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all'irrazionale, al privato, all'arbitrario, al terrorismo del dogmatico – oppu- . Prevedibilmente, questa scelta di parte gli è valsa qualche freddezza da parte di alcuni Gramscipdf (ultima visualizzazione: 23/5/16). Gallino L. ( ). le fasi della luna, le sue la sua prevedibilmente ampia produzione. eclissi e questa disciplina nel superamento delle concezioni irrazionali sulla struttura. Exporting VOXLER(R) Models from Golden Software to 3D PDF Interactive Documents using PDF3D ReportGen. 16 is now available for Quick Request.

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Livres gratuits en PDF et EPUB. Gratuit Télécharger Livres Prevedibilmente irrazionale: Le forze nascoste che influenzano le nostre decisioni. by Dan Ariely. Postby Smith» Tue Mar 26, am. Please, help me to find this prevedibilmente irrazionali dan ariely predictably irrational pdf. Thanks!. comprendere azioni tragiche e irrazionali che sfuggono è destinato altresì, prevedibilmente, a porre a dura prova la nostra tradizionale.

Tuttoscienze Torino Such Beach: It does so by seeing the research attribute but one manufactured and ma- university as an aspect of Weberian moder- nipulated in the market-place. I will cartes. Separation technologies played only a minor role.

Walter Pagel in Considering that Allen Debus has pub- In the books dominant section on chem- lished widely in a variety of journals and vo- istry and medicine in their national settings lumes in many different countries and lan- the majority of the essays are concerned guages, a collection like the present is of with England.

No less than eight chapters considerable value to scholars working in are dedicated to English physicians and this field. This section concludes with the Alchemical Background, while his two chapters on alchemy in eighteenth cen- wide-ranging Distinguished Lecture from tury France and one on iatrochemistry in the meeting of the History of Science eighteenth century Portugal, which does lit- Society in Atlanta provides a stimulating in- tle to change the overall Anglo-Saxon fla- troduction to the whole volume.

I will cartes. This time he has decided to collect concentrate on some special topics. The volume is divided into two parts: Une by the great figure of his contemporary, relation tumultueuse. Descartes, with his neat refusal at least in A simple look at the titles of the chapters principle of infinitesimal methods. Consequently the personal relations between Descartes et the unity of the volume is to be found more Roberval, opens with this statement: The Introduction asserts this unity: This time them the man, his activities, and his context the protagonists are other giants: Newton, in Elizabethan London.

We hear fascinating Leibniz and Huygens. Simon Forman: Astrolo- cast horoscopes for answering virtually ger, Alchemist, and Physician. We are pp. Already in the nineteenth century in the chapter dealing with gender is slightly J.

The statistical analyses manuscripts. In , A. It might ing resource. It is easy to be swallowed up by be said that the amount of attention paid the sheer mass of documentation. Thus dis- to Forman rather exceeds his significance cernment on the part of the historian is for the history of science, yet the cause lies needed to avoid his accounts from slipping to large extent in the vast and remarkable into a descriptive miscellany.

One may also Simon Forman. One can in fact discover Gerhard Dorn, and Johann Albrecht. The crucial distinction here date. See, for example, the salient autobio- lies between how Forman saw and presented graphical information in text no. Prior himself and how the historian is obliged to to the CP, the outdated and questionable analyze and contextualize him for the sake biography by C. Schmidt had been per- of our greater historical understanding. The editors also include eds.

Zweiter nine writings by the preeminent Paracelsian Teil. Max Niemeyer Verlag, spokesmen Dorn, who presented Paracel- The editors rightly identify such cel- lectual and cultural history. Addressing this ebration as a cultish-religious portrait of problem — which includes a dearth of well- Paracelsus p.

Witness too text edited and accessible writings by Paracel- no. An example of a radical for interdisciplinary studies. Kathleen Long theological dimension is text no. To provide for the resurrec- tion as: As Paracelsus elaborates in and the rise of empirical science, along with the Astronomia Magna, both the eucharist a valorization of clinical practice over book- and resurrection body possess the same ish learning.

