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allegiance legacy 2 cayla kluver as pdf for free at the biggest ebook cayla kluver - sixesapp - allegiance legacy 2 cayla pdf new doctor in. Allegiance book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Only I saw Narian for who he truly was: a young man with courage and an. Cayla Kluver. Allegiance (The Legacy Trilogy Book 2) Cayla Kluver. He couldn't help his past any more than he could help the way those intense, deep blue.

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Cayla Kluver was born on October 2, , in Wisconsin. She has cats, dogs Cayla Kluver Author (). cover image of (). cover image of Allegiance . cayla kluver pdf. ebook is always available on our online library. with our easily download allegiance legacy 2 cayla kluver pdf to read on the plane or the. Books by Cayla Kluver from Harlequin TEEN Te Legacy Trilogy (in reading order) Legacy Allegiance Sacrifce sacrifice. CAYLA KLUVER DID YOU PURCHASE.

There were ways to fix things, to allay Narians concerns. The novel is set in the fictional city of Hytanica, sometime in the distant past. Her office is filled with twinkly lights. Cannan asked, concerned. I have the right to some fresh air," I asserted, hands upon my hips. I took his hand and held it there, warm against my face. But what you need to understand is that you have to take hold of the reins right from the beginning.

And oh my lord does that man have patience. I can't even count how many times I wanted to reach into the book and hug him and offer to be his queen instead of Alera. Does London pull a disappearing act again? London is always off doing something covert and, really, don't his stealthy secret missions account for at least a quarter of his hotness? When reading Legacy , I was really curious about London's mysterious past.

Thankfully Cayla Kluver finally dished in Allegiance and I got all the dirty details. Rarely do Big Reveals like that meet my expectations, but I have to say this one satisfied me.

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Do I have to suffer through long stretches of boredom? Allegiance can be roughly divided into two parts. The first part is very similar in tone, style, and pacing to that of Legacy.

The pacing was pretty slow and not much happened in terms of action. Mostly Alera pined for Narian, cursed Steldor, and tried to exercise her new role as queen with petulant attempts at independence. Blah, blah, blah, basically. I would even go so far as saying I zipped through it. While it's true that not much actually happens and Alera continues to annoy me, the side characters are all wonderful.

Of course I also liked all the focus on Steldor. Not only that, but Cannan Steldor's father becomes a much more involved character and yet another contender for my heart.

The second part is where the action really picks up. I'm talking WAR. I was positively giddy with this turn of events even though it was all stupid Alera's stupid fault. Cayla Kluver did a fantastic job really driving home the bleakness and utter devastation of the war.

She also took things in a direction I never expected and don't think I've ever seen an author take. That scored her major originality points. Seriously, I loved it. The only thing that brought down all of this awesome was the fact that Alera was narrating.

Pdf allegiance cayla kluver

The fact is, in her world women don't really do anything. At all. So while all of the male characters and my gosh, there was practically a harem of hot male characters getting all sexy and gorgeous with this whole war-torn-brothers-in-arms thing , I was stuck in Alera's useless head ineptly heating up porridge and feeling empowered because she hacked off her hair.

She also sleeps a lot. I could have been in a battle! So what's up with the lower star rating? Ugh, Alera. Everything else I could give a pass, but Alera makes my stars shrivel up and die. I want to offer her a sleepover party invitation just so I can then snatch it back and dance around like a tiny little meanie gleefully crowing "SIKE! None for you! And so totally childish. If she were the queen of my kingdom, I think I'd puke with fear.

Every single bad thing that happens to her kingdom is the direct result of some utter piece of stupidity brought to them courtesy of Alera. She gets haughty and blames everyone else. And did I mention she's selfish? Oh my word. While Steldor shoves aside almost every personal desire he harbors that may in some way conflict with his ability to properly run his kingdom, Alera does the complete opposite. All she ever thinks about is what SHE wants and how everyone should worship and obey HER and how she'd better get HER way or she'll do something even dumber than before.

Plus, the girl's priorities are all kinds of messed up. We're in the middle of WAR, tons of her countrymen dead, more dying, lots of very bad things happening, and what does she focus on? Whether or not Narian still loves her. Cayla Kluver may take a while to tell her story, but what a story it is!

That surprise twist in the latter half was fantastic. And the men. Oh my oh my, I can't even count how many attractive men there are in this book. That alone makes me want to read the final book. About that third book. When I finished Allegiance I wasn't sure I wanted to continue on with the series.

It ended really well and I couldn't imagine what would happen in the third book except view spoiler [a super annoying romance between Alera and Narian. I'm even holding out a teeny tiny bit of hope that some of the guys will get a shot at narrating! View all 21 comments.

Mar 22, Mitch rated it really liked it. Most people who pick up this book or series won't be looking for or expecting to find a pretty good story about politics and war, but this one is. There are quite a few impressively done scenes that has just the right tone and feel for a city and kingdom under seige by the enemy and the desperation comes right through.

I can totally understand the frustration the main character, Alera, goes through since she's the leader of the place but unable to do anything about what's going on around her. Th Most people who pick up this book or series won't be looking for or expecting to find a pretty good story about politics and war, but this one is.

