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Werewolf the Forsaken - - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Werewolf the Forsaken - Tribes of the Moon - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Suplemento para Lobisomem: Os. For anyone looking to play the wonderful Werewolf: the Forsaken, I highly recommend the set of House Rules by Look. It takes a game steeped.

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Wolf Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Vampire the Requiem, Werewolf the. Apocalypse, Werewolf the Forsaken, Mage the Awakening, Storyteller System. Items 1 - 28 of 28 Werewolf: The Forsaken Remove Search Term (World of Darkness) Regular price: $ Bundle price: $ Format: PDF To Frankie that. Werewolf: The Forsaken - Full Moon RisingThe world is in shadow. To one side stretches the PDF + Hardcover Color Book (Standard). $ $ 1 2 3 4 .

Their appearance is heralded by a rasping. It was her whole pack dying back there. You must hold the balance between the moon and the wolf. ACT I. And while variation among spirits is important.

To one side stretches the forest, to the other the city. Your claws are stained with blood. Your senses whisper of prey that runs before you, and of predators who stalk even the likes of you. You hear the howls of your brothers and sisters. Luna rises. Your blood boils. It is time to hunt. Wolves at the Door Werewolf: Werewolves are creatures of original sin, tainted by ancestral crimes and driven to hunt by the shame of being abandoned. This book details what it is to be Forsaken, one of the Tribes of the Moon.

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The Forsaken. Selected Option: Softcover Color Book Standard. Hardcover Color Book Standard. Average Rating 48 ratings. For use with the World of Darkness Rulebook. Bundles containing this product: World of Darkness: The Requiem. Three Shades of Night. The Apocalypse Revised Edition. Werewolf Translation Guide. New World of Darkness Rulebook 1st Edition. Starter Kit: Ready-Made Player Characters Werewolf: Parlor Games Werewolf: Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased.

Reviews Please log in to add or reply to comments. Jose B July 17, 1: Is this ever giong to be on print on demand?? I noticed that the pdf was just updated, I hope that's a good sign that the pod option is coming soon. Alen M May 28, 6: Symon P June 24, 2: It takes time to convert the files to PoD version for printing. This product appears to be a lower priority than some others. They are definitely converting some, the Invictus book was completed recently.

I paid a fortune for my print version on ebay but there are print versions sitting around in stores still. These guys http: Paul H. Every entity, from the Vampire to the faery owe their existence to the ideas that were put to paper back in The Forsaken is a similar, yet different an [ Dean K. I seem to like the Promethean story better, however the Werewolf the Forsaken book makes me feel good and that is why I read it. Mathias V. Whitewolf's newest incarnation of the Werewolf setting brings an unique view to the World of Darkness, combining the mysteries of the supernatural with humanity and placing the players in the centre of the bloody intrigues and wars that remain hidden [ Scott M.

A most impressive addition to the core rulebooks for the 'new' WOD, even though it represents perhaps more of a departure from the classic Werewolf lore than, say, Vampire does.

This is largely mandated by the nature of werewolf lore - as the book itse [ Marcus G. Beautiful, per the normal White Wolf approach to book making. A werewolf may bind a spirit and forbid it to do something or compel it to perform some task.

Another oakspirit may succumb to an attack from the supernatural powers of a blight-spirit or to a fetish containing such. The signs of a manifested spirit are often symbolic. Nor are all of the humanlike forms of spirits completely consistent. These aspirations will differ from one spirit to another. A guardian-spirit may concentrate wholly on its duties. While the descriptions given in the Bestiary represent some of the most common examples of images that a particular spirit may project.

Horse-spirits that make their homes in areas of neglect may appear diseased. Still another may be bound to not harm anyone who carries an acorn on her person. A city-spirit should have an easier time manifesting in the city. Another may take the form of a solid. One water-spirit taking a vaguely humanoid form may have matted kelp where it understands humans have hair and lustrous pearls where eyes would be.

Nor are natural spirits limited precisely to the exact forms their physical representations wear. This process follows in much the same way as the one described for ghosts see World of Darkness. A manifested spirit remains in the state of Twilight. Insects marching in strange patterns.

The bans that spirits carry from the beginning of their existence are almost always tied in theme to their spirit type. Swift horse-spirits may show their speed with wings or extra legs. For example. In general. In the course of play. While some spirits divide themselves into such linear choirs. Those of the Treetops. At best. Other spirits of similar types may have very different identities and resonances. Deep Sea Swimmers or other more obscure links Poison Wielders and Blood Drinkers both contain a very diverse group of nature-spirits.

Hoofed Beasts. Evergreen or Pine Choirs may seem intuitive. One snake-spirit might belong to the Animal Choir while another seemingly similar one may resonate with the Scaled-Ones Choir. Or rather. And while variation among spirits is important. Players should never feel they know everything there is to know about dealing with any individual spirit. This will also facilitate comparison with previously encountered spirits. While werewolves might like the spirits to fall within tidy groupings as they identify themselves by tribe.

BROODS Whereas choirs and descants are innate resonances that allow a spirit to most comfortably interact with other spirits. In an attempt to understand the incomprehensible. Storytellers should keep notes on the spirits they use. The Shadow is a vicious place. The following compendium features examples of the more common spirits likely to interact with Uratha. Though spirits are less diverse within their own type than humans are within any given culture or profession.

Whatever the actual origin. Extremely powerful spirits are beyond the capacity of most Uratha to deal with in direct combat. Spirits of very high levels of power are not included in this Bestiary. More often. Nature is far redder in tooth and claw there. The quotation listed for most spirits is a translation from the First Tongue. There is a Reptile Choir. A raven-spirit may gather in a brood with death-spirits. In addition.

To describe all of them is impossible. Each spirit is given three names: The lion does not lay down with the lamb. Wise werewolves must exploit the bans of such entities as well as knowledge of their motivations and goals. Below are listed some of the largest and most common nature choirs. There are untold types of nature-spirits. Power 6. Scaled or Predator Choir.

They move with a lumbering gait unless prodded to action. Feline-spirits possess a keen sense of curiosity and tend to acquire odd pieces of information. Within the blink of an eye. Whether brown. Bear-spirits are large. Finesse 2. Resistance 6 Willpower: Denizens of the Shadow that draws the loyalty of many others. Successful bear-spirits often have claws and teeth that are more exaggerated than their physical counterparts.

They sometimes favor a luminescent coat color glowing a true gold rather than yellow or orange. Bears are some of the largest predators on earth. They tend to consider themselves apex predators. Their voices have the strained edge of a barely restrained yowl or scream.

Forsaken pdf the werewolf

Others have seasonal bans. Material Vision. While they may appear placid until disturbed. Like their material counterparts. Some bear-spirits are associated with guardianship. Cat-spirits most often appear as slightly larger and exaggerated versions of domesticated cats in the material world.

They are one of the more aggressively cannibalistic types of animal-spirit. They are extremely strong and determined.

While they are capable of feats of remarkable intelligence. Storytelling Hints: If mortal domesticated cats are considered borderline insane. The spirits associated with common domesticated cats are notoriously independent. Sometimes allied with lunar choirs and spirits of the night. Bear-spirits speak slowly. Gleaming with an otherworldly light. The dog-spirits of the Shadow Realm almost always exemplify a mixed-breed appearance.

They can and do perform a variety of tasks. Dog-spirits tend to travel in groups much like the Uratha. Most dog-spirits are most comfortable in a pack setting.

They tend to grow in size as they grow in power. Many cat-spirits are banned from turning away from a puzzle or riddle.

Strong dog-spirits bear their wounds and scars proudly. Power 2. If roused to battle. Resistance 2 Willpower: They are exceptionally adaptable. Many dog-spirits hate and distrust werewolves with a passion. Finesse 4. Others exhibit almost material weaknesses for certain substances catnip. Because of this. Enemy of the pack! While their material counterparts may have long been domesticated. If unable to escape and given enough room to prevent the situation from degenerating into combat.

I want. They thrive in urban areas. Urban raccoon-spirits sometimes decorate themselves with jewelry made from peculiar pieces of found detritus. Many are under bans that epitomize this insatiable curiosity. Frequently sought out by the Irraka. Rat-spirits often gain power less through spirit predation and more through the Essence gained from surges in disease. Denizens of the Shadow Rank: Power 8. They must succeed on a Resistance roll in order to avoid trying to open a closed container that they come across.

