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Set in the Sengoku Period of Japan (a period of domestic turmoil about years ago), INUYASHA is a time-travel fantasy adventure based on the hit comic. InuYasha Ani-Manga, Vol. 2 book. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Kagome has returned to her home in modern Japan. Grampa. Kagome And Inuyasha, Kagome Higurashi, Miroku, Inuyasha Funny, Manga Couple, Kagome surprises Inuyasha with a kiss Inuyasha Funny, Kagome And .

Jaken says that if Sesshomaru were present, he would kill her. InuYasha uses Tetsusaiga to cut through the spiritual barrier around Naraku's new castle; Naraku sends Kagura to stop him, but also sends demons and saimyosho to watch her. Kagura returns to the temple with Hakudoshi who begins battling Goryomaru. Haikufall rated it liked it Sep 24, InuYasha and Sesshomaru fight, and Sesshomaru retreats after having one arm cut off. Details if other:

F TAK ani-manga v. Casey Watkins rated it it was amazing Nov 05, Cath Liu rated it it was amazing Dec 07, Hafsa Aftab rated it liked it Jul 21, Lucy Yin rated it it was amazing Jan 27, Haikufall rated it liked it Sep 24, Katherine rated it it was amazing May 26, Meg Fairchild rated it it was amazing Jun 01, Thuc Han rated it it was amazing Aug 14, Chelsea Inak rated it it was amazing Dec 18, Brenda Franklin rated it it was amazing Dec 24, Chris rated it it was amazing Jul 18, Laurence rated it really liked it Mar 16, Sariyah Jerome rated it really liked it Mar 21, Chibisuke rated it it was amazing Aug 22, Annchan Maulana rated it liked it Jul 23, Tara rated it really liked it Feb 15, Alyssa Nielson rated it it was amazing Nov 13, Chris rated it it was amazing Oct 30, Sara Verschueren rated it it was amazing Jul 13, Luisa Goellner rated it liked it Aug 09, Alina rated it it was amazing Apr 25, Kanna rated it really liked it May 30, Brittney Bower rated it really liked it Dec 20, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers Also Enjoyed. About Rumiko Takahashi. Rumiko Takahashi. She is not only one of the richest women in Japan but also one of the top paid manga artists.

She is also the most successful female comic artist in history. She has been writing manga non-stop for 31 years. Rumiko Takahashi is one of the wealthiest women in Japan. The manga she creates and its anime adaptations are very popular in the United States and Europe where they have been released as both manga and anime in English translation.

Her works are relatively famous worldwide, and many of her series were some of the forerunners of early English language manga to be released in the nineties. Takahashi is also the best selling female comics artist in history; well over million copies of her various works have been sold. Kozue Koike often urged his students to create well-thought out, interesting characters, and this influence would greatly impact Rumiko Takahashi's works throughout her career.

Career and major works: Takahashi's professional career began in Her first published story was Those Selfish Aliens, a comedic science fiction story. Later that year, Rumiko attempted her first full-length series, Urusei Yatsura. Though it had a rocky start due to publishing difficulties, Urusei Yatsura would become one of the most beloved anime and manga comedies in Japan.

In , Rumiko Takahashi found her niche and began to publish with regularity. Written for an older audience, Maison Ikkoku is often considered to be one of the all-time best romance manga. Takahashi managed to work on Maison Ikkoku on and off simultaneously with Urusei Yatsura. She concluded both series in , with Urusei Yatsura ending at 34 volumes, and Maison Ikkoku being During the s, Takahashi became a prolific writer of short story manga, which is surprising considering the massive lengths of most of her works.

In , after the end of Urusei Yatsura and Maison Ikkoku, Takahashi took a different approach to storytelling and began the dark, macabre Mermaid Saga. This series of short segments was published sporadically until , with the final story being Mermaid's Mask. Many fans contend that this work remains unfinished by Takahashi, since the final story does not end on a conclusive note.

Another short work left untouched is One-Pound Gospel, which, like Mermaid Saga, was published erratically. The series continued for nearly a decade until , when it ended at 38 volumes. During the later half of the s, Rumiko Takahashi continued with short stories and her installments of Mermaid Saga and One-Pound Gospel until beginning her fourth major work, InuYasha.

While Ran Other books in the series. With a fake, poisonous shard in his body, Koga arrives, concludes that InuYasha killed the pack, and fights him.

After Koga defeats InuYasha, Kagura uses the wolf corpses to attack their former leader, who now realizes the deception but collapses from the poison. InuYasha revives, but cannot use the Wind Scar until Kagome shoots an arrow that disrupts Kagura's control of the wind.

The Wind Scar reveals the mark of a spider on her back before she escapes. Because of the spider mark and her scent, both of which resemble Naraku's, they conclude that she is a "detachment" created by Naraku. Kagome uses an arrow to dig the poisonous shard out of Koga, who revives and flees.

Inuyasha pdf komik

Kagura confronts Naraku and accuses him of endangering her by not telling her about Tetsusaiga's powers, but Naraku threatens to kill her himself. Koharu, a young girl in love with Miroku, is so overjoyed to meet him again after a three-year absence that Kagome and Sango suspect him of having been intimate with her when she was only eleven years old, but Miroku denies it.