That said, she's probably more heavy handed than necessary to get her point across, yes, we know she's trying to break into a male dominated world even though she's queen now and be the one making the life and death decisions for her kingdom, and sometimes it makes her look meaner for it, but she has her moments where she makes the hard choices that makes her actions understandable, though in a few places I think the pressures do get to her.

The secondary characters I think are better developed from the last book too. The king in particular is much more understandable now that it's explained view spoiler [ he got the job almost by accident and desperately wants to pass the role off to another hide spoiler ] and Steldor is given some redeeming qualities. Narian shows up infreqently but gets some development too. That said, I didn't like the resolution though I can live with it.

Some of the characters seem a bit too forgiving of what would be considered war crimes today and the story puts too much blame on the Overlord, who I feel sort of falls into the trap of being a cliched psychopath. Still, the war and aftermath scenes are powerful enough that a complex villain is quite unnecessary and I'm curious to find out where this series goes next.

Mar 18, Trisha Wolfe rated it it was amazing. All right…just let me get this out of my system real quick…Steldor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why am I always rooting for the losing team? Moving on… What an awesome follow up to the first book! Alera grew so much in this second novel. Even though I would have happily been with Steldor, I do understand her reasoning for not. The heart wants what the heart wants, and I was impressed with how she kept to her convictions and became stronger because of them.

Girl power! I also appreciate that she is not per All right…just let me get this out of my system real quick…Steldor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also appreciate that she is not perfect. That she makes mistakes, but she learns from them. And putting them down for making errors in judgment. How boring is it to be perfect?

Perfect makes for a lame story, and I love that Alera stumbles through things, and that she grows over time, learning from her blunders. The fantasy world was amazingly written by Kluver.

Even though I love Alera and Steldor, many of the side characters are endearing, such as London. He has an amazing story, and I loved learning more about him and his role. Narian brings the fire. View all 4 comments. Jul 10, Cindy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved everything about Legacy and I love everything about Allegiance.

I love a good fairy tale but to me this is a great fairy tale, fantasy, and romance all tied up perfectly. The world that Ms Kluver creates is so rich, I felt like I was right there with my favorite characters as events unfolded. He waited, watching the doors at the far end with eyes as bright as emeralds and Brilliant! He waited, watching the doors at the far end with eyes as bright as emeralds and as threatening as livid clouds on the horizon.

I loved that this story is not completely predictable. Alera is now married to Steldor what implications does this have on the kingdom as well as their hearts. Can she love Steldor? Will she be the ruler her kingdom needs her to be?

The much a waited answers to these questions are disclosed. As they were they tore at my heart, made me cheer, cry and scream no, no, no. My emotions, and anticipation as to what would happen next was on high alert. Alera is in such an awful position married to one and loving another. She is so young to have to deal with a kingdom at war, arranged marriage, and betrayals a plenty. I loved her integrity not only to herself but to Steldor and others.

She is bright, witty, kind, passionate, naive, and flawed. I think it would be challenging to be such a young queen. Her father was often very judgemental towards her, and yet we find her in this predicament because of him. He is very patient with Alera, more so than most men would have been. He really loves her and is hoping she will reciprocate that love to him freely and of her own accord.

I really came to admire him and his decisions, WOW there were some monumental ones! Narian finds himself back in Cokyrian, and doing the Overlords bidding. Why does he do it? I am probably one of the few but I love Narian too. He has many good qualities and some flawed ones as well. We learn more about his upbringing and who and what he is about.

He reveals more of his feelings for Alera and what that may imply. We also find out what really happened while he was in the Cokyrian's custody.

I was in awe of the man. This is a great continuation of Legacy. This story had my emotions all a jumble. There is plenty of intrigue, suspense, love and war to go around. It was a wonderful completely fulfilling read for me, this is my all time favorite series ever.

I am excited for number three next fall. Soooooooooo gooooooooood!! View all 23 comments. Dec 22, Meena rated it did not like it. Honestly I can not finish this book. I am two chapters from the end and I cant deal with Alera's stupidity anymore!

I thought she wanted to be viewed as someone capable and equal to men. Alera's attitude and thoughts in general are contradictive every few pages. Honestly its like looking into the mind of a selfish, idiot Honestly I can not finish this book. Honestly its like looking into the mind of a selfish, idiotic and clueless kid. The only reason Im reading this is to find out what happens to the other characters.

More specifically Steldor and London. In my opinion, even with the first book, his story with her is way more believable than with Narian.

And it just pisses me off that the author advanced their story so much only for her to go back to Narian foolishly because "his blue eyes are so passionate".. Soo frustrated at this novel at the moment. The politics and war is believable in the book and nicely written and descriptive. There are times however when the author overdoes it with the descriptions and re-iterates a lot of information that has already been mentioned only two or three chapters before. In my opinion there are parts of the book, like legacy, that have long paragraphs or useless information and descriptions that dont add to the story.

