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MATLAB Central contributions by Won Yang. Ph. D. in EE Chapter 9 of " MATLAB/Simulink for Digital Communication" (authored by Won Y. Yang et al.) 9 years. MATLAB/Simulink for Digital Communication [Won Y. Yang, Yong S. Cho, Won G. Jeon, Jeong W. Lee, Jong H. Paik, Jaekwon Kim, Mi-Hyun Lee, Kyung W. Park. MATLAB^/Simulink for. Digital Communication. Won Y. Yang, Yong S. Cho, Won G. Jeon, Jeong W. Lee, Jong H. Paik. Jae K. Kim, Mi-Hyun Lee, Kyu I. Lee.

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Cleve Moler October 4, vi Preface. Chapter 1 Iteration Iteration is a key element in much MATLAB Data Analysis - MathWorks - MATLAB and Simulink for. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Sep 1, , Won Y. Yang and others published MATLAB/Simulink for Digital Communication. MATLAB & Simulink for Digital Communication - Download as PDF File .pdf), Won Y. Yang, Yong S. Cho, Won G. Jeon, Jeong W. Lee, Jong H. Paik Jae K.

Where are you going? This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. Quantization error 4. Contents vii To prepare the extrinsic information for the other decoder. Index FFO fractional frequency offset. Cho, Won G.

If the error pattern table E and error pattern index vector epi are not supplied from the calling program. It uses a table of error patterns in the matrix E.

A binary convolutional code is also characterized by N generator sequences g1. The convolutional encoder has a structure of finite-state machine whose output depends on not only the input but also the state.

In this section. This encoder shifts the previous contents of every stage register except the right-most one into its righthand one and receives a new K -bit input to load the left-most register at an iteration. LK-K ]. CAU for academic use only if isempty G. Number of input bits entering the encoder at each clock cycle. In this context. Note that the self-loop at the all-zero state is neglected so that the gains of all the paths starting from the all-zero state and coming back to the all-zero state can be obtained in a systematic way as follows.

Divide the decoder input sequence rq hard. Note that the free distance as well as the decoding algorithm heavily affects the BER performance of a convolutional code. To each branch.

To each set of nodes states. If all the N -bit subsequence of r or rq are not processed. The procedure of the Viterbi algorithm is as follows see Fig. To every node at the level that is connected via some branch es to node s at the previous level.

Starting from the final all-zero state or the best node with minimum cost. Move right by one stage by increasing the level index by one. In this trellis diagram. From the trellis shown in Fig. In the case of multiple branches connected to a node. N-tmp ].

MATLAB /Simulink for Digital Communication by Won Y. Yang - PDF Drive

Traceback depth length. Number of software decision bits used to represent the input coded seqeuence. A convolutional coded sequence possibly corrupted by a noise. It should be given as a positive integer.

This mode is appropriate when the uncoded message signal has enough zeros. Decision type. Operation mode of the decoding prosess. Note that a larger modulation order with the same SNR decreases the minimum distance among the codewords so that the BER may suffer.

As an approach to mediate between these two conflicting factors. The convolutional coding allows only certain sequences paths of signal points so that the free distance among different signal paths in the trellis can be increased. The number of signal points in the constellation is larger compared with the uncoded case. It is just like a marriage between modulation residing on the constellation and coding living on the trellis toward a more effective utilization of bandwidth and power.

This shows a trade-off between bandwidth efficiency and power efficiency. There are a couple of things to mention about TCM: Since the encoding scheme can be described by a trellis. In this encoder. As illustrated in Fig.

This makes the trellis code design trying to maximize the Euclidean distance among the codewords. Possible solutions to this dilemma are two classes of powerful error correcting codes.

Won digital matlab yang pdf simulink communication for

The former is the topic of this section and the latter will be introduced in the next section. Note that puncturing is to omit transmitting some coded bits for the purpose of increasing the code rate beyond that resulting from the basic structure of the encoder.

Virginia Tech. MPRG lab. Yufei Wu. M-1 ]. Note that in the routine.

