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Tom and I have put together the perfect introduction to daygame and Get your full-colour page Beginners Daygame PDF by clicking here. Quote: Going out to daygame alone as a beginner is about as .. The best thing about Bodi's work, in my view, is that it comes in a PDF. I especially respect the work that the London day game guys are doing, but they seem to be getting a . Personally I think indirect is the way to go for beginners.

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This PDF is a written accompaniment to my online Youtube video. “Beginner's Guide To Daygame.” Use them together to learn the fundamentals of daygame. Get started with daygame - talking to girls during the day - using this FREE PDF and video from Tom Torero, the infamous globe trotting seducer. 1. Beginner Daygame: Meet And Attract Women During The Daytime · Nick Krauser - Tom Torero, pdf, Sigma Wolf, , English, 0, [Download].

Make her wait a second too long before you answer her questions. This allows you distance and objectivity to do things like tease her, give her commands etc… Then after the role-play I want to use an opinion opener to buy myself some time and get her committed to the conversation. Why I 9. These techniques can be extremely useful in a bar or club, but is an ineffective strategy during the day time, due to the differences that I explained in the first chapter of this report. Who are you? This idea goes beyond just smiling.

Evolutionarily speaking the guy who is positive, and also has a positive outlook is more likely to be successful. He is more likely to have been successful in the past.

This guy is more likely to be successful in the future as well. Positivity is the emotional equivalent of big muscles. Instead find excuses for why they will. Find the good in everything. You are no longer pissed that you have to wait in the line at the bank.

Rather you are happy that you get the chance to text message your girls etc. Complain to your friends — not your targets. The only thing you should ever bitch about is how cool your life is. You want to get into the habit of teasing everyone. Stop taking life and conversations so seriously and learn to open up, and poke fun at yourself and others.

Guys tease the hell out of their buddies, yet are afraid to do it 8. Women have a really good BS detector. They can tell when you are not being yourself. They can tell when you become this other guy when you are around them. Teasing is something you can practice all day long, on both guys and girls. Internalizing this skill alone will yield HUGE results. Touching is a clinically proven way to get people comfortable with you. Infants who are never touched can actually become sick and in some cases even die.

Daygame pdf beginner

This little form of social politeness allows us to actually see that the other person is real. The more you practice this with co-workers, baristas, waitresses, shop clerks and your friends, the easier it will be with women you approach. Get used to doing most of your early touching in the area between the shoulder and the elbow. No other way around it. You have 1. Why I 9. Unfortunately they are important to Day Game because they are everywhere.

So you need to practice them. Before we can even get to how to open girls on the move, we have to first understand that there are two different types of girls on the move. The first one is a girl walking the same direction as you.

With these girls you have two different options. The first is to run an observational opener. When you do this, you want to go in with a more high value opener, to compensate for the fact that you might spook her with the blocking of her space. Also make sure to smile. Other than that, there are no real advantages to approaching a moving set. They just suck! The next type of approach is girls who are seated.

Girls who are sitting by themselves are the best types of girls to approach. Secondly, you will be able to join her at her table, bench, etc… and be in a comfortable situation with her. There are generally two common mistakes guys will make when they approach girls who are seated.

The first one is not sitting fast enough. The other mistake ironically enough is This makes her uncomfortable and makes her think about how long you are going to stay there. Girls standing in various places provide you with the most options for how you are going to approach. You can go direct, you can go indirect or you can use a pre-opener or anything. The key to making standing approaches work is to move the girl as much as possible. In the Day Game Seminar I reveal four different ways to start a conversation during the day.

Opening Direct: When you are opening direct, you are expressly stating your interest in meeting her and finding out more about her. When you open direct you want to be more powerful in your body language. You want to make sure that you keep a very upright posture, standing tall and powerful. You want to make sure that you move slowly and confidently; hold eye contact all the way through the opener. You want to keep a cocky smirk on your face as well.

The direct opener that I have had the most success with goes something like this: What I like to do after a direct opener like that is ping for qualification. Opening with Pre-Openers: So to get around this, we need to ask them a social question. A question, they have probably been asked before, and they have an auto pilot response for. I call these small social questions Pre-openers.

Start Here

Here are some examples: After you open with a pre-opener, you want to turn the conversation fun and flirty as quickly as you can.

I do this through the use of role-plays and misinterpretations. We were both browsing in the meats section when I grabbed a pack of Skirt steak and said Sinn: Do you know how to cook this?

Notice how I do three things to open up the conversation.

It will also get her attention. Then I want to use my pre-opener.

Daygame pdf beginner

In this case I ask her if she knows how to cook a weird type of food. This is the Pre-opener. After the pre-opener, I want to immediately turn the conversation playful and flirty. The best way to do this is by using a role play, making her my personal chef.

Role plays are great because they allow you to go outside of the present situation. This allows you distance and objectivity to do things like tease her, give her commands etc… Then after the role-play I want to use an opinion opener to buy myself some time and get her committed to the conversation. During the day you are going to want to tease a little bit especially around the opener. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to build attraction during the day. Juggler once wrote the best description of teasing I have ever heard.

Teasing is the art of saying something mean but meaning I like you. We briefly discussed role-plays earlier in the opening with pre-openers section. Role-plays involve creating a funny fantasy situation involving you and the girl.