It's less noticeable in this book than in legacy. Contemplating reading the synopsis for the third book online so I dont have to read an overly written novel, written from the point of view of a very frustrating lead character. View 1 comment. We all know that. But she is older than the previous book. And i can't say the writing style changed much from then.

It was more well written, that's true but i could still see a young person behind and sometimes i felt like the wrong words were picked to describe. I think that if Kluver had picked a more normal YA, with not so much epic fantasy in it her writing would match better the story. It's not Hmmmm It's not bad Then we have how the story progressed. I have to say the whole idea, and finally the war, and some things happened at the war was just really good. Wonderful way to continue the story and make it interesting.

It was the reason that made me read it until the end. I wanted to know what will happen so i did not stop, though believe me i wanted from the first pages. To say it simple. I hated her and i still hate her. She is just so annoying. I can't connect with her, and while she has some moments of clarity she once again becomes her annoying self.

She is selfish to the bone. Yes, she had the bad luck to marry someone who didn't want. But for god shake's, she is a queen now!

There is a war! She acts childish all the time. Does she even care about her people? Except times you see her worried about her female friends, the rest book is her worrying over small things. She is not even strong enough, to stand the pressure of a queen. And poor Steldor, doing so much for her, the kingdom. She does not deserve him at all! I mean I'm a big fan of romance in books, but sometimes it just doesn't work all the time. So yeah I really don't like Alera and how she acts.

And the end of the book was even more disappointing. The only people who made me finish the book was Steldor, London and Kanan. The fact is i'm going to buy the next one. Just because i want to know how the story ends. I don't know how i will manage to keep up with Alera when she is the main character so i just hope there are many scenes with the rest characters to help me.

Allegiance was a really good sequel idea for the story, but i just wish it was from another person's POV. There might be some spelling mistakes with the character's name because i have read the book in Greek so i'm not entirely sure i translated them right.

Jun 06, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I adored her characters and absolutely couldn't wait to continue her exciting story! In this thrilling sequel, the war between Hytanica and Cokyri intensifies to frightening levels and you'll learn so much more about the characters you loved…or hated!

Whether you're Team Steldor or Team Narian…Kluver will take your mind and heart for a spin as the tables are constantly turned! Get ready to join Queen Alera on her quest for love and survival I could gush about the characters for pages and pages. They're developed so well and your opinions about them will keep changing throughout the book.

Pressured into marrying Steldor so Hytanica could have a new King, Alera feels out of place in her new life. Still in love with the Cokyrian enemy, Narian, she refuses to fulfil her duties as Steldor's wife and continually resists his attempts at aligning with her.

If you've read Legacy, you'll most likely dislike Steldor very strongly. Oh how things change! Steldor becomes a true contender for Alera's heart and I fell in love with him, even though it was a very long journey. Trust me, it'll happen eventually and you'll be shocked out of your mind. Steldor is amazing in Allegiance, being a smart strategist, doting husband and controlling jerk all at once.

Seatbelts on, please! At almost pages, this book is long. Kluver's known for her detailed descriptions of even the smallest event. Whereas I didn't notice this in Legacy and was engrossed in the story, I did feel as if the pace was slightly affected in Allegiance.

The first half of the book is a safe cruise with bursts of danger thrown in between, but everything after that is heart-racing!

The action truly escalates to a level that'll have you clutching your heart in absolute anticipation and fear. Will your favourite character die? Will there be a betrayal? A fair trade? Oh, the plot is brilliant and really brought this book up to a 5 star rating! Almost everything in this sequel is spot on and I'm impatient for the third book now!

While not a cliffhanger, the ending is surprising and opens an exciting door into Sacrifice. Isn't the title foreboding enough? Kluver's books are always packed with plot twists that you don't expect and can't help but love! No matter the length, you'll be sucked into this story once again with an even stronger yearning for more.

You'll finish Allegiance with a gasp and a "WOW". View all 6 comments. Jun 11, Clare Cannon rated it liked it Recommends it for: A feel-good historical 'kingdom' romance that reads as a filler between novels more than a noteworthy story in its own right.

The main character is a well-wishing but not particularly good heroine who is given more credit than she deserves for courage and leadership ability. She frequently demonstrates the weakness of putting herself and her feelings before others' needs, and retaliates and sulks when others respond to her confused obstinacy in a way she does not like. Though she occasionally red A feel-good historical 'kingdom' romance that reads as a filler between novels more than a noteworthy story in its own right.

Though she occasionally redeems herself it is a slow and bumpy ride, and there is more onus on others to accommodate her than for her to solve her own problems. For the young readers this is intended for there are several scenes and circumstances that might not be helpful.

A few times the story dwells on Alera's new husband trying to convince her to sleep with him through reasoning words and physical advances, but since she loves another she tells him she is not ready. Yet the prolonged description makes the reader feel her temptation probably more than is necessary, and for teen readers it's not really a helpful situation for them to soak their imaginations in. Second, though the consequences of Alera's denial of her husband and refusal to personally accept the marriage she has agreed to seem realistically negative at the start, they later dwindle away until her husband actually willingly releases her from the marriage, even though he loves her still.