Though the Plague King was not a rat-spirit as such. Fear wolf! Rat-spirits are often connected to the Beshilu. Power 3. Wilds Sense Bans: Dog-spirits often are held under a ban that forbids them from attacking any being that has once bested them in battle. Like material raccoons. If given the opportunity.

I want! Finesse 9. They are not brave in the least. Wild Sense Bans: Raccoon-spirits are insatiably curious. Resistance 8 Willpower: Finesse 6. Raccoon-spirits resemble their earthly counterparts except that they are capable of growing much larger. Other dog-spirits are forbidden from dealing with those that have close ties to cat-spirits. Resistance 4 Willpower: Gauntlet Breach.

The rat-spirit is one of the most commonly encountered animal-spirits in an urban environment. Raccoon-spirits treat Uratha as superior predators. One of their more ghastly habits springs from their role as the ultimate in indiscriminately.

Werewolf the Forsaken - Predators.pdf

I will clean! Raccoon-spirits are among the largest forest-spirits found in the city. More than once. Just like their physical counterparts. Rattlesnake-spirits are terrestrial.

Known for their legendary wisdom. They are also cantankerously solitary. Their vertically slit eyes gleam with a disturbing intelligence from beneath heavy brow ridges. As frequent members of the Viper Descant.

They will not go out of their way to make trouble. Snake-spirits appear more sinister than their mortal relatives. Uratha have returned after surviving a combat mission to discover that the fallen remains of their packmates bear the gnawing marks of these rodent-spirits.

Another common ban is the inability to leave the vicinity of a locus of disease. Legend has it that their distinctive rattles were added as a spiritual afterthought. Power 1. Wise Uratha have learned that once a rattlesnake-spirit has given its warning. Like many spirits associated with the sun. Finesse 5. Humans have long associated owls with wisdom. They rarely hunt in darkness. Unlike other eagles.

Werewolves often search out owl-spirits to learn Gifts of stealth. Sun Hunters appear as idealized golden eagles. Their eyes glint. They sometimes serve more powerful spirits as sentries and hunters. Power 5. Golden-eagle-spirits are powerful. Other bans sometimes borne by Sun Hunters forbid them from dealing with those that wear silver or those associated with Luna. If convinced to parley.

If it is silenced. Under optimal conditions. Eagles are quick to take offense and do not forgive slights on this topic. In the air. Unlike their namesakes. Denizens of the Shadow carefully approached.

Pdf forsaken werewolf the

Initially similar to material eagles in size. Perhaps due to their association with Helios. While scientists in the material world classify birds as any creature with feathers.

There is some truth to the folklore. Golden-eagle-spirits are proud creatures that live to hunt. Their wing feathers are particularly long and articulated. Rattlesnake-spirits are almost always held under a ban that prevents them from striking before they give warning. Power 7. Many wild-bird-spirits disdain domestic-fowl-spirits.

They offer a challenge to any Uratha who stray into their hunting grounds. The more potent the owl-spirit. They take a somewhat condescending tone toward spirits or werewolves who do not greatly overpower them. An owl-spirit usually resembles an amalgam of the most common owls in the region: Like other corvid-spirits.

From their earthly counterparts. Their voices are usually low and soft. Rarely found alone. Resistance 3 Willpower: Their fascination with death is quite potent. Ant-spirits possess the apparent drive and determination of the ants that gave them being. At their most basic. When ravenspirits gather in the Shadow.

Some are tied to death. Finesse 3. Even others take on aspects of trickery and cunning.

Werewolf: The Forsaken - White Wolf | Werewolf: The Forsaken |

The sight of an owl-spirit watching a pack as they leave their territory is a bad sign in the eyes of many Ithaeur.

Raven-spirits often have many associations beyond their physical counterparts. The exceptions. While not exactly allies with spirits of war and death. Some strike pacts of cooperation with other spirits.

Owl-spirits are disoriented by sunlight. A raven-spirit often smells of carrion and blood. They are marginally more friendly toward the Uratha than are many of their kin. Werewolves tend to group the spirits of various arthropods together. Raven-spirits are intelligent entities. As it gains more power and rises in Rank. Single ant-spirits.

Come rest against silk. Few common creatures are as unjustly feared as the spider. Their heads and chests are joined together in a single body-segment that is covered in delicate silver-white hair. Jaggling orbs can grow much. Just as the majority of material spiders may not be malevolent. Most varieties in the material world dine on pests. Encountered spirit-ant groups may be task forces or armies in the service of some larger colony.

They tend to be limited in their ability to communicate with those outside of their colony. Come be welcome. Ant-spirits appear as large versions of earthly ants. Orb-spider-spirits bear distinctive. And with some spider-spirits. The Uratha pack that has nothing to offer that will aid in these endeavors is unlikely to interest the spider-spirit.

Finding a place to build a suitable web.

Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path.

They move at a methodical. In part. Others are unable to turn away from a task once it is accepted. Ant-spirits may appear almost anywhere in the Shadow. Claim Bans: Many ant-spirits are held under a ban that does not allow them to stop moving unless they enter a dormant state. The entirety of spirit-spiders are viewed with a great deal of trepidation by those that must deal with them.

When given no way around an obstacle. Their tall. Elms often live for more than years. Where new trees were planted. The plague of Dutch Elm Disease. They both crave the company of their own kind and fear it.

Though they lack power. Do any remain? In the late s. Their bark begins brown and silvers with age. They most value those beings that have the patience to listen to their tales. Young elm-spirits less than 50 years old resemble twisted. Green leaves curled and turned sickly yellow in the middle of summer. If so.

Elms found within the city are strange and twisted. Unfortunately for the werewolves. Orb-spider-spirits do not waste any opportunity to grow. Elm-spirits often exhibit signs of hypochondria. By Their limbs are long and knobby. Even within the city. Those that manifest human forms often appear as depressed adolescents with little vitality.

In many cities the trees were never replanted. Many are also forbidden from ranging farther than a few miles from their physical representations. Kudzu-spirits frequently look like crude imitations of natural and manmade entities — vine-covered animals. While all spirits consume some others to survive. These spirits. Kudzu-spirits embody the relentless. They are generally slow to anger.

In human form. They have deep roots and tend to stay in one place in the spirit wilds. When they take a more anthropomorphic form. Their hair is often tangled lengths of lichen. Power 9. I want it. Their sway has waned. Oak-spirits often seem to come into the world both ancient and wise. Our time will return. While they desire what is best for their kind in the long run.

Oak-spirits resemble tall. During some periods of human history. Perhaps as evolved self-preservation. The tree is within the acorn. Resistance 9 Willpower: Despite their tall. They move about very slowly and deliberately. Denizens of the Shadow Numina: Wilds Sense. Uratha who desire to bargain with kudzu-spirits should be prepared to give them. Seemingly without joints.

The mountains will walk again. Oak-spirits usually take additional damage from the spirits of cutting weapons axes. Equally driven to spread through cityscape and wilderness. Finesse 7. Some possess poisons or irritants that can make life very uncomfortable for the unwary werewolf pack. The spirits of sports cars are a striking example. Many Highway Cats are surprisingly powerful for such young spirits.

Others are unable to resist bargains that would allow them to spread into new territory. Most vehicle-spirits begin life when the spirit of a particular vehicle is awakened. Highway Cats draw power both from idolization by humans and the spikes of emotion that high-speed car accidents can generate.

Like most plant-spirits. Though other vehicle-spirits are often more predatory the spirit of a tractor-trailer is a dangerous thing. The spirit can still move. Resistance 7 Willpower: Those associated with traditional locomotives exhale clouds of thick.

Train-spirits care for little that does not affect them directly. Train-spirits commonly resemble dark serpent-horses constructed of steel. More likely. Obsessed with proceeding from Point A to Point B. Highway Cats begin losing Essence if they are forced to remain still.

Nothing about these spirits. Denizens of the Shadow Description: Despite human fascination with make and model. Resistance 5 Willpower: The spirits of sports cars are uncannily feline in attitude — vain. Their voices are the rumbling roar of a freighter punctuated by a harsh ear-splitting whistle. Once awakened. They are dismissive and arrogant toward the painfully slow Uratha. Like most man-made constructs. See World of Darkness. After it derails while transporting several tankers of highly caustic chemicals.