Koharu wants to join the group to stay with Miroku, but he tells her that it would be too dangerous; Sango begins to feel jealous. Kanna flees and reappears behind Kagura, who is fighting InuYasha. Kagura deliberately lapses her control of the wind, allowing InuYasha to launch a wind-scar attack on Kagura; Kanna reflects it back at InuYasha, severely wounding him.


Naraku himself appears and gloats over InuYasha's failure. Miroku is about to open his wind tunnel, but Naraku points out that it would devour all of the souls trapped in Kanna's mirror. Naraku says that his power to create detachments comes from the nearly-complete jewel which Kikyo stole from Kagome and gave to him.

When Kagome shoots an arrow at Naraku's group, Kanna tries to reflect it, but her mirror begins to crack from the extra charge of spiritual force added to its burden of souls. Kanna is forced to release all the souls to save her mirror, losing control of the villages and allowing Kagome to recover. Kagura launches a wind attack which Miroku sucks into his wind tunnel, and Naraku's group flees. InuYasha's group moves to another location to let InuYasha and Sango recover.

Kagura spies on them for Naraku. Kagome and Miroku return and question InuYasha about Kikyo. Goshinki , an ogre detachment of Naraku, devours the inhabitants of a village.

InuYasha's group cannot fight him effectively because he anticipates their moves by reading their minds. Goshinki breaks Tetsusaiga with his teeth, then knocks out Miroku and tries to eat Kagome.

InuYasha completely loses his half-human personality and transforms to his "full"-demon form, killing Goshinki with his bare hands. Kagome stops his crazed rampage and reverses his transformation with "sit". On Myoga's advice, the group collects Tetsusaiga's pieces and takes them to Toto-sai, who pulls out one of InuYasha's fangs to repair Tetsusaiga.

While they wait for the repairs, InuYasha loses his powers due to the new moon. Toto-sai brings the reforged Tetsusaiga, but InuYasha cannot use the sword at full strength-- in human form, he cannot tap into its demonic powers, and when his half-demon shape returns, the sword becomes almost too heavy to lift.

When Tetsusaiga and Tokijin clash, Kaijinbo's body disintegrates under the strain. Toto-sai says the extra weight is from InuYasha's fang and he must build up his strength. Sesshomaru claims Tokijin, easily overcoming its evil aura, then knocks Tetsusaiga out of InuYasha's hands to test his brother's transformation.

InuYasha involuntarily returns to berserker full-demon mode again; Toto-sai breathes fire as cover to let the rest of the group drag InuYasha away. Toto-sai repairs Sango's boomerang. The group persuades InuYasha to never part with Tetsusaiga again, though without telling him that it suppresses his full-demon transformation. Yearning for freedom, Kagura asks Sesshomaru to kill Naraku, who now creates two new detachments: Juromaru and Kageromaru.

Although partially bound, Juromaru fights and pursues Koga. As their path intersects InuYasha's group, Naraku unshackles Juromaru's muzzle and chains. Juromaru destroys Naraku's surrogate demon puppet and fights InuYasha. Naraku sends a giant soul-collector demon to deprive Kikyo of the dead souls she uses for energy.

Unable to fight the demon, she flees, running into InuYasha as he waits near the Bone Eater's Well for Kagome's return. InuYasha destroys the demon.

Kikyo tells him that Naraku tricked her into sealing InuYasha onto the sacred tree out of jealousy, wanting to eliminate his rival and take her for himself more than he wanted the Shikon Jewel.

Kagome returns to see Kikyo and Inuyasha embracing, while Naraku secretly watches all of them in Kanna's mirror. Kikyo uses soil from Onigumo's cave to protect herself from Naraku, whose right arm she then shoots off; when one of his demons touches her, it dissolves.

She warns him to leave her alone or suffer the same fate. Kagome gives her supplies to Miroku and Sango and returns home again. Miroku tells InuYasha to go to Kagome to retrieve her jewel shard and then leave her alone. When Kagome's friends again tell her to dump InuYasha, she tells them he dumped her and she doesn't want to talk about it.

Although she says she is fine, they sense her grief. She cannot make herself return the shard to InuYasha because she might never see him again, exposing how deeply she loves him.

She finally returns to InuYasha, confessing that she needs to be with him even if he is still in love with Kikyo. Naraku's castle disintegrates and the barrier hiding its location dissipates. When InuYasha's group investigates the ruins, the remains of Sango's family convinces them that it is the real thing and they move the remains to sacred ground.

Miroku notices that the demons are still focused on him, InuYasha, and Sango instead of pursuing Kohaku, and concludes that Kohaku is still working for Naraku to get Kagome. Miroku opens his wind tunnel to finish the fighting, in spite of being stung by saimyosho, and Kagura flees.

Naraku's demon puppet orders Kohaku to kill Kagome, but he only wounds her, grabs the jewel shards, and runs away. Sango pursues him alone, planning to kill him to free him from Naraku and then commit suicide. InuYasha stops her and recovers the shards. Kohaku escapes with Kagura's help, but Naraku punishes him by briefly restoring his unbearable memories.