This is even after she has allowed her previous lover to kiss her while still married to someone else. It just seems to work out too well, most girls finding themselves in a similar position could not realistically be so hopeful and expect their husbands to forgive them regardless of how they act. Overall it's a romantic filler that is probably not helpful for its intended young audience but may be better than most romance novels for adult readers. I rarely like the second book in trilogies.

They generally feel like a bridge to get from the end of book one to the beginning of book three without anything happening. It usually feels like a waste of a full book when simply making books one and three just a little longer would have worked just fine.

Allegiance is nothing like that. There is not one part of this book that felt like that. I could not stop reading.

Cayla kluver pdf allegiance

The only times I was forced to put the book down were driving home from the coffee s I rarely like the second book in trilogies. The only times I was forced to put the book down were driving home from the coffee shop and when I grabbed the bag of pepperonis that classified as my dinner.

The rest of the past 10 hours has been spent reading this book. Allegiance picked up right where Legacy left off and while it would have been easy for Kluver to follow the recent novel trends and make this the book that introduces the typical love triangle, she doesn't. Instead, she builds the characters and makes you like people you couldn't stand in the first book.

Kluver was able to take characters and make them people. They have flaws and you're still rooting for them in some capacity or another. Alera grows up in this book and it's easy to see from start to finish. She becomes the person she needs to be rather than the person she wants to be. The wonderful thing is that in the process, the two becomes the same. Even Steldor grew on me and I find myself wanting even more from his character. There's a nice mix between the romance aspect of the story and the action.

It never gets overloaded with the love story, but it's never too action heavy. It's amazingly mixed and only adds to the story. I can't wait for November to get my hands on the last book. I'm incredibly impressed with how Kluver has written the story thus far and will be anxiously waiting to see how she concludes this fantastic series. View 2 comments. Sep 08, Rebecca rated it did not like it. Rarely has a book, series, or author driven me quite so crazy.

The problem is the parts that are good are pretty good, but there are parts that are horrendous, and unfortunately, those are the parts that supposedly are the main backbone of the story. I only thought I hated the heroine from Andrea Cremer's Nightshade.

Has there ever been such a weak, selfish, simpering, and altogether idiotic Rarely has a book, series, or author driven me quite so crazy. Has there ever been such a weak, selfish, simpering, and altogether idiotic woman who was actually queen of anything? It's really rare for a character to be that unlikeable, especially when it's actually a first person narrative. I'm on page of Allegiance, which means I've probably read about pages in total from her point of view, and my dislike of her has only increased.

How on earth is it possible for Cayla Kluver to hate her own gender to the point that she makes every female character either useless and stupid Hytanicans or evil murdering invaders Cokyrians? Which brings me to the other thing in this book that made the Can't Stand factor just about limitless. Alera is a freaking queen. Narian is leading the invasion of her country. I don't care if her sister's life is at stake, and I don't care how many hormones she has in her body that keep her lusting after Narian.

It's enough to start making me want to cuss her out with some pretty strong and derogatory language. I mean, for god's sake, what kind of message is Kluver trying to convey -- yes, I know, she wants to write a story about an eighteen year old queen in love with the enemy.

But what the hell does it take for him to actually become the enemy, short of murdering her family in front of her? Alera points out that even if Narian "saves" her sister's life by, you know, invading her country and utterly destroying it, killing thousands and raping and pillaging and whatnot, what the hell kind of place does her sister have to come back to?

A smoking hovel where she'll be raped, where the man she loved is probably dead, and, oh yeah, her country is GONE? I'm sorry, I don't care how blue Narian's eyes are or just how much she lusts after this teenage boy.

Even without all of the above, the romance is completely forced and just about as gag-worthy as the worst YA "predestined" romance you can imagine. I'm sorry, your country is at war and all you can do, as their queen, is dream about how the opposing general's eyes are oh-so-blue?

Honestly, if I were in Hytanica, I would consider doing the whole country a favor and assassinating her. After all, why exactly does Narian have to "save" her sister's life by leading the invasion against her country? Oh yeah, because he was the one who told the kidnappers how to get her.

That isn't saving anyone's life, that's just a completely inept way to try to fill the massive, amazing, bottomless plot hole that comes with trying to make an excuse so that your predestined pair gets together. Oh sorry, Obama, your two poor innocent children are going to get killed, OR the entire United States is going to be nuked. And no, there is no possibility that the nuking will fail, because, y'know, there's this prophecy and all that.

It completely baffles me how Kluver can manage to create compelling and heroic male characters, and yet make her own main character so insipid and immature. Eighteen is not freaking young, when a you know from birth that you are supposed to be a queen, b your country is being invaded how many times do I need to point that out?

In other words, Kluver either needs to fix her setting or fix her character, because either her setting is broken and eighteen year olds there really are as selfish and completely immature as Alera -- who presumably should be at least a little more mature than other 18 year old teenagers, being queen, married, and an older sister -- or Alera is just a broken character. I kept thinking all through Legacy that it's okay, this is a bildungsroman, Alera will grow into her role and end up likeable.

But honestly, there's a reason why historically, there have been young kings, conquerors, and rulers -- Alexander the Great and Elizabeth I just being a couple of the examples. That's because by that age, they were already intelligent, mature adults.

Even in our world, Alera is old enough to go to college and, hopefully, to realize that "saving my sister's life! I can imagine this same series, just done so much better, that it's even more frustrating than if it were all just terrible.


This is the line at which I really just about lost it. Yes, because stabbing someone in the stomach is so much better than just killing them outright. Just in the same way that since Alera Loves Narian Forever, we're going to conveniently ignore that whole he's-killed-how-many-innocent-people? And uh, just to clarify, most people who get stabbed in the stomach die in medieval settings, because, you know, there's the little problem of human anatomy with intestines and infection and uh, exactly how does this guy know that Narian hasn't killed him from the stomach wound?

But we loooooooove Narian, right? I finished the book. It didn't improve near the end. You already know how it works out, of course. Narian could probably kill her parents in front of her and the ending would still be about how they can finally get together, cuz the war's done! Because your kingdom has been conquered, stupid.

Because, you know, it's entirely logical that her people don't mind her annulling her marriage to the king Alera, at one point, claims that "his loyalties are to me," while her kingdom is falling apart from the invasion he's leading and people are dying left and right.

Sure, he won't kill you or your immediate family. But that's a little bit like saying a mass murderer is loyal to you. I understand, it's like Korean dramas -- love isn't love unless it's suicidal, stupid, selfish, bitchy, murderous, etc. The pattern in Korean dramas is generally that in order for the main couple's love to survive, someone also in love with one of the couple has to turn crazy or evil.

As bad as that is, I still haven't seen a Korean drama that justified sleeping with the guy who has just participated in killing and torturing your people. This idea of "you can't help who you love, even if it ends up hurting you" that Kluver returns to again and again, has got to have limits, for goodness' sake.

Otherwise what you're left with is the idea that if this guy turns around and beats you up every day, hey, it's okay, I love him! The most sickening part isn't that Alera turns a blind eye to all this and eagerly gets with him at the end again. It's that she so comprehensively shuts out absolutely every little doubt. She claims she's afraid of him, but by halfway into the book, you'll probably have noticed that she's afraid of pretty much everything. Other than that, on the strength of her True Love, she leapfrogs over every questionable thing about him.

She doesn't stop to think about how those women who are missing husbands her observation, at one point actually ended up missing their husbands. She doesn't ever seem to question the paradox of Narian's alleged heroism in "saving" her kidnapped sister by leading the invasion of her country, although it's the information that he provided to her kidnappers that put her sister in danger in the first place. I can buy into a story about sleeping with the enemy, but not one that's so patently unrealistic.

All right, Alera got around the adultery part because she's getting the marriage annulled, but otherwise the positions are similar. In actuality, since the book ends with her being the sole ruler, instead of just the queen, it's basically like the President running off with Osama Bin Ladin. I mean, YA fiction isn't big on the realism, but this is to some really disturbing levels. It would've at least been interesting to see Alera struggle with this basic conflict of "loving the enemy," but that's exactly it--she never actually does.

Once in a while, she'll make a comment about how she feels a little guilty, but at no point does she ever show it.

Her entire character is passive, right down to the romance. She's in love with him, and that's that. End of character development. To be truthful, end of character.

If you think Bella from Twilight is weak and one-dimensional, think again. Jun 26, Mara rated it it was ok Shelves: Cover Blurb: Yes or No? As my sister put it, it looks like a Christian romance, and while I will admit that there are a few Christian romances that I like, I have never been a fan of their cover art. Also, there is not one, but two character impersonators. I do like all of the curlies, though, naturally. Alera, our lovely protagonist, is annoying at the be Cover Blurb: Alera, our lovely protagonist, is annoying at the best of times.

She is incapable of keeping a stiff upper lip in public situations, and she goes about acting upon rash plans. She is constantly on an emotional rollercoaster, and thus is completely useless. The girl gets a self-confidence boost from cutting her hair short, and learning how to make watery gruel.

London is really the only redeeming character in this whole trilogy. In fact, London would be a much better protagonist - more would happen in the books if we got to follow him around. As for the villain. First off, his name is just laughable - the Overlord. And then there was just the Overlord himself: The characters kept going on and on about how cruel he was, but I never saw it. He tortured people with magic, but those scenes were frankly just comical.

The Romance: Cokyria is threatening to invade Hytanica, and Alera is pining after Narian while trying to avoid consummating her marriage with Steldor. The first half of the book, nothing happens. The second half of the book, the war begins, and. London and another character are captured by the Cokyrians at one point, and then they manage to escape. But how they exactly escaped is never explained.

London says they had the help of Narian, but the how is still not explained, and I began to think that perhaps the Cokyrian security is about as secure as Camelot in Merlin: Alera also has no ladies-in-waiting, and every queen in history has had those.