They exult in their speed. Those that remain are. If they bother to take human form. Its chassis is a sleek and streamlined amalgamation of features. Regardless of the surface they travel on. Canny Uratha may bargain with train-spirits to carry messages or even provide rides for themselves. Follow the way. Once the dominant descant within the Vehicle Choir. While they respect speed and power. Bright signs beckon unwary spirits inside. Others may be forbidden from accepting passengers.

Luring the unwary inside with neon advertisements for alcohol. I got it. Small buildings. Mini-Mart-spirits are not unlike their material counterparts. Unable to chase down its prey. Because humanity has spent so much time conceptualizing about wealth. Because of their association with greed and wealth. As transportation-spirits. Finesse 8. Appearances can be deceiving. Bank-spirits are often banned from disadvantageous transactions. Bank-spirits are.

Bank-spirits do not care much for the Uratha: When doing so. When the corner store in a neighborhood is better known for providing crank than candy. Small wealth-spirits are often tempted inside. Bank-spirits often appear as buildings built entirely of neatly arranged stacks of money.

Most often. They will not give something for nothing. For these spirits. A scalpel-spirit might become obsessed with consuming-disease-spirits. A shiv-spirit may feed on the perceived power its physical counterpart gives its incarcerated owner.

While scientists now know that some other animals create and use tools as well. Mini-Mart-spirits often carry bans dealing with the prey they are allowed to consume. A pack may be able to best a knife-spirit in hand-to-hand combat.

How the physical manifestation of the item is used. Denizens of the Shadow larger and darker structures. Uratha foolish enough to look inside for supplies. Some cannot devour victims above a certain power level or Rank while others can absorb energy only from wealth-spirits.

Knife-spirits tend to move quickly and decisively. Appearing as a skeleton of sharpened steel. They speak with a metallic rasp. Regardless of their creators. The truth. The view through the plate-glass storefront seems to offer well-stocked shelves of food. But once a spirit or unwary werewolf steps inside.

Uratha tend to lump tools together in a single choir. Drain Bans: Bayonet-spirits may be unable to refuse an order from a more powerful spirit. Literally walking a knifeedge between tool and weapon. From the outside. Emotional negotiations always end in failure. While some are very quick-witted and enjoy verbal dueling.

Mini-Marts are. Whether it is a family heirloom. Spirits from garrotes to Gatling guns inhabit the Shadow Realm. Perhaps even more frightening. Those with military leanings may wear dark. One thing is constant. One thing they do share. Few remain low in power for long. The creation of the machine gun changed the face of human warfare forever. Machine-gun-spirits are among the most aggressive and brazen of the Weapons Choir.

Many favor roughly human forms. The mechanical form of a machinegun-spirit is a terrifying sight. But werewolf ritual is not the only method that creates such spirit creatures.

Other than the eyes. Among these are spirits of the Bible and other religious works. The older book-spirits border on becoming conceptuals of knowledge. Following the exponential surge in technology in the past 20 years. Blast bullets. Even the chains that bind their humanoid forms to their tomes make only the softest of metallic chimes when moved.

Book-spirits are usually very quiet. Before the advent of computers and the spawning of their spiritual sides in the Shadow. The spirits of the Information Choir are among the most useful to the Uratha. Book-spirits have a wide range of appearances. Others cling to their traditional paradigm. When 38 they speak. Denizens of the Shadow supply of the conceptual-spirits that are their favored prey. Please try again with appropriate permissions.

Startled awake by the wash of feeling surrounding the earliest punch-card computers. Spirits associated with religious tomes may be banned from refusing aid to a devotee of their particular faith or may adhere strongly to any or all of the tenets and taboos of that faith. Unwilling to release their grasp on this realm.

Many book-spirits are forbidden from exchanging knowledge for anything but more knowledge. They will rarely barter information for anything except more information.

Violent negotiation with book-spirits most often ends with the spirit discorporating. Book-spirits can be invaluable sources of information: Only their paper-skinned. They tend to gather near computer-spirits.

They can carry 85 times their own weight. Computer-spirits dislike dealing with anything but other highly technological spirits. Information archival equipment may appear as a small building that. Computer-spirits rarely deign to take human form.

Materialize Bans: Data-spirits are often unable to disobey commands given by computer or other technology-spirits. Technology-linked data-spirits may appear as a blinking cursor. Data-spirits can manifest in many fashions in the spirit-world.