An ancient Magnolia tree-demon, Bokusen'on, whose branches were made into the scabbards of Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga, explains InuYasha's demonic transformation to Sesshomaru. Gatenmaru, a moth-demon, leads bandits to raid a village. When InuYasha cuts Gatenmaru's war-ax with Tetsusaiga, Gatenmaru envelops InuYasha and Miroku in a poisonous cocoon and tries to take Tetsusaiga, but it burns him as it burned Sesshomaru.

InuYasha undergoes his demonic transformation, rips through the cocoon, and kills Gatenmaru and all of the bandits, even though some of them were pleading for their lives.

To test the information from Bokusen'on, Sesshomaru arrives, knocks out InuYasha, and leaves. When the group gives Tetsusaiga back to InuYasha, he returns to his normal form and is appalled at his own actions. When Tetsusaiga is knocked away, InuYasha transforms to his demonic form and begins to drive Ryukotsusei back, but Toto-sai says this will not make Tetsusaiga lighter and wants to flee. Kagome insists that they stay to support InuYasha, who returns to his normal form when he recovers Tetsusaiga, which starts to feel less heavy.

InuYasha pierces Ryukotsusei's heart, but Ryukotsusei merely bleeds a little and keeps fighting. Toto-sai advises InuYasha to run away now that Tetsusaiga is lighter, but InuYasha refuses and says that he will out-do his father by killing Ryukotsusei.

Enraged, Ryukotsusai uses his entire aura to unleash an enormous blast of energy; unable to dodge it, InuYasha cuts through it with the wind-scar. Toto-sai is amazed — this is the Bakuryu-ha, Tetsusaiga's ultimate move, which reverses Ryukotsusei's blast and cuts him into small pieces with whirlwinds.

InuYasha demonstrates that he can now produce the wind-scar at will, but is chastised for showing off. Naraku offers the nearly-complete Shikon jewel to the dark priestess Tsubaki , a former contemporary of Kikyo's, who preserves her youth and beauty by dealing with demons. Kagome tells her friends in modern Tokyo that she made up with InuYasha; when she returns, Tsubaki uses the jewel to curse Kagome's jewel shards and control her.

Miroku and Sango look for Tsubaki, hoping to kill her and free Kagome. Naraku tells her not to underestimate Kagome, since she is Kikyo's reincarnation, but Tsubaki is unimpressed. Kagome tells InuYasha to run away so she can't kill him, but he stays. Miroku and Sango cannot pass through Tsubaki's shield, but Kikyo walks right through it and destroys Naraku's demon puppet.

Tsubaki realizes that Kikyo is undead. Kikyo says that Kagome will defeat Tsubaki, and threatens to kill Tsubaki herself if InuYasha is harmed. InuYasha brings Kagome, who shatters Tsubaki's shield with an arrow. Kikyo leaves. Tsubaki threatens to kill InuYasha if he uses Tetsusaiga, attacks him with her main demon, and reinforces her curse on Kagome. Miroku is unable to exorcise Tsubaki's shikigami to break the curse. Kagome manages to shoot an arrow at Tsubaki, but it misses and Tsubaki reinforces her curse again.

Koga's and InuYasha's two groups both catch Naraku's scent from a different castle. As Koga runs ahead, Kagura decides to attack him and cuts the jewel shards out of his legs. InuYasha's group arrives before she can kill Koga, so she takes his shards and flees. As both groups pursue her, Kagura finds Sesshomaru and offers him her shards if he will kill Naraku. When he refuses, she calls him a coward and tries to fight her pursuers.

She drops the shards when Koga hits her, but she notices that InuYasha is transforming from human to half-demon, exposing his weakness on the night of the new moon.

She attacks InuYasha with the dance of the dragon and he counters with his wind scar, now strong enough to work against her wind magic. Naraku's demons sacrifice themselves to let Kagura escape; when she returns to the castle, Naraku who was secretly reorganizing his body threatens to reabsorb her if she keeps displaying her own initiative. Koga returns the shards to his legs and flees before InuYasha can take them.

A beautiful princess is bewitching men from their village into a mountain and stealing their youth. Miroku and Sango go to investigate, but a spiritual barrier separates them.

The "princess" tries to seduce Miroku, but Sango interrupts and exposes the true form of a dog-demon which Miroku exorcises. Sango kills the dog-demon and Miroku comforts the freed princess, a long-dead spirit who now ascends to heaven. The villagers regain their youth and return home. Miroku lets Sango know that he thinks she is special, making her blush in confusion until he pats her rump.

She slaps him. Bandits find a large, random lump of flesh and stab it. A new detachment of Naraku emerges as a naked faceless figure that kills the men, rips their faces off, and tries them on while checking its reflection in the river. A monk named Muso tries to exorcise the demon, but it kills him and decides to keep his face and name. Naraku releases Kagura from her chains and sends her after Muso. Guided to Onigumo's cave by the saimyosho, Muso recovers Onigumo's memories.

Kagura tells InuYasha's group where Muso is, and they prevent him from killing Kaede. Muso tells them Onigumo didn't want Naraku to kill Kikyo.