And if anyone knows of a species of oak whose bark not only works as a painkiller, but a sedative as well, please share. Writing Style: Still, her style as a whole has certainly matured with her age, which I suspected it probably would. The good guys were under the impression that because the Cokyrian invading force was in Hytanica, their capital would be unguarded. Have they never heard of home defense force? The Praetorians in Rome were there not only to protect the emperor, but the capital.

He monologued and boasted and sneered and threatened to a point that completely discredited him. And then he goes and gets himself defeated in a completely ridiculous manner. Allegiance had a few improvements from Legacy , but not enough to make this a good trilogy. Recommended Audience: Feb 25, Charlotte Black rated it really liked it. This review is really a 4. I enjoyed this story as much as Legacy, the writing was still exemplary, rich and absorbing while a darker tone took over the book towards the end as war engulfed Hytanica.

The only problems are with the story itself. Parts were slightly annoying and others had me cheering. But firstly, lets talk about Alera. I still love her. I think she's completely inept at acting like a Queen, although when she is forced to head functions she does it well in a queenly manner. This surprised me as frequently her mother, the previous Queen comments on how much training she was given yet Alera doesn't appear to have received much.

Outside of Palace functions, Alera falls apart. Her marriage to Steldor is a sham, more of a marriage of convenience. No matter how many times he tries to show affection she shies away, unready and unsure of herself and her feelings. Once or twice I thought she would cave in. Her narration constantly tells us that she's allured by his eyes and his scent however she's still holding on to her feelings for Narian and they haunt her. Steldor changes a great deal in this book.

No long arrogant and completely chauvanistic, he begins to show a great deal more compassion towards Alera. Now that they're married he believes that eventually she will drop her guard and allow him into her life as her husband.

He forgives her actions and her rudeness with selflessness, and this alone lead me to believe that Alera would forget Narian and actively become the queen that Steldor dearly wants by his side.

Narian is not in this book a great deal, but he is constantly in Alera's thoughts. When they do meet there are only a few sparks of their love. I felt a little let down here as I wanted a little more secret romancing between them but it was mainly just a few words here and there. Nothing greatly concrete to make you understand if his feelings towards Alera had changed or remained as they were.

A few problems I had with the story was repetiveness. Towards the end, in the cave scene, the constant toing and froing between talks with the enemy was wearisome. London went to meet the Overlord and came back, then he went again and came back, then someone else went and came back.

Plus Steldor being sickened from his gruesome wound dragged the scenario out for too long. Yes, I understood that this was vital for Alera to grow up and become a stronger woman but did it have to take so long? Also, when Miranna went missing Alera showed grief in short, sporadic moments but then her thoughts flittered to Steldor or Narian and I wondered how she could be thinking these things when her most beloved sister was being held, possibly tortured, by the enemy.

In the beginning we see Alera as a spoilt brat. She sits in her room for days, crying and reclusively shying from her public duty but by the end she's definitely a different person with responsibilities so great that the future of Hytanica now rests on her shoulders. I can hardly wait for Sacrifice to come out to find if Alera is up to the challenge!

Dec 07, Amelia rated it it was ok Shelves: Originally posted on The Authoress: Book Review and More. I don't think I have ever seen such a downfall between books. Where Alera was merely an irritant in the first book, Legacy , she has turned into a thorn in my side. But we were now a Cokyrian province, and that status brought restrictions.

With time, limitations would be lessened and we would be granted more privileges. I had to make sure we survived this difficult stage to find a better one, for everyones sake. I came to my feet, intending to say something, but Lon- don interceded. Narians right. Were the Overlord alive and in command, we would likely be enslaved.

I could have sworn gratitude graced Narians countenance, for London was reminding the others that the eighteen-year- old had paved the way to the Overlords destruction when he had challenged his master in the clearing to protect me. It had been the High Priestess, however, who had delivered the final blow, saving Narians life by slitting her brothers throat when she had realized that his evil exceeded her control. The other men grudgingly accepted Londons point and Narian moved on with the meeting.

There is one more issue to addressthe positions you men will hold in this new Hytanica. The High Priestess feels it would be unwise to leave you to your own devices. This was spoken as a warning, and Narian let the words hang in the air for a moment before he went on.

Each of you is hereby given certain duties. London has al- ready taken up the role of Aleras bodyguard and will remain in that post. Cannan, you will operate from your old office in an advisory capacity to Alera while she learns to govern the province. As for the rest of you, the city is in dire need of repairs, and you will be assigned to that task, working with the Cokyrians who are managing the effort. Steldor, you are Cayla Kluver 21 assigned to the southern section of the city, Galen to the west and Halias to the east.

The north will remain under my ju- risdiction. I could sense indignation f laring within Steldorhis pride was enormous, while Galen was less easily offended; and Can- nan, Halias and London had the presence of mind and the years under their belts to take what they were handed. None of them, however, was pleased with the current state of af- fairs, and I feared how long their subdued attitudes would last. Why not simply execute us? Steldor asked, his jaw tight, no doubt thinking of his uncle Baelics fate after Hytanica had surrendered.

To appease the public, Narian snapped. Very well, Cannan said, holding up a hand to stif le his son. I assume thats all? His words sounded like a dismissal rather than a question, a harsh reminder that there was no enjoyment to be found for him or his men in Narians company. There was a tense pause, and I could feel an immense struggle for power be- neath the surface.

You are free to go. Cannan looked to Steldor, Galen and Halias, tipping his head toward the exit at his back to indicate that they should depart. The three obeyed without a word, and when the door had closed, he once more addressed Narian. The High Priestess does not misjudge us. We could be dangerous to her. The captain scrutinized the young com- mander, and there was something strange in his expression, something hidden in his thoughts that I could not deduce.

But I think you know I have lost enough and have no desire to lose my son, as well. I will restrain Steldor and the others. They will cause you no strife. After a bow to me, which was inappropriate if it indicated I was still Queen and a slight to Narian if it was deference to a leader, for he offered him no such show of re- spect, he disappeared into the corridor after his men.

If youll excuse me, Narian said to me, holding up the scroll. I must see to the immediate distribution of these rules. Of course. He picked up the daggers Steldor and Galen had relin- quished and departed the way he had come, through the door into what was now known as the Hearing Hall, leaving me where I had startedalone with London in the Drawing Room.

You certainly handled that meeting well, the former Elite Guard remarked with a cynical lift to one eyebrow. And what is that supposed to mean? I bristled, not in the mood for subtlety or his teasing. Only that you did an excellent job of assembling every- one, he replied, ignoring my tone.

Im just wondering if thats what we can look forward to from the Grand Provost in the future. And what would you want from the Grand Provost in the future? He laughed and pushed away from the wall. I know you, Alera, perhaps better than anyone. Ive seen your courage, your resourcefulness. I know the leader you can become, the leader I believe you want to become. But what you need to understand is that you have to take hold of the reins right from the beginning.

If you dont, by the time you feel ready, the reins will have slipped through your fingers and youll be led by another. You mean by Narian. He shrugged and ran a hand through his unruly silver hair.

Sacrifice by Cayla Kluver - Chapter Sampler

Cayla Kluver 23 Was there nothing in the regulations that struck you as overly severe? You must have seen them before this meeting. Was there nothing you might have wanted to alter? I stared at him, finally understanding his point. Take hold of the reins, he repeated, opening the door into the Hearing Hall so that I could cross its expanse to reach my office, formerly the Kings study.

As I walked past him, he added with his signature smirk, In Cokyri, women can wear the breeches. When evening came, I returned to my rooms, which had for generations been the quarters of the King and Queen, dismissing London before I entered. Hytanica no longer had a King and Queen, but the High Priestess had permitted me to occupy this part of the second f loor out of respect for tra- dition.

Although the furnishings had survived the Cokyrian occupation with little damage, I spent most of my time in my bedroom, for the parlor and the bedroom that had been Stel- dors felt haunted. In truth, they were haunted by memories, both from my childhood and my marriage. Since Id taken up residence, I had not even entered the room that had been the Kings, and it felt to me that the closed door led to nothing. Every so often, I would force myself to sit in the parlor, not retreating so hastily to sleep.

I would try to read, but the worries and responsibilities that cluttered my mind interfered with my concentration.

Tonight I had prepared for bed, don- ning a nightgown and robe, then had gone to sit upon the leather sofa, trying my best to feel comfortable and at home in a palace overrun with Cokyrian soldiers. It wasnt long before Kitten, the pet Steldor had given me after my sister had been abducted, jumped up beside me.

The black-and-gray tabby cat settled in contentedly, oblivious to the issues that troubled me. Two weeks ago, she had married Temerson, the boy she had been courting prior to the abduc- tion, but she was still far from her effervescent former self. I saw her frequently, for she and Temerson resided in the palace on the third f loor, in the same wing as my parents.

But Te- merson would before long purchase a house with the money he had inherited from his father, one of the officers slain by the Overlord. While it was not customary for royalty to leave the palace, the Palace of Hytanica as we had known it no lon- ger existed. Moving out of the Bastion would be good for Mirannawe lived too close to the enemy here, too close to remembrance and fear. Hearing a noise from my bedroom, I glanced toward its open door, but not in alarm, for it was an indication that Nar- ian had come.

I watched him slip through the window, his lack of stealth due to no form of clumsinessthe first time he had snuck into my quarters was when I had been Crown Princess, and he had given me a dreadful scare; he was simply mak- ing certain not to do it again. It was strange to have relapsed into the pattern of that long-ago clandestine relationship, but precautions were necessary. It was too soon for my people or the Cokyrians to learn of our connection.

Although Narian and I trusted each other, the High Priestesss suspicions about us had weakened her trust in him, and my people saw him as the enemy. If not for the fact that he was ideally suited to the position he held, for he understood both cultures, I doubted she would have left him in charge. It was ironic that we had for months hidden our relationship from my father and now were keeping secrets from the woman who had raised Narian.

I stood and went to meet him, his face lit only by the moon- light filtering between the drapes he had left parted. Ive missed you, he said softly, for he did not work out Cayla Kluver 25 of the Bastion, and our separate duties did not often bring us together, nor did they allow us much privacy. He stepped closer to me, bringing his lips to mine, and I ran my fingers through his thick blond hair.

