Oracle soa interview questions and answers pdf

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Oracle SOA 12c/11g/10g Concepts and Interview Questions. Sunday, 16 September Oracle Fusion Middleware (SOA,OSB,BPM,AIA,ADF) Concepts .. As in the previous example, this is probably the most common http://www. You'll likely be asked difficult questions during the interview. Preparing the list of likely questions in advance will help you easily transition from. 25 TOP Real Time BPEL Interview Questions and Answers pdf download Oracle BPEL Process Manager is a BPEL engine. It is a member of.

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Oracle SOA Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | For freshers The answer is no due to the fact that SOA is one of the integral parts of Oracle. + Oracle Soa Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is SOA? Question2: Principles of SOA? Question3: What is the difference between 10g and. This is Chapter-1 of Oracle SOA interview questions and answers series. Question: What is Web Service? Answer: Web service is a piece of.

Dehydration store is the database where the instances get stored when it gets dehydrated by the process on the occurrence of non-idempotent activities and also stores the information on the long running processes. We use adapter to connect to different source systems. Our Portals: Another common pitfall is to try to solve multiple problems at once, rather than solving small pieces of the problem. What Is A Throw Activity? Receiver Threads property specifies the maximum number of MDBs that process Async across all domains. What is dehydration?

What is Web Service? Web service is a piece of code which is available on web internet. That code of piece can be developed in any language java,. A client invokes the web service by sending xml message and it wait for xml response synchronously or asynchronously. What is WSDL? The document describes a Web service. It specifies the location of the service and the operations or methods the service exposes. Web services are application components, which are self-contained and self-describing and provide services based on the open protocol communication i.

Difference Between Uri And Url? Since this is generally the case most of us encounter every day, URI is the correct term. What Is Mediator? The Mediator is in charge of interconnecting, within an SOA composite application, components that expose different interfaces.

In addition, the Mediator can perform duties such as filtering and making routing decisions. The composite editor in Jdeveloper gives you the flexibility to define the interface now, to choose an existing interface, or to define the interface later as you wire components to the Mediator.

Transforming data from one representation to another is, along with routing, one of the key functions of the Mediator. Difference Between Esb And Mediator? In 10g for routing, separate router need to keep along with ESB for routing and filter expressions.

25 TOP Real Time BPEL Interview Questions and Answers pdf download

Where as in 11g mediator contains routing rules and filter expressions itself. Besides the information about how to communicate to the web service, it the information on where the service exist. It has Bindings Protocol the message should be sent and Services has endpoint for each bindings.

It has information about how to communicate to the web service like types Schema , Message input and output messages service accepts ,Operations operation that can be performed on this service and port Type. Service Component Architecture SCA assembly model abstracts the implementation and allows assembly of components, with little implementation details.

SCA enables you to represent business logic as reusable service components that can be easily integrated into any SCA-compliant application. The resulting application is known as a SOA composite application. It provides a standardized view on data, and provides efficient transportation, as well as change capture, in form of a change summary. More specifically, it collects a data graph of related business objects, called DataObjects.

This graph tracks the schema that describes the DataObjects.

25 TOP Real Time BPEL Interview Questions and Answers pdf download

Knowledge is not required about how to access a particular back-end data source to use SDO in a SOA composite application. Consequently, you can use static or dynamic programming styles and obtain connected and disconnected access. BPEL provides enterprises with an industry standard for business process orchestration and execution.

Answers questions oracle pdf soa and interview

Using BPEL, you design a business process that integrates a series of discrete services into an end-to-end process flow. This integration reduces process cost and complexity. Oracle mediator is used for route, validate, filter and transform data from service providers to external partners. Determines the service component BPEL process, business rule, human task, and mediator to which to send the messages. Provides support for validating the incoming message payload by using a schematron or an XSD file.

If specified in the rules, applies a filter expression that specifies the contents payload of a message be analyzed before any service is invoked. If specified in the rules, transforms document data from one XML schema to another, thus enabling data interchange among applications using different schemas. Oracle Service Bus provides standalone service bus capabilities, enabling separation between application developers and target systems or services.