If she says anything that shows she likes you, you can remarry her. I think you would make a nice new GF. We are going to call you Wednesday. Ok this is awesome. This is going to boost my self esteem. This is the key to what is commonly called calibration. Lots of times guys will overdo teasing and offend girls.

If you do this simply apologize and compliment her. On the street corner in the last 5 minutes. It is way too sexy when you smile like that. Name calling is another fun form of teasing. Challenging is a great way to tease women. Women love being challenged because it allows her a chance to show you who she is.

You can use challenges to bait women into compliance and sexuality. Here are some examples of how to correctly challenge women playfully. Ok, you are Krystal 3. So you want to ping for qualification as quickly as possible.

Instead I recommend you attempt to qualify right off your opener. Who are you? You believe in Dinosaurs right? Cause otherwise it completely invalidates your opinion. Why is Monica special?

Daygame pdf beginner

I tried Pilates once and was sore for a month, I must be able to bounce quarters off your core. I love girls who actually like working out. I also love sushi but, how on Earth do you make your own?

Beginner's Guide To Daygame - Pickup Tips For Beginners [Free PDF]

I start off with a small funny hoop. By asking her if she believes in Dinosaurs. By asking a rapport question, I show that I am actually interested and not merely trying to reward her or be a "yes" man. I also do my best to relate as much as possible to her answers. To fully understand why touching is so different during the day. Shelly is out with her friends at a bar on Friday night. This is a situation where you could be making out with her within 15 minutes and taking her home within 2 hours.

In this situation it would be very strange to try to make out with her in 15 minutes and she will be leaving alone to go to dinner with her friend. There are no legitimate time constraints, and it is possible to take the interaction all the way to the bed room. This means she is in a different state of mind, and her inhibitions are lower. No matter what girls say grinding of any type gets them turned on because the physical sensations to those regions are impossible to ignore.

A good general rule for touching during the day is to not touch the girl in any way that you would be uncomfortable touching your boss. That means keep it very platonic. The only exception happens if you take her on an instant date to a different location. Speaking of which… These are important because they change the entire dynamic of the interaction.

When you are meeting a girl during the day time there is a specific dynamic. This dynamic is guy picking up girl. You are both strangers who came to the place you met separately. This is obviously not the most helpful dynamic. All of a sudden you guys are there together. This is why we call them instant dates, because the dynamic of the interaction changes from one of a pick up, to one of a date. So how can you start getting instant dates today?

The first key to getting instant dates is to start going for them. The next time that you are talking to a girl during the day and she seems interested, suggest going for coffee across the street. The second key to getting instant dates is planning. You want to know where you are going to be suggesting an instant date to go to. The reason was that it was perfectly suited to instant dates.

In this strip mall was a Borders bookstore where I could meet girls. Inside the Borders was a coffee shop where I could move girls I met in the bookstore. Across the parking lot, was a Coffee Bean and across from there was a Baja Fresh. So I could meet girls in the bookstore and suggest they have coffee with me at one of two different coffee shops within a hundred yards. I could meet girls in line for burritos and invite them to help me grab a book across the parking lot, etc Now the point is not that you have to find the exact same set up or move to San Diego Though it does have the best weather in the world.

Instead it shows the importance of setting up your own Day Game Environment. The more you can have easy options for instant dates and movement the better. Preferably you want to be able to see it as well. Girls are not going to be comfortable getting in your car after a few minutes. Now it can seem like getting girls to agree to go on an instant date with you is very difficult. You want to make sure that you get into the habit of trying to move every woman you approach.

In the DVD course I talk about how to use movement to escalate the interaction before going on the instant date. Briefly, I want to take a time-out and give you guys an assignment. One of the best ways to commit is to put together an action plan. Right now, we are going to talk about preparing a day game plan. The thing about Day Game is that there are multiple levels that one can build on.

For example you should be coordinating activities you enjoy into your day game locations. If you like yoga, you are going to have more in common with the girl you meet in a yoga class, than the one you meet at Starbucks.

Exercise 1: Pick out three places you are going to do Day Game and write down three times you are going to go there in your planner or cell phone. Be sure to experiment with the times and days to see if there is a specific time or day that particularly beautiful women are there. One of the things I always say is that Day Game will test your ability to be a normal, interesting person. Once you get the girl to answer a large qualifying question something like: This means you no longer need to worry about keeping the attraction super high all the time.

Instead, you want to focus on building commonalities, conspiracy, rapport, etc… Ultimately you want to lead this conversation into setting up a date. When I first took my Mystery Method seminar in , Mystery taught comfort as the idea of babysitting.

All you had to do was continue to interact with her and escalate touching until the magical seven hour rule kicked in and then you could get laid. These techniques can be extremely useful in a bar or club, but is an ineffective strategy during the day time, due to the differences that I explained in the first chapter of this report. I want to address both of these ideas as I attempt to shed some light on how to quickly establish comfort during the day.

Before I start to define comfort I want to break this idea of a comfort phase, into 3 separate types of comfort. This is important so that you know what kind of comfort to use at different points of the interaction. The first type of comfort is actually the starting point of every social interaction. This is what I call Social Comfort. Social Comfort needs to be established right away. In fact you cannot even be attracted to someone until you are comfortable with them socially.

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Daygame pdf beginner

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