After fighting Muso for a while, InuYasha aims at his spider mark, but Kagura pulls Muso away to Naraku, who forcibly reabsorbs him in InuYasha's sight. Naraku admits that he needs Onigumo to re-assemble himself during his periods of vulnerability as a half-demon. InuYasha uses the wind-scar against Naraku and Kagura, but Naraku blocks it and escapes.

InuYasha asks Toto-sai how to break any barrier with Tetsusaiga. Myoga tells him to kill a certain ogre-bat who can create a powerful barrier, but the ogre that Myoga mentions is already dead. The ogre's half-human daughter is being raised by the lord of the ogre-bats, her grandfather, to maintain the barrier in her late father's place. When the bats raid Shiori's former village, InuYasha's group saves Shiori's human mother from the angry villagers.

The ogre-bat lord had promised to spare the village if they gave him Shiori, but he now refuses to honor that promise and he threatens to kill Shiori's mother. Miroku sucks some of the attacking ogre-bats into his wind tunnel, but the rest hide behind the ogre-bat lord, who is carrying Shiori to generate the barrier around him.

Naraku says that he lured in Sesshomaru to be devoured, and they fight. InuYasha uses Tetsusaiga to cut through the spiritual barrier around Naraku's new castle; Naraku sends Kagura to stop him, but also sends demons and saimyosho to watch her. As InuYasha destroys Naraku's demons, Kagura makes a pretense at fighting him and flees. Telling them that Kohaku will kill Rin, Naraku dissolves into smoke.

Kohaku escapes with Kagura. Miroku surprises Sango by comforting her about Kohaku without groping her, but when she mentions this, Miroku pats her breasts. InuYasha visits Kagome in modern Tokyo while she is trying to study for an exam and upsets her by running naked out of a hot shower. Curry rice is also too hot for him. After InuYasha hogs the bed all night, they go back to the feudal era. The small leftover fragments of Naraku under his castle combine into a giant hair-ball demon with a mouth.

As Koga and InuYasha argue, the hair-ball comes after their jewel shards. Koga grabs Kagome and carries her to safety as InuYasha fights the hairball, but it breaks away and goes after them, saying that Naraku is going where no one can touch him.

Koga rips the hair-ball apart and leaves. Kikyo's soul collectors can find no trace of Naraku's aura. A dying elderly bandit asks her to take his top-knot to Mount Hakurei so its spiritual purification can wipe away his sins. The castle lord assumes the ogre's form to fight with InuYasha; however, the princess is the real ogre in disguise and intends to devour Miroku as the th victim since its escape, yielding enough spiritual power to restore its entire body.

The ogre's paralyzing aura does not affect the old exorcist, who uses all of her purification salts to help Miroku break the spell on himself and Sango. Meanwhile, the ogre goes upstairs to the real princess's dead body, which Kagome has found and where the souls from its previous victims are stored.

It eats some of the souls and tries to get Kagome's jewel shards. InuYasha realizes he has been tricked and goes inside the castle. The ogre explains that it waited to escape from the mound because of hiding from Naraku, who wanted to absorb it but is now gone.

InuYasha injures the ogre with the wind-scar and Miroku sucks her into his wind tunnel. Addressing InuYasha as "venerable dog god", some men beg him to save their village from rampaging monkeys. When he finds and defeats three monkey sprites, they give him a so-called peace offering: InuYasha manages to lift the boulder and threatens to crush them.

The monkeys tell Kagome they're searching for the missing stone that houses the monkey god, who is the only one who can release InuYasha. They return to the village and search for the stone. Kagome realizes the monkey-god's stone is being used to weigh down vegetables in a pickling vat. The villages promise to build a new shrine to the monkey god, who releases InuYasha.

The monkey god says that Naraku's aura recently passed nearby toward the northeast, but suddenly disappeared instead of fading into the distance. A dying wolf tells Koga about a terrible demon-devouring ghost in the north. This "ghost" is a giant human resurrected by a jewel shard in his forehead: Kyokotsu , a member of the Band of Seven. Kohaku fights him off and leaves before Koga arrives. Koga takes Kyokotsu's forehead shard, returning him to bones, but saimyosho steal the shard from Koga. InuYasha's group looks for somewhere for Kagome, Sango, and Miroku to recover.

InuYasha sends Shippo ahead with the others, but Ginkotsu attacks Kirara as she carries them to a temple. Inuyasha's wind scar opens a chasm in the ground that engulfs Ginkotsu. When InuYasha reaches the temple, the "chief priest" Renkotsu who killed and buried the real priests questions him about Naraku, but Ginkotsu interrupts to resume the fight.

Renkotsu takes Kagome's shards, burns the temple, and uses fire to help Ginkotsu. Myoga, Shippo, and Kirara are also immune to Mukotsu's poisons, but they cannot pull their human friends to safety.

InuYasha cuts Ginkotsu in half and runs past Renkotsu, who flees as saimyosho collect Ginkotsu's body. InuYasha carries his friends out of the temple, but they stop breathing until Myoga sucks the poisons out of their blood.

Jakotsu attacks Koga and taunts him that Kagome is already dead. Koga breaks off and heads for the temple, where he accuses InuYasha of leading her to the "brink of death". Kikyo finds Doctor Suikotsu healing people in a village near Mount Hakurei. Surprised that a member of the Band of Seven is apparently a good man with a pure jewel shard, Kikyo helps him cure people at his clinic.

The entire Band of Seven attacks the castle of the lord who originally executed them. The band's leader, Bankotsu, uses his halberd, Banryu, to kill the castle's occupants, drawing InuYasha with the scents of blood and smoke. Bankotsu has three jewel shards in his neck: Renkotsu already stole Kagome's shards earlier, but targets her again to keep Bankotsu from finding that out. Rin follows Kohaku through the purifying barrier where Jaken cannot follow to a cave full of Naraku's demons; Kohaku warns Rin to leave before they tear her apart.

Rin tells Sesshomaru that Kohaku saved her from Naraku's demons. Naraku orders the Band of Seven to retreat. InuYasha's group pursues them, but is blocked by a demon puppet that has a strange purity instead of Naraku's normal aura.

InuYasha destroys the puppet and the group continues its pursuit, but Koga is blocked by the purifying barrier. Kohaku and Kanna give new orders to the Band of Seven. Kanna suggests using Renkotsu's stolen shards to strengthen Banryu, increasing the distrust and rivalry between Renkotsu and Bankotsu.

InuYasha's group find a place with the same scent as the strange demon puppet: Hijiri Island, where Bankotsu is waiting at the ransacked tomb-shrine of Saint Hakushin. Hakushin's body is gone, but his dokko the magic tool used during his lifetime still emits a purifying aura until Miroku neutralizes it, allowing InuYasha to use the wind-scar. Banryu blocks the wind-scar and the dokko re-energizes, reducing Tetsusaiga to a normal sword, then teleports itself and Bankotsu away to another temple where the saint waits with Kohaku and Kanna.

Suikotsu and Jakotsu take Rin as a hostage, hoping to lure Sesshomaru to his death. As Sesshomaru fights both of them, Kikyo fires a sacred arrow into Suikotsu to revert him to Doctor Suikotsu, who pleads for death to stop his killing spree. Kikyo is about to remove his repurified shard when Jakotsu cuts it out and flees into the barrier with it.

Suikotsu disintegrates. Except for Miroku and Sango, who are inside the barrier, InuYasha's group brings Koga to a cave to recover. Renkotsu sets the river on fire to drive them from the cave. InuYasha gives his cloak to Kagome and leaps over the river, but Renkotsu hits him and Kirara with cannon blasts and fires a third blast into the cave.

InuYasha Ani-Manga, Vol. 2

When Renkotsu enters, Kagome and the others seem dead at first, but they were shielded by InuYasha's cloak. Having lost his cannon, Renkotsu pulls out fire sticks dynamite and lights the fuses. InuYasha pushes Renkotsu out of the cave and both of them fall towards the river with the fire sticks, which explode. Thinking InuYasha is dead, Kagome starts crying; Koga tries to comfort her by saying it wasn't her fault, it was InuYasha's.

InuYasha reappears and fights with Koga about Kagome despite both of them ignoring her as she pulls herself together. Miroku and Sango notice that the purification does not extend all the way into a cave, letting them sense Naraku's aura.

Inside the mountain, Kagura attacks with some saimyosho that keep Miroku from using his wind tunnel, though he can still use sacred sutras while Sango uses her boomerang.

When Kagura separates them and knocks out Sango, Miroku leaps across the gap to reach Sango and opens his wind tunnel, saying that he would rather die from the saimyosho than leave her to be killed. Miroku tries to carry Sango, but collapses from the saimyosho's venom. Renkotsu, who threw away the fire sticks at the last moment, emerges downstream and encounters Bankotsu.

Jakotsu gives Suikotsu's shard to Bankotsu who says that he's the only one he trusts. When InuYasha reaches the barrier's limit for a half-demon, Renkotsu blasts him further in with his cannon, hoping to kill him; instead, InuYasha transforms into his human form even without the new moon and runs into a cave.

Renkotsu sends Jyakotsu in after him. Because of his human form, InuYasha is losing to Jakotsu, who wants to kill him slowly to make him plead and scream. The purifying barrier weakens, letting InuYasha transform back into a half-demon; leaving Jakotsu crippled, he goes after Naraku's strengthening aura. Renkotsu takes Jakotsu's shard, killing him. InuYasha cuts Bankotsu in half. Kikyo shows Hakushin how Naraku deceived him.

His soul at peace, Hakushin ascends to Heaven and drops the entire barrier. Without it, Naraku's evil aura pours out of the mountain and many of his demons escape. Kagura drops Miroku and Sango deep into the mountain, where they find the remains of some baby-like creations of Naraku.

Koga, Kagome, Shippo, and Kirara enter the mountain looking for the others. Kagome shoots a sacred arrow at Naraku to break his control of the wind-scar and free Koga. Naraku collapses Mount Hakurei onto InuYasha's group, hoping to crush them. Sesshomaru slices Naraku into bits, but his body just re-assembles and hurls the force of Sesshomaru's attack back at him. Naraku leaves. InuYasha accuses Sesshomaru of letting Kikyo die, but Sesshomaru says InuYasha is the one who failed to save her from Naraku, who finally succeeded in removing his human heart so he could kill Kikyo.