Each chapter centers around a subtle material as the body of Christ, whose different textual genre and explores the sig- flesh is unlike the mortal flesh of humans. The volume is a tre- profoundly revolutionary effect that this mendously significant contribution that will paradoxical figure engenders: Depending on its use and context, the sixteenth-century authors being exami- it may consequently appear as the evil to ned.

Ma- nature of the sexes, to the cultural, arbitrary thematics, Modesty, Missed Opportuni- dimension of sexual designation in itself. Brussels and Rome: Istituto Storico This is its intrinsically revolutionary effect.

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Belga di Roma Commercial distribution What these texts ultimately have in com- Brepols Publishers , The book for analyzing the historical hermaphrodite by Ad Meskens, which is devoted to the than contemporary gender theory, then?

Flemish Jesuit Joannes della Faille Ideally, according to this logic, a study of , provides us with a vivid example of hermaphrodites in Renaissance Europe the variety of intellectual and practical tasks should serve to reflect back on the postmo- to which a seventeenth-century mathemati- dern gender theories that the author is pro- cian could be called. He subsequently studied at the newly mathematician.

In della Faille was appoin- the lack of contacts with contemporary ted first cosmographer to the Council of the mathematicians, he did not gain the reputa- Indies, with the task of compiling astrono- tion he deserved.

In Hexagram Theorem. The story Meskens tells is indeed for his speculations. Della Fail- of projective geometry, because this was le is described as a passionate mathemati- the only way to prove theorems on general cian, but also as a devout man who, conic sections.

But if one goes back to p. His life was also charac- prove these theorems for a general conic terized by moments of frustration: Indies was not very successful pp.

There are quite a few by Newman and Principe in Alchemy Tried typos, some sentences are unintelligible in the Fire Chicago, , is the core of e. Alchemical la- a set of three letters Starkey wrote to his boratory notebooks and correspondence. La- press, As the editors point out for his chemical skills, and for his extraor- p.

Starkey published a number that Starkey spent more time in the pre- of chemical and medical tracts and also paration of chemical remedies and distilled wrote several highly influential alchemical oils than he did in his alchemical pursuits. It was through Robert Child have had in notebooks containing such pro- a correspondent of Samuel Hartlib that cesses [i.

Though the extant docu- Their collaboration chemical skills, we must be cautious before ended in , when Boyle went to Ireland. With Boyle nion to the present book the editors Starkey worked at producing the Alkahest claimed that when Starkey met Boyle, the i. Her dis- Besides writing a general introduction to cussion of these topics leads also to a broad- the entire collection of documents as well er account of the health and health care of as a useful glossary , the editors preface elite women.

Park makes them unpublished are excellent. This book short work of the myth of Christian taboos is an important contribution both to the on dissections. Gen- riod — helped to regularize the performance der, Generation, and the Origins of Hu- of human anatomy and tells us much about man Dissection. New York: Press, Following Monica Green, she ar- naissance Italy brings together several of her gues that learned writers increasingly de- earlier studies on this topic and adds much fined women in terms of their reproductive new material.

She places women at the cen- functions. Enormously learned and printed anatomical texts such as the Fasicu- clearly written, the book provocatively in- lo de medicina of , whose first illustra- termingles accounts of the dissections of tion was of a uterus.

The relative roles of pi fisici. Si parte da una rassegna di testi che male and female in generation were by no trattano del corpo politico secondo la meta- means agreed upon, however important fora organicista di analogia col corpo uma- these were to dynastic considerations. Unlike e a medici noti come William Harvey, anche Chiara, who had been opened by her fellow nomi meno prevedibili, come il ferrarese nuns, the corpse of the mystic Elena Du- Arcangelo Piccolomini e lo svedese glioli was subjected in to multiple in- Glydenstolpe Gerolamo Gastaldi Il Mulino, Ti- Beccaria: The picture was in La terza parte infine tratta degli ospedali, equal measure avant-garde and rear-guard sia dal punto di vista dei malati che accolgo- of the content.

Anche qui, oltre al richiamo the image struggle over Copernicanism. Pictures do not re- whose blatant rejection of heliocentrism fer solely to what is to be made visible, but seems to leave no questions open, is ana- also and above all to their own history his lyzed all the more painstakingly in detail by the author whose analysis of Astraea interplay between timeliness and pictorial and Argus is particularly impressive.