Service response messages follow the inverse path. Oracle Service Bus handles the deployment, management, mediation, messaging, security and governance of implementing SOA to enterprise applications. Oracle SOA Suite provides the following technology adapters to integrate with transport protocols, data stores, and messaging middleware:. Business events are messages sent as the result of an occurrence or situation, such as a new order or completion of an order.

When an event is published, other applications can subscribe to it. What Is Oracle Metadata Repository? In addition, the human task and mediator service components can make use of rules for dynamic routing. Oracle WSM Policy Manager provides the infrastructure for enforcing global security and auditing policies in the Service Infrastructure.

To move your organization toward greater service orientation, you need to take a balanced approach to building versus buying. This infrastructure and the associated tools can help you create the business services that run on your SOA.

So the real answer is that you need a certain measure of both building and buying. Oracle 11g Tutorial. Oracle Soa Practice Tests.

IT Skills. Management Skills. Communication Skills. Business Skills. Digital Marketing Skills. Human Resources Skills. Health Care Skills. Finance Skills. All Courses. All Practice Tests.

Question 1. What Is Soa? Question 2. Principles Of Soa?

Oracle SOA 12c/11g/10g Concepts and Interview Questions

Question 5. What Is Sca? A function, in Oracle Business Rules, refers to the standard mathematical functions. A global, in Oracle Business Rules, is similar to a public static variable in Java. Links are used to link to a dictionary in the same application or in another application. A Decision Function is a function that is configured declaratively, without using RL Language programming.

A ruleset provides a unit of execution for rules and for Decision Tables. A Decision Table provides a mechanism for describing data processing tasks. What is. JWS file? What is Service Components. Enables you to create a BPEL process that integrates a series of business activities and services into an end-to-end process flow. Create Business Rules dialog: Enables you to create a business decision based on rules.

Create Human Task dialog: Enables you to create a workflow that describes the tasks for users or groups to perform as part of an end-to-end business process flow. Create Mediator dialog: Enables you to define services that perform message and event routing, filtering, and transformations. Describe The available Services. Adapter Configuration Wizard: Creates a service data object SDO invocation service.

Create EJB Service: What is WS Addressing? WS-Addressing is a transport-neutral mechanism by which web services communicate addressing information. Hence, WS-Addressing evolved which contained endpoint references EPR and message information headers for identification. This information is processed independently of the transport mechanism or application.

What is a NameSpace? What is inline schema? What is Dynamic Binding. Creating a dynamic binding in BPEL. Dynamic binding allows the developer to add new services through configuration or run-time inputs.

To understand how this dynamic process works, it is first necessary to analyze the DynamicPartnerLink. The first interesting thing in this file is the loan service partner link: You'll observe in the LoanService.

Soa answers oracle interview pdf and questions

It is important to understand that there is no "real" service called "LoanService. This approach works as long as the real services all support the same interface same data types, messages, roles, ports, and partner link types as that defined in the template WSDL. It is important to define this template interface carefully because a change here can affect many processes down the line. The LoanService. This model requires a redeployment of the WSDL file as each new service is added.

This approach represents a remarkable improvement over modifying the parent process to include new partner links and routing logic for each new service. Later you will see how to disassociate the service endpoints from the WSDL file as well.

Returning to the DynamicPartnerlink. The DynamicPartnerLink process basically consists of a switch. It inspects the "provider" string passed in by the caller.

Here's how to accomplish this task when the input string the service provider is "united": What is Fault Policy Management. What is Difference between 10g and 11g of Soa. SCA is assembly of artifacts. How many ways to deploy a BPEL service? What is MDS? What is configuration control? And its usage in your project? What are the activities which used to dehydrate automatically? What is dehydrate activity. What is FlowNActivity.

Oracle SOA Interview Questions

What is Asynchronous and Syncronous Services? Business Scenario. In this blog, I have taken a simple route to explain the correlation technique. However, when an asynchronous web service is invoked, two ports are opened for communcation: