past simple of the verbs in Subject: At first we 5 not find the cause of the problem and then we 6 discover what the problem was. We 4 run some final tests on the machines. Please let me know if this is convenient for you. Use the verb-noun collocations from exercise 3 in the past simple.

Our new deadline is 25th August. It cost over a million pounds. We in all areas.. Another theory is that the speed of time depends on liow"nruch Infosmationour mindsabsorb". Tile question is why? Children live in a different worldfr9m adults. Then look at the things Ian and Sue do and decide whether they help make their lives go by more quickly 0 or more slowly 5. Choose the correct answers.

S Try to see things in a fresh. D aBsorb. Use the comparative form of the adjectives in brackets. Their world is hew and fullof new information. Look at the tips in exercise 2 again. She always cooks roast lamb on a Sunday. Why time seems 10 speed up 2 Try to make your life things to do. Her favourite meal is roast lamb. He started there when he left school. Most p'eople feel that the older they get.. This year he wants to go to Norway in the summer and Kenya in the winter.

Perhaps-it explains why time-goes so slowly. A Comparative adjectives Complete these tips about how to slow down time. Try to be open. She gave me the ugly hat I've ever seen for my birthday this year. Use the comparative or superlative of the adjectives in brackets.

She died in at the age of Cdrnparative 1. It's the worst bad present I got. He invented paper sometime between and AD. It's more than twice the size of the second biggest US state. Use the superlatives of the adjectives in the box. Jeanne Calment. We need to find something which is expensive.

IIRead these statements T or false F. It's about km longer than the River Nile. I know I do. You're a lifesaver. I've forgotten the cable for the digital projector. Don't be. Don't be silly! Then listen and match conversations with situations a-e. You look fantastic in that new dress. It was a great success and I really all your hard work.

It's only for a couple a Well done! I'm glad you found it interesting. I thought so. I'm sure I have a copy of that file on my laptop. It whs fif ve. I'm glad you like it. I'm a fantastic organizer b Thank you. I'll send it to you. Here's a little something for all the help you've given us. I the conversations. Thanks Mary. B Complete these thank-you messages.

I don't want you to. Hi Bob. You're a fantastic cook. Sometimes I think my posts are a bit technical. It's full of useful information. DeGir 5W! It was very expensive. I know I am. It's no of weeks until you're well again. Just let us know what you need from the shops and we'll get it for you.

It's great. I've got one in my office. I'll get it. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Well done. I'm glad you bought some. S I can pick David up on Saturday if you're busy. I your blog. I'm happy to help. EI 2 3 Across 1 Having a strong wish to do something and you will not let anyone stop you 10 5 Allowing people to do. I don't like having to wait. We sometimes don't have enough time or energy to do all the jobs we have so it is important that we prioritize.

How do you decide if one job is 2 urgent than another? Tile 3 good way to prioritize jobs is to take a 4 close look at them and ask which jobs are 5 important than others. She took photos of our new products and sold them to other companies. Decide which jobs are the most important and 6 urgent and classify them as your 'A' tasks.

Prioritizing means deciding which jobs are the 1 most important important and are the ones we need to do first. Your '8' tasks are jobs that don't need doing immediately but are still important. Forget about your '8' tasks until you have finished all your 'A' tasks. Complete this article. These are the 7 important jobs. Use the comparative or superlative forms of the adjectives in brackets.

He speaks six or seven foreign languages and is interested in all kinds of things from architecture to classical music. All the other jobs. Put your time and energy into doing your 'A' tasks first. Use one word from the crossword in exercise 1 in each gap. So we should put our time and energy into the 20 per cent of our work that adds the most value. Tick the things they are going to do to solve the problems. We're having a lot of problems at the moment.

Most companies usually wait until they have problems and then make big changes. But that is going to change. I want to leave the company. I not do another boring job again. When you identify muda. When A: Next year. I delete some emails this afternoon. He's going to introduce Kaizen which doesn't cost anything. We hire a consultant to help us. The office is a mess. What you. Kaizen isn't only going to involve top management.

I you. Tim isn't going to hire an expensive consultant to give him advice about what to change. When we. Japanese companies such as Toyota and Cannon receive 60 to 70 examples of muda from each employee every year. Kaizen is a Japanese word: You can find examples of muda in most areas of a business. My inbox is full. Kaizen isn't going to involve everyone in Tim's company. At Tim's company. SMuda 6 is a Japanese word for waste.

I was 65 last month. How are we going to solve we. I need to send you the report.

Pre-intermediate pdf lifestyle

We come to work on Saturday and tidy it then. As soon as I can. I don't like my job. When you. Use going to and the prompts in brackets. Our car got stolen. Another Japanese word is muda. Which person is talking about a waste of. The theory is simple. Use contracted forms. Use going to or will and a verb from the box in each gap. Q il them. Use will and the verbs in 5 Multi-tasking will increase productivity. Rewrite these sentences. Will lifelong learning be important Yes it will. C-oWlflete I.

IIMatch sentences halves with a-f. It'll be cold and wet tomorrow. Uf tdWUlrroW r me. Complete these sentences. OYltQ c.. LQ vr"d 1 I want to learn a new language so I'm going to study Chinese next year. Do you think I car? I'm A: No can't find my B: That not.. Shall I put the light on? How could - OK why happy d Could you turn the music down? Can you open it for me? I'd be 1 to about 2 Is anyone going to the station?

IsThursday evening 3 meeting up some time this week to for you? If that's not 4 convenient. How many copies do you want? Would you like something to drink? Shall I open the window? Would you like some help with it? Perhaps I could make some suggestions.

That cake looks nice. I'll take the bus.

Pearson Longman Lifestyle Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book

IILook at requests which are indirect I. Not at all. Communication strategies Offering help o Put these words into the correct order to make requests. Tracy f g h to you before the weekend.. Decide which requests are 10 20 3D I don't want to be any 4 A: Thanks for your email. The job sounds very interesting. J B Match requests with responses a-j.. I don't know what to write. I've got my English test tomorrow and I anywhere. Just give me a minute and I'll be right with you. May I take your coat for you?

Hi Kim.. Would you like a lift? I'm afraid the battery has run out. I 5 Let me know what's Best. But if you often find you 3 out of time artd. Are you well-organized and good at. You write the most important task you. But remember: T 3 I never put off going to the dentist 4 I'm going to put off doing my taxes 5 I can't put off talking to my mother 6 I put off checking my emails on Mondays a because I want to keep my teeth healthy.

Then just work your way through the list.. We also found that we lost control of the bug when it flew more than about 15 metres from the control unit..

Lifestyle - Intermediate

We had a lot of fun with the bug and think it is worth every cent. The control unit is also used to charge the toy's internal battery. Coauthored by Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager andnumerous other international bestsellers Provides a guided, 3-step process for turning a group ofpeopleAmerican national standard for photography film processed vesicular film -- specificationsfor stability, American National Standards Institute, National Association of PhotographicManufacturers, Inc.

Secretariat, , Photography, 20 pageshttp: In today's world 'health' means far more than merely theabsence of illness. MacDonald sweeps away theconfusion surrounding the Lifestyle: Intermediatecoursebook, pages Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 5: Floppy's Phonics: Floppy's Phonics provide fun,decodable stories and non-fiction, developed to be interwoven with existing much-loved Biff, Chipand Kipper stories for focused synthetic phonics This is one of the best selling options books ever.

This newly updated classic will show you how to play the options game where profits of percent or more are not unusual. Author James A. Guidebooks in the easy-to-use, pocket-sized Encounter series offer quick, easy andaccessible information for urban adventurers on short city breaks--taking them straight to.

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Use these patterns to embroider, wood burn,punchneedle, paint Saint Mark's, Swindon, A Record of a Hundred Years' Work, , ,Swindon Wiltshire, England , pages , After their father dies ofboxing injuries, George is determined to prevent his younger brother, who sees boxing as hislegacy, from pursuing a career in the sport, in a newly. This wonderful series, now in paperback,combines beautifully commissioned artwork with clear and sensitively written narrative introducingyoung readers to some of the most.

Club management in Australia: This important study investigates how Austen worked with,and played upon, the cracks and faultlines which time had uncovered in the ideals of politeconversation. A guide to the Harry Potter films offers an inside look at everything it took to bring J.

Rowling's novels to life and includes interviews with the films' stars, behind-the Lifestyle: Intermediate coursebook,http: Good Catkeeping , Diane Morgan, , Pets, pages. Kingsley Amis always claimed that his fiction was not based on his life,and he worked hard and quite successfully at obscuring the autobiographical threads that runthrough download Lifestyle: Intermediate coursebook, Pearson Education, Limited, http: Virtually all testable terms, concepts, persons, places, and events are included.

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Pearson Longman Lifestyle Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book

First staged in, The Rover is a rollicking Restoration comedy about the amorous adventures of a group ofEnglishmen in Naples during the Carnival celebrations.

Intermediate coursebook,, http: Wilson, , Pets, pages download Lifestyle: Describes how, from the mids until the end of the ColdWar, the United States secretly acquired and flew Russian-made MiG jets, and created a squadrondesigned to improve. A unique guide to the entire youth justice process so far as it affects youth crimeand ways of dealing with it, including substantial chapters on crime prevention, the youthAbnormalPsychology Perspectives, Philip Firestone, William Lamont Marshall, , Psychology, Pathological, pages.

Informed by Longman Date: It helps learners interact effectively outside the work environment. Lifestyle is designed to meet the everyday language requirements of people who need English for work, travel and socializing. Functional language is presented in a cross-cultural Hollet Vicki, Whitby Norman. As well as dealing with how people communicate at work, it also helps learners interact effectively outside of the work environment, enabling them to 'get things done' in a variety of situations Author s: Karen Alexander.

Pearson Longman. It includes detailed teaching notes, cultural, functional and background notes and extra photocopiable activities. Hollet Vicky, Whitby Norman.