InuYasha searches for Kikyo's remains, but cannot find any. The group meets a monk who says that he saw Kikyo; InuYasha leaves to search for her again. When soldiers attack the rest of the group, Shippo and Kirara escape to fetch InuYasha, but the others are captured. The monk turns out to be a corpse animated by Kagura's dance of the dead. Kagura still has the infant, who searches Kagome's soul and tries to control her with her jealousy of InuYasha and Kikyo.

InuYasha defeats the soldiers, but Kagura carries Kagome away, hoping to make her find more jewel shards. Kagura is unable to embed a tainted shard into Kagome before InuYasha rescues her, but his wind-scar reflects back at him from a shield around Kagura, Kanna, and the infant. InuYasha and Kagome argue about Kikyo and Kagome returns home. Naraku finds out that the last jewel shard is in the netherworld. The village woman and Miroku are in the picture scroll's shrine, engaging in foreplay until he is attacked by a salamander demon who was skinned and sealed into the scroll.

Naraku allowed it to escape, but it needs the skins of men to restore its normal form and is controlling the village women via its eggs in their stomachs. Just outside the shrine, Wakana breaks through the control long enough to tell Shinosuke to run.

Miroku injures the demon and it flees towards the lake. He punches the two women to drive the demon's eggs out of their stomachs and free them from its control. At the lake, Miroku joins InuYasha and Kagome fighting against the village women and the demon. InuYasha kills the demon, but the women keep fighting.

Miroku and Kirara go into the lake to find Sango, who has been possessed by an egg and injures Miroku several times before he can punch her stomach and release her. InuYasha and Kagome destroy the other eggs. Shinosuke and Wakana return to their home village. Miroku proposes to Sango; she accepts, agreeing to have as many children as he wants, and asks him to stop chasing other women. He does not answer.

Kagura takes Naraku's infant to various priests. She kills them and the infant interrogates their spirits about the afterlife. Kagura takes the two seemingly dead halves to Kanna, who takes Akago and tells Kagura to care for Hakudoshi. That priest's death releases a flying horse demon, Entei , whom he had imprisoned. When Hakudoshi revives, now aged to a child, Entei carries him through the air and breathes fire at InuYasha's group.

Hakudoshi blocks InuYasha's wind-scar with his spiritual barrier, telling them that he was Naraku's infant and saw a jewel shard in the afterlife. Hakudoshi takes a nagamaki to behead demons, using their heads to see into the afterlife, but loses the head of an otter demon when it washes away. The otter's son recovers the head and InuYasha's group helps him find his father's body. Kagome, Shippo, and Tenseiga convince Sesshomaru to revive the otter demon, who tells them about his experience in the afterlife.

InuYasha and Kagome recognize the place in the afterlife as the grave-site of InuYasha's father. Myoga tells them to ask an oyster demon, Hosenki , for a pearl which can link this world and the next. Hosenki's son says that his father died of old age and it will take the son years to make a pearl for them. The bird-demon Princess Abi orders her flock to collect human blood for an antidote to the poison her mother swallowed. Naraku lends her a trident made from his bones, which generates a protective barrier around her.

InuYasha's group pass through many villages whose inhabitants have been drained of blood.

Inuyasha pdf komik

They finally reach a surviving village, where the bird demons ignites the houses to drive the people out from shelter. Miroku uses his wind tunnel, but saimyosho force him to stop. Princess Abi attacks InuYasha's group; he counter-attacks with the wind scar, but the trident saves Princess Abi.

She flees. Looking for Sesshomaru, Kagura approaches Rin and Jaken. Jaken says that if Sesshomaru were present, he would kill her. She agrees and leaves, deciding to find and kill Akago in order to kill Naraku.

Kanna gives Akago to a noble lady in place of the lady's stillborn child. The bird demons's nest is hidden by a spiritual shield made by Naraku. InuYasha's groups encounters refugees traveling to the village of a holy woman who can protect them from the bird demons. The holy woman's whole body is veiled and she communicates through her assistants, Kocho and Asuka. InuYasha's group is attacked by some bird demons backed up by Kagura, Hakudoshi, and Entei, but they realize that this is a diversion while Princess Abi and the main force of bird demons attack the holy woman's village.

Hakudoshi's barrier deflects InuYasha's wind scar until the holy woman appears and breaks the barrier with a sacred arrow, allowing the wind scar to kill Entei and wound Hakudoshi. Kagura flees with Hakudoshi. The holy woman disappears; although she does not have the same scent, but InuYasha's and Naraku's groups both suspect that she is Kikyo. At the village, Princess Abi and the bird demons are held at bay by a spiritual shield, which Asuka tells the villagers to stay inside even when the demons cover the shield with fire.

The holy woman returns, kills the bird demons with a sacred arrow, and pursues Princess Abi when she flees. InuYasha's group hear what happened at the village and look for the holy woman, figuring that Naraku will try to kill her. Princess Abi and her mother attack the castle where Akago is hidden. InuYasha's group arrive and help Kohaku defend the castle.

