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That Wedding Jillian Dodd Pdf by Learning is among the very best seller publications on the planet? Have you had it? Not at all? Silly of you. That Wedding book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Marry the boy next door in this sweet contemporary romance by USA Tod. It excels time! Time for reviewing That Wedding Jillian Dodd Pdf, as best seller publication in this wolrd. Do not have it? Too bad. Currently, you could download .

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Marry the boy next door in this sweet contemporary romance by USA Today Best Selling Author, Jillian Dodd. I feel so sparkly, glittery, and full of promise, because I absolutely know he's that boy. If you love best friend romances, weddings, and new adult family life drama, you'll. Get Free Read & Download Files That Wedding Boy 2 Jillian Dodd PDF. THAT WEDDING BOY 2 JILLIAN DODD. Download: That Wedding Boy 2 Jillian Dodd. We offer guide qualified That Wedding Jillian Dodd Pdf created by .se Learning with cost-free reading online or cost-free downloading. You are.

Joe in front of Legos. I understand the first book was just as long, but that one took over a period of 22 years. My happily ever after. Although this one wasn't quite the emotional ride of the first one, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Jayden talks about wedding plans, then her and phillip have sex, and repeat. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads!

Her writing always entails adding creative characters and allowing them to flow in that zone. Jadyn is definitely a creative character! Well done Ms.

Her emotions play a big role. She naturally has doubts but her doubt is not the only thing standing in her way.


Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads! View all 5 comments. I loved this book. It is the follow up from "That Boy" and if you loved that this is a must read. This book was so good, but to me "That Boy" was one of the best books I ever read and this was "only" an amazing novel. Going a bit nerdy here I would speculate that this book has higher rating due to selection that is only those who really liked That Boy continue on and read this one and they naturally adore this one as well.

This book starts immediately after "That Boy" finish and spans over Jady I loved this book.

That Wedding by Jillian Dodd - FictionDB

This book starts immediately after "That Boy" finish and spans over Jadyn and Phillip's engagement. I could so relate since I'm engaged and planning my wedding so naturally I really loved everything about that. However, she did get some really crappy wedding planning advice. And I'm so happy that no one forces us to couples counseling: I am still amazed how she managed to create a heroine who has everything looks, money, boys falling over themselves, super hot guy friends but is so likable.

She's someone I would like to have as my friend and not only because she has Danny and Phillip as an added bonus. I can't wait for "That Baby". View all 3 comments. Jillian Dodd has completely knocked my socks off with this debut series. Just to think two weeks ago I didn't even know these books existed. Thank God they found me. That Wedding picks up immediately where That Boy left off.

We finally get to see Phillip and JJ together in every sense of the word and boy are they "together", alot ;- Though I didn't think it were possible, I fell head over sockless heels in love with Phillip even more. In That Boy , he turned me into a pile of goo. In That Weddin Jillian Dodd has completely knocked my socks off with this debut series. In That Wedding , he completely melted me. If you're wondering if you can melt goo, I assure you that you can!

JJ on the other hand frustrated the goo out of me. I just wanted to shake her, grab Phillip by the ass hand, and run far far away. She gets her act together in the end though so I guess she's forgiven: Then of course there's Danny; I love me some Danny, but what I really love is his friendship with JJ; it warms my melted goo.

When he tears up at the wedding, I kinda maybe sorta did too! Ok, I was a little glassy. I also want to thank Jillian Dodd for letting them all be best friends without jealousy drama or a love triangle!!

I heart you! This book not only caused an infared of goo, but was beyond hilarious!

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I lost track of how many times I laughed out loud. The STD thing nearly ruptured my appendix; it even made my jowls hurt!!! Overall, I think the thing that I love the most is getting taken on an amazing journey with characters that I have grown to love and adore. I totally feel like I've grown up with JJ, Phillip, and Danny and can't wait for the next installment.

Jillian Dodd you rock!!! The story picks up immediately after the ending of That Boy. Starting with the perfect wedding. I laughed so hard! And all of this goes on while JJ is planning the party to end all parties, and adjusting to what is essentially still a brand-new relationship speaking of which, these two are seriously smutty! And as much as I love her flirty, flighty nature, she really ticked me off in this book. She creates drama where there is no need for it, and her whining and selfish behaviour made me want to smack her!

In particular… view spoiler [ I could not deal with the way she disrespected Phillip. She says she loves him, and I truly believe that she does, but she constantly doubts him and her feelings for him. I listened to this as an audiobook and that whole scene in the bar had me ripping my earbuds out of my ears in disgust.

He is there for her, he adores her, and he puts up with a lot from her.

Wedding jillian pdf that dodd

In fact, it was through Phillip that I was able to forgive JJ. Seeing her through his eyes, and the fact that he loves her wild nature calmed me down so that I was able to go on and enjoy the rest of the book hide spoiler ].

JJ certainly has a lot of growing up to do, and as much as she annoyed me, I was happy to see some growth for her. And when she finally figures herself out, we do get a wonderful ending that left me a swooning mess with a huge grin on my face. So despite my moments of fury, overall I did really love this book.

View all 8 comments. Recommended to Belldandy by: You all remember the happy couple, Jadyn and Phillip from 'That Boy' If you managed to forget the most narcissistic character ever written after reading 'That Boy,' I congratulate you and 'That Wedding' picks up from 'That Boy' as if it's gone to another chapter rather than a separate book, which works. What doesn't work is the fact that the author has to repeat every concept. I've always believed in you, and I'm so excited I get to be there!!!

I should probably thank you for that. This method of making sure words or phrases are constantly repeated so the reader catches how important they are goes on throughout the entire book, making the reader feel like they could delete every other line and still have a readable book.

Exclamation marks are over used, as well as ALL-CAPS and italics , but unlike 'That Boy' we don't have to deal with bold fonts , thank you whoever stopped that nonsense! Too bad the nonsense of over description wasn't stopped as well. He nods his head at me. Why couldn't he have just nodded? Did he take off his head, make it nod to her, and put it back on his neck? I don't think so. Would he have nodded any other part of his body at her other than his head?

This sort of writing reminds me of a high school English student trying to reach a word count. On to the characters! Hey, Jadyn is still the shallow person you got to know in 'That Boy.

Mild spoiler view spoiler [A particular low point comes when she's trying to figure out if she could have contracted an STD from one of her partners. Her partners don't wear a condom and she lied to her gynecologist about her sexual activities. Does she think about going back, getting tested or making sure she was clean if she had been tested previously? The whole STD scare becomes one big joke! Ha, ha! Great role model right here folks! It's nice that you get to follow her over a relatively short time frame instead of the years that passed in 'That Boy'.

You get to see her at her job, interacting with friends, and really interacting with Phillip. Too bad that interacting with Phillip for the most part means sex. Most romance novels don't have as much sex going on as 'That Wedding. Good job both of you.

Combined with the huge amount of alcohol you consume, you're on your way to marital bliss, I'm sure. In typical, hey-what-an-amazing-coincidence, Jadyn's financial adviser, Mr. Diamond yes, Danny's father took some of Jadyn's money that was supposed to be in a safe portfolio and made a riskier investment into Apple and with that money she can have her dream wedding!

Hey, no red flags that your financial adviser lied to you and redirected your money without consulting you, he's a financial genius! I don't care if he's teaching you about wine that's not in a box, fire him. Your money is not a thing to be played with without permission. Oh, but woe! Jadyn has only had close friends of boys and has never thought of her wedding because she is a tomboy and different from other girls and so much cooler. Lies Jadyn, lies. You were in a sorority where the name of the game seemed to be passing your candle and getting married.

You totally had thought about it, as shown by your sudden remembering that you had discussed it with your Mom and married your Barbie and the boys G. Joe in front of Legos. I loved the frantic planning of the wedding, even though everything seemed to fall magically into place.

I love weddings and I loved all the details that were included, like the welcome baskets and the monogram. Too bad her relationship with Phillip made it feel like they shouldn't be getting married. Phillip puts Jadyn on too high of a pedestal and doesn't care that he's being manipulated by a spoiled brat.

In an odd twist, he is surprised by how talented her architectural plans for his father's office is, which indicates he doesn't care about her job, since I would assume that she would have wanted to show off buildings she helped designed and he didn't bother actually looking at them? Bit of a contradiction there Phillip. How he could deal with her when she had her 'is this God's will? I hate how God is brought up, with Jadyn looking for signs and praying for guidance, when we never see her in a house of worship ever.

Using God as an excuse or praying just when you want something is pretty much the worst example of a member of the faith you can get. How do you deal with trying to figure out if you're doing the right thing, if it is God's will?

Well, if you're Jadyn, you get drunk and flirt with everyone. Good call Jadyn! More importantly, will she wear her American Flag Bikini for her wedding? I was so excited to jump into another adventure with Jayden, Phillip, Danny, and Lori! These are some of the most lovable characters ever.

I always compare this series to watching your favorite movie or chick flick. That movie that you leave in your DVD player for weeks and replay it over and over.

I have them in paperback and also on audiobook and have already listened to them both multiple times. It's like audiobook crack. Freaking hilarious! It isn't a huge surprise or anything in That Boy , but I don't want to spoil anything, just in case: She is just as hilarious, spunky and stubborn as ever. Everything from choosing the date, venue, flowers to being pestered with the dreaded, "When are you having babies" questions to pre-marital couples counseling.

I could really relate to the stress and craziness of planning a wedding, since I just got married a year ago. Besides the planning, JJ is struggling to adjusting to the new dynamic of her relationship with Phillip. Not in a sexual sense of course, they pretty much did it like rabbits the entire book. No elaborate sex scenes, but it was implied at the end of almost every chapter. They were definitely making up for lost time!

Especially since couples counseling doesn't go so well. This part was one of my favorites It was the hardest one I'd ever done in my career. I was the same age as your parents, and fresh out of school when I married yours, Phillip. I'd become friends with them.

Watched you both grow. They were so proud of you both. I didn't think I was going to make it through the service, but I looked out and saw you, JJ, standing there in the pew. Your eyes were dry. Your chin was up. I saw such strength. I wondered what your parents did that made you so strong at such a young age.

But then I noticed you were holding Phillip's hand tightly, just like you are now, and I knew where all that strength came from. It's from each other. You get strength from each other. Whatever you face in life, I hope you face it like you are now. Hand in hand. If you do that, you'll make it. You'll have a wonderful marriage. She had the perfect guy, but sometimes acted pretty dumb.

I felt like if Phillip hadn't showed up she might have done something and that left a bad taste in my mouth about JJ. Plus some of the ways she talked to guys was a little disrespectful to Phillip. She really grows up by the end of the book though and I have to give her credit for that. A lot changes for her in a very short time and she was just trying to adjust.

It's no wonder he's tried to move so fast. He's afraid I'm going to run. I don't ever want Phillip to doubt my love. This time, and from now on, I'm gonna run to him. I'm gonna fight for him. I'm so in love with him. He is the perfect Prince Charming. He knows exactly how to handle Jayden. At times, I thought he was too soft with her and let her off too easy sometimes, but I realized that he just understands her so well and it works for them.

We aren't the same. We compliment each other. I can't not mention Danny, I love him so much too! He is such a great friend. I am still in awe of his friendship with JJ. I want a guy friend like that! They are so honest and open with each other and Danny can put Jayden in her place like no one else can. They are hilarious together too! I was really happy to see that their friendship still had such a huge part in this book.

Not as much as That Boy , but it is still one of my favorite series ever. I almost had to pull my car over when I was listening to that scene! And naughty dream week, the spider scene, and the XXX theme wedding texts with Danny! I can't wait for That Baby!!! I can just imagine the freak outs that Jayden is going to have when she is pregnant. View all 7 comments. Check out my interview with the author, Jillian Dodd on my blog and enter the giveaway for a chance to win a copy of this book! Book Overdose 3.

However there were parts that just made me quite annoyed and frustrated and I think I just can't really overlook them this time - but maybe that could just be me. The book still did a very good job on showing the Check out my interview with the author, Jillian Dodd on my blog and enter the giveaway for a chance to win a copy of this book! The book still did a very good job on showing the important aspects - especially marriage and what goes with it, struggles and conflicts couples face and overcoming past heartbreaks Jaydyn's parents' death.

I swoon a lot of times to Jadyn and Philip's relationship. It was cute, funny, and really sweet. Although I do think it was a bit unhealthy view spoiler [too much sex, I guess hide spoiler ] during the first parts but it definitely matured as the story went by. I understand Jadyn's struggles and confusion as she prepared for the wedding. But sometimes she pretty gets on my nerve. Her thoughts were pretty shallow most of the time and that just annoyed and frustrated me, especially during their counseling.

But that doesn't mean I hate her. I, on the most part, feel sorry for her, I thought that if her parents were there she wouldn't be acting like that, she would have understand and face it better. But there was this one part that almost put me on edge! I almost pulled out my hair.

And some of her past escapades kinda shocked me. But still, all went well. I was relieved, happy and touched when she finally realized what was wrong - how she thought that she handled her parents death well but in fact she did it terribly - and learned her lesson and what she has to do. Jadyn, Philip and Danny's friendship was still very much highlighted in this story. And it was still really great and wonderful and I just loved how it was. And I found myself jealous of Jadyn again for having such wonderful and loyal boys in her life.

I also loved a lot of scenes in this book that made laughed so much!

That Wedding

One was the "huge spider" scene! That was epic! It was just so funny and hilarious! Then the bachelors party, ah, I was grinning the entire time reading that part. And of course the wedding, it was wonderful and amazing though I think it was too extravagant, too perfect, but why not?