One of his hands slid behind my neck, the other trailing down my back to rest on my hips, and a thrill tickled my spine. When our lips re- luctantly parted, we rested our foreheads together, our breath- ing falling into the same rhythm.

After a moment of comfortable silence, I asked, Do you think they took it well? Cannan and the others, I mean. I wanted desperately to believe no more lives would be lost. I prayed the men would recognize that this was the way to safeguard our people. They took it as well as can be expected, he answered with a shrug, then his tone grew puzzled.

London, especially. I studied his face, noting the slight crease in his brow. What is it? Nothing, he responded, removing his weapons belt and laying it on the table next to the bed before reclining on the mattress against a stack of pillows.

I lay down beside him, nestling against his shoulder, his arm around me. Although our positions were terribly improper by Hytanican standards, the faith I had in Narian made it all seem innocuous. He would never take advantage of me, nor pressure me for anything I was not ready to give. I waited, knowing he would tell me what was bothering him in his own time. Its just that Londons reputation belies a willingness to admit defeat, and I find his complaisancedisconcerting.

Well, weve already been defeated, I pointed out. He cant deny it or fight it. And he may well see the same op- portunity to direct Hytanicas future that we do. The High Priestess did not have to name me Grand Provost, after all. Narian continued to think, his posture unchanged. Hed al- ways had misgivings when it came to London; my bodyguard had been the one to uncover the legend that had foretold of Narians conquest of Hytanica and had also been the one to discover our relationship and endeavor to keep us apart.

And it had been London who had improved our negotiating posi- tion with the Overlord toward the end of the war, for he had developed and executed the plan to abduct the High Priest- ess.

There were thus plenty of reasons to be apprehensive when it came to the former deputy captain. Remembering the most significant outcome of my tendency to let my mind overrule my heartLondons dismissal from the militaryI forced myself to banish what doubts I might have harbored about my bodyguard. Narian rolled onto his side to gaze down at me, his intense blue eyes finding mine of dark brown.

He kissed me deeply, his body coming into light contact with mine, and all the feelings I had fought against with Steldor came achingly to the surface. With a sigh that revealed his own yearning, he shifted away, propping his head up with his hand. Ive been thinking about changing my center of opera- tions to the Bastion for some time now, he confessed. The High Priestesss rules are an attempt to move the province forward, despite their restrictiveness. Setting up here would help the Hytanican people to see me as a leader and not just a conqueror.

You would live here? I asked, my eyes wide, knowing how much easier that would make it for us to spend time to- gether. At the moment, Narian worked out of the building in the city that had belonged to the Master at Arms, who had Cayla Kluver 27 been in charge of the City Guard, and it was difficult for him to break away to see me.

Perhaps on the third f loor, or in your old quarters in the other wing here on the second. How soon? Without delay. He reached out to touch my cheek with the backs of his fingers. I took his hand and held it there, warm against my face. The High Priestess wont question it. She has impressed upon me the need to keep careful watch over Cannan and London, in particular. Is that why you dont trust them?

Pdf kluver allegiance cayla

I asked, assuming a po- sition similar to his. Because she doesnt? It would be unreasonable to trust them at this point. I took umbrage at his words, for it sounded like he still viewed the men as his enemies.

All I wanted was for such per- ceptions, such preconceived notions of people-versus-people, man-versus-man, to be gone, along with the prospect of fur- ther warfare. I thought it was your goal, like mine, to bring these coun- tries together, I accused, letting his hand drop to the mat- tress between us. He knew I was annoyed; unlike him, I lacked the ability, and the need, to close off my emotions. I could already feel him pulling back behind that detached facade. Alera, that is my goal.

But we have to be realistic. For some, our ideal is the worst end imaginable. And the nature of these men pushes them in that direction. If it helps, I found Cannan to be genuine. That doesnt mean we can let our guard down, but I would trust him sooner than condemn him. I couldnt even bring myself to resent that he was right.

I hated the idea that my aspirations might be different from the people alongside whom I had lived and worked, the people who had saved my life and whose lives I had saved. I couldnt, wouldnt. There were ways to fix things, to allay Narians concerns. I would just have to make certain that none of those concerns came to fruition. Our conversation drifted off, and it wasnt long before I extinguished the lantern. We kissed once more, then I curled up beside him, my back to his chest, his arm encircling my waist.

In Steldors company, especially during our marriage, I had been tense and wary, but with Narian, I was at such ease that I fell into sleep more readily than when I lay alone.

He was strength and safety; fire and desire; comfort and happi- ness. In short, he was the man I loved. Cayla Kluver. One lives behind the former Hytanican palace walls and walks the razor's edge to keep the fragile peace in her beloved homeland.

The other slips through the war-torn streets, seeking retribution for her family's tragedy, following whispers of insurgency. Both face choices that will separate them from those they cannot help but love.

As their stories intertwine, a conspiracy ignites that may end in slavery or death- or lead to freedom anew, if only each can face what must be sacrificed. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Speechless by Hannah Harrington - Chapter Sampler.

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