Princess Abi and her birds escape with the blood of most of the castle's inhabitants. Under Naraku's orders, Kohaku kills the people around Akago, whom Kanna takes away. Sango confronts Kohaku before Kagura carries him away; he remembers everything and secretly decides to kill Naraku. Kagura realizes that Akago is Naraku's heart. Princess Abi's mother consumes enough human blood to recovers from her illness.

By killing Princess Abi and beheading her mother, Naraku produces a river of blood that carries Naraku and InuYasha's group to the borderland between this world and the afterlife. Kagome sees the last shard of the sacred jewel in the remains of InuYasha's father. They are attacked with spears of diamond. Sesshomaru arrives at the gate in the realm of fire and fights with Gozu and Mezu. Tenseiga forces them to submit and open the gate, allowing Sesshomaru to pass through to the afterlife and fight with Naraku.

When InuYasha defends his comrades at risk to himself, Hosenki helps by giving him the power to create diamond spears, or "adamant barrage", which destroy Naraku's barrier. Kagome fires the special arrow at Naraku as he disappears.

Sesshomaru and InuYasha's group return from the afterlife through the gate. As Naraku reconstitutes himself in the world of the living, the arrow misses him and hits Hakudoshi, who survives because Akago also contains his heart with Naraku's. Naraku orders Hakudoshi and Kohaku to force Kikyo into the open to be destroyed. Later, while Inuyasha discusses Kikyo with Kaede, Kagome returns to the future without telling him.

Miffed, Inuyasha follows her where he accidentally destroys her bicycle and meets her friends. They think he's cool. Inuyasha and Kagome return to the past in time to be victimized by Shippo's malicious pranks. He's been possessed by a parasitic nymph demon. Inuyasha scares the nymph off of Shippo who recovers.

The gang follows the nymph back to its original host, Gakusanjin, a giant demon in the shape of a forested mountain. Gakusanjin was awakened from a year slumber when Naraku stole Gakusanjin's nulling stone, an artifact that hides demonic auras. To help recover the nulling stone, Gakusanjin gives the group a fistful of crystals that fade when the stone is nearby.

Kagura secretly observed this exchange, and acquires a few excess crystals. On his way to find Kanna, Kohaku meets Kikyo. Kagome senses the shard in Kohaku and directs the group to his position. Meanwhile, Naraku suddenly appears and attacks Kikyo. The group arrives in time to foil his attack. Kagura collects Kohaku. All now realize the strategic significance of the nulling stone, which Naraku gives to the infant.

Inuyasha and the group shelter at a home where two years ago, Miroku promised to marry Shima, the homeowner's daughter. Shima's been promised to the lake guardian in exchange for healing her illness. Sango is upset and jealous. The guardian changes to his true form as a catfish demon. He tries to abduct Shima but is foiled by Sango. He then tries to abduct Sango. Miroku saves her, and Sango realizes that Miroku has strong feelings for her after all.

Kagura returns to the temple with Hakudoshi who begins battling Goryomaru. Inuyasha and the gang arrive to witness Hakudoshi behead Goryomaru.

Kanna and the infant appear, and Hakudoshi covers their retreat. Kagura follows and allows the Inuyasha and the gang to discreetly trail her.

The group enters an ogre-shaped cave. Naraku appears and tries to take the shard Kagome is carrying. The ogre-shaped cave comes alive. Miroku tries to destroy Naraku with the wind tunnel but is poisoned by the saimyosho, Naraku's demon wasps. Naraku leaves, and the group is stuck in the belly of the ogre who is beginning to digest them. Inuyasha tries to blast out using diamond spears, but Naraku has strengthened the walls.

Desperate, Inuyasha takes the shard from Kagome and embeds it in Tetsusaiga. The evil aura from the ogre taints the shard and then flows into Inuyasha.

He turns into full-demon form. Before Inuyasha can go on a rampage, Kagome flings her arms around him and purifies the tainted shard.

Despite the acid burning her legs, Kagome holds onto Inuyasha, who still in full-demon form but clear-eyed and clear-headed, is able to use enhanced diamond spears to break out of the ogre's belly. Meanwhile, Kikyo meets Kanna who is fleeing with the infant. A surprise attack from Moryomaru prevents Kikyo from killing the infant. Naraku gives Kagura the task of guarding an imprisoned and very-much-alive Goryomaru. Mouryoumaru's flesh resurrects a Meioujuu, which said to have the strongest armored shields, to attack a castle that contains armor made from one of its shields.

It absorbs the armor, becoming strong enough to repel InuYasha's adamant barrage when the group fights it. Mouryomaru absorbs the Meioujuu and gains its powers. During InuYasha's new-moon human phase, the group is attacked by the youkai Nikosen, who can survive decapitation. At sunrise, Tetsusaiga absorbs Nikosen's power, preventing backfire from using the dragon scale.

Tetsusaiga completely fails to work against the youkai lake Numawatari, but Sesshomaru finishes it with the Meidou Zangetsuha. A Byakuya's youkai captures two brothers from Koga's clan, Kai and Shinta.