Favorite part of the wedding? When Danny and the boys danced! I can so much imagine them dancing the dougie, it would just looked so hot! And yeah, I really enjoyed how thorough Jillian Dodd showed the wedding planning here. In fact while reading this I started to plan or more like daydream my own wedding too! I actually felt excited even though I know it would happen years from now. I didn't actually thought of that but after reading this it just kinda feel nice to think about it.

Overall, this was still a very good read! Funny, sweet and steamy with a very wonderful ending. I was thrilled when I learned there would be a third book, That Baby! I would definitely be looking forward to it! View all 9 comments. Very sweet finish to a lovely story! I was happy to see the transformation of JJ's character in the end and I enjoyed the concepts of the unbreakable bonds of friendship, and always stoping to smell the roses.

Charming series! View all 11 comments. Honestly, I didn't start really liking it until near the end. The following review is not a "bashing" of the book, but a polite explanation of WHY I didn't love this book because I did, in fact, enjoy the book very much - just not nearly as much as the first one.

I know the review is long, but I promise I mention the good stuff toward the end. First of all, I 3. First of all, I thought this book was really long. I understand the first book was just as long, but that one took over a period of 22 years. This one was everything that happened within a few months. Which kind of brings me to the next point is that I didn't like that there was so much sex in the book. The way the book was written was an entry from each day, and they pretty much did it every day, sometimes several times a day.

Sex is good, and I know its because they're new at it, but it was a little too much - I wanted more of the story. I mean, they even do it in a church parking lot, and they think dirty thoughts and speak about them in front of the pastor. Now, I'm in no means a prude, and it was all written very tastefully. BUT the reason I loved the first book so much was because we had a chance to see JJ and Phillip grow up, and we watched how they connected to each other.

While I'm glad they are enjoying the passion, it kind of makes me feel that they finally get together, and all they can think about is jumping each other's bones. I just wish a lot of it was more about relationship building - and there was some of that, but it was more toward the second half or third of the book. And as far as sex go, I don't like that JJ was kind of portrayed as so sexually experienced in this book.

Now, I could have sworn that she lost her virginity to Phillip, but I looked back and couldn't find it, so I guess I was wrong. Still, JJ spent almost 22 years of being a virgin, and in this book, all these secrets tumbled out that she had more partners and more flings that I didn't know about. For some reason, JJ wasn't the same character I loved so much in the first book. I mean, she had her moments in the first book, but she was quirky in a naive way. I know she's still dealing with the sadness in her life, but in this book, she has a chip on her shoulder and constantly pick fits.

I don't remember her being so witchy and irritating. She's thinks too much. She's manipulative. And gosh, is she overdramatic about everything. In the first book, I can picture myself as JJ as the events unfolded. In this book, I felt like she was more of the annoying best friend - you know the type I'm talking about. The one that has all the traits you don't like, and if it had been anyone other than your best friend, you would hate her, but for some reason, you love her anyway.

And I think her relationship with Danny and Lori are a bit weird in this book. I understand that she and Danny grew up together, and they've always been close. But the way they talk sometimes, it's a bit too much, in my opinion. I mean they send each other sexual text messages not just sometimes but like ALL the time.

And it would be fine, but they have a history. If I were Phillip, I would probably be bothered by this - not because I'm jealous - but because a lot of times, it seems like crossing a boundary. And as Lori, even though I understand nothing ever happened with Danny and JJ and nothing ever will, it just seems a little weird that she's so comfortable discussing their past. I mean, I would want to kind of know about my husband's past, but I don't really want to know in detail or discuss it, like all the time.

The way Jillian wrote this book is like JJ's fantasy and not her reality - from the perfect relationship with Phillip to the way too comfortable relationship with Danny and Lori to the way she flirts with everyone and Phillip not be pissed about it. He's perfect - maybe a little TOO perfect - but how can you not love him. He puts up with a lot of crap - even more so in this book than the first book. I think JJ can be disrespect at times, especially at the bar, and I don't know how he does it.

He's sweet. He's loving. And he always knows what to say and what to do. It also doesn't hurt that he's so sexy so I can't blame JJ for always wanting to jump him.

I really need to get myself a man like him. Despite the weirdness going around, I actually like all the other characters in the book. I think they're all great in their own way, and I love that we get to walk down memory lane and how each of them have played a role in JJ's life. And despite my hesitation about liking this book, I can't help but like it , and I think that Jillian is a great writer. She has a way to make us laugh, even make us cry. Her lines are not at all cheesy, and even when they're supposed to be, they're oh-so-romantic.

I love each character's quirkiness, and they are well written, and they have great lines themselves. The dialogue is cute and clever.