Won pdf matlab communication simulink digital for yang

Beta k. Alpha k. Yufei Wu.. Find the number N of output bits of the two encoders and the constraint length L from the row and column dimensions of the generator matrix G. In this way. Under the assumption of all-zero state at the initial stage depth level zero. Decrement k by one.

Extrinsic information from the previous decoder. To prepare an equation for this information processing job of each encoder. Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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How do the turbo codes work? How are the two decoding algorithms.

The following should be noted: Is there any weakpoint of turbo codes? What is the measure against the weakpoint. One thing to note is that the extrinsic information Le to be presented to one decoder i by the other decoder j should contain only the intrinsic information of decoder j that is obtained from its own parity bits not available to decoder i.

To prepare the extrinsic information for the other decoder. Another thing to note is that as shown in Fig. As can be seen from the simulation results.

Table P9. Symbol Codeword 00 0 01 1 10 10 11 11 With this code.


Suppose the message sequence is coded with the 7. To answer this question. Suppose the message sequence is coded with these two BCH codes. BPSK binary phase-shift keying -modulated.

What do you think is the reason for the big gap between the two BERs that are obtained from simulation and theoretical formula 9. Run the completed program to get the BER curves. Accroding to the table. N [emin What difference will be made to the BER? Fill in the following table. Problems Table P9. Fill in the corresponding blanks of Table P9. Why is the TCM system of Fig. CAU for academic use only [K.

I Each row of this transmission matrix is transmitted through each antenna and each column is sent during each one of four consecutive periods. To address the issue of carrier recovery and symbol timing on OFDM systems.

X kl the l th frequency-domain transmitted OFDM symbol. Running the modified program will yield a received signal constellation diagram like Fig. Gk the channel frequency response at the k th frequency index. If each carrier is loaded with b bits of data. This will yield a received signal constellation diagram like Fig. With this objective. Nfft xl xl]. N the FFT size and also the period of xl. Not only the phase compensation but also the CFO carrier frequency offset compensation is needed for successful carrier recovery.

How can the information about the frequency offset be extracted from the time-domain correlation of the signal? To find the answer to this question. Note from Eqs. Because the phase of a complex number does not depend on its magnitude. Note that the two routines differ in the frequency range to estimate. The subsystem of Fig. About this Simulink model. Note the following about the subsystems: Nfft Nd Hermitian and a threshold of.

In Fig. Note that the on-line detection of local maxima or minima of a noisy signal is not so simple since there may be spurious peaks around true peaks due to the noise.

As shown in Fig..

Simulink communication yang pdf for matlab digital won

OFDM symbol duration samples after a peak is reported.: It consists of the four processes working in coordination. It also simulates the process of estimating the starting points of each OFDM symbol based on the correlation value between two blocks of size Ng spaced Nfft samples apart Nfft: FFT size. Coarse Frame Synchronization The tactics to estimate the starting points of a null symbol and a frame based on the energy ratio between the two adjacent windows of size Nw can be expressed by the following equations: To minimize the number of computations as well as to save the memory.

Nnull ]. Compared with this symbol timing process.

MATLAB /Simulink for Digital Communication

If the normalized correlation value is found to exceed some threshold. That is right as far as the OFDM symbol starting points are concerned. In this aspect. A received time-domain signal. Note that a large window size will help increasing the accuracy of the FFO estimation.. Nfft prs]. XR k and YR k are the real parts. Index FFO fractional frequency offset.

Index prefix. K Page number 93 92 92 K Probability of bit error for various modulation schemes Probability of bit error for various coding schemes bilinear transformation optionally with prewarping simulates the channel effect using convolution finds the estimate of channel frequency response finds the coarse estimate of CFO makes an error pattern matrix compensate the CFO compensate the carrier phase convolutional encoding convolutional encoding Circular or cyclic or periodic correlation CTFS coefficients together with the reconstruction CTFT spectrum together with the inverse CTFT Cyclic decoder Cyclic encoder makes the cyclic code generator polynomial for given N.

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Siddharth Negi. Muhammad Azam. Linus Antonio. Quratulain Kalhoro.

MATLAB & Simulink for Digital Communication

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