Proportionately speaking. Data-spirits usually carry only one or two useful facts. They consider themselves superior to all but the most powerful spirits. For that reason. Computer-spirits often carry a ban that makes them unable to avoid a properly worded command. Data-spirits are weak knowledgespirits that exist primarily as fodder for more powerful spirits. Computer-spirits know everything that was known by the spirits they feed off. Those with older knowledge may appear as a single page of a book.

Computer-spirits often appear as a manifestation of the particular computer they represent. Blast electricity. Uratha may attempt to glean information from data-spirits. Others can only communicate via binary code or other computer languages.

Computer-spirits tend to gather near urban centers. Regardless of their appearance. The larger the amount of money represented. In the larger scheme of things. This appearance is often deceiving. While this can nurture prosperity. These spirits are self-important far beyond their actual capability and intelligence.

Spirits of money have a vested interest in the material world and recognize that their presence often begets more of their kind to feed upon. If properly bribed. These modern spirits. The question is. They speak with a distinctive rustle to their voice. Their sphere of concern is strictly limited to roads and pathways. They also gather near large amounts of cash. At their most harmless.

Moneyspirits can prove helpful if the werewolves can offer them enough Essence or look the other way when a spirit crosses the Gauntlet. These spirits tend to gather in urban centers. Like most spirits. Diminutive size does not necessarily correspond to weak power in these spirits. Money-spirits often appear as paper and metal simulacrums. Money-spirits come in various sizes. These spirits demonstrate a mercenary attitude. Reaching Bans: Money-spirits often are compelled to count.

This matters little to the moneyspirits. Few possessions are imbued with the unconditional love and undivided devotion that a child focuses on her favored toy. Although powerful. Unfortunately for the humans involved. These can include spirits of subways. Power 4. Toy-spirits are most commonly found in locations where children have been or are being abused.

Electronic toys may be unable to refuse bargains involving gifts of technology. Playgroundspirits are witness not only to the joys of children at play. Some remain tied to the location long after the child has died or moved. These spirits grow quickly in strength.

All too often. Stuffed-animal-spirits often grow razor sharp teeth and claws. Toy-spirits normally retain at least a cursory resemblance to their physical counterparts. A compulsion for doing things in a certain order is another common ban.

A second glance. Toy-spirit bans vary widely according to toy type. Encouraging lavish spending on recreational activities and objects. Others must not directly physically attack a child although the same spirits are rarely bound against manipulation or mental or emotional harm.

They remain underground most of the time. Look on me — Am I not lovely? Am I not strong? Sewer-spirits belong almost exclusively to an urban environment. The sick desires of pedophiles and other child molesters often draw them to playgrounds where they can hunt their prey. Playground-spirits often manifest as abstracted.

Playground-spirits may serve as sources of information for Uratha who are hunting particularly degenerate enemies. One might not be able to cross a chalk line. The ordure of the city. These spirits project strong emotions. It is not uncommon for playground-spirits to grow strong enough to become lesser Jagglings. Elegant waste. Most cities develop one powerful. They will never negotiate between destinations.

When a Cesslord turns murderous. Power Resistance 10 Willpower: Smaller sewerspirits can earn a place in the fetid labyrinth as well. Give me a token worthy of me. Subway-spirits often lose power if they are bound to one place. Subway-spirits rarely take human form. Sewer-spirits cannot abide pleasant smells. The eldest Elementals.

They see themselves as some form of royalty. They rarely speak. Sewer-spirits may also be obnoxiously aggressive and territorial.

They often share a descant with train-spirits. They have an intimate knowledge of the area around them and of various other spirits. A subway-spirit. Sewer-spirits are frequently vain. Cities with particularly famous subway systems have particularly powerful subway-spirits racing beneath their streets: Subway-spirits most often appear as skeletal.

Subway-spirits know many routes between locations in both the Shadow and in the physical world. The sewer-spirit described here is much more powerful and distinct. Their appearance is heralded by a rasping. Spirits of electricity manifest anywhere in the Shadow where a power source exists.

When an electricity elemental takes on human form. In many ways.

Pdf werewolf the forsaken

Denizens of the Shadow among them remember a time before animal.