The youkai use Kai to draw out Koga with an embedded jewel shard. Koga saves Shinta and exterminates the Byakuya's youkai with the power of Goraishi. InuYasha's group fights Mouryoumaru, who takes Kai's shard and flees from InuYasha's new ability to cut youketsu. Koga fights despite knowing that because of Midoriko's will, his legs won't move in battle. Mouryomaru absorbs Naraku, merging the Shikon jewel inside, and takes the shards from Koga's legs.

Naraku reappears inside Mouryomaru and uses the Youmeiju's ability to absorb Akago, Naraku's heart. Naraku traps Kikyo, InuYasha, and Kagome with spiderwebs in the sky, worsening the miasma in Kikyo's body; Kagome cannot purify it because the webs have touched her own malice. InuYasha and Kikyo stay behind while the others search for a bow that can heal the miasma.

Sesshomaru prevents Byakuya from catching Kohaku. Inuyasha's group find a village plagued by Kaou, a youkai that consumes people's pain and suffering. Kaou reveals the unhappiness about Kikyo in InuYasha's and Kagome's hearts before they defeat him. During the new moon, the group finds a place haunted by a bone-manipulating youkai. Miroku and Sango confront the youkai, which is looking for bones to heal its sick father. The youkai decides to make medicine out of Sango's boomerang and captures them in a bone cage.

Kirara escapes to warn Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo. Miroku gets poisoned; to save his life, Sango is forced to destroy the youkai's father and her boomerang. Inuyasha defeats the youkai. Shippo takes the kitsune exam for advanced demon magic and gets promoted to lower senior 8th rank for fooling Inuyasha.

When Kagome returns from her middle-school graduation, Naraku uses the complete Shikon jewel to transform into a gigantic spider with Rin inside his body. Inside the Meidou, the jewel tries to tempt Kagome into wishing to return to her world, which would leave the jewel completely tainted. Inuyasha uses Tetsusaiga's Meidou to find Kagome. No longer fearing abandonment, she wishes that the Jewel would disappear forever. The chapter was later included in the last volume of wide ban Inuyasha reprint in Ne no Kubi has escaped and seeks the Shikon no Tama.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 21 February , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kagome Higurashi, a year-old junior high school student, is dragged into the Bone Eater's Well by Mistress Centipede, an insect-demon.

She escapes and emerges in the past. Kagome turns out to be the reincarnation from the deceased maiden Kikyo, with the sacred Shikon Jewel also reborn inside her body. When Mistress Centipede attacks again and rips out the jewel, Kagome awakes the half-demon InuYasha who was sealed 50 years ago by Kikyo.

InuYasha kills Mistress Centipede, then attacks Kagome to get the jewel. When a carrion-crow demon steals the jewel, Kagome shoots the crow with an arrow and shatters the jewel into hundreds of shards that scatter all over Japan. Demon Yura of the Hair attacks Kagome to get a jewel shard, throwing Kagome falls down the well and back to her time. Kaede tells InuYasha that to defeat Yura, he needs Kagome's help; he goes through the well to Kagome's time, but Yura sends her hair after them.

Kagome returns with InuYasha to his time to stop Yura. Back in the Feudal era , as InuYasha and Yura fight each other, Kagome breaks open one skull whose hair strands lead to Yura's hands; Yura dissolves, and Kagome recovers Yura's jewel shard. Some time later, Inuyasha's half brother Sesshomaru and his subordinate Jaken search for the grave of The Great Dog Demon, InuYasha's and Sesshomaru's father, and the heirloom sword Tetsusaiga that lies in the grave.

InuYasha sees a vision of his dead human mother saying that Sesshomaru has resurrected her and is holding her hostage in exchange for the location of the grave.

Kagome destroys the illusion, but Sesshomaru deduces that a portal to the grave is in one of InuYasha's eyes, which he rips out to open the portal. Sesshomaru cannot touch Tetsusaiga because of its magical shield against full demons; Kagome accidentally pulls it from the stone and gives it to InuYasha. InuYasha and Sesshomaru fight, and Sesshomaru retreats after having one arm cut off.

InuYasha and Kagome meet Takeda Nobunaga on his way to rescue Princess Tsuyu, whose husband's soldiers have been kidnapping young women.

InuYasha and Kagome kill the demon and recover its jewel shard, liberating the women from the eggs. In the modern times, a woman approaches the Higurashi shrine to have a flesh-eating Noh mask exorcised, but the mask escapes and takes over her body. Because the mask's body is disintegrating, it tries to compensate by eating more and more people.

When the mask attacks Kagome for her jewel shards, she runs away and sends Sota to the well to summon InuYasha. InuYasha follows them and destroys the mask, recovering the jewel shard which was animating it. Back in the Feudal era, a child demon named Shippo steals Kagome's jewel shards, seeking revenge on the Thunder Brothers Hiten and Manten for his father's death.

Manten senses that Shippo has some shards and goes after him. Manten captures Kagome, planning to boil her to make hair-potion. Hiten and Manten find and fight InuYasha to get the remaining shards.