Remmert has thus succeeded in effect- that astronomy was a court art that could ing a school-forming convergence of science not relinquish patronage; Galileo would history and art history. The MIT Press, Cette arabisation du rationalisante des Mut. Elle est aussi Occident. Sagamore Beach: Au passage, Saliba and religion. Catholic Church — and science.

The rest of the book accept future proofs of the Copernican vi- deals with more recent works, such as Wal- sion. The final chapter deals with the mation.

Brill, Such a method, however, results e storiografico molto promettente: Dalle letture fatte vengono bliografia. She replies to those who accused her of pretending to be a midwife without ever having been pregnant or having given birth.

But why should the practice of midwifery The Court Midwife. Chicago and London: Justine asks. The lack of Europe, edited by Margaret L. King and Al- knowledge and experience is at the bottom bert Rabil Jr. The text opens started to study and practice midwifery. King and Albert Rabil Jr. The second of their art p. From a methodological Introduction, by Lynne Tatlock, explains point of view, the pedagogical aim is based why The Court Midwife belongs to the on a series of means.

One is the structure of Other Voice Series. In the last section Tatlock analyses Tatlock analyses the use of such pedagogi- the tradition of the text and its editorial ma- cal means, helping the reader reach a dee- nipulations, illustrating the principles that per understanding of the text.

The reading of books bears midwives p. The same perspective a limited knowledge, whose real source is can be applied to the testimonies, whose experience. Two patients died, cording to Justine?

Elsa Addessi

The explanation of the before Justina experienced the method of first child Justine helped deliver is quite ex- detaching it, peeling it off with her little fin- emplary. The young Justine, tient. But these readings are of lit- and the manoeuvres , but also of the way to tle help.

Justina tries a manoeuvre to place acquire a sound experienced knowledge of the child back and in the right position. None of the ele- One of the merits of the book lies in the ments, therefore, relative to a variety of do- mains, from social to theoretical, is ex- fact that it provides, confirming precisely cluded from this account of the context in what the authors point out in the introduc- which innovations slowly emerged.

To accomplish this, the first chap- dertaken by A. Lavoisier that turned out in ter draws our attention to the key topics of the idea that the cause of the increase of eighteenth-century chemistry. Moreover, in this section we sier was not isolated from the scientific come across some other issues, partially community in the working process. To complete the content supplementary actions. Apart from addi- of this volume, it incorporates at the end a tional experimental investigations, in parti- useful glossary and an up-to-date bibliogra- cular the ones carried out with the calori- phy.

This task, assumed as something like narrated.

Pdf prevedibilmente irrazionale

In July Monarchy, half a century later. Panckoucke himself personally with chemical novelties who made a few supervised the project from until contributions in particular areas of the dis- , overseeing 56 of the volumes that cipline. To com- medicine during the period in question bine these two functions, Panckoucke de- was at the forefront of European theory vised an ingenious organisational plan: But setting aside the matter of uneven volumes to each field of knowledge to be coverage, the particular topics that are ad- covered, but within the volumes devoted dressed are handled with thorough scholar- to each specific field, the topics would ap- ship.

Irrazionale pdf prevedibilmente

This alphabetisa- Historians of science will probably be tion would enable the work to be used for attracted first to the section on Nature, reference purposes. In addition, however, sciences et techniques, which consists of for each field of knowledge there would chapters on naval architecture, physics, also be a guide indicating the non-alphabe- mathematics, chemistry, botany, zoology tical order in which the articles should be and agriculture.

But there are also chapters read so as to provide a systematic treatise on anthropology and geography under the on that field as a whole. This index is sparingly illustrated and concludes with would be the key to the reference function an index of personal names.

To what extent was this original concep- tion actually realised? Cambridge MA and Lon- assigned subjects at a time when most of the don: Harvard University Press, These addition to the literature on science and are the questions which the essays collected the Enlightenment.

Focusing on a geogra- by Blanckaert and Porret seek to address. Hunter published its first detailed descrip- The genre adopted throughout is cultural tion. The tion of the first electric battery in Gale, of Galway, New York. As a result, the received view of advocated by Elisha Perkins of Plainfield, the intertwining of scientific, political, and Connecticut, is discussed in chapter 7.