And even though I didn't like JJ as much or what happened as much, I thought the actual writing the wording, the phrasing, the telling of story development was awesome. And the end was just perfect. From the breakdown and the realization to the pastor's closing of the marriage counseling and the actual wedding. It was the perfect ending to a great story.

So i am sorry but i was really disappointed with this book. While i normally am a person who finishes a book in one sitting, especially a sequel i have been looking forward to, it took me literally weeks to finish this one, because there were times i was just too bored to keep on reading. The characters i really loved in "That Boy" were suddenly annoying and shallow in "That Wedding" and i feel like there wasnt really a storyline. I still believe Jillian Dodd is an amazingly talented writer and i am kinda sad i wasnt able to like "That Wedding" as much as i liked"That Boy": That Wedding by Jillian Dodd 5 stars!!

It may be a few short months, but this book is packed, I absolutely loved it, I have laughed so much reading this book. Having not long got married myself I could really associate wit That Wedding by Jillian Dodd 5 stars!! Having not long got married myself I could really associate with Jadyn during this book, I knew her pain, I felt her pain and I lived it with her.

As with any Jillian Dodd book, there are highs and lows, there is some angst, some misunderstandings, but we all know wedding planning is strenuous, at least I thought so!! I absolutely howled with laughter, in fact I laughed so much, my husband woke up and thought I was being attacked! Jillian, that was pure genius!! Phillip just gets better and better in this book, before he was always seen as the quiet and reserved one just biding his time until he could unleash, well in this book, he unleashed.

We got the smoking hot Phillip and he really changed in my eyes.

Pdf jillian dodd that wedding

I loved him even more. I will say that there is no gratuitous sex scenes in this book, it is clean, you have to use your imagination, but the implication is there! Phillip was so understanding with Jadyn, he knew what to do and when to do it and what to say and when, he was her true soul mate, he grounded her and he was absolutely PERFECT!

Even feet means they are perfect for each other! Mine are always hot. Yours are always cold. You cool mine down. I warm yours up. Together they make the perfect temperature. The couples counselling was hilarious, thank god I never had to go through that! I love that these two still have that connection. The wedding dress shopping had me laughing, the gifts were so well thought out, the venue sigh! Simplemente me encanta. Ahora que al fin JJ y Phillip se han comprometido, comienza la verdadera odisea.

Phillip es simplemente, hermoso. Tan paciente. Although this one wasn't quite the emotional ride of the first one, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Where That Boy spanned 22 years, the whole life of Jayden James Reynolds and her two best friends, Phillip and Danny, That Wedding is basically just four months, the planning of the wedding.

This was definitely not clean, sexually, like book 1. Phillip and Jade were doing it non-stop very creatively, but it was all implied not described.

Phillip is the BOMB, enough said. Jade conflicted me. She was wild, but so honest about her faults. He had always been apart of her life so this stuff went on while he waited for her to be ready for him, not that he was a saint. Jade was childish and hurtful, but I guess she was only 22 years old, I think Phillip needed to teach her a few lessons. She definitely needed the marriage counseling!

I am not only talking about the writing, but it is the ideas that are just perfect. The venues, the vows, the gift baskets, finding THE dress, the bride and groom gifts to each other I mean I am gushing on how personal all these events were made to the characters. When she saw the pros she said you like all the bad things about me.

How perfect were they for each other that Phillip saw all of her faults as pros. Call me crazy, I felt some foreshadowing for book 3, but I think the antibiotic Jade took might have a big effect. So there were things I liked about his book, and things I didn't like. I definitely liked That Boy way more than this book and I kinda of wish I hadn't read this book because it effects the way I feel about certain characters.

So here's what I liked: He's amazing, probably the sweetest fictional male character ever. He is so devoted to Jayden and always has been. He's definitely her knight in shining armor.

However, I kind of thought he was a little too laid back at times when Jayden So there were things I liked about his book, and things I didn't like.

However, I kind of thought he was a little too laid back at times when Jayden did some questionable things. I can't find the perfect dress. I have to manipulate him to get my way. An old boyfriend asks me to run away with him. And forever starts to sound like a really long time. Which totally freaks me out and makes me question everything I know. Should best friends get married? Will my past affect our relationship? Are my horrible dreams a warning?

Will I ever find a dress? Could his sexiness be clouding my judgment? Am I going to ruin everything? Or is it just a case of cold feet? And then I have to decide.

If you love best friend romances, weddings, and new adult family life drama, you'll love the That Boy series. Reviews from Goodreads. FictionDB Reviews: Paperback editions: Jillian Dodd Inc.