Per- religious motives in the early history of elec- kins also advocated a form of self-treat- tricity shifts. Despite or because of its popu- The second part of the book explores a larity on both sides of the Atlantic, Perkin- broader range of authors and themes.

Perkins indeed made no in South America in the s. According to this reviewer, that ap- the tropical world heritage. The series of articles com- the seed of his philanthropic aestheticiza- piled by Felix Driver and Luciana Martins tion of the Tropics. In contrast to those The text introduced by the co-editors, Felix parallel construction sites of the Tropic, Driver and Luciana Martins, and after- the first article by Starr Douglas and Felix worded by Denis Cosgrove is divided in Driver scrutinizes the work of the naturalist three parts: Voyages, Mappings and Sites.

European Tra- The last section of articles, Sites, provides velers and North American Indians Cam- analysis about how different discourses, bridge University Press, An expert views and visions dealing with tropical geo- on the topic, Liebersohn brings an insightful graphical locations are represented and con- and thorough book to the field that is well structed.

This new book focuses on European to India and the Himalayas. On the other travelers in the Pacific, specifically in the hand Leonard Bell engages in the decon- Polynesian islands of Hawaii and Tahiti in struction of the photographic representation the period between and Much of Tropicalism of the South Seas and Samoa has already been written about the most fa- in particular during the nineteenth and early mous travel writers and explorers of those twentieth centuries.

Nevertheless, the author course of tropical diseases and its degenera- manages to condense the most vital and in- tive connotations, where leprosy is the epi- teresting information about these travelers, tome of the disease of tropicality.

Tropic as a flush of interaction through his- Additionally, this study focuses on three tory between the diversity of experiences of lesser known travelers: Philibert Commer- the travellers who visited it and the physical son, a French naturalist aboard Louis de world envisioned. Prussian who served as naturalist on the voy- The revisionist glaze of this compilation not only stands out by the character of its age of captain Otto von Kotzebue content and cross disciplinary analysis but All three writers produced texts that also by the tropical focus envisioned and re- attracted debate and controversy, as there visited, which is accompanied by an excel- was a vast audience anxious for travel ac- lent critical apparatus, a select bibliography counts with descriptions of foreign lands and appropriate illustrations related to the and peoples during this timeframe.

But not content. Europe to the Pacific. Cambridge Mass. The book accomplishes its two goals with and London: Harvard University Press, ease: In this volume he continues to develop the old regime to the new European order. The author provides global network whose intellectual production a fascinating account of Polynesians like is subject to many different and powerful in- terests.

In an attempt to cover the most im- Ahutoru, Mahi, Kadu and others who be- portant facets of the travel writing of the time, came celebrities in their own right once they the book is divided in sections devoted to reached Europe. Postcolonial studies have provided a the- This book will be equally attractive to the oretical framework that allows for the read- neophyte who seeks to understand the so- ing of travel narratives as texts produced by cial, political and human implications of tra- the metropolis with the intention of provid- vel writing during the Enlightenment and ing the intellectual, scientific and moral jus- Romantic eras, and to the specialist who tification for European expansion.

Lieber- wants to expand his knowledge by gaining son does not contest this. Still, he is able — insight into the life and writings of three les- in an unusual twist — to expand this type ser known travel writers. Scienza e immaginazione teologica, giu- scopo di salvare la madre in pericolo di vita. Nel la mato sin dal primo istante di vita, giustificas- stessa accademia dovette pronunciarsi su un se la soppressione della donna. Nei paesi Scottata dal feto, entrambi battezzati?

Violava il decalogo e i codici? Esso sta- donna al feto. A rompere il veto ippocratico to a durare. E tato nelle scuole di area cattolica. The sage of make a major contribution towards estab- science. Oxford University Press, lishing the discipline of crystallography, Unlike many of those The task of achieving a wide-ranging he encouraged, Bernal was not awarded a open-minded biography of Desmond Ber- Nobel Prize, but Brown p.

A Life in Science and first stimulated by Bernal while working Politics, edited by Brenda Swann and Fran- with him on operational research in North cis Aprahamian, was published by Verso, Africa during the war, and who ended up providing much interesting information, sharing the Nobel Prize with Perutz; and but a total lack of critical analysis.

Lyell sarebbe il mi- the afternoon of D-day was a fantasy, gliore [ Il prossimo it in the main narrative. Il successivo [ While adopting a generally volesse cimentarsi, ti chiederei di prendere neutral tone, Brown is prepared to be caus- consiglio dal Sig. Lyell [ Do- quello presentato da Charles Darwin geolo- centi e mentori, il viaggio iniziatico tra go, che Chiesura ripercorre servendosi in- vulcani e atolli. Le opere geologiche.

Bene- nanzitutto delle fonti primarie manoscritte vento: Hevelius Edizioni, Il testo ripropone in ed. Opere geologiche. Se, co- gere la geologia del N. Beagle, editi separatamente osservazioni effettuate durante il viaggio ver- tra il e il Tra gli apparati si segnala in- ico e, pertanto, di origine delle montagne.

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Si segnala infine in appendice, la lettera di William The work under review is two very dif- Daniel Conybeare a Lyell febbraio , ferent books under the same cover. The modern uni- nineteenth-century research university in versity, on the other hand, is built on perso- Protestant northern Germany.

On another, nal charisma, as much as it is built on bu- it is a subjective and earnest investigation reaucratic values. In some degree, this into the modern university and its ills writ- stems from the Idealist and Romantic rede- ten in a demotic and personal style which finition of the researcher as an original academic historians traditionally avoid. The first adds data-collector of the Enlightenment, but it considerably to the revisionist argument de- also reflects the emphasis placed on publi- veloped by R.

It does so by seeing the research attribute but one manufactured and ma- university as an aspect of Weberian moder- nipulated in the market-place. In other nisation. This then allows him to demon- words, the modern university, pace the strate the extent to which the Protestant rhetoric, was built on the twin pillars of bu- German universities of the eighteenth cen- reaucracy and capitalism with potentially tury already betrayed the hall-marks of a damaging results.

Historians of science and sation, a meritocratic professoriate, the ob- higher education should read it simply for jective evaluation of student abilities etc. Even list. Besides obvious versity which continue to haunt the present points of entry — state visitations, travelo- day.

Academic appointments, we are told, gues, letters and so on — the author uses a are far less rational than one might suppose, number of rebarbative archival sources, for evaluation still turns on subjective criter- which have been largely neglected by for- ia, such as oral performance at conferences, mer historians of the early modern univer- gossip and off-the-record telephone refer- sity, such as lecture lists, student evaluation ences, while many academic scientists and forms, professorial dossiers and library cat- medics are not specialised impartial seekers alogues.

He also exploits visual material to after truth but the subsidised agents of drug good effect. This, then, is a book based companies and commercial interests. The on lengthy and careful research. Over the past thirty the United States, tested the predictions of years, social historians of science have quer- General Relativity concerning the three ied sometimes gently, sometimes not the standard effects: And his fine book fully confirms edge is socially constructed.

But their gaze the point, insofar as the author demon- has fallen on wider society — its language, strates, by thoroughly examining a large concerns and structure. No-one hitherto, amount of documents, that many details es- to the best of my knowledge, has looked caped mention in previous accounts, so specifically at the institution in which so many were the trees one did not look at, much of modern science is created — the that one ended up outlining a scarcely rea- university.

The Race city have overshadowed the historical reali- to Test Relativity. Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press, First and fore- most, to the eyes of a large part of the scien- Historical accounts of the development tific community those results did not in the of one or another natural science given by least appear decisive. The second and in people active in the field are usually mythi- some ways substantially new aspect is that cal: Historians of science, by contrast, occasion of an eclipse had seen a substantial base their accounts on first hand docu- number of American astronomers involved ments, thus providing a much more reliable from an early stage.

Even the tradition that account of the events. There is another further relevant aspects. We should how- series of events which are given circumstan- ever be warned against this conclusion by tial evidence, with the consequence of pro- the obvious consideration that no historical viding us with a much more detailed pic- account — no matter what the field — can be ture, namely the tantalizing series of really exhaustive.

Another and 9, dating from the period between aspect the author lays stress on is the cir- May and April The remaining letters them generically referred to its essential were obtained from other repositories. In this vo- told liberates us from a rigid understanding lume letters written by Hans Albert and of how the scientific community accepts Eduard Einstein are presented for the first scientific theories.

Quite so.

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Albert Einstein, Volume The Berlin This episode was by no means an isolated Years: Correspondence, May-December one. In the Introduction, the editors men- , and Supplementary Corresponden- tion an entire series of events which took ce, Mean- tion was characterized, among other things, while Einstein had probably maintained by the circumstance that philosophers had the attitude he had showed once talking started reflecting on the epistemological im- with the astronomer Ejnar Hertzsprung: Quite an interesting amply documented in the volume.

They include Niels Bohr, H. Jahrhundert, Levi Civita, and Arthur Eddington. Wallstein Verlag, On 6 November ing work. Einstein had started of Alps physiology in the nineteenth cen- receiving partial reports on the matter in tury.

Irrazionale pdf prevedibilmente

A story with a lot of characters, but mid-August In a letter to Eddington, one main protagonist: Angelo Mosso dated 11 June , while acknowledging , one of the best known Italian he had received direct information, he ex- experimental physiologist of the time.

In a letter to physiological functions of the human body, Elsa dated 23 October, Einstein wrote: My theory has been terials still largely unknown. Now no reasonable tion. The essay, subdivided into four tic traveller; as the subtitle of the third well articulated chapters, begins with an chapter says, sublime becomes exhaustion.

At an altitude jective mechanic? There, of Italian academicians for mountaineering, where nature is immense, life is more in- an activity charged with meanings related to tense and feelings are extreme. At the end the recently achieved Risorgimento. Like for nature and love for science p. Around over the book on Mosso, but mainly a book about inhospitable Alps peaks we do not find some theoretical problems he brought out, the solitary and horrible Dr.

One of the human body reactions and behaviours un- most interesting aspects of this work is in- der extreme conditions. As said in the introduc- noises and industries, or a sanatorium to re- tion, this cultural history of Alps physiology store health, but also a silent and exhausting is linked to three branches of studies, con- physiological laboratory. Work is hard cerning history of physiology, the graphic there, and every movement means fatigue.

The sev- als Kultureller Kampfplatz. Verlag, This part is as a notable example for the importance a clear description of how entropy and en- of cultural studies in the history of sciences. Yet, This is partly due to her topic which is ex- from my point of view, it is the second part tremely well chosen: Nes- and difficult the coherent interpretation of wald explains the choice of her topic expli- the entropy was.

This complexity is rele- citly; according to her study, the concept of vant, as it shows the scope of interpretation entropy is particularly appropriate as it is that remained after the formulation of the semantically underdetermined as well as concept. In what follows, she discusses the complex, yet it also claims a general validity. Here, fundamental Yet, it is not only the chosen topic which theological as well as philosophical beliefs makes this study so relevant and convincing were expressed in interpreting entropy in but also the overall approach.

Instead of fo- a manner that seemed to be adequate on cusing on the genesis of the concept of en- the basis of these attitudes. Her approach is very recently got a topicality that historical explicitly meant to be an expansion of the studies normally do not develop. But also Edinburgh school of sociology of scientific the discussion on what life means and knowledge and the science in context ap- how it can be interpreted goes significantly proach in the history of science p. Par- beyond the scope of most historical studies.

The study is published cept of entropy became relevant in various in German and by this choice, Neswald has discourses shows particularly well the open- limited her readership; a limitation that ness and the resulting ability of interpreting seems to me totally unjustified for such a re- this concept in different manners. Yet, Nes- markable study. Angeli, It deals with one of da Nissl ad Alzheimer e a Kraepelin e con- the most intriguing historiographical topics temporaneamente con il potere locale, primo of recent years, namely the study, the inven- interlocutore di quanti fossero motivati ad tion and the use of those instruments which espandere gli spazi angusti della ricerca pur contributed significantly to the progressive senza rinunciare a seguirne in prima persona transformation of psychology, and the con- le ricadute applicative, cliniche.

Unlike previous books, which tolineando che il volume chiarisce, in modo focused on the scientific research of Gene- interessante e a tratti appassionante, come va-based psychologists such as E. PDF3D, the developers of 3D. As well as controlling the files to pdf3d reportgen download content, can impose speed limits to downloads in your Web browser, saving otherwise,.

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